Bruce Lee: Super Health Fanatic

Bruce Lee: The Human Workout Machine

Who didn’t know Bruce Lee one of the greatest martial artists to ever step in front of a camera, let alone walk into a dojo with an undeniable physical presence commanding your attention leaving anyone saying the word ah” when he comes face to face with a lucky fan in no doubt gets to see him perform his fighting routine.

images8Ip Man was a legend in his own right, he was the man who help to mold this Lee into a virtual killing machine. But Ip Man wasn’t about violence of any kind, Lee on the other hand was a different story.

(Rare photo of a Bruce Lee / Yip Man also known as – “Ip Man” –  spar session)

Often finding himself in situations he probably didn’t think to be placed in, Lee was cocky, powerful, and fast, all the things that define a young man on a mission, he was on the mission to be the best of the best martial art fighters of his time.

But Lee was an always a great individual, he knew others looked up to him as a mentor. And it was Lee’s shear determination that help him to keep that fighter’s edge razor-sharp.

Which brings me to the focus of this article today..

This article will focus on his exercise training routines, which would could probably give even Floyd Mayweather a run for his money.

Bruce Lee’s workout regime

First and foremost is the understanding of Lee’s strong belief in physical and mental health, to him concentrating on conditioning these areas specifically would give a person optimal health.

Lee had everything to offer that would categorized him as an athlete by all rights, if you took his picture and posted it on any health magazine the is a huge guarantee it will attract many social media surfer in no time as well as receiving thousands upon thousands of facebook likes.

Today on social media there are a lot of people out there who are looking for a workout regime to incorporate into the ir routine, there is even the internet that can help make the search easier and faster, and the best source of suggestions would be linking to an individual who could give you insight to achieve just that.

                                              Hence the video below…

Lee’s idea of a daily workout would have the average Joe grasping for air LOL, that’s just putting it mildly.

The man was a virtual machine, and I’ll layout his routine steps in the bulletin coming up right now…

Bruce’s Training Principals

• Muscle Tension Control
download2This is better known as “muscle tension”, one of Lee’s foundation methods to stabilizing the body’s physical structure through sheer force.

Muscle tension was often looked upon as a symptom rather than a physical training method except for individuals such as Bruce Lee

He saw it as a way to use it as leverage when learning to condition the body to the point where he has control through powerful contraction of muscles. This would later lead up to his creation of the “Jeet Kune Do” fighting technique & style.


(Lee’s Famous “thumb / finger tips push-ups”)

The best example demonstrated by him would be performing basic push-ups. When Lee perform push-ups, he would concentrate on body contraction methods that engages the entire body through the push-up exercise — he would create tension by tightening the body’s muscles through the exercise simultaneously — this prevents loss of strength during the workout, and increases the routine’s effectiveness overall.

Tightening areas such as the…

• Glutes

• Shoulders

• Lower Back

• Quadriceps (keeping your knees, legs, tight, rigid)

• Bridging the body on the toes during the push-up sequence (toe                  tension)

This accommodates the push-up sequence he followed and loved to do.

• Co-Existing The Mind With Muscle – Which sounds a bit off the wall, but remember we’re addressing Bruce Lee’s methodology to a more effective workout routine.

Lee believed in the Isotension principle, this means that he would go the extra mile by adding extend workout periods to his routines, this falls into the category of “hypertensive” workout training.

images1The basic idea here is adding 10 seconds of quality time resistance at the ending sequence of a workout, this will help to grow muscle endurance, and expand muscle size, this is done body contracting multiple muscle groups simultaneously during the 10-second interval after the workout.

What You Can & Cannot Lift (enter the launching curl method) – Yes that was another key factor in Lee’s physical training, and this theory centered around the principles of tension.

Lee had a particular exercise where he would do arm curls with a curling bar, and when he reach the point at the high-end of the curl exercise (do a curl reaching the climax point of the repetition), he would then “launch” the curl bar outward and draw it back towards his body.

This is referred to as “bar bell launch curls”.

The Kicker However was that…


He was doing that with 120 pounds of Actual weight??

Yea insane is all you can say, but he reaped serious benefits by doing so, thus adding a higher level of pure physical power and conditioning, accessible to him literally at his fingertips.

The key here is muscle memory, you see your muscles react to whatever you lift, and the mind controls your muscles because after all, what else can tell your muscle how much force you need to lift, push, or pull any object.

Once it’s done in repetitions (reoccurring motions), your muscles will gradually adapt to the desired training you are putting them through. The more conditioning done throughout the workout session, the easier it will become over time because your muscles are getting use to the routine.

NOTE: Understand that when you’re lifting weights, you want your muscles to actual do the work for you. Never assume you can lift any weight because you’re telling yourself you can, that’s foolish, working various muscle groups in unified fashion will help you accomplish the task of lifting the weight.

You should always keep in mind to let your body have a chance to recuperate from an intense workout session. Never workout back to back each day (on the same muscle group) that’s NOT GOOD, and you could potentially wind up hurting yourself as a result.

Instead switch up your routine primary focusing on the intended target area in various muscles group exercises. The following day you may want to proceed with a workout session on the primary muscle group you focused on days ago. Basically, you want to give yourself a day off, the same way an employee who is too tired to go into to work at their job.


It’s nothing wrong when taking a day off, just remember to curve what you eat that particular day!

On you’re actual workout day you want to supplement more food in your diet (just remember to NOT over do it), this will give the body needed energy to maintain its performance levels for your workout sessions.

Bruce Lee’s steel abs

Everyone should know that Lee’s workout sessions revolved around the abs.

To him this was one of the most crucial areas of the body, and they needed to solid like rock in order to sustain blows from a powerful opponent.

You would normally see scenes in his movies were he goes to town in a fight, and yes enemies would manage to get a punch in at his abdominal region.

Judging from the workouts he puts his abs though however, a punch may not feel like much to him. This again is contributed to the intense training and conditioning of muscle groups, and the abdominal region is a considerable area that needs to be durable for physical punishment.

Dragon Flag Ab Workout – Will test any man’s true physical condition all the way down to the wire, this is one of Lee’s most strength testing, and beneficial workout routine.


Notice the position Lee’s body mimics to perform the task at hand, his body “literally” extends like a flag waving in front of your very eyes.

He raises his legs, then lowers them, this is done in repetitive motion fully extended while doing the workout.

And at the end of the workout like I said before, you have to follow the intense workout up with a 10-second interval of muscle contracting simultaneously.

Just painful to watch you’re probably thinking… LOL.


The way Bruce saw it, if you didn’t have a strong “core” (solid ab section), then you have no business jumping into the ring to fight an opponent who has a solid core mid-section.


That was Bruce’s perspective on the importance of perfecting a “solid core” region of the body.


It makes sense when you think about it, just like in other martial films with guys such as Jean-Claude Van Damme who also shared lee’s belief in solid ab section training.

You probably didn’t see this one coming…

Bolo Yeung’s son is featured in the video above (David Yeung, a.k.a. Bolo Jr.), the exercise routines that he uses I’m sure most of them he learned from his Father.

The reason I picked David Yeung is because of his workout regime, it’s complexed and requires much discipline to match the rigorous training it has to offer the trainee.

Some of the training styles you saw in the video were based on a unorthodox style, so to the average person who works out using a routine their comfortable with may find Yeung idea of training a suicide expedition LOL.

Anybody can perform a particular set of exercise routines no matter what they are, you just have to have “the focus”, “the will” and “the determination”, in order to do so. 

Bolo Yeung himself was an orthodox fighter indeed, with his hysterical power he was often called “Chinese Hercules”, and for good reason LOL.



Yea Bolo would pretty much just throw you around like a Rag Doll!


Bruce Lee: The recover artist

Resilience Is Very Important! – This is a tool Lee definitely counted on during a fierce workout routine, he believe that if you don’t have anything gas left in the tank (metaphorically speaking), then you’re just a sitting duck in the water going nowhere.

But that of course was what you saw when he performed in front of the camera.

But no that’s not what the focus of resilience he was hinting about, he was talking about “chilling out”, taking it easy on yourself after training like a madman LOL.

I mention it briefly at the top of this article, the part about letting your muscles have a chance to relax from the tension you have placed upon them.

images7aThat was Lee’s aspect on hard tension training, which was taking some “downtime” giving the body a chance to rest up, and getting ready to do it all over again when it was time for another training session.

Aspects of Physical Recovery:

• Letting your muscles repair the damage done for intensive training

• Keep in mind that proper nutrition will play a huge part in the muscle        recovery process

• He also focused on high-quality protein supplementation of foods

Also taking supplements such as Green Coffee Beans, Garcinia                     Cambogia, or even Raspberry Ketones and other weight-busting                 products won’t save you if you don’t deter from bad eating habits, all the   work you will do will be for nothing if you don’t understand that most   important golden rule.


Because After All…


download2b“Do not pray for a easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.”
– Bruce Lee


Well that’s what he would say…

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Abdominal Workouts: Step Core Focus For 6-Pack

Sit-Ups: The Basic Alternative?

Ok for many years whether you have been told by your gym teacher in high school, elementary etc. That doing sit-ups will help you to burn unwanted fat from your mid-section… LOL.

The only problem to that claim are the results that would show little or no effect to the one busting their butt to achieve that 6-pack abs dream, the missing part to what a gym teacher was failing to tell their students was how to actually gain results that focus on the abdominal region of the body.

The first thing that one should realize to set them on their path seeking to structure their abs is focus on losing weight, to build muscle the simple most unrecognized aspect that people fail to understand is managing their weight.

After all to gain size you need more weight same time, building muscle puts more strain on the body so you need energy to do just that which is to fuel the body in order to build muscle.

This is where important nutritious foods come into play, junk foods as you know is a NO-NO so don’t even resonate with that theory (they just don’t have any type of nutritious value to offer except weight gain, disease, and misery so that’s about it). This is taxing when you constantly ponder the fact to yourself about acquiring a six-pack, and the less informed you are then the chance to actually make this particular feat possible would seem well… Impossible.

1st step: coming to realization / 6-pack focus

IMG_0006[1]Diet & exercise is something that will send most people running in the other direction in a hurry, in today’s world people are becoming more reliant on three basic things which are devices, inventions, and convenience.

So a quick narrowing down of that ideology (for example) are people who like getting on their cell phone and surfing on it all day wasting time, it is a device that will deter you of precious time that could be used in a more constructive way.

So if you’re spending 30 minutes on your phone surfing net reading about celebrities tanning on the beach LOL, why put your phone down for that same amount of time putting that toward an exercise regime…

Just taking that much time out for yourself benefits you, not the expanded amount of energy toward your phone nor the celebrity gossip of a hollywood star tanning on some beach resort.

That applies to everything in terms of losing weight, but specifically the target here focuses on the abdominal region of the body. You do know however that 30 minutes is just at the threshold” amount of time, others might require more time depending on their situation surrounding their weight, level of cardio health, and overall mobility (in other words if they are extremely lazy and view physical activity as the toxic agent called kryptonite!)

So here the first thing you have to realize is that you have a task to complete, and that is to work on structuring your mid-section. The first step is admittance to the fact of improving your physical health, diseases such as abdominal cancer is a not a joke often deemed a silent killer.

2nd step: positive thinking & motivation / 6-pack focus

Once you come to terms of wanting to change your appearance (not to mention adopting a positive attitude to build your motivation), you have to understand how the muscle-building fat burning process actually work. It’s a golden rule to that sentence I just laid out, if you don’t understand something then you’re basically just taking a stab in the dark not completely aware of what you are doing. That’s never a good thing!

  •  Time & Dedication – Is a ‘basic’ concept that needs to be applied is patience which involves constant diet & exercise sessions, you will need to utilize these sessions to their fullest making them a ‘routine’ event. Routines used here will focus on burning fat from your abdominal region of the body.

3rd step: (sit-up technique) 6-pack focus

IMG_0007[1]The next part was basically said in second step that referenced the term of “understanding”, which is learning how to approach a situation when engaging a task.


  • Proper Sit-Ups  – Which you start first by lying on the floor, you should have your feet on the floor with your knees pointing up. Cross your arms and hands over your chest, you then to find stability (someone to hold your feet steady) if not you can substitute that by simple wedging your feet underneath something with ample amount weight such as a dresser, the base of a staircase (bottom stair while you are lying on the floor), etc. Make sure that you are sitting all the way up in position, and you will start by lifting your lower back and shoulder blades off the floor returning to your lying position on the way down and back up in repetitions (repeated motion) remember to keep your back straight during the exercise!

4th step: (crunch technique) 6-pack focus

  • IMG_0006[1]Proper Crunches – 
    Again the floor is your friend (by the way rhymes) when performing stomach crunches, you start by lying flat on the floor (for more comfort you can use a mat) while positioning your arms in the front of our chest or holding your arms at a 10 O’Clock position with your hands lightly touching your temples Some people make the mistake by placing their hands behind their head. DO NOT do that! Also you want to bend your knees (raising them) in conjunction elevating your shoulders to them, exhaling (breathing) is another part to it that should be done as soon as you start to lift your shoulders while the finishing point ends with you letting out a gasp of breathe.

5th step: (leg raise technique) 6-pack focus

  • IMG_0007[2]Proper Leg Raises – Start by lying on the floor with your legs straight out, and hands positioned at your sides. Lift your legs all the way to a 90° angle (or at least close to it), while going through the motion you want to keep your legs outstretched in the straight position during lifting motion. You can also do variations of the same exercise with slight difference explained in the number list below…
  1. Raise your knees to your chest (while bending the legs or tucked under the thighs).
  2. Raise your legs to a horizontal position with your legs straight / stretched outward, which gives more support to the lower abdomen (helps to firm up that particular target area).
  3. For higher advanced focus do leg lifts with a medicine ball hanging from your feet.
  4. Top advanced would be to hang from a pull-up bar while raising your legs in front of you all the way to the bar, by the way you will be doing that while keeping  your legs in the outstretched position.

6th step: (jackknife sit-up technique) 6-pack focus

  • IMG_0007[1]Proper Jackknife Sit-ups –  Starting from the lying position on the floor (flat as possible) while placing your hands on the ground to your sides for best balance, raise your knees and torso so that your knees and face meet at an invisible line that extends from the pelvis region to the ceiling. At this point, you should be able to “literally” kiss your knees with your lips at the high point of reached motion. On the returned position, your legs will unfold in natural motion bringing your feet toward your hips then repeat the sequence from the lying position (don’t forget to “spread out” your body –or lying flat as possible–)

7th step: (static holds) 6-pack focus

  • IMG_0008[1]Planks – You want to start off in a push-up position prompt at the elbows (elbows at bent position), at the same time you will keep your body flat in the air using your tippy-toes to brace your body. This will form a “plank position”, the intended purpose of the plank position will focus strain on the abdominal muscles while holding in that position.
  1. For novices (beginners) should try hold this position for at least 45 – 60 seconds.
  2. For advanced (veterans) can range anywhere from 4 – 5 minutes.

When attempting a static hold, first roll to the side of your body and then lift into the same position like you did previously. When at correct position you will have one arm on the ground, with your other arm pointing straight into the air and your non-weight bearing leg resting on your bottom leg. You will attempt to hold the position for as long as possible.

8th step: (oblique muscles) 6-pack focus

  • IMG_0006[1]These particular muscle groups are located at the sides of the abdominal area (stomach), you can exercise these muscles in a variety of ways. The key thing to keep in mind with exercising your obliques are exercises that involve turning, and twisting motions with met resistance.
  1. Machines at the local gym – They have machines that are designed for the task when working the muscles groups of your obliques, this includes side bends (reputations), or you can add more resistance holding a medicine ball in hand mimicking the same motion when performing the exercise task.
  2. Improving Balance – You can do crunches on the medicine ball itself, this will benefit you in two ways which will give you stability to your workout regime, and improve your balance as well.

9th step: (ab rollers) 6-pack focus

  • IMG_0006[1]Place the ab roller on the floor and hold onto the handles, you should be kneeling down on the floor itself at this point (keep in mind that you will be elevating your knees off of the ground once you find a fixed position to start from!) Start off by pushing the roller slowly away from yourself by extending your arms, keep going from there not to let your torso touch the floor. The fixed position you want to be at will have you completely outstretched (especially the arms) above your head.

IMG_0007[1]Yes you can use variations of this particular exercise, you can start off doing it from a standing position on your feet with the roller in your hands. From there you will use your weight to motion forward just like you would do from a “kneel position” until you are outstretched, the used momentum on your end is equally important because this will help you to reposition yourself back to the “ready position” awaiting for the next applied repetition (for the stand position you IMG_0008[1]will have the roller in your hands touching floor while you are bending over).





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