Drugs That Cure Cost Too Much

Cures That Can Save You, Can’t Save Your Wallet 

I was listening to a discussion on the radio today about the cost of expensive drugs, these are not just any type of medical drugs that can relieve simple aliments such as a cold or flu, even a bad migraine.

No these are medical drugs that serve a greater purpose, We’re talking about drugs that can cure the most deadliest of diseases that can kill.

download4This particular story centers around the disease Hepatitis Cthis is an infection caused by a virus that attacks the liver leading to inflammation.

Now there is a cure for this disease, but you know what I’m about to say about getting this cure ridding yourself of the inflammatory virus.

It will cost the average person up to a $1,000 per day, for a 12-week treatment session.


That’s $84,000 dollars in months people, who could afford to pay such a “whopper bill?”

The answer is…

Not many.

And you see that’s the problem, and the medical industry knows about it.

Because the bottom line is this.

The medical industry is no different from any other resource that can be governed and manipulated financially.

What that means is simply this.

Everything in this country dealing with medical resources, has financial systems that monitor money they generate, how this is done is through the internet.

Why do you think pop-up ads just appear out of nowhere when you’re doing a search for let’s say, car insurance and not ways to get a discount on prescriptions drugs by getting an offer to get a discount card through the mail.

This is because the internet is designed to track your web surf destinations methodically.

Yea that’s a dirty underhanded trick to push their products on consumers out there like that, not to mention trying to inadvertently tempt the viewer to opt into their program which my have switching to a provider that carries the prescription medicine that they need.

But that’s just an example of how the drug industry works (and other institutions for that matter), if you had done any searching previously online.

download3That search input from a day ago is still relevant, and if they know you need potent medications for a disease such as Hepatitis after doing a search on the net yesterday, you can definitely believe by default you will see either banners on your side bar, or mysterious emails popping-up in your inbox telling you to go to this (or) that site for the best discount on Sovaldi (or cheaper generic drugs) which is a drug that cures people with the Hepatitis C virus. 

So I’m sure you know there are databases who keep track of this information unbeknownst to you the consumer.

And I know most people would definitely have a problem with others who have access to their medical information, especially when it comes down to what type of medical drugs they buy such as Sovaldi.

I’m convinced this is how they weed out people who can actually afford the drug, this also determines they’re eligibility.

The greatest dilemma are those who do not have any type of health insurance coverage, those who are under-insured, those who are on Medicaid, or a government insurance program for anyone who can barely afford basic health insurance coverage.

download (2)So basically Sovaldi is for the rich, anyone else who would try to purchase this medication would literally be throwing their money out the window because they will need to buy it for a 3-month period time to rid themselves of the disease.

First Choice Community Healthcareis a federally qualified health center in Los Lunas, New Mexicothis is a clinic running under the state’s Medicaid program giving them access to the Solvaldi pill medication.

Patients who suffer the worse (sickest patients) from the Hepatitis C virus, can obtain the drug through the clinic’s medical program. The state’s Medicaid program requires a doctor to perform risky liver biopsies on the patient to determine the severity of their condition. Once the patient is diagnosed in the late-stages of liver disease, they will be eligible for coverage.

Despite this process, most patients are turned away even if they possess written appeals and filing pre-authorizations stating for them to receive treatment and medication.

download4For the doctor who faces a serious disposition will have to explain to the patient about their present condition, this comes after they have examined to the patient (examination procedures may vary). 

The doctor will reveal the prognosis to the patient (such as finding a lump on the body), and will not be able to begin treatment procedures until the patient’s condition progresses to its final stage.

In some cases patients are forced to take urine drug screens (they check them to see if they drug-free and non-alcoholics) to prove that they are legit, and can be considered to undergo the treatment process.

This seems like a lot of B.S. to me, I’m mean they know people need to have certain medical drugs and treatment that can save their lives. but it seems to come down to one obvious factor that comes between being cured or dying if they don’t receive this medical life-saving drug  Sovaldi.

What it all comes down to is money.

Money decides it all, especially when it comes to medical drugs and prescriptions.

download6And who benefits from all of this are the greedy, money hungry drug makers of these products (one example is the head of Turing pharmaceuticals Martin Shkreli who raised the cost of the anti-parasite drug Daraprim to $750 per tablet), who are just looking to make a fast buck on their path to getting rich even though they know people are dying trying and waiting to get their product.

And to give you an ideal of Sovaldi’s value in comparison to other ridiculously expensive drugs such as Solirism for instance a drug that treats a rare blood disease will run you up to $700,000 to this particular pharmaceutical drug.

It’s a dam shame, for a doctor to tell their patients they cannot receive the medication needed due to the fact that their medical plan does not cover the cost of the medication they need.


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Pharmaceutical Drug Prices: How Steep Is Too Steep?

Pharmaceutical Costs: The Doctor’s Analysis

images7When you go to the Doctor for a physical aliment bothering you, the first thing they will do is ask you series of questions, and possibly a brief examination to help them determine what is causing physical pain and distress.

It might be the usual types of questions anywhere from the length of time you have been feeling this particular ache in some part of your body, do the aches & pains comes and go, if you answer “YES” to a few of the questions given, the doctor now has a vague idea as to what is causing the issue.

In some cases, they will have you draw out the area of pain on a sheet of paper. Some people may find that weird, but it’s actually a method that serves as an “aid” for your doctor to better recognize the problem.

Following Things Doctors Usually Check Doing Annual Physicals / Tests Are:

  1. People with a history of heart disease will involve blood-pressure checks, checking the blood for abnormalities or contamination, and cholesterol checks are done by screening. 
  2. Other annual physical check-ups involve, head & neck, heart & lungs, the abdominal region, limbs, hair, and nails.

The doctor will need to draw blood from the patient, many people are NOT fond of needles however LOL. This step however will help to identify any hidden factors which could potentially cause health issues later on unbeknownst to you.

After the examination has been completed one or two things will happen from here. Depending on the nature of your condition, the doctor can either suggest surgery (if needed), they can put you on a prescription, or if it’s not a dire situation that could compromise your health, then an over-the-counter drug may be enough to cease the painful aliment all together.

You’ll probably consider taking doc’s route by going with the OTC option, but ultimately it comes down to whether or not a prescribed drug that costs more, or if over-the-counter medication (cheaper alternative) will be enough to take care of a particular situation.

If it does the trick, then you just saved yourself some money and time. If it doesn’t show promise by managing the condition, then it can get costly.

And yea I know you’re saying…

“But I have insurance, it should cover most of my medical bills right?”

Yea you would think it could cover everything…

But no.

Just like a illness that manifests in the body, it depends on what type of illness it is, and once it’s identified, the doctor can then determine whether or not you need surgery, or if they should prescribe you medicine, or recommend a over-the-counter drug solution such as Aleveor aspirinetc.

They might suggest an over-the-counter drug (OTC) to solve the issue.

NOTE: Understand that a doctor can only give you options, from there it’s entirely up to you whether or not you follow that advice.

Once you’re at pharmacist’s office (the typical vitamin shop within the grocery store), you tell them what you’re doctor suggested as a remedy for your particular situation.

Pharmaceutical Costs Cleaning Out Your Wallet?

images5 2Medicine has done wonders for millions of people for so many years, today the range of medical progress has definitely succeeded its own expectations.

With those expectations however, has brought forth the dark side of advanced medicine the can help to save humanity.

The question is however… At what cost?

And that’s the magic trick right in front of millions of people’s faces every time they either sign-up for some type of medical assistance program.

Medicine is a controlled commodity, the same goes for money, so hears a question I know will stick in the back of your mind for the rest of your life here on this planet.

We came so far in the advancement of medicine, it’s been around longer then people actually realize.

images5Witch doctors, medicine men, and Shamans, from ancient times created certain concoctions to help either cure, curse, or in some cases go to the extreme to control and manipulate those who dared to oppose them.

The biggest advantage for villagers belonging to these groups, would have the benefit of getting treated for free by the local village medicine man (I betting when medicine men got wise by slapping on a big fat price tag for his services well… Let’s just say sh*t would probably hit the fan big-time causing hierarchy among the villagers, and their beloved medicine man).

Getting things free is great, there’s nothing better you could image by far.

Medicine on the market today is generating billions of dollars annually, the sinister idea of adding the value of a dollar concept” to a supplement product (vitamins, prescription drugs, OTC(s) has done nothing more but made evil people (lackeys of health organizations), corporations, and companies richer than one could possibly fathom.

But where does this leave you the consumer?

What happens if you lost your job, and can’t afford medical insurance?

Do you really believe that the government wants you to live off of assistance programs such as free medical, dental, or even assisted living?

I don’t think so friend.

Funding has to come from somewhere, and they rather go for people who are structured financially well.

images8This is where the middle class folks fall into the category, and what is the key generator of confiscated money? Why taxes off course, just ask the jolly old –Queen of England– “Miss Elizabeth” how she feels about taxing the h**l out of her loving loyal citizens there.   🙁

Taxes drives the economy. Medical programs, and stipulations are attached to this method to suck money right out of your pockets.

This brings up the another point about the advancement of modern medicine, spokespeople from different health / food organizations will come out to defend the matter as to why medicine costs so dam much.

They’ll tell you stuff like…

“It’s for the improvement of medicine as we know it, this will help to benefit all of mankind.”

And I say really now?

images9 2They’ll even throw in the hook, line, and sinker finishing statement to reel you in like a catfish desperately wiggling to get off the fisherman’s hook…

“We didn’t have these types of medicine back in the late 19th century, but we came so far now which should make it worth-while for people to further fund key research. To find other possible break-through which could lead to a cure someday.”

As I said as before, really now??

You see, I only have one problem with that statement.

I feel that we’re not being told the whole truth, I believe much more has been discovered years ago. And let’s be honest, I believe someone out there knows more then they’re willing to let us in on when it comes to medical discoveries (it would definitely cut down on the medical costs).

download9Its just been too many years of research, too many trial & errors tests conducted by scientists and researchers already ran into, or come up against, however you want to call it.

And they still haven’t found anything leading to a cure?

Click on the link in the parenthesis below, and you’ll start to have many second thoughts about our beloved medical industry today that tells you why we need them to stay around so badly.


Pharmaceutical Costs: OTC(s) the Fallback Alternative?

If an individual cannot afford to get medical, or they are making the decision that they are not going to “opt” into to certain programs is strictly up to them.

download11 2The next step would be to rely on OTC (this would be the default choice), some American citizens (between 20’s -30’s) would lean toward this direction. The reason for this is obvious, they’re still young for one, and secondly they’re not in a situation where they have to worry about their health for a long while.

However, they are still forced to go for health insurance because of the repercussions that the U.S. Government will enforce in order to get us to comply to their rules.

The government can enforce regulations upon us with the help of the notorious IRS, the IRS and other governing factions can indirectly enforce tax hikes against the tax payer if they do not have medical insurance (it’s a dirty trick they pull on you during tax filing season if you don’t have it)

OTC drugs rival in costs compared to prescription medications (in somecases you might save 40 – 50% less than a monthly prescribed medication), you’re not paying a monthly premium instead you’re purchasing the product by choice,

dollar sign cut 2and it could be what you need at the moment as a “simple fix” to relieve minor issues (such as a cold, back aches, sore throat, minor symptoms of that nature). 

They can also be taken to relieve moderate symptoms. They are regulated by the FDA, which means they are held to “high standards” of safety, effectiveness, and quality.

It is important to follow guidelines when using OTC medications (read the all labels before use, and other instructions that apply upon usage), it can be dangerous if they are taken irresponsibly, and can potentially result in adverse effects.

Here is a list of OTC Medications to have at Home:

  • Antihistamines – allergy medication for runny / itchy nose, and sneezing.
  • Sinus / Nasal Congestion – helps you to breathe easier by relieving nasal congestion, and gives you sinus relieve.
  • Constipation – bulk-forming laxative (adds stool volume to enable bowel movement) / stimulant laxatives (stimulates the intestines to enable bowel movement).
  • Cough Remedies – cough suppressant (eases dry / hacking coughs) / expectorant (clears mucus in throat, thins out mucus)
  • Diaper Rash –  Protectant (helps to protect skin from coming in contact with urine / stool)
  • Diarrhea – Adsorbents (attracts and retains bacteria / toxins in the intestine) / Antispasmodics (use for internal *cramping relief).
  • Heartburn / Antacid (stabilizes acid in the stomach) / Acid Reducer (lowers the production of stomach acid)
  • Itching Skin – Hydrocortisone Cream (relieves itching, relieves reactions from bug bites, and rash symptoms) / Calamine Lotion (use for relief against reaction from poison ivy, poison oak, & poison sumac; such as oozing & weeping symptoms that manifest after coming in contact)
  • Mouth Sores – Benzocaine (numbs pain)
  • Fever & Pain – NSAIDS these are ketoprofen, ibuprofen, Naproxen Sodium, and Aspirin / Acetaminophen (relieves symptoms)
  • Scrapes & Skin Infections – Ointment, Antibiotic types (prevents infection, protects wounds)

Understand that OTC(s) are most effective if you responsibly maintain your health, this means watching what you eat, and incorporating exercise into your routine will increase its effectiveness.

OTC drugs are basically an alternative to prescription medicine however, as you get older your body changes, and what’s the easy cost-friendly fix now might not be an option for the future. In other-words, at one point or another you will still need to get into a health insurance program whether it’s a HMO, PPO, or POS premium plan.


Before you join under a premium plan, research and compare various insurance plan programs to see which best works for you!


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