What’s Shakin’ Your Bacon?

What So Bad About Bacon?

untitled9As many know by its name given to it for unique taste, has been around for hundreds of years.

People have eaten it as far back during the Ancient Roman time period, back then it took on another name known as petaso (in Greece the word  referred to a type of hat worn by people). Petaco was boiled pig meat prepared with figs, then browned and seasoned with a pepper sauce giving it an exquisite taste.

In the middle ages, it was viewed as an inexpensive food source given to the lesser residents known as common peasants. The real quality of bacon was said to be ‘smoked’, this gave the meat a much more “zest” to its taste which satisfied important public figures heads such as Kings & Queens.

Before the turned the of the 18th century, bacon production went viral which lead to the opening of an industrial business in the 1770’s. Bacon quickly becomes one of the standard food delicacies in Wiltshire, England serving as the “capital” manufacturer in its production.

Oscar Mayer jumped aboard in the 1920’s with it vastly popular “pre-sliced bacon”, these are referred to as bacon strips that remained top of the list of bacon food brands until the 90’s where bacon makes a change adding various food combinations such as the ever-so-popular “Chicken-Fried Bacon”.

imagesWE24OG3F2Today, Bacon has really taken the media airwaves by storm Just about every food has a bacon combination to it, people choose to eat it in the morning more than ever, I even saw a few days ago this commercial with Santa Claus asking for his very own Christmas present, for his present he wanted the kids to buy him bacon instead of leaving the classic glass milk next to the good ol’ tray of cookies (I think he likes the Keebler brand cookies, you know the one made by the Keebler elves not the North pole elves they just usually order out all the time).

Bacon is a popular anytime food many enjoy, but there is a dark side to this edible delight that will not go over well with bacon lovers.

What Is It A Trans Fat Food & What Is It Made Of?

imagesVHQBQ2CSI know this is going to be hard to swallow (bacon + downside of eating it), but bacon is classified along with junk foods only if you prepare it in the frying pan.

Bacon is just the opposite if you cut down the grease content, greasy foods are classified as “Trans fats”.

Bacon can be a real risk factor whenever you fry it, but if you grill it then it is classified as a non-trans fatty food. Now this doesn’t mean that it cannot harm you after hearing that, so don’t get your hopes up going out buying packs of bacon to munch down like it’s no tomorrow LOL. Keep in mind that eating the proportionate amount is always “key”.

Bacon itself comes from a pig of course as you should know LOL, it is cured which means that certain meats are flavored, preserved, and additives such as salt or sugar can be added to the meat for additional flavor. Another popular process of curing procedures involve smoking, cooking, and added spices to the meat.

Additives are looked upon as health-risk agents to food, for years hot dogs usually caught the rap for it’s complete unhealthy make-up. Bacon is not too far on the list, especially considering the fact of what it takes to make it.

It’s no surprise that food additives are not good for you, the issue worsens when they’re used in (or) on your favorite foods you’ve loved for years. So here’s the list for bacon.

Bacon Downside List:

  • Bacon is linked to colon cancer *study from the worldhealthorganization.com
  • Non-true beef products such as hot dogs, sandwich meats, processed meats that have being chemically treated
  • The chemicals are the active ingredient that raises the risk for colon cancer disease, this is what puts bacon on the list when antimicrobial interventions are used on beef products to ward off pathogenic bacteria and airborne diseases. 

Chemicals such as tartrazine is a food colorant that can cause cancer and hyperactivity in people (particularly children), (BHA) or Butylated hydroxyanisole is a chemical agent used in preserving certain cereals, potato chips, & chewing gum. But it can also be used as a preserving agent for rubber, food packaging, petroleum, medicines such as isotretinoin, lovastatin, simvastatin, and cosmetic products.

Check out the short list of other dangerous chemical agents used on processed foods

  1. Propyl gallate
  2. Sodium nitrite
  3. TBHQ (tert-Butylhydroquinone)
  4. Silicon dioxide
  5. Triacetin (glycerol triacetate)

Some Americans disagree believing that harmful chemicals as the blame for health issues such as colon cancer, but compared to other countries that have more of a fiber / plant based environment, or low meat consumption, then the risk for colon cancer will drop significantly in that part of the region (think of that like a realtor that always thinking those three magic words location, location, location).

That’s part of the problem, the other part comes down to the individual’s dietary habits, and disciplines when curving how much meat to consume in a timely fashion (daily or every other day in modified proportions) when it relates to their diet regime.

You can still eat meat, but I just mentioned the magic word in the paragraph above this one…

imagesSH2LE8TS“Modified Proportions”.

So basically know your limit!

That goes for any type of meat you like including good ol’ bacon!


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Santa & Rudolph wants some bacon for Christmas dang-nabit!


Wi-Fi Affecting The Your Health?

Wi-Fi Transmissions On The Loose

IMG_0013This next story will have you thinking about downgrading your wi-fi internet connection, apparently a 12-year-old boy’s parents are seeing red when they discover his school’s wi-fi signal is so strong it was literally making him sick.

Yea you heard right.

As a result the parents are now in the midst of taking legal action against the school, they filed an anonymous suit after learning that their son was diagnosed with electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome or for short (EHS).

This is not uncommon to hear an unfortunate situation such as this, and people might think it is ridiculous to hear about a story such as this and will quickly rule this out as a “shake-down” by the boy’s parents.

But maybe their not wrong, maybe they are actually telling the truth, maybe they are speaking facts because of stories similar in one way or another to this particular one.

imagesRemember the Navy Yard Shooter“, he was the guy that claimed to hear voices coming through his wall and even went down to the police station to explain what he was experiencing but of course they didn’t take him seriously from the start.

(They will laugh their socks off of their feet, and swear up & down that you’re crazy if you tell them the actual truth!)

IMG_0015What happened after he was laughed at and denied help…

He went on a murderous killing spree, that’s what happened.

‘My ELF Weapon’: More Proof Navy Yard Shooter Targeted with Mind Control Weapons

Strong frequencies that can project powerful alpha waves, electromagnetic radiation, cell towers, and of course your trusty cell phone can broadcast power energy waves in the form of transmission frequencies that are deadly and harmful to us.

Wi-Fi Affecting Your Health: Frequency Waves & Radiation Exposure

There are hundreds and hundreds of hidden frequencies that can alter the mind and body, certain frequencies can cause a variety of health issues that you may find unbelievable but it’s true.

magnetron-in-english1Among these suicide frequencies are the health issues that derive from them, exposure to electromagnetic hypersensitivity can cause dizziness, nausea, can cause tremor formation, exhaustion, nosebleed, memory loss, tremors, even heart and thyroid problems.

This is why you hear the constant warning to keep your distance between you and your cell phone, this is why they have cell phone radiation protection cases for the phones to cut down radiation exposure from them..

I know this sounds like something out of a Mystery Science Theatre 3000: The Movie” of the week flick, but high frequency and electromagnetic transmission can really do a number on you more than you think.

Wi-Fi Affecting Your Health: Abstract Danger

If you knew about this hidden danger involving deadly frequency wave transmission, and decided to go out and tell everybody about it back in the 1970’s people would think you were crazy and would probably call the insane asylum cronies to come take you away 🙁

You see what really makes it difficult for a person to acknowledge that electromagnetic radio wave transmissions can be a threat to their health is the lack of physical proof, in those times of yesterday if you simply didn’t have any type of physical concrete evidence people would immediately take you for a phony and even probably think you’re mentally disturbed.

flying homer

In this day and age health issues such as this are more commonly heard, the only problem added to the mix is finding the “hidden link” ​which causes health issues.

Wi-Fi Affecting Your Health: Hidden Right In Front Of You

There are a few things that I’m going to point out will in no doubt shock you when it comes to dealing with devices that transmit frequency wave activity.

IMG_0001We are going to start in the least suspected area of your home which you would come to know as your entertainment systems, these are your flat screen TV’s, computer laptop monitors, things of that electric-techno nature.

(cell phones are automatically on the list ranking at A #1!)

The cathode tube was a significant piece of equipment that were used in TV’s for years, then they were used in computer monitors for the sole purpose of visual projection forming images on a TV or monitor screen.

So basically the same screen you are looking at now may indeed have a cathode tube present behind it, there are other pieces of equipment needed to help the (CRT) device to give the viewer a visual image.

You Need The Following To Produce A Image On A TV / Monitor Screen:

Inside of the cathode tube the cathode is referred to as a heated filament, the filament itself is located inside of the glass tube. A vacuum is created inside of the glass tube, while the ray part of the cathode is will stream electrons which pour off of a heated cathode into the vacuum.

The electrons are negatively charged, this is where the anode comes into play because it is responsible for producing a positive charge which will attract the electrons that pour off of the cathode.

A stream of electrons are pushed (concentrated) through a focus anode where it is condensed into a collimated beam, from there the beam will be accelerated by the accelerating anode.

The collimated beam carries the high-speed electrons through the vacuum tube until it hits the phosphor screen (which is coated “shadow mask coating” this will cause the screen to glow and it helps to produce color images) at the end of the tube, as a result you now are able to view the projected broadcast image on the screen itself.

Now keep in mind that you have various elements at work for you here, all the factors involved will produce energy.

untitledIn the case of wireless technology these days higher levels of electromagnetic activity and frequency waves are radiating from devices such as flat screen TV’s, monitors, wi-fi, cell phone, and cell towers, our bodies are organic (particularly in cell structure design).

I’m sure you’re starting to get the picture where this is going, it’s obvious to understand how powerful electromagnetic / radio waves can tamper will cellular activity in the body.

For this kid he probably faced issues such as abnormal cellular effects from constant exposure radiation-wave transmission, his school will have to downgrade to ethernet cable or lower the signal transmission from wi-fi devices in the boy’s classroom to standard safety regulations.

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Cell Phone Batteries Jump Starting Health Issues?

Cell Phone Batteries Targeting You?

IMG_0006[2]So it was bound to happen right?

Some one has finally come out and done the impossible that many probably didn’t expect to see in another 10 – 15 years about a cell phone’s battery charging capability (cutting the charge time down significantly), cell phones themselves have been on the horizon for nearly a 20 year lapse. You do know that I’m talking about the commercial type Cell P’s I’m sure, the first generation ones were around since the 80’s (basically government issued). 

IMG_0012[1]The cell phones in that era where bulky, large, and heavy, they operated on a short-wave frequency or “short-wave band” if you want to be more precise. Now you have to understand that wireless phones like those back then, and the ones you see everyone including myself use today are based on frequency band waves like the two I previously mentioned.

(Martin Cooper inventor of the 80’s format cell phone)

The beautiful thing about short wave carrier bands is that they can travel and carry signals very far away, so if you’re making a call from let’s say Newark, New Jersey to Davenport, Iowa it’s not a problem. Even if you’re placing a call from Bombay, India all the way to Tibet, China again not a problem because these band-wave transmissions will rely on Big Brother” to get the job done.

Big Brother has been around much longer than most people realize…

Try the 60’s, so yea like I said a long way it has come playing the role of wi-fi major service provider, but understand that big brother is not in your corner 100 %. People are talking about their privacy been hashed out to the public against their “free will” (not to mention Target, because cyber thieves have had a fields day hacking the s^^t out of them every other three weeks out of a month).

The one major thing that helps to make all of this possible tends to get overlooked quite often, batteries are the driving force behind the madness and they power cell phones all over the world including the big brother satellite which I believe uses solar battery panels out in space.

The annoying factor about battery cell units in the phone is charging them up after using the phone for a period of time, charging the battery in your phone at one point could take up to an hour for a decent charge (for smart phones that require more energy) but in 2015 huge improvements now exist to curve the issue big time.

The only trade-off however is your health…

So don’t worry I will explain about that in a moment.

Cell Phone Batteries A Silent Killer?

For a long-time scientists have stated that radio frequencies can omit harmful radio waves that can affect your mind and body, devices such as cell phones (including the handset wireless phones people have in their house) are putting out a level of RF or “radio frequency” which is based on the level of electromagnetic wave activity that takes place between wavelength transmissions when you make a call on the phone.

You have to understand this next part of the equation very carefully, electromagnetic wavelengths, not to mention radio frequency transmission can be linked to other types of devices that are used in you basic hospital facilities in cities across the country.

What are the name of these devices?

Check out the list below, and then take a step back to see the bigger picture…

List of “RF” & Electromagnetic transferring devices / equipment:

That’s just to give you a basic idea on a grand scale of radio frequency and electromagnetic transferring devices that produce either low or high radiation levels, the scary part to it all are the cell phones that can transfer the same types of activity and can potentially expose you to a higher level of it.

IMG_0012[1]Even from the batteries inside that powers your phone are not to be overlooked, the biggest thing that was a concern back in the day was if a child was licking batteries. The lead in the batteries was the target of concern, the reason why was because of the harmful effects that lead can have on the body (it can affect the child’s growth hormones). Another concern was the digestion of lead and cadmium (nickel-cadmium batteries), that can lead to a direct effect on the body’s functioning systems which can lead to lead poisoning and death.

IMG_0007[1]Lead also can cause brain damage and memory loss in adults, it was believed that the great music composer Ludwig Van Beethoven fell victim to lead poisoning (among other illnesses). So no matter who you are, lead is just a very dangerous element when it interacts with the body’s function systems.

Lithium ion batteries first hit the scene back in 1991, they are standard power source for cell phones back then and are still used in them to this day. Lithium batteries can put out far greater energy then your basic lead / cadmium battery can, and that’s what make them so deadly in their own right.

IMG_0011[1]Recently, a young woman has found a way to charge a cell phone battery in a time-span of 20 minutes.

(Eesha Khare 19 pictured left, has created the world’s fastest lithium battery charger)

That’s right, you saw what Was typed in front of your eyes so don’t blink because you might miss that important bit of information. That girl is a genius without a shadow of a doubt, but the problem is not her discovery find.

The problem lies within the dangers of lithium-ion based batteries, the proximity factor is the greatest concern meaning that a person at constant close range (especially when holding the phone to your head for hours on end during a call) can be put at risk for a number of health issues that can manifest over long-term usage.

List of health symptoms & hidden dangers from Lithium ion batteries in C. Phones:

  • Constant exposure may cause brain cancer
  • Can cause disruption of brain wave activity
  • Nausea and headaches may result from electromagnetic and microwave radiation from the phone during it’s operation, lithium batteries inside the phone can add-on more health factors then many may truly realize
  • blood-brain barrier (damage)
  • Brain tissue damage
  • Damage to DNA
  • Sleep Issues (insomnia)
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Alzheimer’s 
  • Slight improvements from the older based lithium batteries that would produce harmful hot gases from the battery pack (a recent incident involved a man getting his face burned from the battery’s hot gases when it overheated and exploded as he tried to retrieve it)  read more by click here
  • At 302 °F or (150 °C) can cause the battery to become a literal “time-bomb” in the flesh, lithium batteries are capable of generating that type of combustible energy. More sanctions are being applied by the manufactures to make sure that the safety of consumers who buy and use the phone product are met to standards
  • Take extra care when handling your cell phone, DO NOT form the habit of constantly dropping the phone because it may cause damage to the battery inside. This is another reason why the battery in these devices might detonate and explode out of nowhere because it was damaged consistently

Using your cell phone on a constant basis (close range held to your head) will cause damage to the brain whether you’re aware of it or not, people have to understand that long-time exposure like that can cause not only headaches and nausea symptoms to occur but also the high-risk chance of cancer developing and the formation of tumors in the brain as a result.

The target area that the signal waves from the phone will affect the left side of the brain (see Cortical area of the brain), during a study this area of the brain showed that activity was presented not only when the phone was in use turned on but also continual activity stimulating the area of the brain when turned off (for up to 1 hour).

I bet many people didn’t know that 40 % of radiation is absorbed (when a cell phone is up to your ear in use) into the head!

The comes from usage of the phone for extended periods of time, and the long-term effects can be devastating and the damage done to the brain is irreversible.

Reduce Harmful Radiation From The Phone

IMG_0008[1]You should invest in a few accessories to cut down the radiation from the phone, the first piece of equipment to get would be the Air-Tube Headset  which can help to reduce annoying headaches and harmful radiation which is firmly aimed at the head.



IMG_0009[1]The second is to buy a RF Safe Flip Casethese cases are designed to shield and protect the user of phone from harmful radiation waves while same time maintaining signal stability when the phone is in use.




IMG_0010[1]Another option is the usage of the Ferrite Beadthis serves as the best choice for cutting down the level of radiation exposure from your cell phone. The device is relatively cheap to buy, and will definitely serve as a valuable piece of technology that can save many lives from deadly radiation.

The Ferrite Bead is even a better protection choice against radiation bombardment then your basic headset, and the reason that it is safer is because of it’s design which is so basic and simple. The device itself is hollow ( a hollow cylinder made of Ferrite — seen in picture above –), and it is made of a semi-magnetic material that comes from iron oxide which can be found in cosmetic products.

The Ferrite Beads are used for computer cables, the cursor mobile mouse (mouse roller device), the intended purpose of the beads is to cut down the level of RFI or “Radio Frequency Interference” carrying information through the cables into the computer unit itself and NOT disrupting other FCC regulated transmissions.

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