An Interesting Notion About Corn…

Not Your Typical Corny Question

IMG_0003 2Someone asked me a interesting question about Corn, I thought it would be a question about how it could be served, or buying the freshest ear of corn at a local grocery store.

Nope… Not a valid question at all to that effect.

*picture bottom ear of corn*

Get the freak out, you mean that’s what goes on with GMO corn it looks so diseased  🙁

The question that was asked of me was this.

“Is Corn harmful to our health?”

When someone ask you a question such as this, you have to take a moment to contemplate the answer.

So tonight that is exactly what I am going to do, and that is to find any evidence linking Corn to health issues that affect people who eat it.

Corn Under The Scope

IMG_0002 2So here we are digging into the topic of “tainted corn”, or rather the theory about corn affecting your health in an adverse way.

So let’s start with what we know so far…

Corn has been around before the times of AD (After Death), matter of fact it had surfaced as far back as 1900 B.C. (Before Christ) which makes it older than Jesus himself!

Through countless decades it has been a harvested crop to help feed billions upon billions of people since that time, even today it still stands as one of the key vegetables to feed the last 3 generations on Earth as we speak right now.

So why has Corn caught such a bad rap?

untitledDespite the fact that Corn rakes in $30 billion a year mostly through farming and distribution, rumor has it that there is so much corn in the U.S. that could fill up an entire country the size of Germany!

But back to the “tainted corn conspiracy”, the stigmata to corn is simple to flush out.

Have you heard of GMO’s?

I refer to them as GMF’s  

GMO’s are called “Genetically Modified Organisms”, so if you replace the — O — with a — F — then the organisms could be replaced with Foods.

If you’re catching my drift, you know that I’m thinking that an organism is food (organic in nature) which is modified to feed a larger organism when linked to GMO breeding.

“Psst… That’s a hint that I just gave you in the sentence just above, I’m talking about you & me because we’re the larger organism.”

Sound a bit off? Let’s look at the other side of the coin.

It works the same with a school of small fish, a larger fish will go after the smaller fish to feed itself.

It nothing personal against the smaller fish that are basically dinner to the larger fish, it’s just the order of the “food chain” this is  what we call survival of the fittest.

It’s not too different with humans, we have to eat, we need food for nourishment, and we need it to survive.

But we happens if the smaller fish that the bigger fish ate made him sick, depending on what the smaller fish had eaten before-hand could cause change within the fish itself. The unsuspecting larger fish eats him, gets sick, very sick and then eventually dies from disease and illness.

Woah! Yea that’s karma for ya.

So where we come into all of this is easy to understand, but you’re thinking how it’s so easy to understand?

Here’s the rundown.

You go to the grocery and buy some corn, you get back home and you peel the husk off the corn, you snap off the stalk at the bottom, you peel away the silky stringy hair from it, you finish up by cleansing any remaining strains of silk washing it off the corn.

You place the corn into a pot of boiling water as you prepare for a corn on the cobb delight.

Now it’s up to you what you decide to add to it (it could be a few teaspoons of sugar to add a sweet taste to it etc.), if you’re looking for a distinguished flavor.

After it’s all said and done you’re now sitting down to a nice treat, some great corn on the cobb!

This is a routine side-dish you like, and you have it a few times out of the week.

Life is great as you enjoy your favorite food whenever you like.

A few months later, you start to notice some discomfort and you’re finding yourself going to the bathroom frequently. For the next two days you’re still taking random trips to the bathroom having stomach pains, nauseousness, diarrhea, and your feeling dehydrated.

It’s starting to concern you big time, so call to make arrangements to see your doctor.

imagesCI2JAYMIYou get to the doctor’s office and he or she decides to run a few tests on you to find out what’s wrong, they complete their test and have come to an analysis about your condition.

The doctor asks a series of questions about you diet regime (or what types of foods you like to eat), you tell the doctor that you are not an expert cook and you’re a corn lover to the core!

You go on to tell your doctor that you love it as a side dish with various type of food you have throughout the day.

The doctor takes in the verbal information and tells you about your condition, they tell you that you are having allergic reactions from the food you are eating.

Small traces of toxic waste was discovered in your in body and is responsible for weakening your immune system, you’re shocked to hear all of this of course and can’t believe what the good ‘doc’ is telling you.

So what would you be thinking at this point?

You would be anxious to find out what was causing this compromising condition to manifest within you, you remember an article you read about GMO’s used to grow fruits & vegetables twice the size in half the time.

Then it’s hits you…

You come to the conclusion that your favorite side dish is slowly killing you!

What GMO’s Can Do To You & Your Food:

GMO’s have caught a lot heat over the past few years, organizations such as the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) claim that these food friendly items are “safely tested” to consume and enjoy. The only problem with that statement, is the evidence lacking to support the facts of GMO testing of food products are actually safe to be serve to the consumer.

You see the wool over the eyes part is this, food manufacturers know that GMO experimentation is taking place in their facilities and count on them to be sold out in the market.

IMG_0001 2 - CopySuch is the case with America’s favorite veggie food corn, a study was done on genetically modified corn being sold to consumers that raised awareness by health officials.

(don’t let this picture fool you, the green corn is converted into the vibrate yellow after it is ‘altered’ to look normal!)

In the report it stated that toxicities were linked to the “altered corn” after it was genetically engineered, one example of GMO corn distribution in Ontario, Canada made the claim that their corn products are ‘GMO-free’.

However, after a conducted study was done to test they’re claim they failed miserably after unknown elemental agents were found on the product itself.

Among these were the following…

  • Chlorides
  • Formaldehyde
  • Glyphosate

Chlorides can found in particular “metal salts” (anion Cl –) this is one of the harmful elements linked to GMO’s, any high salt / sodium content (especially with metallic properties) in food is dangerous. You do need salt in your diet, but a balanced amount is highly recommended!

Formaldehyde will cause people to panic when they hear that it could cause cancer, the compound itself is considered non-lethal despite the fact that it is linked to food contamination through “food packaging” of product goods. It’s also found in plastic bottles, and metal soup cans as a chemical agent and is considered relatively harmless to people.

It is frequent for chemical agents such as formaldehyde to wind up in food packaged items, which is also why quality inspections must be conducted to detect high levels of contamination of the product. Can soups, breakfast cereals, frozen vegetables, crackers, & packaged meats may contain formaldehyde in their packaging.

Glyphosate I mentioned in a previous article, it is “herbicidal” or an herbicide agent used in pesticide / weed killing sprays, and is used particular to kill off broadleaf weeds & grasses. Roundup a particular weed killing agent is just one of the many types of pesticides used to kill off weeds, and harmful insects that contaminate precious crops (such as corn).

This is where the chemical agent glyphosate rears it’s ugly head to eliminate diseased insects to protect the crop itself, only problem of this on-going process is the crop itself becomes contaminated from the pesticide spray as an end result.

(Bats can help to protect crops from insects, sounds weird and off the wall but that one is up for a topic discussion very soon!)

It’s like one of those… “damned if you do” vs “damned if you don’t”, type scenarios.

There’s even a three dilemma to this scenario that takes a darker turn for the worse, insects such as mosquitoes have developed stronger immunity to herbicide chemical sprays.

So basically crops are being sprayed with the chemical agent glyphosate (not to mention others that are mixed in with it to form a powerful concoction for eliminating weeds & insects), it’s literally lacing the crops with toxins in which overtime will affect you in some way down the line in life.

This is one of the many reasons why Corn is getting a bad wrap, and no LOL I’m not talking about the husk part that it actually comes wrapped in.

So to answer the question of a curious individual that wanted some good insight about GMO’s, well here it is in karmatic truth fashion.

Makes you wonder about the “so-called” inspectors that are looking out for contaminates such as these that wind up in the very food products that we buy and eat every day!

The government is not to be excluded from this either, they have they’re planned agendas in this matter as well you can count on that.

It’s like Mom used to do on the holidays when using certain spices and a little nutmeg in the dressing mix.

She would say…“A little dash of this, a little dash of that will make it all the better.”

LOL… A little dash of this and that, you don’t say.

The average Mom today would re-think that old cliché all together when she doesn’t know whether not it’s a GMO bi-product just waiting to work it’s adverse mojo inside of her child.

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Viagra Pill For The Ladies?

Finally Viagra Has Gone Viral!

IMG_0043[1]This comes out of left field for most people who probably didn’t think would ever become reality has literally become reality, the reality factor has been handed down by the FDA (Food Drug Administration) and it is not sitting well with doctors in the medical field that feel that this particular supplement pill is not 100% safe.

Viagra was originally attuned to men specifically who have a problem maintaining an erection, now one would have to think to themselves…

“Why in the h**l would women take this sex stimulation drug?”

IMG_0039[1]Well, the first obvious answer would be to boost one sexual drive. The second issue would come from the environment we live in today, your surroundings is the key to either happiness or sadness which ever side of the spectrum the person is drawn toward.

Stress is a killer of the human psyche not to mention the physical aspect as well (sex becomes the last thing on most women’s minds when they are completely depressed and uninterested).

IMG_0042[1]Sex is supposed to be enjoyable, and not a chore…

Sex is supposed to be an intimate encounter between two people who is special, but too many distractions can disrupt the well-being of a person(s) comfort zone which kills the mood very quick.

So this is the dilemma that strikes many couples, love buddies, *you know the actual word that goes before the buddies part that begins with that controversal “f”, have to keep it clean 🙂

There has to be a connection between two people in order for them to move to the next phrase, once they follow the steps leading to sequence, to another sequence — you know eye contact, the lean in for a kiss, then comes the physical confrontation in the “pleasure sense” — now don’t trail off folks if it’s getting warm in the room then feel free to crack open a window LOL.

IMG_0041[2]Basically you could just chalk it up to your classic chemical imbalance in the brain, it all starts there and you already know about bipolar mood swings, anxiety issues, social withdrawal, etc..

The mind is powerful and it harbors many secrets, good examples are shown in movies such as “Limitless” or an off the wall mind spinner that you will see in the movie “Lucy”.

One key scene in Limitless depicts a scenario where Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper), is verbally ripped apart by his landlord’s girlfriend (about his unpaid lease) and I mean that girl hated his guts “personified” times 100 ripping him a new one with negative verbal commentary.

He starts to talk to her (he has taken the smart pill called “NZT-48” at this point), and goes viral about her paper thatIMG_0042[2] she was writing taming this young lady’s inner anger mojo making it sound like music to her ears.

You see what caught her attention were details he gave her about a paper she was writing on about law, he gave her pointers that started to make sense and she slowly warmed up to him because of the enlightened ideals he presented to her.

She forgets that he was a loser, a nobody, and in her mind she develops a secreted love interest in a matter of minutes.

From there you should know where this will lead to, if you don’t catch on then you’re from Jupiter’s moon Europa and that’s all I have to say LOL.

So do you think that this drug has the ability to unlock the pleasure sensors of the mind?

Can it in fact shift the chemical imbalance to normal in the brain, that encourages the user to feel more lovey-dovey?

It kinda seems that way, but there has to be more behind the madness so let’s dig deeper.

Viagra Working On The Mind

So it puts guys into the mood by giving them a boost of testosterone, but how does this apply to women. Well believe it or not women share a similar bond to their significant other, of course you will say how that can be but the answer is written into your DNA.

See you have to remember that women are born with two sets of chromosomes, and the same goes for men. The intriguing part to it all lies within your genes or “genetics”, they determine everything from what sex you will become, to a hereditary disease that could target you because it runs in the family a cliché that has been told quite often to the offspring (normally between their teen years or young adult years) from their elders about conditions that they start to suffer from.

In the mind, the area that holds the key to pleasure land is called the Pleasure Area, this is where all the fun stuff happens when your dealing with those “special” happyhappy thoughts and feeling great! In the same token, your pain sensory part of the brain also lurks in this same region.

A two of a kind, however much different.

Like the term some people say…

“Put it in the happy box!”.

A term barely used in today’s world, but it makes reference to a situation where someone is feeling super good that they start to sing hoping to get attention from others nearby and catches on.

In most cases that will more in likely NOT work, and when it’s all said and done people will look at you like an idiot LOL.

This is what brings us to a valid point folks, if one person is in an excellent mood while another person is feeling ill-intentions suddenly tells the happy person that is singing away like they are competing as an American Idol contest.

“Will you shut the **** up!”

And it’s to be expected to see this take place, emotions brings it into better focus.

It definitely applies to sex, and if a female is not in the mood then the male counterpart is left hanging out in the dog house and that is very depressing.

So this pill is supposed to be the answer to all the problems of “libido-loss” that goes on in a woman’s mind, but do you really believe that someone would need a drug to stimulate their sexual appetite?

IMG_0040[1]The better question to the next part of the equation brings up safety when using this “magic pill”, this is what raised the red flag because of unknown factors that may surface when taking this drug (the pill is called “Flibanserin”) that the FDA said is ok to take.

The Ideal Target Viagra –a.k.a– “Flibanserin” Hits:

  • It targets the Neurotransmitters in the brain
  • It boosts thoughts of “desire”
  • It alters the level of dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain
  • It decreases the level of serotonin
  • Neurotransmitters are the key to sexual desire, flibanserin can fine tune the neurotransmitters which puts the user in the mood for sex
  • Helps to curve HSDD (Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder)

Viagra was originally invented for men who had issues such as erectile dysfunction, for women it’s a different story which plays completely on their need to be satisfied sexually. Viagra can’t solve that problem for women, but flibanserin seems to be the thing to give a minor “jump-start” to that special part of the brain labeled pleasure but it still is being tested to offer better results.

Understand that a drug is drug the same like a duck is a duck, for the ladies out there that decide to give it a go using this pill you need to check out the list of things that can develop when you start taking “female Viagra” or Flibanserin.

Possible Side-Effects:

  • Fainting
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Sleeping Disorders (such as Insomnia)
  • Decrease in blood-pressure (drop)
  • Should NOT be taken during pregnancy (it could cause possible birth defects)

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Coca Leaves Alignments to Your Health?

Coco Leaves Origins

IMG_0009[1]They grow from various heights anywhere between 7 – 10 feet in height (plant’s height) and the leaves are thin, oval-shaped with tapered ends.

In terms of time Coco Leaves have been around for thousands of years, to the most simple task of chewing them by users date back even further. It migrated from the eastern Andes to the Incas empire (known as “The 4 Regions”), to areas in Central America home to the Andean Indians.

Later in the time-line it’s journey to other vast areas, it would take notice in Europe during the 1500’s from there it became widely popular during the mid 1800’s due to the creation of paper publication by Dr. Paolo Mantegazza that give it huge notability. What Mantegazza portrayed about coca leaves was its ability to stimulate the mind (intensify the senses), this of course would spark curiosity among others enticing them to try.

Experiments with coca leaves manifested the first produced creation of cocaine, which came in the form of a liquid called Coca Wine“. So I don’t have t tell you where this goes later of course haha… I had to through that in there yes 🙂

This was a stepping stone that would eventually lead to the introduction of medical aspects dealing with its usage in the form of wine (tonics and patent medicine), one of the most noted brand names was recognized as Vin Mariani. But these early products would catch scrutiny as being flagged as “illegal products”, this was foreseen by other neighboring countries outside of South American continent.

The darker side of finally came to light around the 1900’s when cocaine showed to have a lasting effect on users, it became like a obsession for the user needing its cognitive effect upon them constantly (or they were chasing it for “the high”).  At the University of Gottingen a chemist by the name of Albert Niemann, gave coca it’s most famous name cocaine through the isolation of coca leaves.

Coca Leaves to Cocaine Alignments to Your Health

IMG_0008[1]Coca leaves are considered a “miracle plant”, and it’s NOT because of its other form in the shape of powder LOL.

Truth be told about its properties of healing, they can aid people who are severely ill from disease and pain.

The leaves possess particular vitamin and mineral sources, may people do not realize the real potential of coca leaves so for the most part when they hear the word coca they automatic think of the remaining words ending with “ine” coca–ine.        

               (Coca Wine was the 1st step toward the invention of “Coca-Cola”)

Health aspects of  Coca Leaves:

  • Combats fatigue
  • Curves hunger, thirst
  • Helps with altitude sickness
  • Helps in reduction risk of diabetes & obesity
  • Helps to regulate glucose, provides metabolism boost
  • Helps to treat asthma
  • Helps to fight off colds
  • Helps to deter aliments

The overall question to these facts posted in the bulletin you just read still leads to one conclusion however…

“Is there cocaine in products such as the ever-so-popular Coca Tea?”

Well what can ya say but YES, it is! That doesn’t mean if you drink a huge amount of Coca Tea you will become addicted (don’t jump the gun), the properties of it are diluted of course. To make cocaine itself, you would need an abundance of coca leaves (several kilos would be enough for a gram of coke) not to mention other chemical products (dangerous) to help synthesize the effects upon the user.

Cola drinks for instance possess traces of coca extract in its contents, the purpose for it of course helps to give it a distinctive taste and flavor. The trade-off of course is your health, and you probably didn’t know that some of its properties are also used to add flavor to various foods that we eat!

The adverse effects of it comes in when large amounts of actual “cocaine” is thrown into the mix, despite the fact that the powder form originates from the plant itself. Dosages of cocaine can have seriously harmful effects upon the user, 20 mg can have adverse side-effects where as 1.2 grams is enough to kill and falls into the categories of “fatal / overdose”.

People that are addicted to cocaine fall victim to its alluring effects that it has over them after they experience what it does to them psychologically, they fail to realize the physical and mental damage that is done by its hand and just like heroin it’s considered a very dangerous drug to try let alone experiment with.

Cocaine From Coca Leaves: Statistic Viewpoint

IMG_0007[1]Even though Coca Leaves can be used for the purpose of healing and treating particular aliments and diseases, it’s counterpart cocaine can also serve the same purpose (but to a degree).

So the basic thing about the dangers of cocaine have been heard many times by far for many years, sudden cardiovascular deaths and other life-threatening health issues can be attributed to its use.

Individuals ranging from their late-teens to their late 40’s, have been focused on in a study done by researchers at the Basque Institute of Forensic Medicine and the Biomedical Research Centre Network in Spain, have reviewed different cases and circumstances surrounding the usage of cocaine over 400 cases of sudden cardiovascular death.

The intention of the case study was to compare other health actors leading to sudden death factors, cocaine surpassed the number death toll 3X’s that of compared to causes of ill-related deaths.

An estimated 10% was from cocaine consumption, while 2% percent of deaths were non-cardiovascular related while the public has faced percentages anywhere 13 to 58 times higher in numbers.

The other concern for overdose is the short-time range of the drug’s effect over the user, this means that the user is now becoming more aggressive in search for the next “score” or fix.

Internal health issues of the body from cocaine use can result in the formation of blood clots, and heart arrhythmias.

It is also responsible for the raise in one’s blood pressure, heart rate, and causes damage to the left ventricle of the heart.

The case study done was based om underlying cardiovascular disease conditions that was not diagnosed, these involved age groups between 15 – 49 years old.

Source study: Morentin B, Ballestros J, Calado LF, JJM

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