Super Female Vitality: Info War Power Pack (Part 2)

“Ladies You Are Not Left Out In The Cold!”


None what so ever.

You see Super Male Vitality is for men, but for those who didn’t know there is a version for the ladies out there so listen up good.

download (6)Super Female Vitality pretty much does what its counterpart (Super Male V) does for the Men, again this is a sex drive booster in all respects except for the Women it will specifically attune to their sex drive levels.

Now you might be a lady who has lost the desire for sex, and it could be a number of reason why your sex drive has taken a downturn for the worse.

You see for Men its applies the same way to a degree of course, because Men and Women are different, so their sexual needs will differ in nature.

That’s a logical fact, but the sex drive see-saw can tidder to an unbalanced position.

When your sex drive levels are off the mark (I’m talking way off), then a variety of issues are the culprit nine times out of ten.

These may include…

  • chronic depression
  • break-up in a relationship
  • finding out about your lover who cheated on you
  • self-Esteem Issues
  • low libido in Women
  • persistent sadness
  • insomnia and fatigue
  • weakness, aches, and pains
  • sexual dysfunction
  • concentration difficulties
  • weight loss or gain (bad / alternating eating habits)
  • insomnia fatigue
  • bored with your favorite activity
  • suicidal tendencies

Issues that may interfere with one’s sex drive, not only apply to Women, this also applies to Men.

Low libido is a sex drive killer, the brain is the most important needed tool to help boost your desire for wanting sex.

The symptoms that upset the natural flow of brain chemicals, will affect your sexual drive thus hinder sexual activity.

This is every man’s worst nightmare, especially when he has a very sexy young lady in the mood sitting in front of him, and yet he can’t find any desire to want to having mind-blowing sex.

But this in turn is also a reality for females as well, in fact I would say more so for females because their sexual drive usually comes from emotions and feelings. Women also have sexual needs like men, but on a different level.

For men it’s more of a satisfaction need for sex with a female, a sexy lady can get the attention of a guy who is in the mood.

download (8)This can be compared to natural animal magnetism (the attraction between animal species male / female), for humans however sex drive loss can be complicated.

The reason it is complicated for those who suffer from it, is due to the act that they are not aware as to what will cause it to happen to them.

Another thing to think about are antidepressants, they can also play a role in low libido (sex drive loss). Antidepressants may help with your issues of depression, however it can also affect the user’s sex drive which again goes back to a chemical imbalance issue.

Other factors may cause imbalances from anti-depressant usage may involve issues such as… 

Mono-amine Oxidase Inhibitors (or) MAOIs

download5They are chemicals which inhibit the activity of the mono-amine oxidase enzyme family.

They have a long history of use as medications prescribed for the treatment of depression.

They are particularly effective in treating atypical depression. They are also used in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease and several other disorders.

Serotonin & Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitors (SNRIs)

download7Are a class of anti-depressant drugs used in the treatment of major depressive disorder (MDD) and other mood disorders.

They are sometimes also used to treat anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), chronic neuropathic pain, and fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS), and for the relief of menopausal symptoms.

Antidepressants in the SSRI family (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) are known to cause low libido.

Prozac, Zoloft, Celexa and Paxil are all SSRIs and all have been documented as having sexual side effects.

 NOTE: Using antidepressants can deter healthy sex drive activity.

Selective Sertonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs)

download2.3Is known as a mono-amine neurotransmitter.

Is biochemically derived from tryptophan, serotonin is primarily found in the gastrointestinal tract (GI tract), blood platelets, and the central nervous system (CNS) of animals, including humans.

It is popularly thought to be a contributor to feelings of well-being and happiness.

 NOTE: When disrupted it can deter healthy sex drive activity.

Tetracyclic & Tricyclic Medications

download4.2 - Copy


These are medicines which balances chemicals in the brain, which help to suppress symptoms of depression.

Consult your doctor if you decide to use antidepressants such as  Tetracyclic Tricyclic medications, important factors should be taken into account if you’re seeking to use antidepressants such as:

  • Your age
  • Other medicines that you may take
  • Other medical problems
  • Possible side-effects
  • Previous use of antidepressants
Super Female Vitality: Overall View

This product will help to reduce high levels of stress, fatigue, give you mental clarity (by balancing chemicals in the brain), and elevate your well-being to a higher level.

Women love it, and it’s a health product that will help you to get your body’s health back on track.

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A Nanobot’s Paradise

Nano Tech Bots Gets Personal

This next weird topic will make you a bit sqimish in the stomach, but there was an interesting scenario I believe you’re going to want to hear.

untitled2Supposedly there is a new type of mini techno wonder of the world designed in it’s make-up to perform specific tasks “protocols”, the positive findings about these miniature silver-like buggers known as Nanobots“.

For years, scientists knew about these experimental mechbots, they are designed to release medicating drugs into the lining of the stomach. They are so small in size they could go undetected, they are the equivalent size of a human strain of hair (20 mm *micrometers* which is close to the size of a hair follicle).

Test were conducted on lab rats by implanting the nanobot into the gut region of the mouse, these nanobot have a shiny coat finish (they’re coated with the element ‘zinc’).

Once inside the mouse’s stomach acid bubbles counteracts to the nanabot’s zinc coating; (hydrogen bubbles created from the interaction with zinc & stomach acid causing a “chain reaction”) this causes an explosive propulsion affect launching the nanobot into the stomach lining.

After they are violently propelled into the stomach lining, they will finish by injecting what is known as nanoparticlesdirectly into the stomach tissue itself, and will thus repair any damage from within the body.

In theory, this process could be a huge breakthrough that will affect the medical community.

Reason being is this…

Despite the fact that this procedure will be costly (I’m pretty sure it will, because doctors, nurses, med-students in the entry level field of medicine are all looking at the green paper it will pull in the medical field itself).

Cost might be a killer, but the aspect of eliminating supplement drugs could be a reality if these nanobots can live up to the ‘hype’ when helping with deficiencies issues inside the body directly, or some say they might be able to help to revert damaged cells (cancer cells) thus “fixing” them and the patient might not have to be put at risk for radiation exposure from a gamma radiation machine ever again.

The concept sounds great indeed, but it would put doctors out of business for sure.

You see the harsh reality to it all is that doctors need to make money, they know if anybody were to come up with various cures for various diseases.


images1YX4UX5MIt would be the end of them to say the least, medicine itself have taken huge steps and bounds over the last few decades. And many Americans I’m sure can’t help but to think about the agenda plan of HMO’s, PPO’s, POS’s, health-care providers.

Do they really want you to be cured and healed never having to step into their office again?

A one second answer that will in no doubt start with the letter N followed by a fleet of OOOOOOOOOO’s.

Scientists are even talking about using these micro-mini surgeons to clear blocked pathways of arteries, blocked arteries of course leads to the killer disease known as atherosclerosis that is responsible for simulating heart attacks and strokes.

This has got to be gnawing at the minds of health-care providers in the medical field, it similar to the robotic arms you see at jobs that take over a worker’s position putting the worker out of a job in a hurry.

I did hear about another story similar in terms of nano-technology, but with a different take leaning more toward the “con” instead of “pro” positive side of light.

I put a link at the end of this article to a video of this one guy who was talking about micro-sized objects which supposedly fell from the sky.

From what he observed look to be almost like tiny strains of mechanical-like objects.

He said they came from the air, but they didn’t just fall from the air.

He claims they fall with the rain on the way down, and he found some of the tiny objects shattered on the top of the hood of his car. He went on to say to a camera guy who filmed the discovery find, that the tiny microscopic objects landed on his car windshield was laced with an oily-sticky residue on them. The camera guy pans in closer so you can see the metallic-like fibers plastered all over the hood of the car.

The owner of the car also believes that these super-sized fibers are floating in the air, he implies that people could get very sick from breathing in these fiber objects that could stick onto the lungs sticking to them with an oily residue.

Now this does sounds for fetched, and I talk about this topic recently.

The exception here however is NOT talking about the article I wrote known as Morgellons (this is a follow-up story to that one by the way), I’m aligning this theory toward the nanobots concept which can be used to either help or harm human life.

And who’s bold enough to do such things like this to us?

You already know the government is involved, but no I’m talking about who deals directly with techno-combat devices such as drones, and other state-of-the-art killer mechanical, electro-magnetic, radiation emitting war toys to their fancy.


untitled1DARPA or (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is no new kid on the block in warfare technology, they have been around since 1958 creating various devices, gadgets, not to mention conducting many types of bio-engineered weapons that you wouldn’t see back then. Until now…

Drones are not new devices that targets an enemy taking him / her down permanently, you see drones have come a long way starting off as a remote-controlled airplane you played with when you were a kid.

They were your basic “model airplane” taking the first steps evolving into the most feared device today taking the world by storm.

DARPA is full of secrets which many of you know how governmental agencies usually work, and it would not be any surprise to link possible air containments such as these super-tiny metal fibers mixed in with rain some floating in the air not to mention the ground.










(Wonder what’s up with the endless streaks and zig-zags?)

Chemtrails also comes under scrutiny.

Planes that fly overhead to release gas on crops we eat brings worry to millions everyday, the only thing that keeps you from going insane is your conscious telling you that they’re spraying trying to protect farmer’s crops benefitting us (health-wise) after we buy them from the supermarket.

Yea sounds good on paper, but how do they explain the ill-effects people encounter from the very same ear of corn you buy from grocery store.

Sadly to say, they won’t speak up about it.

untitled 2They rely on the numbers game which starts with a number such as a 7, or  a 5, followed by zeroes with a particular symbol in front $$. The other part of that numbers game A controlled population census fits in there nicely you think?–, is the customary trump card hidden up the sleeve of corrupted organizations designed to keep us in rotating within a vicious circle ciphering money out of your pockets into theirs.

The nanobot solution is just another angle that.

Yea it can potentially save your life, but how hard will it dent your pockets?


To learn more visit the following link(s) in the description below at:

nanobots fighting viruses?


How Epilepsy Affects Your Health…

Epilepsy: The Cause

IMG_0014[2]A lot of people who do not live with epilepsy cannot fathom (imagine) what it would be like for someone who does, you see the average person gets up out of bed after a long night’s rest and jumps right into their daily routine with out a worry or care in the world feeling healthy and fine. For someone who has epilepsy it is a different route that they face every single day, at one point they might feel just like the next average person not thinking about too much proceeding through their day.

They decide to walk down a short flight of stairs leading to the living room and trip hitting against the railing on the staircase, they fall to the floor and start to shake uncontrollably at this point they are experiencing a seizure and it was triggered by the short fall off of the staircase. That was just an example of how a seizure can occur when a person suffers from it, and how seizures are brought on can happen in different ways whether it happens during an accident involving the individual or stress factors, even bullying someone who deals with epilepsy can trigger a seizure.

These are called “triggers” that can bring about a seizure depending upon the circumstances that the individual faces, keep in mind that other factors can also cause seizures such as a woman who is going through a pregnancy can suddenly have a seizure attack come out of nowhere. The list below will point out more triggers that can cause this neurological disorder to happen.

  • Car Accidents / Severe Physical Injury
  • Stress
  • Frustration / Embarrassment
  • Depression
  • Caffeine 
  • Malnutrition
  • Flashing Lights (Signals)
  • Sleep Deprivation
  • Heavy Drug Usage
  • Alcohol (varies depending on blood alcohol content level if it drops)
  • Alcohol Withdrawal
  • Incorrect Dosage of Anticonvulsant (“Missed Dose”)
  • Pregnancy

There are many other things that can cause seizures, that was just a few listed above some more than other cause that can be more serious that can lead to worse complications.

Epilesy: How can it affect someone’s health

IMG_0012[1]Epilepsy can do a lot of damage to the body both mentally and physically, it can leave a person in a great deal of pain from either standpoint. When it comes to the physical side of epilepsy it can cause serve muscle spasms to the point where the person will eventually lose control of motor functions such as , bowel movement, bladder functions, the clenching of teeth (sometimes the person might wind up biting into their tongue with great force as a result), and they also will have aching pain all over their body and the arms and legs become weak and unsteady.

The mental side of it can be even more dramatic for the individual, what happens is that the brain’s hemispheres (two sides) are affected in both the non-dominant hemisphere and the dominant hemisphere as a result the person may then lose long-term memory (temporarily), not to mention visual data through eyesight can be affected causing difficulty for the person to read and processing images. It’s really bad for children and infants; what the effects of epilepsy can do to them, toddlers who have it can wind up being diagnosed with autism or hyperactivity  both are classified as emotional disorders.

Epilepsy: The Hereditary Factor of it

IMG_0015[2]Yes epilepsy can be passed down to the offspring from the parents, so if either or both of your parents who live with epilepsy has a high-probability to pass it along to you. The reason for this is because of genetics meaning that it is written into your DNA, so traits that your parents had is based on a cellular level. DNA  is everything that makes us who we are in the basic sense, and without it we would cease to exist.

(A flashing distorted “YES” sign can be enough to trigger a seizure) 

Another thing to keep in mind is that your family’s history background can also play a factor as well, a child in the family either a brother or sister can develop the disorder but the chances of it can vary. This means that even though the parents may have it symptoms may not be present in the offspring, but the chances of it striking a child in the family is still possible so it is a 50/50% chance.

The same thing goes for the trait gene to be passed along to a child if only one parent that has epilepsy if it is the Mother that has it but not the Father, then the chances or risk of it to the offspring is in 100 chance for it to develop in the child. If it is the Father that has it but not the Mother, then the chances of it developing in the child is slightly higher. If both parents have it, then the chances of it then the probability is slightly higher. The interesting fact in this is that most children do not inherit the disorder from the parent, but the probability of inheriting some types of epilepsy still remains.

Epilepsy: Treatment Options

IMG_0010[1]The treatment process of epilepsy may not come as a surprise to you, medication would be the best path to deal with the disorder but there are other factors to consider about treatment options. For one you have to look at the person age which will play it’s role in this matter, anticonvulsant is such a medicine that doctor can use for treatment purpose but they will caution for it’s use on an epileptic patient and for good reason.

The thing that doctors fear about anticonvulsant (the medication is very potent and dangerous, caution in use is imperative when administered) is it’s effectiveness over the individual’s brain functions, it can lead to very dangerous results when using anticonvulsant drugs / medication especially when used to help treat epilepsy symptoms so check out the list below to see what anti medication drugs (side effects) can do to the user:

  • Can cause vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Feeling Constipated
  • Drowsiness

The other downside to anticonvulsant medications is that they are NOT 100% guaranteed to work for the patient, so it is like a see-saw type of deal (dosage amount of the drug) with this type of medication meaning that it could work for the patient or make the patient worse off than they were before. One example of that is problems with vision which is a side effect of the drug, diplopia which is better known as “double vision” is very serious side effect that needs immediate attention from a doctor. Blurry vision may occur when using anticonvulsants, but is considered a temporary side effect.

Epilepsy is a very serious neurological disorder that can strike at anytime to anyone who suffers from it, and it is considered very deadly if treatment is not administered. If you know anyone like a family member or friend that suffers from it, then the first thing to do is find out any information that can help them to fully understand the severity of it as well as treatment options.


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Bacterial Staph Infection Affecting Your Health?

Staph Infection: The Cause

So have you ever wondered what exactly is a Staph Infection? Or a better question would be how can affect someone’s well-being in terms of their health, the one thing that crosses anyone’s mind right off is if they have any type of infection what symptoms would manifest as a result from the disease itself. Before you know what type of symptoms you are having to indicate the affliction that is affecting your life, you need to understand it first to the fullest.

(Staphylococcus pneumonia pictured right)

You can’t fight against anything if you don’t know what it is that you are fighting against, recognizing the symptoms can give you most of the answers (sometimes all) however it would be wise to check with your primary doctor to confirm any symptoms that you are experiencing. The doctor can then tell you what the indications could be from the symptoms that are present, with a staph infection one of the symptoms that appear as swollen reddish areas on the body that can serve as an indicator.

Another set of symptoms could be:

  • Bump in an infected area on the body
  • Swelling painful (bump), when touch it feels warm and full of pus
  • Fever can result from the symptoms mentioned as well

IMG_0007[1]Staphylococcus aureus is the proper term for it, others may refer to it as the “super-bug” can cause many different diseases besides that symptoms just mention in the bulletin line-up you just read. The disease itself appears in the form of grapes (grape-like structure pictured left), this is how they appear under a microscope when grouped together. These are a very dangerous type of infection, and in some cases it can lead to death making it “fatal” if treatment is ignored.

Some cases the disease is not treatable due to the complexity of it, and it can be caught also from the foods that we eat! Yes you just heard that right, so preparing your food properly is a must ( also store your food properly in the freezer!).

The vaginal cavity can house many diseases if proper hygiene is neglected, staph infections thieves on different regions of the body so the disease itself is very indiscriminate in it’s aggression to spread and grow. It was reported that “Tampons” that women would use was causing symptoms of staphylococcus aureus to manifest, this was confirmed in a report study done back in the 80’s.

This disease is very ‘potent’ meaning that it can survive in open areas such as surfaces (walls, countertops, doorknobs, to name a few), if anyone comes in contact with surfaces where it is present can result in exposure to the person. The way that it can be transferred is through the skin, anyone that has the disease can give it to someone else that way.

Staphylococcus aureus also known as (MRSA) is resistant to antibiotic methicillin, this also includes other drugs that fall into this category (class). Depending on the type of Staph infection will dictate the treatment options necessary, topical, oral, & intravenous antibiotics, are treatable options that can apply to the severity of the infection.

In some cases treatment might not apply at all, but again depending on the frequency of the infection (like a mild infection), these are considered non-life threatening.  Various bacterial toxins can be spread from it at any given time, the encounter between an individual and the disease can come in different forms or even contaminated foods that are digested.

A few examples are listed below this line:

  • Boils – is a pus-filled bump (painful), they appear as cystic acne bumps; inflamed / reddened and very uncomfortable.
  • Impetigo – is recognized as a bacterial skin infection (GAS) or group “A” strep / staph. This particular form of the infection can be spread through direct contact between people as well as objects and items such as, doorknobs, cell phones, walls (example would be someone placing their hand on a wall for balance),  towels, floor mats, etc.
  • Food Poisoning – the infectious bacteria can survive on food that is either left out for some time, or can give off a bad smell can be an indicator that the food is contaminated. With staph the food may seem and normal (as if it is not contaminated), however it still can have the bacteria within it. This is known as “food poisoning” or what is known by the common terms Salmonella & Shigella Poisoning, these are two types of food contaminates are related to the bacteria itself.
  • Cellulitis – this is a bacterial infection that is resulted from “staph” itself, and this particular potential infection can carried in the nose, mouth, genitals, or even the anal region, without the person even knowing that it is there until it becomes active. Cellulitis affects the deep layers of the skin, this can be treated by the use of various antibiotics.
  • Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) – this is the stage of staph infection that is known to be “fatal”, the infection is caused by “staph” itself (Staphylococcus aureus or group “A” Streptococcus bacteria). The infection can be caused by a bacterial toxin (or) a variety of bacterial toxins, that can manifest from an individual that suffers from a high fever (it’s origin may vary) which can also decrease the blood pressure in the body. Malasie and confusion can also result as a side-effect, other factors such as organ failure, health digression, and coma can lead to death.

Staph Infections Treatment Options

Staph infections can be very difficult to treat depending on the type that a person may come in contact with and contract, reason for this again as explained earlier in the article is the ability of the disease’s defenses to resist antibiotics this is why they coined the name “superbug” that best fits it’s description. 

So a great line of defense is a better offense wouldn’t you agree?

This means what you can do on your part is to take steps to prevent from contracting it in the first place, doing that will put you ahead of the game every time.

So check out the list below and follow the suggested steps to do just that!

  1. Always use your own personal items such a towel, wearing your own clothes (never wear somebody else’s), use your own soap, dishcloth, toothbrush etc., use alcohol for sterilization purposes as well to clean your personal items.
  2. Clean your bathroom especially items in your bathroom that have your body fluids present on them.
  3. Use your clothes dryer to properly dry clothes avoid hanging your clothes outside on a clothesline, this can avoid bacterial agents floating around in the air that might form on your clothes.
  4. Use foot powder to avoid foot infection such as Athlete’s Foot.
  5. Remember to take time when treating / covering any wounds (which should be done right away), the smallest wounds can still leave an open invite for a bacterial infection. Look for honey-colored scab(s), if you suspect any type of infection then you should seek out a health clinic right away.
  6. Make sure to buy waterproof bandages using them to cover any wounds, also ask your doctor for a “tropical cream” that is effective in the prevention of a staph infection. When using the cream make sure to use a Q-tip when applying it to the infected area, when finished throw away the used bandages and wash trash cans.
  7. Use antibacterial soap when washing your hands and body, especially make sure you wash your hands before eating any meals.

If you suspect that you have a staph infection of any kind (if you notice symptoms that identify with it) then do not hesitate to call your doctor, he or she can help assist you when prescribing the proper medication to treat it.

Remember not all cases will end with the same result for treatment, the disease is very difficult to eradicate from the body.


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The Health Factors On Preparing Barbecue

Barbecue Grilling & You

IMG_0006[2]So here’s the skinny right up front about barbecue you need charcoal (or) propane to cook the food desired, the alternative term for doing so is referred to as “grilling” which can cook any meat on a grill in a lickety-split short period of time.

You have other methods to cook the meat as well such as the wood-fuel fire approach even though it is slower than the previous first method mentioned above.

Barbecuing is known as “southern-style” cooking which seems great due to the food being prepared, however there is another side to barbecuing that often goes unnoticed which is the “quality of eating” in terms of your health.

This starts with the types of chemicals such as propane (or) charcoal used to make the “magic” of cooking happen, but using gases such as propane is hazardous to one’s health.

Even with the use of charcoal as a means of cooking on the grill will still present health risks when engaging in food consumption, check out the list of things that makes it dangerous:

  • Grilling method will increase your risk for cancer
  • Barbecue grilling is almost as bad “processed foods”
  • Heterocyclic Amines (HCA) & Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) takes place doing the cooking method which comes in the form of ,frying / boiling, Mutagenic properties that is passed along to us that alters the body and DNA putting the risk for cancer at a high level

HCA(s) are formed when amino acids, creatine, and sugar take effect when met with high temperatures. PAHS form when the juices and fats from the meat drip onto the fire to create flames, and the flames carrying PAHS then are laced upon the meat’s surface.

HCA & PAH levels are difficult to measure when cooking meals on the grill, the only way they can possibly be measured would be from epidemiological studyquestionnaires are used to further examine participants’ meat consumption and cooking methods to assist in both HCA & PAH level of exposure.

Research study on people who eat barbecue after it has been prepared on the grill, the research study focused on the constant consumption of it which will lead to a number of health problems such as, prostate, pancreatic, laryngeal, & colorectal cancers.

That’s not the only major factor, you also have to think about breathing in the compounds that are released into the air in that read below what you will be breathing from exposure:

  • Aromatic volatile organic compounds
  • Cadmium
  • Nickel
  • Cobalt
  • Mercury emission
  • Carbonyl


Solutions for Safer Barbecue Grilling

The best options for cooking meat on the grill would be simply to follow regulating guidelines that suggest the usage of charcoal should be done in moderations (proportions) with food preparations.

Feedback on gathered studies by researchers that monitor dangerous toxic levels found in barbecue after it is prepared and cooked, suggest that BBQ charcoal needs to be used in smaller increments in attempts to lessen the chance for health risks further down the line.

Not only should you use smaller portions of charcoal, but you should also do the same for the meat you are preparing as well.

Cooking smaller pieces of meat will benefit your health, the reason for that is simply because you are using the smaller size meat which would require a lower setting for the temperature used to cook it.

This will cut down on the chemicals that are formed in the smoke as it rises from the charcoal, you’re also cutting your cooking time so this means you’re also cutting the amount of heterocycles amines that would accumulate at higher temperatures.

Another thing to consider is the option of marinating your food, doing this will also cut down on the formation of heterocyclic amines which is the idea goal to shoot for when grilling meat.

Use leaner meat when you do grill, and the reason for that is of course would be meat that is less fattening the added plus with it is smaller cooking flames at the same time less smoke as a result.

If you pre-cook the food in a microwave (do it every 2 minutes), this will help to cut down the heterocyclic amines factor by as much as 90%. 

Flipping your meat frequently keeps the meat balanced from absorbing too much or too little heat due to the time each side that will be cooked.


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