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Info War’s Powerhouse Energy Booster


download 5There’s probably many of you who haven’t heard about this product, and I’m going to start right off by saying you cannot get this at a local GNC outlet or the website.

I just wanted to put that out there from the start, and now I’m about to lay it out about the amazing reviews this product has been generating from consumers who have been using it.

This product is known as an internal cleanser, you might heard about people who have trash inside of their bodies from eating junk foods, or drinking large quantities of alcohol, the most destructive combinations has to be smoking, sugary foods, or loads of salt used as an additive to give the food you like better taste.

The downside to all of the luxuries  when eating foods laced with these pollutants, and once inside the body it could be extremely hard to get them back out.

Other products might have been recognized as the best of the best in terms of physical enhancement, Super Male Vitality however has been causing quite the stir in the health & fitness community as of late.

So this is the basic definition of what it can do for Men.

  1. It helps to boost low levels of testosterone in men
  2. It raises libido levels (increases sex drive)
  3. It helps balance proper sleep patterns bringing them to a normal state (important for maintaining both psychological & physical health
  4. It helps to promote weight-loss / burn

Side-effects from taking the product seem to be non-existent, men that have been using it have not reported any symptoms or negative effects or any kind.

downloadThis parallels to the usage of Raspberry Ketonespeople who have been using it haven’t reported any major side-effects from the product.

However you have to keep in mind, not everybody’s physiology works the same.

So maybe for some people they haven’t had any issues with Ketones after taking them for a length of time, but studies have to be continually pushed to see if any hidden symptoms should manifest in individuals further down the line.

So the same can be said for Super Male Vitality.

Most men have tried it doing their workout routines, and their have been reports that it has heightened their workout sessions significantly which means that it shows promise by living up to what it says it can do for the mind & body.

Super Male Vitality: Taking The Product

The solution comes in a bottle, on the top of the bottle appears to be a rubber nibble or cap that you turn to open. Underneath the cap will be the small tube that you’ll squeeze until you see the drops leak out (but remember to hold it above your mouth when taking it, or drops will hit the floor and you lose money like that!), the drops will land on your tongue, and from there you just swallow it down the hatch.

You also need to use the recommended amount (so I’ll leave the video below to tell you more), so don’t take more than you should be taking.

That’s just common sense rule-of-law right there.

SUPER MALE VITALITY: The gains Men are seeing

images8Men have been reporting that they have a boosted urge to workout more than they set out to do, now understand that this product is considered a “dietary supplement” agent.

Some people would probably classify it as a pill supplement (that’s if they never seen the product, so they would assume that it is), but it’s actually a liquid-based supplement that you ingest into the body.

I saw a couple of videos (I will include at the bottom for you to check out, and see what guys re saying out their experiences with it), and I’m just seeing satisfied customers who purchased the product not to mention Alex Jones who personally backs the product 100%.

After all, it’s an “Info Wars” advertised product.

download7Another prominent figure Dr. Edward Group also backs the product, (not to mention that it was him who help create the product in the first place). 

And I can’t say I blame them.

Stories such as lean muscle gain, decreased issues of jet-lag, ridiculous generated energy, making one feel like they did back in their “hay-days” as a vibrant youth, seems to be the recipe for the product’s greatness.

What Should You Do If you want to improve your well-being?

Try the product out, it’s getting a lot of attention even more than the famous Garcinia Cambogia (Cambogia is known for its MILD side-effects on users of the supplement brand which are dizziness, dry mouth, diarrhea, and digestive problems).

DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAILI talked about Garcinia Cambogia in my eBook Simple Ideologies of Health” (A 26 Dietary Supplement Fact Depiction), the is still rather new, so more testing needs to be done in order to come to a solid conclusion about any potentially long-term health risks from taking it.

As of now its relatively safe to take, but I believe people who take this product who claim to have stomach ailments from usage, some people who take it would say NOT take it on an empty stomach — this primarily applies to Raspberry Ketone —  (some suggest eating a meal 30 minutes before taking it, some claim the opposite, then who it doesn’t matter when you take it). 

Starving yourself while taking Cambogia, or its rivals Ketone, and Green Coffee Beans can lead to digestive issues, remember these are very potent fat-burning agents, following key guidelines when using supplement products such as these are highly recommended!

The same goes for Super Male Vitality, the product has been around for a few years. And people who’ve tried the product didn’t notice any downturns from using it, that sounds awesome in its own right, but does this product still need any type of extended testing to prove that it’s 100% safe?

Now that’s a key answer anybody should want to know, especially if they’re using this product for over a long period of time.

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Viagra Pill For The Ladies?

Finally Viagra Has Gone Viral!

IMG_0043[1]This comes out of left field for most people who probably didn’t think would ever become reality has literally become reality, the reality factor has been handed down by the FDA (Food Drug Administration) and it is not sitting well with doctors in the medical field that feel that this particular supplement pill is not 100% safe.

Viagra was originally attuned to men specifically who have a problem maintaining an erection, now one would have to think to themselves…

“Why in the h**l would women take this sex stimulation drug?”

IMG_0039[1]Well, the first obvious answer would be to boost one sexual drive. The second issue would come from the environment we live in today, your surroundings is the key to either happiness or sadness which ever side of the spectrum the person is drawn toward.

Stress is a killer of the human psyche not to mention the physical aspect as well (sex becomes the last thing on most women’s minds when they are completely depressed and uninterested).

IMG_0042[1]Sex is supposed to be enjoyable, and not a chore…

Sex is supposed to be an intimate encounter between two people who is special, but too many distractions can disrupt the well-being of a person(s) comfort zone which kills the mood very quick.

So this is the dilemma that strikes many couples, love buddies, *you know the actual word that goes before the buddies part that begins with that controversal “f”, have to keep it clean 🙂

There has to be a connection between two people in order for them to move to the next phrase, once they follow the steps leading to sequence, to another sequence — you know eye contact, the lean in for a kiss, then comes the physical confrontation in the “pleasure sense” — now don’t trail off folks if it’s getting warm in the room then feel free to crack open a window LOL.

IMG_0041[2]Basically you could just chalk it up to your classic chemical imbalance in the brain, it all starts there and you already know about bipolar mood swings, anxiety issues, social withdrawal, etc..

The mind is powerful and it harbors many secrets, good examples are shown in movies such as “Limitless” or an off the wall mind spinner that you will see in the movie “Lucy”.

One key scene in Limitless depicts a scenario where Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper), is verbally ripped apart by his landlord’s girlfriend (about his unpaid lease) and I mean that girl hated his guts “personified” times 100 ripping him a new one with negative verbal commentary.

He starts to talk to her (he has taken the smart pill called “NZT-48” at this point), and goes viral about her paper thatIMG_0042[2] she was writing taming this young lady’s inner anger mojo making it sound like music to her ears.

You see what caught her attention were details he gave her about a paper she was writing on about law, he gave her pointers that started to make sense and she slowly warmed up to him because of the enlightened ideals he presented to her.

She forgets that he was a loser, a nobody, and in her mind she develops a secreted love interest in a matter of minutes.

From there you should know where this will lead to, if you don’t catch on then you’re from Jupiter’s moon Europa and that’s all I have to say LOL.

So do you think that this drug has the ability to unlock the pleasure sensors of the mind?

Can it in fact shift the chemical imbalance to normal in the brain, that encourages the user to feel more lovey-dovey?

It kinda seems that way, but there has to be more behind the madness so let’s dig deeper.

Viagra Working On The Mind

So it puts guys into the mood by giving them a boost of testosterone, but how does this apply to women. Well believe it or not women share a similar bond to their significant other, of course you will say how that can be but the answer is written into your DNA.

See you have to remember that women are born with two sets of chromosomes, and the same goes for men. The intriguing part to it all lies within your genes or “genetics”, they determine everything from what sex you will become, to a hereditary disease that could target you because it runs in the family a cliché that has been told quite often to the offspring (normally between their teen years or young adult years) from their elders about conditions that they start to suffer from.

In the mind, the area that holds the key to pleasure land is called the Pleasure Area, this is where all the fun stuff happens when your dealing with those “special” happyhappy thoughts and feeling great! In the same token, your pain sensory part of the brain also lurks in this same region.

A two of a kind, however much different.

Like the term some people say…

“Put it in the happy box!”.

A term barely used in today’s world, but it makes reference to a situation where someone is feeling super good that they start to sing hoping to get attention from others nearby and catches on.

In most cases that will more in likely NOT work, and when it’s all said and done people will look at you like an idiot LOL.

This is what brings us to a valid point folks, if one person is in an excellent mood while another person is feeling ill-intentions suddenly tells the happy person that is singing away like they are competing as an American Idol contest.

“Will you shut the **** up!”

And it’s to be expected to see this take place, emotions brings it into better focus.

It definitely applies to sex, and if a female is not in the mood then the male counterpart is left hanging out in the dog house and that is very depressing.

So this pill is supposed to be the answer to all the problems of “libido-loss” that goes on in a woman’s mind, but do you really believe that someone would need a drug to stimulate their sexual appetite?

IMG_0040[1]The better question to the next part of the equation brings up safety when using this “magic pill”, this is what raised the red flag because of unknown factors that may surface when taking this drug (the pill is called “Flibanserin”) that the FDA said is ok to take.

The Ideal Target Viagra –a.k.a– “Flibanserin” Hits:

  • It targets the Neurotransmitters in the brain
  • It boosts thoughts of “desire”
  • It alters the level of dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain
  • It decreases the level of serotonin
  • Neurotransmitters are the key to sexual desire, flibanserin can fine tune the neurotransmitters which puts the user in the mood for sex
  • Helps to curve HSDD (Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder)

Viagra was originally invented for men who had issues such as erectile dysfunction, for women it’s a different story which plays completely on their need to be satisfied sexually. Viagra can’t solve that problem for women, but flibanserin seems to be the thing to give a minor “jump-start” to that special part of the brain labeled pleasure but it still is being tested to offer better results.

Understand that a drug is drug the same like a duck is a duck, for the ladies out there that decide to give it a go using this pill you need to check out the list of things that can develop when you start taking “female Viagra” or Flibanserin.

Possible Side-Effects:

  • Fainting
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Sleeping Disorders (such as Insomnia)
  • Decrease in blood-pressure (drop)
  • Should NOT be taken during pregnancy (it could cause possible birth defects)

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