Death of Elisa Lam at the Cecil Hotel

The Strangest of Strange Cases Known To Man: Elisa Lam

download (1)Is all that can be said about a young woman named Elisa Lamand what would be a most baffling unexplainable death that has many scratching their heads for an answer even today.

The story starts off Lam a college student of the University of British Columbiawho was staying at the infamous Cecil Hotel which stands today as a reminder of one infamous killer known back in the 1980’s as the Night Stalker (a.k.a. Richard Ramirez).

downloadBack in that time Ramirez was rumored to have killed over 20 victims, including the murders he took part in at the Cecil Hotel back then.

He was known as a rapist, satanist, and burglar, who stayed on the Cecil’s top floor in a $14-a-night room as he slaughtered his victims.

He also went on a murderous rampage throughout the Los Angeles area, putting the town into a tailspin of confusion and fear due to his murder spree.

Following a four-year trial, in 1989, Ramirez was convicted of 13 killings. He received the death penalty and was sent to San Quentin Prison in California. He died on June 7, 2013, at age 53.

downloadBut this is not the only situations associated with previous attendants who checked into the motel over the past 7 decades, Elizabeth Short  was another highly known name (a.k.a. “The Black Dahlia”) who also checked in for a brief stay at the Cecil Motel years before Ramirez did.



downloadShe was brutally murdered in 1947 by a well-known doctor named Dr. George Hill HodelHodel’s son Steve Hodel (Author) worked alongside with retired police sergeant Paul Dostie and a canine named “Buster” to uncover her murder in 2013.

(Yep you heard correct, a dog uncovered her murder thanks to their super-sensitive nose which can pick up a person’s scent even after 70 years!!)


One rumor surrounding this infamous killing was that the Hotel Cecil was the last place anyone ever saw Short just before her death, but don’t get it confused because she didn’t die there.

She was found in an open field by a local resident who discovered the badly severed and mutilated body today which is known as “The Black Dahlia Murder”.

Then you have to account for the murders / suicides that took place there as well, in the 60’s the hotel was pegged as a “suicide spot” due to the horrific incidents stemming from tenants who chose to stay there.

So this brings us back to the case of Eliza Lam.

Lam’s disappearance had been widely reported, and five days prior to her body’s discovery when the Los Angeles Police Department released video of the last time she was known to have been seen.

On the video shown (was the last time she was seen before her death) by an elevator security camera. During the video footage, Lam is seen exiting and re-entering the elevator, talking and gesturing in the hallway outside, and sometimes seeming to hide within the elevator, which itself appears to be malfunctioning.

People who saw the video were debating whether or not Lam was engaged in some type of awkward conversation with someone else, the problem however was that she was talking with no one present.

Now she was also reported to be taking medication for her condition (she was suffering from bipolar illness), but after an autopsy was conducted prove to be false that she was taking any type of medication at the time which supports the urge for her to commit suicide.

download (2)

So you see it gets very complicated from there, not to mention how she winds up at her last destination on the roof found in the Hotel’s water supply reservoir tank, completely naked, with her clothes found floating next to her.

The video feed from the camera in the elevator, just baffles anyone who watches it including crime-scene specialists.

Theories were drawn up to find out what could have possibly lead up to this young lady’s demise.

Even though the suggest theory involving hauntings that took place after time, and even visual videos of “aspirations” one situation where one appeared might have played a possible factor in her death.

Sounds far-fetched yea one would agree, but how else could anyone sum it all up?

Again after her autopsy was done, she wasn’t taking any type of medication for her illness dealing with bipolar symptoms.

So the leads just stop there at that conclusion.

But the mind can play tricks on people, not to mention if the mind enters into a digression state”.

Maybe her mind was attuned to some type of psychedelic frequency” which she unknowingly was subjected to, and just so happened to be played out in front of a surveillance camera thus giving people a window into the “hysteria” Lam was experiencing.

I also thought about another situation which involved the “Navy Yard Shooter” Aaron Alexis, remember before Alexis went on his murder spree at the Navy Yard base out in Washington D.C., he complained about being targeted by people who were using some type of technology to how you say — f**k with him while he was sleeping in his hotel room.

A video done on his “supposed” problem with people disturbing him while trying to sleep, feelings he reported to police about tingling sensations he felt on his skin (vibrations), and voices giving him suggestive thoughts all came to head on Sept. 16, 2013 around 8:16 am. Alexis’s killing rampage lasted slightly over an hour, and he would end it all by taking his own life.

Alexis tried to warn the local police about what he was experiencing, and of course they just laughed it off thinking he was a serious nut job just looking for attention.



So Lam and Alexis had one thing in common if you think about it, both were staying in hotels when they experienced these strange phenomenons.

The elevator going bonkers my lead one to believe that maybe Lam was actually communicating with some type of spirit entity.

But again it still sounds quite far-fetched…

Alexis also stated the words — better off this way — the “ELF” weapon carved into his shotgun (ELF which is known as “Extreme Low Frequency”), if anyone knows about this particular frequency range it was a part of Nikola Tesla’s famous inventions (one of which involved “mind control” suggestions).

tesla-Ivo Affonso

Powerful electromagnetic waves combined with other experimental devices emitting who knows what type of mindset this could be used to put a person into.

In Lam’s case, you have to wonder exactly what this girl was experiencing moments before she died, now again the Cecil Hotel is already a place filled with bad memories of murders that were committed there during the past decades.

Lam was known to have had issues with the bipolar illness, she was prescribed medication to help her condition and was NOT on any type of medication when all of this took place at the hotel that fateful day.

So who was Lam talking to?

Why the strange hand gestures?

And the best question of all, the camera was the only thing present recording this unforgettable footage from the elevator, she was all alone except for the voice(s) she was hearing and maybe someone she might have seen communicating with her by force.

Did she experience the same thing like Aaron Alexis did?

images (2)

Could she have been a victim of “ELF” transmissions?

images (1)

Honestly, who knows.

You have to come up with your own suggestions for the conclusion, because all of mines are just opinions.


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That’s A Zombie Way of Thinking…

Crazy Times Leads To Crazier Measures

untitledIt seems like in the “extreme” dimension realm of crazy, has taken over the masses. This of course DOES NOT include everybody in the world, but you have to admit the crazy s**t that you see either on TV, hear on the radio, or see in real-time seems to be getting more getting out of hand.

The media talks about it in the evening news of course, but it’s so far beyond the ‘basic’ media tell-tell all about it in a 30 min time-frame segment. And it may address someone who has shot someone else or, uncontrollable situations of road rage, even scenarios involving people who just lash out at the public around them wanting retribution for the way society has treated them in some warped way or fashion.

One major question to all of what has taken place in our society brings up a huge question…

What the h**l possess these people to do the things they do?

It always starts with the why cliché, honestly you have to think about the person’s well-being mentally trying to understand where logical and non-logical hooks-up.

There’s has to be an disconnection point where the person loses they’re moral sense of right and wrong, and decides to cross over that fine line between sanity & insanity.

As far as the “grey area” goes on this particular issue, I don’t buy it at all LOL.

I believe people have a choice to make the right decision to either do something good or evil.

head spinner 2Lately, I’ve heard the term “Zombie Mind Control”.

Understand this is not like in the movies, I’m sure you already know that as being true.

Is goes deeper beneath the surface that many are not attuned to.

ZMC: Ingenuity Mind At Work

Motivation is an unusual driving force that can govern the mind either for something good or bad, a broken psyche of the individual is an unhealthy one. It can happen from constant stress, depression, or even severe trauma.

But what if it wasn’t something dealing directly with the mind itself, what if there was a way to induce these mental conditions in an individual (basically turning them on like a light switch).

There is one slight problem of course, you need something to push the button automatically and I’m not talking about a fancy type of supplement pill that you can just go out at your local grocers.

Nope, I’m talking about scalar weapons folks, enter Nikola Tesla a ‘bonefide’ super-genius from the late 19th century to the early 20th he created a lot of electrical contraptions, and introduced us to the wonders of AC current (alternating current such as the one from a common wall-socket).

Many took advantage of Tesla’s ideals and work, even Thomas Edison went to far lengths to discredit Tesla for one-upping him on the production of DC current (direct current) which eventually drove an unfriendly wedge between the two inventors.

edison and tesla

(Thomas Edison & Nikola Tesla)

What Edison didn’t know about Tesla however would prove pivotal when regarding “true ingenuity”, you see Tesla knew about energy wave technology that many didn’t at that time. Adolf Hitler knew about it, and even tried to reach out to Tesla for his advanced knowledge and ideals on the topic.

Tesla of course refused him, because he knew what Hitler would do with technology such as that, and I don’t have to go into the reasons why Hitler wanted to enlist into these — weapons of war — devices. He already had the supposed “death-ray”, as an experimental scalar weapon device he had back in 1935 that turned out to be nothing more than a powerful radar instead LOL (what a goof-ball that Hitler guy was).

This is why Hitler needed an expert like Tesla to make the weapon a reality, by that time however Tesla was living in the U.S., so that was never going to see the light of day thank God (you do know I mean of course that Hitler would NOT be getting his new toy the “death ray”, Tesla already messed around with earlier inventions like that back in the 1910’s). 

But energy-wave technology has seriously advanced throughout the last few decades, and have become a reality in the present time now. So now that you have a little back story info on how most of these notorious inventions were created, you now need to know what they can exactly do to the human psyche.

ZMC: Motivating Mind Factor

Energy-wave technology can literally pick the human brain apart, how this is done is relatively simple. So something like a death ray device can disrupt the cell structure of the body (causing living tissue to incinerate — or burn to a crisp), but let’s focus on something more surreal than that.


You might have heard about strange cases where people who claimed to targeted by scalar weapons responsible for energy wave admissions (such as a broadcast signal to some degree tuning into the mind’s deep consciousness and reprogram independent thoughts), these possibilities are still well… Possibilities

But as far as energy wave technology goes, that is classified under the term psychotronic weapons“.

It’s gets hairy from here, as for the intended purpose of these off-the-wall weapons is to either keep someone in compliance like a slave, controlling their minds using powerful techno devices at their fingertips to do so.

The whole crazy matter involves various country governments going up against other governments over the world, it’s sound so silly and all like it’s an “I Spy” covert operation tactic held in secrecy from the enemy. The twister there however is that governments don’t really like other country governments, and feel that they are more supreme and should be placed in control of the rest of the world.

So there’s a key “Motive” right there, billions upon billions of tax payers’ money is spent on this bulls**t year after year.

No wonder why health care cost, medicine prescriptions, not to mention a horde of  tax sanctions are placed upon our shoulders to indirectly fund military experiments and top-secret programs in this country.

So yea they spend our money just to use scalar weapons to attack either their enemies, or it’s own citizens through mind control tactics.

What can these weapons do to you? Read the list…

  • they can cause confusing, uncertainty
  • wave frequencies can cause irritability, uneasiness
  • they can cause an individual to lash out for no apparent reason at another person
  • vibrating frequencies directed at the individual causes them to experience hallucinations (things that are not really there just fabricated by thought)
  • These powerful frequency can disrupt higher brain functions, and can cause irreversible brain damage
  • They are even frequency waves that can make a person stop loitering in public

The concept is always there lying on the table as a governmental option for war of course, and you know that option is not going anytime soon not to mention the money that comes into play before, during, and after wartime comes to an end.

I’m going to do another article on genetic weapons that extends the further concept of scalar weapons.(Yea genome weapons messing with our DNA)

I guess the combination of scalar & genetic technology can turn the brain into complete mush, making the person easier to manipulate breaking their free will.

Not too much of a healthy concept to bear in mind ya think?


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