Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer: How It Strikes

How many people do you think wonder whether or not if they are a target for Pancreatic Cancer?

The idea amount is very shocking, as a matter of fact, it can be downright scary.

The reason I say that is because of this type of disease which seems to strike people out of the blue, the warning signs are hard to detect right away.

So you’re probably thinking…

“If that’s the case, how could you have any remote possible chance to tell if you’re a prime candidate for this illness?”

thQuestion such as this will pop up, and it’s only to be expected because we live in a world today which is centered in the middle of environmental hazards, or the water we drink, if you really want to get on a personal level about it, the food eat consume every day as play a major role in our internal health.

So to pinpoint this particular illness which strike the pancreas, we will need indicators (a.k.a “Symptoms” which eventually start to make it’s presence known).

thPancreatic cancer when the glandular organ behind the stomach begins to multiply out of control and form a mass (lumpy mass formation), this is classified as a “viral cancer”.  Jaundice (is yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes), pain is experienced in the upper or middle abdomen and back are associated with this condition.

They are also various types of Pancreatic Cancer, pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (NETs) are often different, so they are described separately. Another scary fact about this disease, are the manifestation of symptoms in which the individual starts to notice. Pancreatic (NETs) can vary, signs may or may not


Talk about your silent killer, it’s diseases such as these which attacks the body in random fashion making the individual feel extremely vulnerable to it.

However the case may be about the disease’s relentlessness, there are many that have a chink in their armor (meaning they can be dealt with through medical, and other conventional means to eradicate it inside of the body). 

First we have to understand the tumor types which fuels the cancer itself.

Benign, Malignant, Exocrine tumors, Are The Main Factors. 

Tumors are the main focus in many cancers which effect us, benign types, are less threatening because they are stationary (depending if they growth near an organ and press against them), malignant tumors are more dangerous because they “migrate” throughout the body (this is classified as a viral infection cancer).

Adenocarcinomas are identified as exocrine tumors,they are responsible for over 90% of related cases.

th (1)Adenocarcinomas often manifest within the ducts, (or hollow passageways) which connects the pancreas to the duodenum which is located in the upper part of the small intestine (ductal adenocarcinomas).

Adenocarcinomas which originate in the cells may sometimes produce pancreatic enzymes, they are known as acinar cell carcinomas.

Treatment and prognosis of exocrine tumors gravitate toward the amount of time they have spread within the body (this greatly depends on the “cancer stage”, instead of the exact kind of cancer affecting the host).

The earliest detection of an invading tumor is always the best case scenario, if the disease is caught before it spreads erratically throughout the body, the prognosis outcome is generally better. These tumors are often removed surgically using either the Whipple procedure, distal pancreatectomy or, rarely, total pancreatectomy.

Unfortunately, cancers of the exocrine pancreas do not typically manifests symptoms until they have spread to other parts of the body, and they cannot be easily detected by a doctor during a physical exam.

A key exception is that of obstructive jaundice (yellowing of the eyes & skin), in which the tumor grows in the region of the pancreatic head and blocks the flow of bile from the liver into the duodenum.

Obstructive jaundice is a very serious condition which threatens the individual’s well-being, seek immediate medical attention as soon as possible. It is deemed incurable” especially when cancer of the exocrine pancreas continuously spreads, treatment options may still be an option however through a combination of methods such as surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy (it does however depends on the stage progression of the cancer, which will determine the overall outcome when treatment methods are applied).

Pancreatic Cancer Locating / Treatment Options:

th (1)Pancreatic cancer treatment depends on what stage (how far it has progressed within a region of the body) the disease is in. For pancreatic cancer, it is one of the most important factors which can ultimately determine the treatment option (unless it has spread far beyond possible treatment options).

Your doctor may use several tools to determine whether or not the cancer growth extends beyond the pancreas. Examination equipment will help them to examine the progression of the disease within the body.

Doctor may decide on performing additional tests, (laparoscopy, chest X-ray or bone scan are various procedures taken to pinpoint the cancer infection). 

  1. Laparoscopy – A small incision is made (small ‘slit’ opening made with a surgical knife) in the abdomen to closely explore the normality of the area.
  2. Chest X-Ray – Is another method which can be used to examine in chest region — via through the use of a high-powered imaging machine. Using the machine can help the health-care examiner locate various infectious diseases inside of our bodies.
  3. Bone Cancer Scan – this particular machine will scan areas with

Causes of Pancreatic Cancer include:

  • Cigarette smoking.
  • Chronic pancreatitis.
  • A family history of pancreatic cancer.
  • Obesity.

Depending on various tumor mass development, surgical approaches are utilized for the purpose of cancer eradication which may be located in the head, body, tail, or uncinate process of the pancreas.

Pancreatic cancer symptoms depend on the site of the tumor within the pancreas and the degree of tumor involvement.

In the early stages of pancreatic cancer there are not many noticeable symptoms. As the cancer grows, symptoms may include the following:

  • Jaundice.
  • Light-colored stools or dark urine.
  • Pain in the upper or middle abdomen and back.
  • Weight loss for no known reason.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Fatigue.

thPancreatic Cancer is difficult to prognosis this disease, as well as to detect it right away due to the following scenarios:

  • There are no noticeable signs or symptoms in the early stages of pancreatic cancer.
  • The signs of pancreatic cancer, when present, are like the signs of many other illnesses, such as pancreatitis or an ulcer.
  • The pancreas is obscured by other organs in the abdomen and is difficult to visualize clearly on imaging tests.

Imaging technology is an important resource to consider as a key diagnosis option for detecting pancreatic cancer. Identifying patients who are living with the disease, not amenable to resection. Imaging tests that may be used include the following

  • Helical computed tomographic (scan).
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (scan).
  • Endoscopic ultrasound.
  • Laparoscopy & laparoscopic ultrasound may be used to decrease the use of laparotomy.

-The primary factors that influence prognosis are:

  • Whether the tumor is localized and can be completely resected.
  • Whether the tumor has spread to lymph nodes or elsewhere.

Exocrine pancreatic cancer is rarely curable and has an overall survival (OS) rate of less than 6%.[10]

The highest cure rate occurs if the tumor is truly localized to the pancreas; however, this stage of disease accounts for less than 20% of cases. For patients with localized disease and small cancers (<2 cm) with no lymph node metastases and no extension beyond the capsule of the pancreas, complete surgical resection is associated with an actuarial 5-year survival rate of 18% to 24%.[11][Level of evidence: 3iA]

Surgical resection is the mainstay of curative treatment and provides a survival benefit in patients with small, localized pancreatic tumors. Patients with unresectable, metastatic, or recurrent disease are unlikely to benefit from surgical resection.

Pancreatic tumors are resistant to treatment with chemotherapy and radiation.

Patients with any stage of pancreatic cancer can appropriately be considered candidates for clinical trials because of the poor response to chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery as conventionally used.

Palliative Therapy

Palliation of symptoms may be achieved with conventional treatment.

Palliative measures that may improve quality of life while not affecting OS include the following:[12,13]

  • Surgical or radiologic biliary decompression.
  • Relief of gastric outlet obstruction.
  • Pain control.
  • Psychological care to address the potentially disabling psychological events associated with the diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic cancer.



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Congestive Heart Failure What Causes It?

Understanding What Congestive Heart Failure Is

IMG_0001 2Many people think that a disease like Congestive Heart Failure is when the heart has stopped working, but this is not true you see it’s the exact opposite of that it is when the heart pumps blood in a weaken state.

Blood will travel through the heart slowly, this will cause pressure to build up in the heart itself. What’s worse is that nutrients and oxygen flowing through the body, will have a hard time getting to different areas of the body itself thus forms the problem of deficiencies

IMG_0002The chambers of the heart will begin to stretch in order to continue to pump more blood through the body, the problem is however will be the restriction of the blood trying to travel through (due to the stiffness / thickness of the blood in the chambers of the heart).  The heart will lose it’s ability to pump blood that is needed for the body, the muscle walls of the heart will become weakened and as a result the kidneys will start to retain water (fluid) as well as salt in the body.

This will cause a condition known as Gout to take effect on the organs of the body as well as the muscle regions and it is a painful condition for the person to endure, the following bullet list will show where Gout can strike:

  • Arms (swelling / stiffness)
  • Legs (swelling / stiffness)
  • Feet & Ankles (swelling / stiffness)
  • Lungs & other vital organs (inflammation / internal bleeding)

When parts of the body is stricken by this condition, it will make the person feel very uncomfortable putting them into a congestive state of health. There are other diseases that can manifest from congestive heart failure such as Coronary Artery Disease or (CAD) which is when the arteries IMG_0004 3that suppiles the oxygen and blood for the heart become restricted (decreased), and just like the stomach (lack of food) if the heart cannot receive blood and nutrients (due to blockage in the arteries) it will become starved causing damage to the heart itself.

The next thing that can happen if the coronary artery is blocked completely and blood cannot enter through, will cause a heart attack as a result which is deadly and potentially fatal to the individual. Damage to the heart will occur, and can leave scarred tissue in the heart that does not fuction efficiently.

IMG_0003 2People who are alcohol / drug abusers that cause damage to their hearts is from the term called Cardiomyopathythis can cause the heart to become weakened because of the blood flow problems in the body, artery blockage (plague build-up). And the most common type of heart trauma can concur from extreme work conditions or tension that is placed on the heart, read the list ot find out more about heart diseases that can come from stressing the heart and hereditary traits that can also be a factor:

  • Thyroid Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney Disesase
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Heart Valve Disease
  • Heart Defects (present at birth / hereditary)

Any of the mentioned factor above can lead to heart disease, this doesn’t even include the fact that multiple conditions can also manifest within the individual.

Congestive Heart Failure: Symptoms That Manifest

The obvious part of Congestive Heart Failure would be the swelling and stiffness of theIMG_0005 muscles that will cause great pain and discomfort, other symptoms such as blood present in urine. The body does it’s part to warn you when it is in trouble, it does not matter what aliment you face it just matters that you recognize symptoms that can be trying to tell you that you need to seek immediate medical attention ASAP (as soon as possible). Such is the case for congestive heart failure and how it can savagely change a person’s health from excellent to mundane in a short period of time.

My Father fell victim to it in 2011, and in this it was very hard for me to sit and watch him just go from great health to barely being able to get out of his wheel chair when he had to go to partcipate in physical therapy sessions. For me it was very hard to phatom the very idea that he was dying and it was nothing me and my family could do about it… It just breaks my heart.

He had symptoms of gout that really took him through a lot of pain, his knees, hands, feet, & ankles were constantly swollen, and he had internal bleeding in the liver. He faced the same heart problems that many have faced each year from this viral disease, he also had other troubles that came about as well. On his 69th birthday I brought him a birthday card, and a few hours later he called me and said I’ll never forget this

“Why didn’t you get me a birthday card!”

I paused, my Mom paused, and we looked at each other then she turned to him and said.

“Baby, Jaye did get you a card it’s right there on your table tray.”

I knew then he was demostrating signs of Alzheimer’s Diseaseafter that I was lost in heavy thought and frustration because I was totally losing my Dad. A month after his birthday he lost his battle to the disease.

“Rest in peace Pops you don’t have to suffer anymore you’re finally free!” 🙂

Sorry I didn’t mean to get sidetracked but I hate to see anybody go through pain like that, but that was some of the symptoms that I witnessed myself when my Father suffered from this disease, and I wasn’t told in complete detials from my Mother of any other symptoms that he could have develop during his hardship with a list of aliments.

At the end of the article entry I will provide a link for you guys to learn other aliments that can concurr from it, but for now we have one more section to talk about in this passage so let’s hop to it shall we.

Congestive Heart Failure: Treatment Options

The doctor can provide many options that can help individauls that have heart problems, urgency in recognizing the symptoms (indicators) of it right away will help the doctor determine your diagnosis very quickly. Medication is a definite choice to consider when prescirbed by a physician, depending on your condition the physician should take great care in providing the proper medication for the individual’s aliment.

There are other medical drugs that can provide even more alternatives, the list below will state that meaning and effectiveness when used to manage symptoms of heart failure.

  • Diuretics & Digoxin – is prescribe by the physician which leads to the point of the medication’s purpose which is to help to reduce the buildup of fluid in the body, and at the same time help to strengthen and regulate your heartbeat; Digoxin is also referred by the name “Lanoxin”.
  • BiDil (isosorbide dinitrate/hydralazine) – This is a combination drug is used for people who still have remaining symptoms of heart failure, the combination of ACE inhibitor & beta-blocker can help the heart to fuction more efficiently. This drug has been under study and helps to improve the survival rate amongst African-Americans (studies are inconclusive whether or not BiDil would be effective for other ethnic groups) that deal with symptoms of heart failure.
  • ACE inhibitors & ARBs – Both enalapril and lisinopril are considered the focal point in terms of drug treatment for people that suffer with congestive heart failure. ACE inhibtors helps to improve the blood flow through the blood vessels, in the same process it also reduces the progression of (CHD)Blood pressure is also reduced, and the heartbeat is regulated to relieve stress as it pumps blood through the body (the heart does not strain itself which can bring about symptoms related to heart disease).
  • Aldosterone blockers – both eplerenone & Spironolactone can prevent activity of the hormone known as aldosterone, this medication is used for heart attack victims by reducing the sodium levels (it helps to regulate blood flow) it can also reduce the chances of both heart failure and hospitalization for the victim.
  • Beta-blockers – These combination drugs are known as metoprolol carvedilol will help the heart to fuction at it’s normal rate (relieves stress on the heart), it is an effective treatment medication option for people who suffer from congestive heart failure.

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How Epilepsy Affects Your Health…

Epilepsy: The Cause

IMG_0014[2]A lot of people who do not live with epilepsy cannot fathom (imagine) what it would be like for someone who does, you see the average person gets up out of bed after a long night’s rest and jumps right into their daily routine with out a worry or care in the world feeling healthy and fine. For someone who has epilepsy it is a different route that they face every single day, at one point they might feel just like the next average person not thinking about too much proceeding through their day.

They decide to walk down a short flight of stairs leading to the living room and trip hitting against the railing on the staircase, they fall to the floor and start to shake uncontrollably at this point they are experiencing a seizure and it was triggered by the short fall off of the staircase. That was just an example of how a seizure can occur when a person suffers from it, and how seizures are brought on can happen in different ways whether it happens during an accident involving the individual or stress factors, even bullying someone who deals with epilepsy can trigger a seizure.

These are called “triggers” that can bring about a seizure depending upon the circumstances that the individual faces, keep in mind that other factors can also cause seizures such as a woman who is going through a pregnancy can suddenly have a seizure attack come out of nowhere. The list below will point out more triggers that can cause this neurological disorder to happen.

  • Car Accidents / Severe Physical Injury
  • Stress
  • Frustration / Embarrassment
  • Depression
  • Caffeine 
  • Malnutrition
  • Flashing Lights (Signals)
  • Sleep Deprivation
  • Heavy Drug Usage
  • Alcohol (varies depending on blood alcohol content level if it drops)
  • Alcohol Withdrawal
  • Incorrect Dosage of Anticonvulsant (“Missed Dose”)
  • Pregnancy

There are many other things that can cause seizures, that was just a few listed above some more than other cause that can be more serious that can lead to worse complications.

Epilesy: How can it affect someone’s health

IMG_0012[1]Epilepsy can do a lot of damage to the body both mentally and physically, it can leave a person in a great deal of pain from either standpoint. When it comes to the physical side of epilepsy it can cause serve muscle spasms to the point where the person will eventually lose control of motor functions such as , bowel movement, bladder functions, the clenching of teeth (sometimes the person might wind up biting into their tongue with great force as a result), and they also will have aching pain all over their body and the arms and legs become weak and unsteady.

The mental side of it can be even more dramatic for the individual, what happens is that the brain’s hemispheres (two sides) are affected in both the non-dominant hemisphere and the dominant hemisphere as a result the person may then lose long-term memory (temporarily), not to mention visual data through eyesight can be affected causing difficulty for the person to read and processing images. It’s really bad for children and infants; what the effects of epilepsy can do to them, toddlers who have it can wind up being diagnosed with autism or hyperactivity  both are classified as emotional disorders.

Epilepsy: The Hereditary Factor of it

IMG_0015[2]Yes epilepsy can be passed down to the offspring from the parents, so if either or both of your parents who live with epilepsy has a high-probability to pass it along to you. The reason for this is because of genetics meaning that it is written into your DNA, so traits that your parents had is based on a cellular level. DNA  is everything that makes us who we are in the basic sense, and without it we would cease to exist.

(A flashing distorted “YES” sign can be enough to trigger a seizure) 

Another thing to keep in mind is that your family’s history background can also play a factor as well, a child in the family either a brother or sister can develop the disorder but the chances of it can vary. This means that even though the parents may have it symptoms may not be present in the offspring, but the chances of it striking a child in the family is still possible so it is a 50/50% chance.

The same thing goes for the trait gene to be passed along to a child if only one parent that has epilepsy if it is the Mother that has it but not the Father, then the chances or risk of it to the offspring is in 100 chance for it to develop in the child. If it is the Father that has it but not the Mother, then the chances of it developing in the child is slightly higher. If both parents have it, then the chances of it then the probability is slightly higher. The interesting fact in this is that most children do not inherit the disorder from the parent, but the probability of inheriting some types of epilepsy still remains.

Epilepsy: Treatment Options

IMG_0010[1]The treatment process of epilepsy may not come as a surprise to you, medication would be the best path to deal with the disorder but there are other factors to consider about treatment options. For one you have to look at the person age which will play it’s role in this matter, anticonvulsant is such a medicine that doctor can use for treatment purpose but they will caution for it’s use on an epileptic patient and for good reason.

The thing that doctors fear about anticonvulsant (the medication is very potent and dangerous, caution in use is imperative when administered) is it’s effectiveness over the individual’s brain functions, it can lead to very dangerous results when using anticonvulsant drugs / medication especially when used to help treat epilepsy symptoms so check out the list below to see what anti medication drugs (side effects) can do to the user:

  • Can cause vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Feeling Constipated
  • Drowsiness

The other downside to anticonvulsant medications is that they are NOT 100% guaranteed to work for the patient, so it is like a see-saw type of deal (dosage amount of the drug) with this type of medication meaning that it could work for the patient or make the patient worse off than they were before. One example of that is problems with vision which is a side effect of the drug, diplopia which is better known as “double vision” is very serious side effect that needs immediate attention from a doctor. Blurry vision may occur when using anticonvulsants, but is considered a temporary side effect.

Epilepsy is a very serious neurological disorder that can strike at anytime to anyone who suffers from it, and it is considered very deadly if treatment is not administered. If you know anyone like a family member or friend that suffers from it, then the first thing to do is find out any information that can help them to fully understand the severity of it as well as treatment options.


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PTSD: The Ugly Truth About It

PTSD Destroying The Mind

stress disorder (u)There are different types of mental disorders that effect each and every American in this country every year, from Alzheimer’s diseaseto Autism, DepressionBipolar disorderthe list just goes on and on (speaking of which I will leave a link to the long list of other mental disorders that effect millions across the board or *world-wide*).

One particular mental disorder called (PTSDor what is better known as “Post-traumatic stress disorder”, as know any disorder in it’s own right serves as a hidden and slient danger to anybody who experiences it. Whether it’s on a “micro” or “macro” level it can literally destroy the mind, and eventually it will have some type of adverse effect on your body to match.

One particular story that I was reading about was that of a highly honored Veteran that served in the U.S. Air Force named Jaime BrunetteBrunette served a 11 year working career in the Air Force making the rank of Captain at a young age. She served two tours of duty out in Afghanistanso she was highly decorated and accomplished in her work as a productive member of the armed forces.

But there is a darker side to the men and women that serve their country, this everyday task requires for them to constantly to deal with issue of anxiety, fear, uncertainty, depression (mentioned at the top of the post), it can even go deeper into situation where someone who deals with Conduct disorder which usually starts with children eventually carrying over to adulthood.

But the focus is (PTSD) today, and the triggers that it can opposed upon the mind. So in order to understand that reasons why people will turn to drastic measures taking a turn for the worse, This is the situation for Brunette who was dealing with it for who knows how long, she probably experienced situations in her career that could have had serious impact that affected her mental state (psychosis).

Unfortunately this was the result leading to this young lady that had everything going well for herself take her own life, Brunette was only 31 years old and had a lot to look forward to but there are other stories such as hers that claimed the lives of other military operatives over for years. The Vietnam War was one of the most traumatic, mind-bending wars that either claimed the lives of thousands of soldiers, and the ones that were lucky to survive the war without losing body parts or their lives were simply truly blessed.

But you also had others to return that came back a changed person, and this is attributed to what they experienced when involved in the time they served as a soldier or higher ranked personnel in position. So next we will investigate the *triggers* of this deadly disorder in better detail.

PTSD: Trigger Points

There can be various trigger point that can show-up in the individual’s behavior, anything type of “traumatic” or trauma event can cause it to manifest. You can classify it in the category of *split personality*, this is when a person’s mind reaches its breaking point which causes the person to lose themselves in the logical sense.

This is the most recognized aspect of the diagnosis, and it doesn’t stop there. Different factors will apply to people differently, in other words what one person experiences may affect another totally in the reverse way. So think of it as if someone poured cold water on you, then another person came along and dumped hot water on you. I’m sure you could imagine the different reactions between the two factors.

The things that can case different traumatic reactions are experienced by millions every year, these situations are listed in the bulletin below:

Different Traumatic Reaction Factors:

  • Being Attacked    (Assault)
  • Automobile crash   *vehicles*   (Car, Airplane, Train)
  • Wartime    (experiences of War, Loss, Survival)
  • Loss of loved one    (Family member, Friend)
  • Kidnapping    (Taken by Force, Abduction)
  • Rape, Sexual Abuse    (Forced Advances, Non-Consent)
  • Childhood Abandonment     (Neglect)

There could also be other things or situations that can also serve as the trigger, like I said before it depends on the individual because everybody will react differently from each other due to the given scenario.

PTSD: & Your Health

When someone is experiencing post-traumatic stress it can take its toll on the individual’s well-being, stress period is not good for anybody. it doesn’t matter how tough you are, or if you have an “iron will” because stress can affect even the best of us. So if you are betrayed by a close friend, or a kid in school that can’t fit into a group (rejected by peers) it can affect you to the point where your health is also affected.

You see people might say things (or think) such as…

“I feel fine really, I don’t care what they think about me.”

“Forget them! I didn’t want to be invited to the party anyway.”

“Maybe I should just stay to myself, no one seems to want me around.”

“I know I’ll ask Jerry to do it for me, I’ll just pretend to be his friend until I get what I want from him.” (Jerry finds out the deceptive ways from a so-called friend, which upsets him greatly to murderous content).

“You will never amount to anything in life, you might as well just become a professional criminal who gets shuffled in and out of the system in prison.”

(By the way — that last sentence about not amounting to anything in life was a friend I knew a long time ago. He became a stockbroker living in Chicago, guess his so-called friends couldn’t forsee that one! LOL).

Even though the person may seem fine, they may be hiding more than what they are really wanting to show you which does not promote a healthy balanced mind.

At the end of the day a person may find themself in a dark place, cruelty exists in many forms through this world today. Various frustrations that we are faced with everyday will add to your stress factor, so if you are someone who is going through rough times in life and it’s affecting your better judgement you need to get help.

First golden rule is your well-being or better known as your health, it is your responsibility to look out for you. It’s like the old saying that is completely absent obviously in this new day in age which was…

“Better you can help others, you need to help yourself first.”

PTSD: Treatment Options

Remember that many triggers can bring about symptoms which demonstrate “Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder”, nightmares, sleeping problems, mimicking traumatic episodes seen from a movie, story, or play, are greater extensions of PTSD. It is highly recommended that a suspected loved one, or friend, that you know is suffering from this mental disorder needs to seek help immediately!

Guidance is the path to take from someone who deals with PTSD, understand is the other half of the battle to conquer. That means you need to confront your past, your demons, or anything that you hold onto that can harm you without the person actually realizing it themself.

You have to accept the bad with the good, and just live your life moving toward a better path. You never let the bad memories control you, always keep that in mind because you are the one who can change it as you see fit at any given time!


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