Genetic Material & Products in Food (GMO Factors)

GMO Breakdown of Food, Good or Bad?

imagesThis topic has been coming up for who knows how long, many scientists and researchers have addressed GMO food products.

Even though they believe that these “special” food products are good for us and can help to benefit our health in the long run, but though the eyes of the consumer tells a rather different story from what you might expect.

5389ae82-ffa4-34fb-a01f-c96f9b8371c5.2Genetic splicing is nothing new to be honest, experiments such as these have been coded (hidden in plain sight) in various movies such as Splice“.

You see the higher ups get their kicks showing you things hidden right in front of our very eyes, genetic splicing is one of the government’s top dirty little secrets that many Americans don’t have a clue is being conducted.

One of the most noted food products that has been pushed into the spotlight hundreds of time is GMO Corn which should give you a big hint as to where this is going, because it’s something that the average individual usually goes out to get from the grocery store to have for dinner later that night.

images-1-2.2It’s not just corn that on the list of modified foods, it also includes others such as tomatoes, soya, carrots (to name a few), even tofu are targets for GMO engineering.

Organic foods will win here every time, they unlike GMO’s are natural which means that there are no use or harmful chemicals. One major example of that are the foods that you find at the fast-food restaurants, these are you’re trans-fatty food types.
The chemical di-hydro monoxide is known to be used on food products such as processed foods, a lot of controversy has reared its ugly head with citizens across the country.

The end result is not an ideal one, diseases such as cancer are caused by hazardous material left behind inside of our bodies after consuming these enhanced food products.

Cancer isn’t the only big worry, there are other adverse effects that can manifest from genetically modified foods.

Below is a list of other foods that can trigger other abnormalities and diseases.

GMO Health Issues:

  • Can cause Autism
  • Can trigger symptoms leading to Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Type-2 Diabetes
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Leads to issues of Obesity

There are other factors involving the concern with the balance of nutrients from GMO foods, Mitochondrial dysfunction is what leads to the disease and adverse conditions (such as mitochondrial disease) mentioned in the bulletin above.

Mitochondria are specialized cellular parts (structured) that perform certain task functions within the body. They’re main priority is to generate energy (energy production), manage toxic elements inside the body (detoxification abilities), and cellular signaling functions (known as “apoptosis” & “necrosis” — cellular programming).

When combined with other health factors, the chances of severe illness and health deterioration will increase significantly. Mitochondrial dysfunction is closely associated with a life-threatening condition known as apoptosis , this is when cells in the bodies kill themselves off which results in cellular death (this is known as “Programmed Cell Death”).

images 6Inadequate supply of nutrients (such as Vitamin D deficiency), will result in malnutrition which can also lead to apoptosis. Another factor that can cause cell death is known as Necrosiswhich results in cell death due to severe trauma or infection.

Certain food additives used on products (such as vanilla ice cream), can be dangerous. One particular extract known as vanillin derives from vanilla bean extract.

This next part will piss off vanilla ice cream lovers out there I’m sure, but what gives vanilla ice cream its flavor is due to the vanillin element present in its content.

Vanilla flavoring is “synthetic based”, meaning that it comes from an origin source. That source is vanillin.

Vanillin rates low as a hazard to humans as it is used to help give vanilla its flavor, however it can cause irritation to the digestive tractThis is why your parents would tell you NOT to eat a lot of ice cream especially before dinner-time.

Large consumption of ice cream can lead to mitochondrial dysfunction, remember ice cream has no nutritional value which means it’s considered junk food. And what junk food products can interfere with the body’s detoxification systembut you see this is just many factors that can lead to health problems from non-nutritious foods we consume every day.

download2GMO’s fall into this category for the same reason, even genetically modified foods” such as fish (salmon specifically), are potentially a threat to DNA alteration.

Your body is comprised of cells the make up its total composition, so what happens if a large number of cells die off too quickly?

You’re starting to catch my drift I believe, LOL.

images 5GMO foods are basically experimental products in my opinion, pathogenic factors among chemical factors can cause trauma to healthy cells in your body. It can also cause issues with cellular signaling (cells react to specific signal patterns to carry out their functioning roles), which is where cells could die off (due to apoptosis).

GMO’s are still under study to verify whether or not they are safe for consumers to eat, for 2016 more conducted test are being ran on GM crops especially since they face much scrutiny from misinformation and manipulation of data for the potential side-effects they have over the masses (public).

This is why labeling of GM foods, should be heavily favored for products sold at supermarkets, and the local grocery establishments.


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Congestive Heart Failure What Causes It?

Understanding What Congestive Heart Failure Is

IMG_0001 2Many people think that a disease like Congestive Heart Failure is when the heart has stopped working, but this is not true you see it’s the exact opposite of that it is when the heart pumps blood in a weaken state.

Blood will travel through the heart slowly, this will cause pressure to build up in the heart itself. What’s worse is that nutrients and oxygen flowing through the body, will have a hard time getting to different areas of the body itself thus forms the problem of deficiencies

IMG_0002The chambers of the heart will begin to stretch in order to continue to pump more blood through the body, the problem is however will be the restriction of the blood trying to travel through (due to the stiffness / thickness of the blood in the chambers of the heart).  The heart will lose it’s ability to pump blood that is needed for the body, the muscle walls of the heart will become weakened and as a result the kidneys will start to retain water (fluid) as well as salt in the body.

This will cause a condition known as Gout to take effect on the organs of the body as well as the muscle regions and it is a painful condition for the person to endure, the following bullet list will show where Gout can strike:

  • Arms (swelling / stiffness)
  • Legs (swelling / stiffness)
  • Feet & Ankles (swelling / stiffness)
  • Lungs & other vital organs (inflammation / internal bleeding)

When parts of the body is stricken by this condition, it will make the person feel very uncomfortable putting them into a congestive state of health. There are other diseases that can manifest from congestive heart failure such as Coronary Artery Disease or (CAD) which is when the arteries IMG_0004 3that suppiles the oxygen and blood for the heart become restricted (decreased), and just like the stomach (lack of food) if the heart cannot receive blood and nutrients (due to blockage in the arteries) it will become starved causing damage to the heart itself.

The next thing that can happen if the coronary artery is blocked completely and blood cannot enter through, will cause a heart attack as a result which is deadly and potentially fatal to the individual. Damage to the heart will occur, and can leave scarred tissue in the heart that does not fuction efficiently.

IMG_0003 2People who are alcohol / drug abusers that cause damage to their hearts is from the term called Cardiomyopathythis can cause the heart to become weakened because of the blood flow problems in the body, artery blockage (plague build-up). And the most common type of heart trauma can concur from extreme work conditions or tension that is placed on the heart, read the list ot find out more about heart diseases that can come from stressing the heart and hereditary traits that can also be a factor:

  • Thyroid Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney Disesase
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Heart Valve Disease
  • Heart Defects (present at birth / hereditary)

Any of the mentioned factor above can lead to heart disease, this doesn’t even include the fact that multiple conditions can also manifest within the individual.

Congestive Heart Failure: Symptoms That Manifest

The obvious part of Congestive Heart Failure would be the swelling and stiffness of theIMG_0005 muscles that will cause great pain and discomfort, other symptoms such as blood present in urine. The body does it’s part to warn you when it is in trouble, it does not matter what aliment you face it just matters that you recognize symptoms that can be trying to tell you that you need to seek immediate medical attention ASAP (as soon as possible). Such is the case for congestive heart failure and how it can savagely change a person’s health from excellent to mundane in a short period of time.

My Father fell victim to it in 2011, and in this it was very hard for me to sit and watch him just go from great health to barely being able to get out of his wheel chair when he had to go to partcipate in physical therapy sessions. For me it was very hard to phatom the very idea that he was dying and it was nothing me and my family could do about it… It just breaks my heart.

He had symptoms of gout that really took him through a lot of pain, his knees, hands, feet, & ankles were constantly swollen, and he had internal bleeding in the liver. He faced the same heart problems that many have faced each year from this viral disease, he also had other troubles that came about as well. On his 69th birthday I brought him a birthday card, and a few hours later he called me and said I’ll never forget this

“Why didn’t you get me a birthday card!”

I paused, my Mom paused, and we looked at each other then she turned to him and said.

“Baby, Jaye did get you a card it’s right there on your table tray.”

I knew then he was demostrating signs of Alzheimer’s Diseaseafter that I was lost in heavy thought and frustration because I was totally losing my Dad. A month after his birthday he lost his battle to the disease.

“Rest in peace Pops you don’t have to suffer anymore you’re finally free!” 🙂

Sorry I didn’t mean to get sidetracked but I hate to see anybody go through pain like that, but that was some of the symptoms that I witnessed myself when my Father suffered from this disease, and I wasn’t told in complete detials from my Mother of any other symptoms that he could have develop during his hardship with a list of aliments.

At the end of the article entry I will provide a link for you guys to learn other aliments that can concurr from it, but for now we have one more section to talk about in this passage so let’s hop to it shall we.

Congestive Heart Failure: Treatment Options

The doctor can provide many options that can help individauls that have heart problems, urgency in recognizing the symptoms (indicators) of it right away will help the doctor determine your diagnosis very quickly. Medication is a definite choice to consider when prescirbed by a physician, depending on your condition the physician should take great care in providing the proper medication for the individual’s aliment.

There are other medical drugs that can provide even more alternatives, the list below will state that meaning and effectiveness when used to manage symptoms of heart failure.

  • Diuretics & Digoxin – is prescribe by the physician which leads to the point of the medication’s purpose which is to help to reduce the buildup of fluid in the body, and at the same time help to strengthen and regulate your heartbeat; Digoxin is also referred by the name “Lanoxin”.
  • BiDil (isosorbide dinitrate/hydralazine) – This is a combination drug is used for people who still have remaining symptoms of heart failure, the combination of ACE inhibitor & beta-blocker can help the heart to fuction more efficiently. This drug has been under study and helps to improve the survival rate amongst African-Americans (studies are inconclusive whether or not BiDil would be effective for other ethnic groups) that deal with symptoms of heart failure.
  • ACE inhibitors & ARBs – Both enalapril and lisinopril are considered the focal point in terms of drug treatment for people that suffer with congestive heart failure. ACE inhibtors helps to improve the blood flow through the blood vessels, in the same process it also reduces the progression of (CHD)Blood pressure is also reduced, and the heartbeat is regulated to relieve stress as it pumps blood through the body (the heart does not strain itself which can bring about symptoms related to heart disease).
  • Aldosterone blockers – both eplerenone & Spironolactone can prevent activity of the hormone known as aldosterone, this medication is used for heart attack victims by reducing the sodium levels (it helps to regulate blood flow) it can also reduce the chances of both heart failure and hospitalization for the victim.
  • Beta-blockers – These combination drugs are known as metoprolol carvedilol will help the heart to fuction at it’s normal rate (relieves stress on the heart), it is an effective treatment medication option for people who suffer from congestive heart failure.

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