BBQ Conspriacy: What’s Up With The Bad Breath?

Barbecue Giving Good Breath The Heave ho!

IMG_0011[1]So you’re hungry… You haven’t had anything to eat in the morning, and your tempted to take the unnecessary trip to White Castles for a couple of sliders (White Castle Burgers in case you didn’t know the term).  You throw on your basic pair of jeans and your favorite t-shirt, you put on your favorite pair of gym shoes until your cell phone starts sounding off like a fire truck siren.

You look at the contact number only to see that it is a friend that you spoke with the prior week about coming to his barbecue outing, you contemplate whether to go and decide you will attend. After going back into the house changing your clothes getting ready for the outing, your wife tags along ready to chop down on some mouth-watering BBQ ribs.

You and your wife make it to the outing, your friend really out does himself preparing quite the array of barbecue dishes. After the outing you and your wife decide to go for a walk in the park, the two of you are having a good time talking which will then lead to the most obvious thing that normally happens between a married couple… She wants a kiss.

So you lean in close to do so until she turn away from you, you pause wondering what the h*@l is the problem?

She says…

IMG_0007[1]“You didn’t bring any breath mints?”

“Well I thought you might have brought some, you don’t have any in your purse?”

**She sighs with disbelief**

And there you go, that is the one thing that can ruin any moment known in the history of classic romance because of classic bad breath.

Let’s face the truth about this problem after eating some kick-ass BBQ on nice sunny day. Yes barbecue taste great (as long as you prepare it the right way and don’t burn it to a crisp), but you have to be aware that it is a additive comfort food not to mention a bringer of offensive bad breath.

So the next question is why? So let’s find out more.

BBQ Putting A Choke Hold On Your Breath

Many people don’t realize the power of barbecue, the intoxication of it’s juices when your bite into the savory marinated meat that immediately hits the pleasure center in the brain.

The “double-helix” to that is what will happen to your breath later during that day, when the average person eat a serving of ribs, barbecue polish sausages, etc., the last thing that is on their mind is rushing to the bathroom to floss and brush their teeth –Johnny on the Spot– LOL.

You see the thing you have to realize after eating barbecue are the food particles that are left, another remainder are the Amino Acids compounds that will convert to sulfur (sulphur amino acids) can start off the “non-fresh” breath conspiracy. Sulfur in itself is an interesting element, when it is heated it will give off no odor.

People commonly think that sulfur gives off an odor but it is actually odorless thanks to the oxidation properties it holds (the combination result in biochemical reactions in the body) if you factor in living organisms such as bacteria that comes into contact with certain elements then the game changes significantly.

When carbon elements are heated it will give off putrid odors, they can even make one feel nauseous making a person wanting to throw up to put it bluntly. You should already know that carbon elements from the body smell LOL (waste, and yes it’s in your mouth). Yes we exhale carbon dioxide out of the body through the nose and mouth, same time there are still other places in the body that bad odors can come from.

Going down the rabbit hole will lead you to the organs and body cavities, so areas such as the lungs, the sinuses, the stomach, the tonsils, and the exhaling of breath combining these different regions of the body that give off strong odors can be overwhelming to anyone who stands literally face to face with the person’s chronic breath issue (a basic indicator of bad breath is the person listening to the person talking keeps tilting their head toward another direction to avoid the blast). 

BBQ Feeding Your Mouth & Bacteria

IMG_0009[1]The major cause of bad breath comes from the unwanted of foil bacteria, now don’t get it wrong about bacteria we do need bacteria in the body (the good type) to stay healthy. Another key rule about bacteria is this, like us we consume food or liquids and in turn we release what is left over after the body hs taken in the necessary proteins that it needs.

This of course is known as waste, and with bacteria it’s the same deal because whatever you eat guess it does too. When it’s all said and done the bacteria present in your mouth will release what is known as waste byproducts, and the area in the mouth is the most targeted region because of the constant intake of food that goes through the break down process of proteins.

So after eating that fine strip of barbecue with all the fixings just moments ago, will turn into some pretty foil breath odor within a period of time.

I know… I know… It’s not fair right? How eating great foods such as barbecue can put such a burden on your breath (especially after eating a plate of extra spicy ribs), but this is the direct result from volatile sulfur compounds or better known as (VSC) is a common enemy of bad breath running amuck in your mouth.

On a scale level of stink LOL, you could compare bad breath to the following list down below…

IMG_0010[1]Cadaverine is similar to the smell of urine and rotten decaying meat, where as Skatole mirrors the smell of feces, Putrescine smell is from rotten meat, and if you can imagine how Al Bundy’s feet smell then you would what Isovleric Acid smells like.

Yea if it’s that bad-smelling like Bundy’s feet, then you REALLY have a bad mouth odor going on there soldier!

BBQ: Curving Bad Breath After Eating It

Besides dealing with the factors of bad breath after consuming your favorite barbecue dish, you still have another angle to the bad breath junction. That junction is another stigma known as “dry mouth”, you see many people may not know that saliva is the natural lubricant that can help to save your breath. That’s right you did just that hear that, another part of that issue can be indirect factors such as medications that can further contribute to the problem.

IMG_0008[1]Antihistamines, antidepressants, high-blood pressure medicine, can cause the mouth dry out from within. When this happens then various bacteria will simply multiply making matters worse than what they already are, oh yea almost forgot about the infamous morning breath issue which is a dry mouth situation that takes place overnight while you sleep.

Wow! So many ways to come down with the case of the “Funky Breath Blues” 🙁 .

Other Issues are:

  • Cotton Mouth
  • Smokers
  • Bad Oral Hygiene (habits)
  • Oh yea mouthwash LOL, it may work for a short period of time but later it will come back to haunt you later (the alcohol content is a the big culprit there
  • Dairy content is a bad breath odor magnet!

Lubercation is the major thing that the body must have, make sure that you are drinking enough water to help prevent dry mouth. Now many people are notorious for this food item choice to put on a barbecue burger or steak sandwich which is the usage of onions as a topping, understand that onions have high traces of sulfur compounds in it’s content so basically you’re already burning your bridges before you even finish off whatever BBQ delight you’re munching on.

Barbecue sauce is your enemy as well (but let’s be honest what’s barbecue without it) because of the garlic content that it has not to mention the level of sugar that is also present. Putting all of this together will lead to possible tooth decay, gum diseases that is a major problem related to sugary food content.

If you’re going to use BBQ sauce (and who wouldn’t), then go for sauces that have a lower sugar content and commercial barbecue sauces — they have 16 – 30 grams of sugar per quarter cup serving  are the main ones to avoid but if like them then that of course is by your choice.

The key thing to remember is to cut down on the harmful contents of BBQ sauceCutting down 50 % of sugar / sodium content intake will no only help to improve your breath, because also your health 15 grams or less is the recommended amount of additives for BBQ sauce.  

Flossing & brushing (floss and brush after meals and use toothpaste that does not have detergent in it which means to avoid the ingredient — sodium lauryl sulfate *or soap*) will help to cut down the bacterial  baddies that are present, and again drinking water & tea are a plus people love pops I know but try to cut down on them and alcohol.

If you’re going with added solutions to kill off bad breath horrors, then check out a product that some of you might know called TheraBreath which some friends of mines were telling works great.


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The Health Factors On Preparing Barbecue

Barbecue Grilling & You

IMG_0006[2]So here’s the skinny right up front about barbecue you need charcoal (or) propane to cook the food desired, the alternative term for doing so is referred to as “grilling” which can cook any meat on a grill in a lickety-split short period of time.

You have other methods to cook the meat as well such as the wood-fuel fire approach even though it is slower than the previous first method mentioned above.

Barbecuing is known as “southern-style” cooking which seems great due to the food being prepared, however there is another side to barbecuing that often goes unnoticed which is the “quality of eating” in terms of your health.

This starts with the types of chemicals such as propane (or) charcoal used to make the “magic” of cooking happen, but using gases such as propane is hazardous to one’s health.

Even with the use of charcoal as a means of cooking on the grill will still present health risks when engaging in food consumption, check out the list of things that makes it dangerous:

  • Grilling method will increase your risk for cancer
  • Barbecue grilling is almost as bad “processed foods”
  • Heterocyclic Amines (HCA) & Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) takes place doing the cooking method which comes in the form of ,frying / boiling, Mutagenic properties that is passed along to us that alters the body and DNA putting the risk for cancer at a high level

HCA(s) are formed when amino acids, creatine, and sugar take effect when met with high temperatures. PAHS form when the juices and fats from the meat drip onto the fire to create flames, and the flames carrying PAHS then are laced upon the meat’s surface.

HCA & PAH levels are difficult to measure when cooking meals on the grill, the only way they can possibly be measured would be from epidemiological studyquestionnaires are used to further examine participants’ meat consumption and cooking methods to assist in both HCA & PAH level of exposure.

Research study on people who eat barbecue after it has been prepared on the grill, the research study focused on the constant consumption of it which will lead to a number of health problems such as, prostate, pancreatic, laryngeal, & colorectal cancers.

That’s not the only major factor, you also have to think about breathing in the compounds that are released into the air in that read below what you will be breathing from exposure:

  • Aromatic volatile organic compounds
  • Cadmium
  • Nickel
  • Cobalt
  • Mercury emission
  • Carbonyl


Solutions for Safer Barbecue Grilling

The best options for cooking meat on the grill would be simply to follow regulating guidelines that suggest the usage of charcoal should be done in moderations (proportions) with food preparations.

Feedback on gathered studies by researchers that monitor dangerous toxic levels found in barbecue after it is prepared and cooked, suggest that BBQ charcoal needs to be used in smaller increments in attempts to lessen the chance for health risks further down the line.

Not only should you use smaller portions of charcoal, but you should also do the same for the meat you are preparing as well.

Cooking smaller pieces of meat will benefit your health, the reason for that is simply because you are using the smaller size meat which would require a lower setting for the temperature used to cook it.

This will cut down on the chemicals that are formed in the smoke as it rises from the charcoal, you’re also cutting your cooking time so this means you’re also cutting the amount of heterocycles amines that would accumulate at higher temperatures.

Another thing to consider is the option of marinating your food, doing this will also cut down on the formation of heterocyclic amines which is the idea goal to shoot for when grilling meat.

Use leaner meat when you do grill, and the reason for that is of course would be meat that is less fattening the added plus with it is smaller cooking flames at the same time less smoke as a result.

If you pre-cook the food in a microwave (do it every 2 minutes), this will help to cut down the heterocyclic amines factor by as much as 90%. 

Flipping your meat frequently keeps the meat balanced from absorbing too much or too little heat due to the time each side that will be cooked.


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