Flint’s Dangerous Waters

A Serious Case of Bad Tap Water?

download8That single line was a mouthful said for the residents out in Flint, Michigan.

The situation surrounds the bad drinking water that has really gained attention as of late, the scenario has gone viral which brings to light of the obvious neglect shown indirectly by the water facility plant in Flint.

Many of the residents are outraged about the maintenance of their water supply, and who wouldn’t be?

If you live in a city, you would expect for certain privileges to be upheld especially if you’re paying for services to be performed efficiently, effectively, and because again the fact that you’re paying you’re hard earned money to live there as a resident.

there have been specialists (water analysis), that have been examining the water supply in Flint, Michigan. After these test were conducted by the analysts, they assured to the residents that the water was not at a high-level of contamination.

Residents were skeptical about the analysis report, and sought out a specialists that they could really turn to get the “skinny” on what is exactly present in the water that they have  been drinking, bathing, and cooking with for who knows how long .

images (7)Enter Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, who stepped up to take on the challenge of finding out what is really going on with the water supply in the city.

One thing I have to mention about the statement said, is where in the world is the mayor of this city atI had to get that in there, because I’m thinking shouldn’t the mayor of this city be on this matter like flies hanging out around an open garbage dumpster?

You would think so…

Instead it’s been Dr. Attisha among other health-care professionals, who probably heard or seen too much of this story just to sit back and let it continue on like an out-of-control snowball effect that keeps gaining steam as it proceeds downhill.

images (3)The water is the primal focus that is being polluted with element contaminates such as lead, iron, most of which comes from bad piping infra-structures that are up for replacement.

Other facts such as fire hydrant cleaning, has posed a serious threat to the supply due to the fact of harmful results of corroded piping (particularly the piping system that runs to the service lines giving the residents water).

Iron has been seeping into the water main, which is caused by the water which eroded the iron water mains. You have to include the situation of lead contamination as well, this was a direct result from the untreated water supply that residents have been drinking from.

The damage it has done to some of the residents, raised attention and the focus is placed squarely upon the shoulders of the Flint’s water plant facility.

Complaints from Residents That Drink the Water Regularly:

  • images (1)some have experienced symptoms of nausea
  • complaints of iron contamination (after water analysis)
  • complaints of lead contamination (after water analysis)
  • issues with the city’s eroding piping system that carries drinking water to residents of the city
  • residents distrust the water supply plant facility’s analysis of the drinking water in Flint
  • children have been drinking the water supply, and parents fear that they’re kids will get extremely sick if they continue to rely on the drinking water in the city 
  •  images (5)Gov. Rick Synder has “failed this city” (like the famous cliche line said by Green Arrow on the CW showArrow” would say)

Seriously, all jokes side.

This is a major problem for the youth in the town, and there are other problems that are noted as well.

For Flint, Michigan like Chicago, crime has been out of control and rampant.

People are steaming mad, one could only imagine the level of frustration they are feeling right now.

Another point to ponder on, are the water bills residents are receiving to pay for they’re monthly. (LOL really, you mean to tell me that the town’s water supply facility expects for them to pay to get poisoned every month??). 

“Umm… Someone please tell me how that works?”

It’s not just the local water supply company to blame for this issue, after residents cried out for help from they’re trusty Governor to step in and lend a helping hand.

He in turn didn’t lift a dam finger to help, makes you wonder why that is?

download (1)It came down to Cher (who’s not even a Flint native born resident / there are other known actual former celeb residents who didn’t offer to help but she did), health-care providers, you can’t count the media because they are just pawns and conditioned to only give the public so many details, The Sleep Doctor” (Sleep Mattresses) helped to organize a plan with the help of WZZM-13 located in Grand Rapids, Michigan to establish a collection fund to get fresh drinking water to the citizens of Flint.

images (6.2)Mayor Karen Weaver is seeking the resignations of those involved directly with the entire incident that has now blasted its way across the ether (social media platforms) I’m sure there’s much to be said on twitter about the epidemic entirely.

After Cher contacted the popular daytime talk show The View“, to express her feelings about comments Gov. Rick Snyder made about the safety regulations surrounding Flint’s water supply.

When asked the question if Flint’s water supply was tainted, he replied that the water supply was safe, and would even let his grandchildren bathe in it.

Cher immediately called him out as a liar, this is basically what led to Mayor Weaver to step into the situation to find out how long the water was actually contaminated. And why steps were not taken to resolve the issues of Flint’s water contamination problems.

Weaver went on to talk about services that need to be put in play to help residents of the city, not to mention the diminished funds the city doesn’t have in which she said needs to be financed to help the city get back on its feet.

Cher and Weaver made valid points, heads should roll over this entire fiasco simply because all of it could have been avoided in the first place.

images (2)images (4)

Nine times out of ten, I’m sure some type of back-door dirty deals have to be in works here. I just can’t see how nothing was not done to make sure the water supply was properly maintenance.

I’m willing to bet your bottom dollar, some people knew about it and probably had a grand scheme to make money off of this some way, somehow.

After all, who knows what type of money it would take to run these facilities, let alone how much it would cost a “broken city” to fund it…

Nicely said I’d say.

Fight residents of Flint! You deserve better then what you’re getting!


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A Little Fukushima Radie In Your Water?

Ahh The Mysteries of Luscious Drinking Water

untitled 7I’m sure you’ve heard it all about the water you drink, but have you really heard it all?

Bottled water has been the standard for most, and this defection from drinking water out of the tap has been going on for a long while.

So why has this become such an issue of drinking water today?

What has drove us to this situation of having to have our water bottled in what you have to know is an contaminating item in which it comes in …

Yea I’m talking about plastic (plastic bottles).

The standard rule about plastic’s ability to hold up for generations, after it has been discarded will lay out concerns for any left-over waste product materials just crowding up the environment every single day.

A problem that can escalate over time, however this is NOT the focus of the story I bring you.

The focus today is radiation leaking into the drinking water, and it’s not just in one part of the world, it’s getting around to countries far away.

Many people probably didn’t know the story about Fukushima, yea it’s a very well known story especially for those who live there in that region.

A cloud of mystery gathers around Fukushima (radioactive power-plant) after it exploded 4 years ago back in 2011.

The plant was designed by one of the most well known generator utility producer GE (General Electric), after the facility was finished the “keys” were handed over to the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) for the facility’s operation run.

Things looked on the up and up until a disaster strike from a massive earthquake that came along one day causing the facility’s reactors 4, 5, & 6, to completely shut down awaiting to be re-fueled.

Matters got worse as reactors 1, 2, & 3, shut down after the quake had ceased.

Reactors 6, & 5, were to be prepped to assist reactor 4, it was an attempt to salvage the damage done to 4 not to mention how 6 was online to help cool down reactor 5, and ditto for the 5’s operation to help manage reactor 4.

But this was the start of more unexpected issues that arrived 50 minutes after the quake event, a tsunami picks up from where the quake left off.

After the tsunami wave breached the facility’s sea wall infrastructure, the wave reached over the wall pouring into the facility flooding into emergency generators, and yes the generators shorted out causing them to fail eventually as one would imagine.

Too make it short, the reactors melt down to a messy pulp because the water cooling systems failed, heat decay was the end result which has been an issue for the last few years.

So what does this has to do with our drinking water?

Well for …

  1. The reactors that either melted down as a result of heat decay, also help to fuel theuntitled 2 cause of the explosion when hydrogen air pressure systems became unstable causing the huge explosion to wipe out major areas of the plant
  2. Many workers paid with their lives in the midst of the incident, a total of 18,500 putting the number census just short of nineteen-thousand
  3. Reactors 1, 2, & 3, had produced over 800 kilograms of hydrogen gas each, which was vented out of the reactor pressure vessel. This was believed to be the inital cause of the explosion, the second component was the “ambient air” present which mixed in with the hydrogen gas
  4. After it was all said and done, lingering toxins from the radiation leaked out into the nearby community (there were 610 workers that also died from radiation poisoning as well), were residents died from radiation exposure
  5. Cancer illnesses were amplified / accelerated by the devastating effects from the radiation poisoning


Other Affects /Illnesses From The Radiation’s Poison:

  • Thyroid Cancer (some cases found in children)
  • Abnormal growth of Thyroid glands
  • Radioiodine exposure (Iodine – 131 “common name”), chiefly responsible for the cause of cancer related illnesses such as thyroid cancer
  • 300,000 residents left Fukushima, 1600 died due to evacuation conditions they were subjected to such as abandoned hospital facilities “serving as” temporary living quarters back in 2013
  • Despite the fact that the incident had occurred, it could have been everted and was deemed to be conspired from the beginning (it planned & plotted)

So how does this tie in with drinking water in which you have to know was affected there in that part of the region, how the water could be possibly affected in other ocean areas such as the Pacific or even the Atlantic ocean?

You have to know that any type of radiation leaks that happen to get into the water can be lethal indeed if it travels into the water systems that we use as drinking foundations.

untitled 3The Fukushima radiation spill-out into the water reached other bodies of waters around areas of Canada, the level of radiation are at a low-rating (radioactive isotopes ratings of -134, -137 were found) was detected off the shore of Vancouver, British Columbia.

The focus for the U.S. in 2015, is monitoring the surround waters there. So far contaminating factors in the water haven’t manifested yet, the projected areas such as California, & Washington (state).

Fisheries (a place where fish are reared for commercial purposes) were shut down due to possible contamination of goods, and the material left over from the Fukushima spill-out maybe in our drinking water but it could be heavily diluted and hopefully won’t cause any ill-effects in the drinking water.


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Flouride Flavored Frenzy

Flouride The New Kool-Aid In Your Water?

IMG_0005Many will laugh when you talk about the chemical poisoning of our drinking water, even if you have all of your facts in check they will still deny it only to associate it with something that they have seen in a movie plot  as fiction.

The typical response for any who fear what might be true, but tonight I want to touch up on some information that will raddle their bird cages. For those who are keen to the production of GMF’s (Genetically Modify Foods), this is a major concern to Americans today because they fear that enhanced foods are a toxicity to their well-being.

IMG_0001“Golden Rice toxicity in a jar!”

And guess what?…

They are walking on the knowledge path coming to the intersection between conspiracy avenue and theory boulevard (haha it’s a busy intersection these days no doubt).

the friggin curb

One example of that is depicted of Golden Rice that has it’s good side & bad side.

It was genetically modified to help beta-carotene deficient people, sounds innocent enough however the process of creating it will make you think twice before converting from natural vitamin A based foods.

thGolden Rice consists of daffodil genes combined with Erwinia uredovora, you need two plant DNA genes from the daffodil fused with the bacterium of Erwinia uredova that is inserted into the rice genome.

(Erwinia uredovora bacterium pictured right)

This is known as “splicing of genes”, and combined with foreign genes of another species to form a hybrid species.

imagesJ0JJPYKEBasically you’re dealing with a wild card in you’re deck because you really don’t know what this new food product can do to the body in the long run, another added piece of info that will boggle your mind is the origin of this hybrid rice product which is created through first generation technology.

So experimental rice, plus unknown consequences regarding your health, and this one will blow your socks off when your learn that this product was not even properly tested before it hit the market, so basically we’re looked upon as guinea pigs trapped in a gigantic imaginary laboratory as “test subjects” sampling food that can be potentially hazardous to our health.

I will touch up more on Golden rice in a later article, but I just wanted to put you in the mood to learn more about experimental foods that are entering the food market at an accelerated rate.

From experimental foods distribution to tampered drinking water (tapped or bottled), will put a frown on your face in a hurry.

We start with fluoride…

For those who don’t know about it contents should read up on it A.S.A.P, fluoride is a varnish used to prevent tooth decay and help to maintain healthy teeth.

IMG_0002Fluoride is a powerful chemical, when it’s added to drinking water it can have dire consequences with a person’s health.

Now I just told you the primary purpose of fluoride which is to protect your teeth (this comes from the use of toothpaste), however updated studies show different when it comes to fluoride keeping your teeth strong and healthy.

The “Journal of the American Dental Association” conducted a study which confirmed that fluoride is classified as a toxicity, and can actually destroy your teeth over long-term usage.

IMG_0003It’s even worse for fluoride found in drinking water, high intake of fluoride can lead to a disease known as dental flourosis.

[How Dental Flourosis Manifests In the Body]

  • swallowing toothpaste
  • excessive levels of fluoride found in foods
  • excessive levels of fluoride found in drinking water (tap & bottled)
  • damaged tooth enamel (can lead to tooth decay)

What Other Damage Can fluoride Do To You?

  • It can cause kidney, brain, and organ damage, perverse damage to bodily tissues.
  • Causes brain & nervous system disorder
  • Can cause brain defects in babies (6 months & younger)

Children face high-risk factors from fluoride found in toothpaste,  the same goes for adults who use oral hygiene products with fluoride content. It is still recommended by dentist to drink floridated water, and for the parents to use a water droplet device to apply the correct amount of fluoride in a newborn’s drinking water.

The recommended amount of fluoride allowed In drinking water today is set at 0.7 milligrams per liter of water, in the early 60’s it was set at 1.2 milligrams per liter. It was first added to drinking water back in the 40’s, and the obvious reason of course was to help deter tooth decay and disease among children.

Adolescents face a greater-risk of dental flourosis, the reason for this is due to the fact that high amounts of fluoride is added to mouth rinse, and prescribed supplements.

People who bear symptoms of dental flouorosis can be seen on the tooth enamel in the color of “lacy white markings” on their teeth (almost invisible), or spot formations on the enamel.

**Reducing The fluoride Content / Flouridated Brands (options)**

= non-flouride toothpastes brands – click here

= non-flouridated bottled waterclick here

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Distilled Water What Can It Really Do For You?

Distilled Water: 1st Point Made

IMG_0006[2]Tap water was always thought to be the lowest of the most low when it comes to beverage refreshment status, back in the day it was the most sought out form of drinking water on the planet.

Today however, people have turn away from it due to the many rumors that it is your basic “taboo water” to drink when you’re thirsty on a hot summer day.

But with the power of social media, and other forms of media advocates, tap water has taken a really rough beating when the conversation is brought to light about its quality safety measure hence one who can drink it without any fear of repercussion.

Many have looked upon distilled water in that very same light for years, often people are told that it is fatal to consume it. The same was said of tap water so when people in this time and age are asked to drink it from the tap LOL, many cringe and stagger back from the faucet with disgust not to mention that they worry about the weird after-taste.

So many people think that because of what they hear (hear-say), the offset tasting fact about tap water is that it’s actually good for your health. Many however will still go for bottled water (the millennium generation will not even go near a sink faucet), reason for that is the belief that tap water carries various types of deadly pathogens and contaminates.

Well in truth to that adage is this when thinking about three enemies of clean drinkable water, you will find the basic evil contamination in water itself two of which is found just about everywhere you could imagine and they are lead and bacteria.

Lead is a metallic substance that partially makes up the physical composition of an alkaline battery as well as compositions of acid hence “lead-acid batteries” as well as other structures or items such as nickels (they have some elements of lead), and the list doesn’t stop there.

Bacteria on the other hand is just everywhere you don’t want it to be LOL, it exists on floors, an unsuspecting wall, waste that comes from the body which means that yes it’s inside of us as well.

There are a lot of bacteria based types in us, you have the good types and sometimes the bad types can take control in a moment’s notice causing us to get sick which is where antibodies come in to eradicate them from our system and restoring our health.

The equally harmful concern to the lead aspect found in water is usage of disinfectants, that’s right if you didn’t know the third part of the puzzle to stabilize clean drinking tap comes from disinfectants such as chlorine.

Chlorine is a composed makeup of  “halogen group”, and on the periodic table is brandishes the symbol (Cl) or like it’s abbreviation for short-term. Common salt such as sodium chloride (ah yes, that killer sodium content) best fits its mirror image, and the basic function for its oxidizing properties so you are basically seeing where this combination of the three parts that can potentially kill great drinking water for us not to mention us!

Chlorine in drinking water can cause:

  • bladder problems
  • can lead to rectal cancer
  • it can cause asthma

So where does distilled water fall into the picture?

Noted to be referred to as the “most purified water type of the planet”, it is basically looked upon as a body cleanser.

What does it do for you in a nutshell?

  1. it’s a body detoxifier
  2. cleans cells restoring (cell health) in the body
  3. washes away harmful contaminants inside of you by expelling toxic body fluids
  4. cleans out your organs

Wow seems to be some potential wonder here about distilled water, but before we jump to conclusions lets check out the next point to be made about it.

Distilled Water: 2nd Point Made

IMG_0006[2]You might find this next point to be unbelievable to a degree, but you probably didn’t know that infections and certain diseases can fall victim to the purification abilities of distilled water.

So this brings up the obvious question from you…

“How could that be possible?”

It’s not all too complicated really, it just takes some logical thinking of what it can do which is removing harmful agents from the body that can curve your health for the worse.

So when you have people who decide to smoke cigarettes, or are heavy coffee drinkers, and worst yet are trans-fatty foods usually followed by that infamous can of cola soda, is nothing more than a pool of toxic trash that will build up inside of your body not to mention clogging it completely which blocks the flowing of blood.

Distilled water can serve as an “internal junk remover”, trash that causes diseases like atherosclerosis which you probably heard a thousand times by now is the cause of “artery hardening” due to bad dieting issues for eating non-nutrition foods that cause plague build-up (the direct target are the artery walls). 

Another thing that you might want to know about its capabilities, it can prevent the formation of gallstones, kidney stones, and even bladder stones!

If these areas of the body are preserved well, then you are treated to another reward that adds a big fat plus to maintain body health that will make for a third and final point.

Distilled Water: 3rd Point Made

So would probably wonder why you see some people who appear younger than what they are, this makes reference to their appearance despite the fact that they might even have grey hair same time they don a rather youthful look when you see their face and movement of the body seems easy and unrestricted.

Now this goes either way, it could be just years of eating the right foods for one but say if they were eating the wrong types of foods for a long while in one point of their life.

They retain the attribute of feeling great to where it radiates a youthful appearance (like new-found energy), and you guessed right about the most sacred secret to distilled water that can help to prolong ill-aging effects on the body through proper cleansing of toxic agents.

So things like arthritis, which causes your joints to swell, and being stiff and inflamed (burning sensations causing pain of muscles and joints), and many people don’t understand that it can also damage your organs and can cause regression with their eyesight (cases may vary upon the severity of arthritis condition).

The goal is to regulate the body’s functioning systems, the body itself is composed mainly of water (65% – 70%of it.

You still have other areas that contain water such as your brain which receives its nourishment for brain cells that range into the billions, your blood is another part to the puzzle that requires water as well which helps it to flow through the body.

It is critical for these areas to remain toxin-free, pollutants and contamination can heavily deter their health not to mention the consequences of disease manifestation.

Distilled Water: Finale

IMG_0006[1]Now all that has been said about distilled water sounds pretty awesome however, it still needs to be fully understood about the potential side-effects of it as well.

We basically need water for the body in order for cells to properly function, and other systems of body are included in that as you already know.

Distilled water just basically helps to remove not only trash from the body, it also have the tendency to leech onto what is called “minerals” within you.

I said it before in a recent article before that the body needs both vitamins and minerals in order to stay healthy and strong that concept will always hold truth to it, distilled water focuses on those important minerals in your body for the purpose of functionality and movement.

After all water is a powerful element, you have to know that it’s most powerful when in motion.

It is a force to be reckoned with, and that’s how distilled water interacts like a magnet when it comes into contact with minerals.

There are many types of water that we really don’t know so much about, despite the fact that we have been on this planet generation to generation with the wonder and curiosity of it every day.

For the most part and when in doubt drinking natural spring water, or purified water, is the safest way to lean toward. If you do considered drinking distilled water (for clearing toxins or detox from your body which is for the sole intended purpose only! Not for daily consumption) it would be wise to consult you doctor first before doing so because the old saying goes better safe then sorry!

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Andrew Norton Webber on Distilled Water