Zika Virus Passed By Mosquitoes?

Zika Virus: What Is It?

imagesP62V1UGVMosquitoes seem to be in the middle of everything involving disease passed along through contact (enters into the bloodstream), they have the ability to transmit deadly viruses by stinging their victims.

They perform this dastardly deed to supplement blood from an individual, animal, amphibians, or even birds. The strange thing is that not every mosquito will attack every single human, I know your saying that’s crazy but yes this is true.

For them maybe it’s a part of their sense of smell (I mean there are powerful bug repellant sprays that can keep them at bay, same time have you smelling like a medicine cabinet LOL), smell might play a small factor however it comes down to their preference choice. Particular animals might be they’re “forte” for some mosquitoes, others are strictly attuned to us. That’s just the way it is.

Recently, it has been a report of an Zika virus outbreak in Brazil, and yes it has been reported that mosquitoes are passing this particular virus along to people.

It’s more to the story however as you may have guessed, and this story is paralleled to the one I just discussed in an article regarding the health conditions of newborns (and adults but rare), who were diagnosed with symptoms / condition of hydranencephaly.

As you know (if you read my article of it) hydranencephaly is a condition where a newborn child is born with an enlarged head, this is due to the excessive amounts of cerebrospinal fluid builds up in the cranial cavity (cerebral brain hemispheres are missing — to some degree — on both sides) thus expanding the density, weight, and head size of the individual.

Most children diagnosed with this condition will have complications with their longevity (it can shorten their life span, and will cause mental and physical issues of proper functionality), not to mention it can also cause greater issues such as non-mobility, and even signs of Alzheimer’s disease.

The zika virus itself is classified in the flavivridae virus family, it is given the term “Zika Fever” which is identified closely to the yellow virus, West Nile virus, dengue, and Japanese encephalitits which are also falviviridae related viral type diseases.

images8The virus was first identified back in 1947 found in a rhesus monkey in the Zika Forest of Uganda, in 1968 the disease had manifested in humans in Nigeria, Africa.

Characteristics of the disease can cause the following issues of manifestation:

  • It can cause the offspring’s head to shrink in size (during pregnancy), the term microcephaly is the reverse of hydranecephaly which is mentioned in the previous article I wrote named Hydranecephaly“.
  • Issues with seizures may insist
  • Brain damage
  • Difficulty learning (learning disability)

The condition at one time did not have the following symptoms mentioned in the bulletin chart, the issues were amplified due to the invention of disease spread by mosquitoes.

The result has spread all the way to the Mother’s womb were birth defect possibilities have arisen, generally a high-abundance of folic acid was also viewed as a cause for birth defects.

Any Possible Treatments Procedures For Microcephaly?

images7Unfortunately there are not any known treatments for this condition, there is no type of medication or procedure step to return the head to it’s regular size or shape.

Solutions are pursed in finding a way to help deter further abnormalities that may persist toward the condition itself, with the enlisted help of a pediatric neurologist specialist and his / her medical staff whom can help to alleviate continual mental deterioration through mental progressive activities (mind therapy exercise).

These particular activities are exercises to help microcephaly children, the intended goal is to stop the further digression of the child’s mental capabilities.

Medications are used to help prevent the chances of seizures, neuromuscular issues, and hyperactivity tendencies. In some cases a child may demonstrate mild symptoms of disabilities, where as other children may have more serious issues manifest from the condition.

Physical development may appear normal for some children with microcephaly, the same goes for their mental capacity through learning (this depends however on the condition’s level of severity).

Research is the prime directive toward finding a possible solution for microcephaly, medical grants to institutions for researchers will make it possible to continue for a permanent prognosis of microcephaly.

“Zika Virus Revamped”

th (1)Looks like mosquitoes will get a pass this time around, understand that the Zika Virus can be passed from a mosquito to its host (humans). An interesting turn of events has shown up in the news media about this virus, and it looks like the spotlight will be placed firmly on individuals who carry it in their system unknowingly.

So why am I revamping this article, it’s simple really.

A man takes a trip down to the exotic land of Venezuela.

During his stay he meets a female, they become better acquainted (and I can skip the rest of that scenario, because it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what happens between them later on during his stay in Venezuela).

After a night of fun, the guy boards the plane returning home to the United States.

Everything seems routine for this guy, until a few weeks passes by after he and his wife makes an unfortunate discovery.

They are both affected by the Zika Virus, and this is a rude awakening for the married couple. Not to mention that fact that this guy’s wife probably wanting to kill him (metaphorically speaking), after she realizes that he was having an affair resulting in the transmission of a STD.

Now to cut away from the situation for a moment, you’ve noticed what I just said when I mentioned that part about the couple learning that they were both afflicted with the Zika Virus.

That is the key point to this updated article, because the virus was believe to only have been transmitted by mosquitoes. Well that part is still valid, traces of the virus in the man’s system resulting from sexual contact.

The virus was reportedly active in certain areas of South America, the greater concern about this virus is the fact that it has the ability to go viral in fears that it can turn into a global epidemic situation.

The Dallas County Health & Human Services Department confirmed that the patient contracted the virus (via) through sexual intercourse. It puts a greater emphasis on men who are travelling to a country to wear condoms.

Another factor to point out about the virus itself, are the affects it can have on a newborn baby.
th2The virus can cause serious birth defects, the reported characteristics were a decrease in size of an infant’s brain and head (microcephaly).  

This can lead to serious problems for a child as they proceed in the stages of growth, factors such as (LMN) or lower motor neurone, and (UMN) dysfunction.

The two combined factors will lead to inhibited muscle functionality, not to mention a list of other hosted symptoms (some of them come and go).

Zika Symptoms / result:

  • slight fever rash (comes and goes quickly)
  • pinkeye (comes and go quickly)
  • the virus is known to cause devastating birth defects
  • soft brain tissue, nerve cells breaks down

Places such as Brazil, South America, have had a high number of reported cases involving microcephaly in 2015 (over 3,800 cases and climbing).

Some of the cases reported miscarriages, and even infant deaths shortly after the baby was conceived (born). 

Researchers and scientists are rushing to help find a vaccine for the virus, another concern however will be the cost for finding an effective antidote to combat the viral disease. The plan to enroll 200 babies with microcephaly and 400 infants without the birth defect, the purpose will be to identify abnormalities in comparing, blood samples from material blood, the umbilical cord, amniotic fluid, and other tissues.

The Zika virus is a group of viruses known       as “arbovirus”, antiviral medicine is a medication given to the patient that fights the viral infection.


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Your Foot VS Diabetes

When Diabetes Strike 

IMG_0002[1]Diabetes is a very deadly disease that can strike anybody at anytime in their life, and it can hit any part of the body with adverse effects. So how about the foot? Many people don’t think too much about the foot being a prime target for the deadly disease that has claim countless lives over the last decade.

Your foot is very delicate and they are used everyday for getting around, you first learn to crawl from when you were a baby to learning as a toddler on how to walk. As you get older you will go through your life depending on your feet constantly, from that point on you should know that you need to keep them healthy at all costs to continue to stay mobile.

How Do You Know You Have Diabetes In Your Foot?

You have to look for “symptoms” that serve as an indicator on what is taking place in your foot. If you notice anything like your feet feeling usually cold, even when you have thick pairs of socks on them that is a signal right there. Diabetes itself can restrict the flow of blood to an infected area in the body, so in the case of your feet feeling cold (peripheral neuropathy) that identifies closely with that statement.

Another thing to look for is if you get a cut on your foot, and it has not started to heal properly given within a time frame that too can indicate that you might have diabetes. When the arteries to both the brain & heart become clogged, as a result oxygen is then blocked off which can lead to peripheral artery disease or (PAD) that can then progress to the legs & feet resulting in pain and discomfort.

What Other Symptoms Of Diabetes (Foot / Body) To Be Aware Of?

There are still other things that you might not know that can tell you whether or not you have diabetes, Gangrene which I’m sure most people know about is a direct result from having diabetes. That means any part of the body that literally appears to be turning a greenish color, is a red flag for Gangrene. Gangrene can settle into an area in the body (limbs), and if it is not caught in time you could lose a limb (such as a foot) as a direct result.

That is why urgency is the life-saver here if you suspect that you have Gangrene that is setting into a limb, then it is imperative that you seek professional medical help immediately.

Other things to look for is…

  • Cracked and damaged skin on feet & heels
  • Bending of toes (Hammertoes)
  • Corns & Calluses that can develop on the feet (caused by abnormal alignment of feet)
  • Athlete’s foot (Tinea pedias)  skin fungus
  • Discoloration of nails, thickening of the nails, & brittle nails can indicate fungal infection.
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Bunions (big toe on slanted angle toward the second toe), indicates irritation & redness 

Daily Foot Inspection & Care

You need to make sure that you check your feet everyday, early detection can alert you ahead of time which can help you to come to a conclusion rather fast if you need to seek professional medical help don’t hesitate!

You can do a routine check on your feet by taking the following steps. The first thing to do is check the area of your feet, look between the toes, look on the sides of your feet, check the heel, and check for any bruises, cuts, blisters, or redness in any areas of the foot.

After inspecting your feet properly, then comes the process of cleaning them. Washing is the thing to do to your feet, and when doing so DO NOT wash them in hot water use warm water instead so that you do not damage your feet. Also check the water temperature by feeling it with your fingers, the reason for that is because it can be hard to determine how hot is may be due to damage done to neuro-sensors in the feet from the devastating effects of diabetes.

Make Yearly appointments with a NHS Podiatrist (Foot specialist)

IMG_0003[1]You should arrange to see a NHS podiatrist annually –eligibility could apply to the person seeking out a NHS podiatrist especially if you have a long-standing health issue like diabetes–.

[ And no she doesn’t really have high-heeled feet come on guys it’s just to make you bust out a couple of laughs 🙂 ]

If you do not qualify for NHS treatments, then you might have to pay to see a podiatrist instead. The treatments rendered by them can vary depending on where they are located in your area, and the level of experience that they have in their field of expertise will determine the costs for their services (private fees).

If you also have experienced any pain when walking (mobility), that can qualify you to see a NHS Podiatrist. If you have verrucas (warts) that appear around your toes, but it does not hurt to walk then that can make you ineligible to see a NHS Podiatrist. So it comes down to the extreme nature of your situation.

You can also have a NHS Podiatrist to come to you (home visit) if you are not able to walk due to pain & discomfort, you can do that by contacting a General Practitioner or (GP) for short. They can assist you helping to find a suitable NHS Podiatrist that is right for you.


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