Drugs That Cure Cost Too Much

Cures That Can Save You, Can’t Save Your Wallet 

I was listening to a discussion on the radio today about the cost of expensive drugs, these are not just any type of medical drugs that can relieve simple aliments such as a cold or flu, even a bad migraine.

No these are medical drugs that serve a greater purpose, We’re talking about drugs that can cure the most deadliest of diseases that can kill.

download4This particular story centers around the disease Hepatitis Cthis is an infection caused by a virus that attacks the liver leading to inflammation.

Now there is a cure for this disease, but you know what I’m about to say about getting this cure ridding yourself of the inflammatory virus.

It will cost the average person up to a $1,000 per day, for a 12-week treatment session.


That’s $84,000 dollars in months people, who could afford to pay such a “whopper bill?”

The answer is…

Not many.

And you see that’s the problem, and the medical industry knows about it.

Because the bottom line is this.

The medical industry is no different from any other resource that can be governed and manipulated financially.

What that means is simply this.

Everything in this country dealing with medical resources, has financial systems that monitor money they generate, how this is done is through the internet.

Why do you think pop-up ads just appear out of nowhere when you’re doing a search for let’s say, car insurance and not ways to get a discount on prescriptions drugs by getting an offer to get a discount card through the mail.

This is because the internet is designed to track your web surf destinations methodically.

Yea that’s a dirty underhanded trick to push their products on consumers out there like that, not to mention trying to inadvertently tempt the viewer to opt into their program which my have switching to a provider that carries the prescription medicine that they need.

But that’s just an example of how the drug industry works (and other institutions for that matter), if you had done any searching previously online.

download3That search input from a day ago is still relevant, and if they know you need potent medications for a disease such as Hepatitis after doing a search on the net yesterday, you can definitely believe by default you will see either banners on your side bar, or mysterious emails popping-up in your inbox telling you to go to this (or) that site for the best discount on Sovaldi (or cheaper generic drugs) which is a drug that cures people with the Hepatitis C virus. 

So I’m sure you know there are databases who keep track of this information unbeknownst to you the consumer.

And I know most people would definitely have a problem with others who have access to their medical information, especially when it comes down to what type of medical drugs they buy such as Sovaldi.

I’m convinced this is how they weed out people who can actually afford the drug, this also determines they’re eligibility.

The greatest dilemma are those who do not have any type of health insurance coverage, those who are under-insured, those who are on Medicaid, or a government insurance program for anyone who can barely afford basic health insurance coverage.

download (2)So basically Sovaldi is for the rich, anyone else who would try to purchase this medication would literally be throwing their money out the window because they will need to buy it for a 3-month period time to rid themselves of the disease.

First Choice Community Healthcareis a federally qualified health center in Los Lunas, New Mexicothis is a clinic running under the state’s Medicaid program giving them access to the Solvaldi pill medication.

Patients who suffer the worse (sickest patients) from the Hepatitis C virus, can obtain the drug through the clinic’s medical program. The state’s Medicaid program requires a doctor to perform risky liver biopsies on the patient to determine the severity of their condition. Once the patient is diagnosed in the late-stages of liver disease, they will be eligible for coverage.

Despite this process, most patients are turned away even if they possess written appeals and filing pre-authorizations stating for them to receive treatment and medication.

download4For the doctor who faces a serious disposition will have to explain to the patient about their present condition, this comes after they have examined to the patient (examination procedures may vary). 

The doctor will reveal the prognosis to the patient (such as finding a lump on the body), and will not be able to begin treatment procedures until the patient’s condition progresses to its final stage.

In some cases patients are forced to take urine drug screens (they check them to see if they drug-free and non-alcoholics) to prove that they are legit, and can be considered to undergo the treatment process.

This seems like a lot of B.S. to me, I’m mean they know people need to have certain medical drugs and treatment that can save their lives. but it seems to come down to one obvious factor that comes between being cured or dying if they don’t receive this medical life-saving drug  Sovaldi.

What it all comes down to is money.

Money decides it all, especially when it comes to medical drugs and prescriptions.

download6And who benefits from all of this are the greedy, money hungry drug makers of these products (one example is the head of Turing pharmaceuticals Martin Shkreli who raised the cost of the anti-parasite drug Daraprim to $750 per tablet), who are just looking to make a fast buck on their path to getting rich even though they know people are dying trying and waiting to get their product.

And to give you an ideal of Sovaldi’s value in comparison to other ridiculously expensive drugs such as Solirism for instance a drug that treats a rare blood disease will run you up to $700,000 to this particular pharmaceutical drug.

It’s a dam shame, for a doctor to tell their patients they cannot receive the medication needed due to the fact that their medical plan does not cover the cost of the medication they need.


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TV: A Force To Be Reckoned With?

You’ll View It Different After Reading This…


I saw a video on a stand-up comedy act go over the surreal side of the fence pretty quick, it started off with a famous comedian you have known for over 20 years, to another famous comedian who brought some serous enlightenment toward the issue of television controlling what you and others see.

The Radio was the first means of entertainment before TV came into the picture, TV still compliments that aspects of radio even today.

You may ask how it compliments radio, and so I shall give you an example how it does.

Ever since radio wave transmissions became a reality late 1800‘s, its inventor went by the name of Guglielmo Marconi  who brought the telegraph” to life. 

download16Heinrich Hertz I’m thinking was the innovator of the concept, who realized that radio waves already existed in nature from the start.

(Heinrich Hertz pictured right)

Now before anyone jumps up to say…

“What about that Tesla guy? Didn’t he…” 

download17Yes that’s true, Tesla was also an engineer of radio wave production.

(Guglielmo Marconi pictured left)

Unfortunate, his lab was destroyed in a fire before he was able to put to a patent on the idea which freed the opportunity up for Marconi to seize.

images17I know Tesla was probably very pissed that he couldn’t follow through with this endeavor, and who knows what lengths he could have pushed radio to.

It was noted that he was able to send a radio signal up to 50 miles away, Marconi was only able to send a signal miles away…

Tesla was just scary smart, that should tell you right there about the man’s span of ingenuity and knowledge.

After a few decades radio would emerge from the ashes from radio wave experimentation, people were flocking to get a radio set into their homes to enjoy hours of entertainment and news.

Now all that I’ve said so far was just a start to one minor issue that would eventually lead us to where we are in 2016.

Its common factors to point out what people will hear and believe, when it’s given to us on a daily basis.

For radio it was a every day thing, or better yet it was a every day process.

An example of this could be something you heard from a neighbor, or a group of people who are talking about a particular event.

You wind up missing most of the information provided through basic conversations you so happen to listen in on, but you want the inside scoop.

Back then radio was the media source to get that inside information, and depending on the message you hear could change the way you perceive the information presented to you.

Whatever you choose to take away from the knowledge acquired now changes you in the slightest or dramatic way possible.

This my friend starts the conditioning process.

But the process will grow, and become more accessible, powerful, powerful not just though voices over the airwaves.

But visual patterns ultimately would accompany its audio counterpart, thus leading to the creation of Television.

For TVit was brand new spectrum of mind-conditioning for the general public.

Radio was already established in its own right, but TV would be the tie-breaker proving to be the true conductor of actions, reactions, ideologies, attitudes, and even bad habits.

images18Now I know John Logie Baird came up with his invention known as the Televisor“,  back in the 1920’s despite the fact that you have other inventors such as

(John Logie Baird pictured left)

Paul Julius Gottlieb 220px-Paul-nipkowNipkow  who invented a spinning disk contraption — of sorts — which later was referred to as the Nipkow Disk” which would lead to the device known as the Image Rasterizer.

(Paul Julius Gottlieb Nipkow pictured right)


On May 15 2012, Dr. Douglas Brown’s new book entitled “The Three Dimensions of John Logie Baird” was published by the Radio Society of Great Britain.

LOL, that’s a lot of transgressions to go through one would think.


download (12)Real TV came into the picture around the 1940’s (before then you just had the basic imaging contraptions), the reason that I say this was due to the mind-blogging trails & tribulations to create various components predominately the cathode ray tube (which is a specialized vacuum-tube in which images are produced when an electron beam strikes a phosphorescent surface) which made it possible to have TV today.

From the back story of TV comes the newer, sleeker way to intake the message of media.

The visual way that is.

Unlike radio, television could not only influence the mind through sound, but could also do it through the most important aspect in your life which is your perception.

Get it?

You know the term you probably heard before…

Through sight & sound.

Yea that’s the one.

From here we will go through the future of our lives, seeing the world differently, seeing good times from your favorite show, seeing the bad times through war or spawned controversies, that was just the way television brought it to you.

Whether it’s on a personal level or not, the television’s purpose was only to broadcast the images in front of your eyes, so what you see is what you get.

download 3

Just like radio, this is where the conditioning takes place.

The mind is powerful, but at the same time it’s weak.

Two key areas of thinking are logical, and non-logical.

(Wonder why his hands aren’t burning by now, I’m mean he’s literally holding the sun in the palm of his hands. Maybe that’s just from my perspective)

When you view TV programs, you know that they are fabricated shows told in story format to give you entertainment, drama, despair, information, or comedy.

While viewing these programs, your mind is taking in information and processing that information.

Now this is where logical / non-logical comes in at.

220px-Hatchetmposter 2So if you see a horror movie such as Hatchet”, is just a movie depicting a tragic story with a sinister twist.

220px-StepbrothersMP08 2

Or a “laugh-out-loud” let’s say… Will Ferrel movie, that keeps you cracking up until your eyes water non-stop followed by that slight burning sensation as a result from hysterical laughter. (The “drums scene” was classic cut-rug comedy at it’s best I have to say).

After seeing either movie, you now have new information from them.

So when some people see a movie, they might tend to associate a certain character(s) in either movie with someone they know.
Mmqdefault 2aybe in one of the movies there was a guy who was a geek and you thought about an unpopular kid in college or high school, or maybe a hot girl in the movie who identifies with an ex you dated in the past.images


(Two recognizable characters you should know from a “stereo-typical” movie about a group of unpopular teenagers back then) 


Most of what you’ll see is fiction when you watch TV, but you have to know that it’s not healthy to sit in front of the television just watching various shows that will fill your mind up with crap loads on info.

Majority of the information given depending on the content (most of which is fiction), can be considered garbage.

For the youth today in America, pointless shows are doing just that which is destroying their minds little by little each day.

Offensive, sexual, bad language, suggestive themes, visual illustrations, all play a part in this.

It’s even gotten to the point that many Americans (including adults not just children), do not realize that they are subjected to content like that all the time.download13 3 Most just shrug it off because its broadcasted in front of their faces 24/7, every where you look questionable content pops up, and commercials are really applying the tuning forks like pseudo-antennas” attached on each side of their heads corrupting their minds and well-being.

So what has brought us to this point in life?

Why does it seem like TV just keeps spewing out more damaging visual content every day?

What Majors Changing Has TV Brought Into Our Society Today?

  • Greedimages16
  • Destructive Attitudes
  • Selfishness
  • Self-Centered (thinking only about one’s own needs)
  • Pathological Lairs
  • Elevated Homicides
  • Political Correctness (on the stupidest mundane issues that don’t matter)
  • Kids trying to establish themselves as the adult in the family structure
  • Parents who sit back and let their kids have their way
  • Respect is dead among the majority of people period

These are just a few of the end results from TV, and it’s not to say you can’t watch TV, or kids shouldn’t be allowed to watch, no instead certain guidelines should be enforced when children are watching certain programs parents might consider too offensive.

For the parents, those who let their kids walk over them like a cheap dusty throw-away rug should know better.

Young parents out there have to know that they are the one’s in control, and that the kid obeys them not the other way around LOL.

This is why it’s very important for a kid to be raised and conditioned establishing their positive morality from a very young age, this will deter the chance for the child to turn out sinister and unmanageable by the time they reach age 6 – 7.

The average amount of time the average person spends in front of the television set is just a little over 30 hours each week. This doesn’t include typed programs which people view when they can’t do so because they have to be at work or school.

The television itself, generates beta waves.

download14Beta waves are secondary frequency waves which lie within the conscious mind (or what I refer to as the “normal” waking conscious part of your mind), the frequency range varies between .5 to 38 hertz. 

When watching TV the wavelengths are disrupted, thus the beta waves will divert to alpha waves.

The normal electrical activity of the brain when conscious and relaxed, consisting of oscillations (alpha waves) with a frequency of 8 to 13 hertz.

When the frequency waves are shifted, the individual will feel more relaxed as if they were put into a trans-like state (you can compare this to a person who daydreams).

This is where the non-logical part sneaks in, pushing the logical aspects of thinking out the window.

As a result the individual can be ‘inadvertently’ conditioned while in this state-of-mind, logical thinking becomes affected, and higher consciousness becomes dull and reduced.

download15Delta waves occur during a deep sleep cycle (or a “heavy” sleeper), the same goes for theta waves that occurs in a sleep cycle however you’re not in a deep sleep but rather a light sleep cycle (or when people say, that they are a “light” sleeper).

But for those who are up and awake, your beta & alpha brain wave activity can be altered without you even realizing it (this goes double for children). download7.5This is why parents would tell their kids back in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, I’ll even throw in the 80’s, to finish your homework first before watching TV. 

Bottom line to it all is the media as we know it, it can condition any mind to some degree or another.

It’s a dangerous tool that can set forth a potential “loose cannon” into society.

This ranges from someone who denies rules by enforcing their own rules upon others, if no one compiles with their rules, they would probably resort to violence to get their point across.

download6It’s no different when these actions are compared to that of the “unruly child” out in public with their parents, if they don’t get what they want they will violently act out until they do.

Guess what?

Each of the actions demonstrated might not have been either implicated by the parents to the adult or child in the depicted situations, the attitudes could be the result from examples they have seen from watching too much TV.

You also have to thinking about what they were watching as well because of the nature of their outburst.

TV today can be dangerous for the mind, just look at the violence that is portrayed from people who take it literally from what they are watching.

Adults know better, and they should have enough sense to know that it’s just a fictional movie or TV show.

For children, well its an old saying really…

Some things they just should NOT be allowed to watch until they’re old enough to better understand what they’re actually watching.


The rating system need an upgrade for kids these days, because everything on TV now is too corrupted.


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