Proper Breathing Techniques: Why They Are so Important

Proper Breathing Techniques: The Purpose And How to do 

IMG_0001 2It starts with your Diaphragm which is located underneath (extended across the bottom) of the rib cage region in your body, “diaphragmatic breathing” serves the purpose of helping you to relax by performing precise breathing exercises that can serve the body and mind very well. Whenever you are feeling stressed and a lot of tension that is wearing you down, these particular breathing practices can help you rejuvenate the body and mind bringing you back to a fresh state of being.

This is very important in anything you set out to do, especially for people who are in the performing arts such as acting, preparing for a speech to announce in front of an audience, or even preparing for a job interview breathing techniques will help you to relax and unwind. There is more to these techniques if done correctly can make a difference boosting your confidence, at the same time it help to keep your mind clear and the body remains calm.

There are a few examples that can be done to relieve anxiety and stress, a number list below are posted to offer steps on a few diaphragmatic breathing techniques that you can practice when ever you wish :

  1. Lie down and place one hand on your abdomen while placing the other hand on your chest.IMG_0007 2
  2. Then begin to inhale filling your abdomen full of air, the hand on your abdomen should be elevated higher than the other hand on your chest.untitled 2
  3. Finally, exhale which will dispraise air from the abdomen until you fill a slight tightening feeling in the spine.

That will give you a basic idea of performing this particular breathing exercise, and you should know that this exercise that you just read above can be done either standing erect or in a seated position. At the end of this articles you should visit the link posted in the description below to learn more of these techniques.

Proper Breathing Techniques: Stress Management

This is where a lot of people get into trouble, and you see it here and there, it could be a co-worker at work who is getting a lot of tension form a supervisor, or it could be the other way around if the supervisor is catching “flak” (their boss comes down on them hard) because their boss is not happy about the day they are having so they look for a stress reliever which is a worker that they outrank in a company.

*breathing techniques demonstrated by a young lady below channeling oxygen through left / right nostril cavity to the left / right hemispheres of the brain can help to relieve stress and clear your mind

IMG_0002This is very unhealthy for anyone to harbor stress like that it can even be deadly for your health, most people don’t pay attention to managing their stress level which brings up a problem right there.

One of the leading problems for heart attacks are related to…

That’s right you guessed it stress itself, poor diet practices is the other that will lead you to heart problems and disease. Stress can bring anybody a lot of grief, and stress management is supposedly the ideal way to battle against it however that may not be 100% true.

Yes there are techniques that can be used with stress management practices but sometimes even that is not enough, that is a term called that can be referenced to when someone who cannot resolve their issue of stress and it can be then labeled as an extreme case which is called distress.

imagesH1O40X4WPeople with breathing problems are the ones who are really at risk here, if they have asthma then anything that sets them off can cause complete havoc for them. They do have treatments for asthma suffers, so it would highly recommended that they check into to having treatment procedures done for it. They are also other levels of stress, and you probably saying…

“Damn, I didn’t know that one”.

LOL (laughing out loud) that’s fine we all have to learn in life doesn’t matter who you are, all that matters is that you search for the truth, analysis it and understand it. The bulletin list will describe the other factors of post-dramatic stress-o-matic issues:

  • Emotional stress is a physiological stress issue that deals with one’s mental state, as a result this can play on the person’s mental stability causing them to lose complete focus plunging them into rage (depending on the severity of their condition or situation) or frustration, worry, nervousness, and anxiety.
  • Physical stress anything that puts extreme demands on the body is stress that affects a person in the physical sense, this especially if the person is NOT taking care of themselves such as receiving daily proper nutrition for the body or Malnutrition issues.
  • Environmental stress is anything that deals with your outside surroundings in society, nature, sanitation (cleanness), this particular type of stress is deemed normal every day and basic meaning that it is something that we all have to deal with for the rest of our lives.

Stress is not an easy thing for anyone to deal with, it can affect not only you’re ability to breathe normally but it can also cause other problems for you like insomnia, heart palpitations, muscle aches, tingling sensations in the hands (numbness and cold face), tightness in the chest, extreme fatigue, faintness, headaches, and uncontrollable panic tendencies.

The most important thing that anyone should do when dealing with stress is to consult their doctor for options to finding a solution for the problem, proper breathing exercises can be applied here to help lessen stress issues.

Proper Breathing Techniques: It Helps to strengthening The Immune System

Believe it or not (and I’m not talking about Ripley’s Believe it or not show TV LOLbut it is true, breathing can indeed help to improve your immune system in fact it can help to heal the body all together. It’s just like sleeping in a way, when you sleep your body will heal slowly repairing itself from the previous day’s events that you put it through, in return the next day you feel refreshed and ready for another round.

untitled 2The immune system is part of this cycle.

Breathing will help to heal the internal organs and provide them purifying amounts of oxygen, after all oxygen is one of the most needed elements for the human body to work efficiently. Even with Genes which is part of your physical make-up or (DNA), needs oxygen to help the body stay healthy and strong to encourage strong heredity growth which is passed along from our parents to us to your children and so forth…

Did you know that breathing can also cause the expression of genes to change?

This means the breathing is a very imperative function that we do on a molecular level, and this leads all the way to the physical structure that makes up our bodies.

Proper Breathing Techniques: It Can Help to Reduce Anxiety

This is a common thing that people tend to overlook, anxiety comes from a number of things that people experience due to the fact that they cannot control their emotions, when that happens they not only lose control of their mental stability it also throws other body functions internal or external into a chaotic tailspin.

People who have anxiety problems have a very hard time calming down, their breathing patterns become erratic, they become irrational, and they lose control of themselves.

imagesPYJFD9LQFear is an obvious phobia that can come in many shapes, sizes, even the abstract like nightmares, or bad feelings in your stomach like if something really horrific is about to happen and this is what builds more fear and the anxiety factor then takes over within the individual’s mind and they fall victim to it.

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PTSD: The Ugly Truth About It

PTSD Destroying The Mind

stress disorder (u)There are different types of mental disorders that effect each and every American in this country every year, from Alzheimer’s diseaseto Autism, DepressionBipolar disorderthe list just goes on and on (speaking of which I will leave a link to the long list of other mental disorders that effect millions across the board or *world-wide*).

One particular mental disorder called (PTSDor what is better known as “Post-traumatic stress disorder”, as know any disorder in it’s own right serves as a hidden and slient danger to anybody who experiences it. Whether it’s on a “micro” or “macro” level it can literally destroy the mind, and eventually it will have some type of adverse effect on your body to match.

One particular story that I was reading about was that of a highly honored Veteran that served in the U.S. Air Force named Jaime BrunetteBrunette served a 11 year working career in the Air Force making the rank of Captain at a young age. She served two tours of duty out in Afghanistanso she was highly decorated and accomplished in her work as a productive member of the armed forces.

But there is a darker side to the men and women that serve their country, this everyday task requires for them to constantly to deal with issue of anxiety, fear, uncertainty, depression (mentioned at the top of the post), it can even go deeper into situation where someone who deals with Conduct disorder which usually starts with children eventually carrying over to adulthood.

But the focus is (PTSD) today, and the triggers that it can opposed upon the mind. So in order to understand that reasons why people will turn to drastic measures taking a turn for the worse, This is the situation for Brunette who was dealing with it for who knows how long, she probably experienced situations in her career that could have had serious impact that affected her mental state (psychosis).

Unfortunately this was the result leading to this young lady that had everything going well for herself take her own life, Brunette was only 31 years old and had a lot to look forward to but there are other stories such as hers that claimed the lives of other military operatives over for years. The Vietnam War was one of the most traumatic, mind-bending wars that either claimed the lives of thousands of soldiers, and the ones that were lucky to survive the war without losing body parts or their lives were simply truly blessed.

But you also had others to return that came back a changed person, and this is attributed to what they experienced when involved in the time they served as a soldier or higher ranked personnel in position. So next we will investigate the *triggers* of this deadly disorder in better detail.

PTSD: Trigger Points

There can be various trigger point that can show-up in the individual’s behavior, anything type of “traumatic” or trauma event can cause it to manifest. You can classify it in the category of *split personality*, this is when a person’s mind reaches its breaking point which causes the person to lose themselves in the logical sense.

This is the most recognized aspect of the diagnosis, and it doesn’t stop there. Different factors will apply to people differently, in other words what one person experiences may affect another totally in the reverse way. So think of it as if someone poured cold water on you, then another person came along and dumped hot water on you. I’m sure you could imagine the different reactions between the two factors.

The things that can case different traumatic reactions are experienced by millions every year, these situations are listed in the bulletin below:

Different Traumatic Reaction Factors:

  • Being Attacked    (Assault)
  • Automobile crash   *vehicles*   (Car, Airplane, Train)
  • Wartime    (experiences of War, Loss, Survival)
  • Loss of loved one    (Family member, Friend)
  • Kidnapping    (Taken by Force, Abduction)
  • Rape, Sexual Abuse    (Forced Advances, Non-Consent)
  • Childhood Abandonment     (Neglect)

There could also be other things or situations that can also serve as the trigger, like I said before it depends on the individual because everybody will react differently from each other due to the given scenario.

PTSD: & Your Health

When someone is experiencing post-traumatic stress it can take its toll on the individual’s well-being, stress period is not good for anybody. it doesn’t matter how tough you are, or if you have an “iron will” because stress can affect even the best of us. So if you are betrayed by a close friend, or a kid in school that can’t fit into a group (rejected by peers) it can affect you to the point where your health is also affected.

You see people might say things (or think) such as…

“I feel fine really, I don’t care what they think about me.”

“Forget them! I didn’t want to be invited to the party anyway.”

“Maybe I should just stay to myself, no one seems to want me around.”

“I know I’ll ask Jerry to do it for me, I’ll just pretend to be his friend until I get what I want from him.” (Jerry finds out the deceptive ways from a so-called friend, which upsets him greatly to murderous content).

“You will never amount to anything in life, you might as well just become a professional criminal who gets shuffled in and out of the system in prison.”

(By the way — that last sentence about not amounting to anything in life was a friend I knew a long time ago. He became a stockbroker living in Chicago, guess his so-called friends couldn’t forsee that one! LOL).

Even though the person may seem fine, they may be hiding more than what they are really wanting to show you which does not promote a healthy balanced mind.

At the end of the day a person may find themself in a dark place, cruelty exists in many forms through this world today. Various frustrations that we are faced with everyday will add to your stress factor, so if you are someone who is going through rough times in life and it’s affecting your better judgement you need to get help.

First golden rule is your well-being or better known as your health, it is your responsibility to look out for you. It’s like the old saying that is completely absent obviously in this new day in age which was…

“Better you can help others, you need to help yourself first.”

PTSD: Treatment Options

Remember that many triggers can bring about symptoms which demonstrate “Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder”, nightmares, sleeping problems, mimicking traumatic episodes seen from a movie, story, or play, are greater extensions of PTSD. It is highly recommended that a suspected loved one, or friend, that you know is suffering from this mental disorder needs to seek help immediately!

Guidance is the path to take from someone who deals with PTSD, understand is the other half of the battle to conquer. That means you need to confront your past, your demons, or anything that you hold onto that can harm you without the person actually realizing it themself.

You have to accept the bad with the good, and just live your life moving toward a better path. You never let the bad memories control you, always keep that in mind because you are the one who can change it as you see fit at any given time!


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