Flint’s Dangerous Waters

A Serious Case of Bad Tap Water?

download8That single line was a mouthful said for the residents out in Flint, Michigan.

The situation surrounds the bad drinking water that has really gained attention as of late, the scenario has gone viral which brings to light of the obvious neglect shown indirectly by the water facility plant in Flint.

Many of the residents are outraged about the maintenance of their water supply, and who wouldn’t be?

If you live in a city, you would expect for certain privileges to be upheld especially if you’re paying for services to be performed efficiently, effectively, and because again the fact that you’re paying you’re hard earned money to live there as a resident.

there have been specialists (water analysis), that have been examining the water supply in Flint, Michigan. After these test were conducted by the analysts, they assured to the residents that the water was not at a high-level of contamination.

Residents were skeptical about the analysis report, and sought out a specialists that they could really turn to get the “skinny” on what is exactly present in the water that they have  been drinking, bathing, and cooking with for who knows how long .

images (7)Enter Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, who stepped up to take on the challenge of finding out what is really going on with the water supply in the city.

One thing I have to mention about the statement said, is where in the world is the mayor of this city atI had to get that in there, because I’m thinking shouldn’t the mayor of this city be on this matter like flies hanging out around an open garbage dumpster?

You would think so…

Instead it’s been Dr. Attisha among other health-care professionals, who probably heard or seen too much of this story just to sit back and let it continue on like an out-of-control snowball effect that keeps gaining steam as it proceeds downhill.

images (3)The water is the primal focus that is being polluted with element contaminates such as lead, iron, most of which comes from bad piping infra-structures that are up for replacement.

Other facts such as fire hydrant cleaning, has posed a serious threat to the supply due to the fact of harmful results of corroded piping (particularly the piping system that runs to the service lines giving the residents water).

Iron has been seeping into the water main, which is caused by the water which eroded the iron water mains. You have to include the situation of lead contamination as well, this was a direct result from the untreated water supply that residents have been drinking from.

The damage it has done to some of the residents, raised attention and the focus is placed squarely upon the shoulders of the Flint’s water plant facility.

Complaints from Residents That Drink the Water Regularly:

  • images (1)some have experienced symptoms of nausea
  • complaints of iron contamination (after water analysis)
  • complaints of lead contamination (after water analysis)
  • issues with the city’s eroding piping system that carries drinking water to residents of the city
  • residents distrust the water supply plant facility’s analysis of the drinking water in Flint
  • children have been drinking the water supply, and parents fear that they’re kids will get extremely sick if they continue to rely on the drinking water in the city 
  •  images (5)Gov. Rick Synder has “failed this city” (like the famous cliche line said by Green Arrow on the CW showArrow” would say)

Seriously, all jokes side.

This is a major problem for the youth in the town, and there are other problems that are noted as well.

For Flint, Michigan like Chicago, crime has been out of control and rampant.

People are steaming mad, one could only imagine the level of frustration they are feeling right now.

Another point to ponder on, are the water bills residents are receiving to pay for they’re monthly. (LOL really, you mean to tell me that the town’s water supply facility expects for them to pay to get poisoned every month??). 

“Umm… Someone please tell me how that works?”

It’s not just the local water supply company to blame for this issue, after residents cried out for help from they’re trusty Governor to step in and lend a helping hand.

He in turn didn’t lift a dam finger to help, makes you wonder why that is?

download (1)It came down to Cher (who’s not even a Flint native born resident / there are other known actual former celeb residents who didn’t offer to help but she did), health-care providers, you can’t count the media because they are just pawns and conditioned to only give the public so many details, The Sleep Doctor” (Sleep Mattresses) helped to organize a plan with the help of WZZM-13 located in Grand Rapids, Michigan to establish a collection fund to get fresh drinking water to the citizens of Flint.

images (6.2)Mayor Karen Weaver is seeking the resignations of those involved directly with the entire incident that has now blasted its way across the ether (social media platforms) I’m sure there’s much to be said on twitter about the epidemic entirely.

After Cher contacted the popular daytime talk show The View“, to express her feelings about comments Gov. Rick Snyder made about the safety regulations surrounding Flint’s water supply.

When asked the question if Flint’s water supply was tainted, he replied that the water supply was safe, and would even let his grandchildren bathe in it.

Cher immediately called him out as a liar, this is basically what led to Mayor Weaver to step into the situation to find out how long the water was actually contaminated. And why steps were not taken to resolve the issues of Flint’s water contamination problems.

Weaver went on to talk about services that need to be put in play to help residents of the city, not to mention the diminished funds the city doesn’t have in which she said needs to be financed to help the city get back on its feet.

Cher and Weaver made valid points, heads should roll over this entire fiasco simply because all of it could have been avoided in the first place.

images (2)images (4)

Nine times out of ten, I’m sure some type of back-door dirty deals have to be in works here. I just can’t see how nothing was not done to make sure the water supply was properly maintenance.

I’m willing to bet your bottom dollar, some people knew about it and probably had a grand scheme to make money off of this some way, somehow.

After all, who knows what type of money it would take to run these facilities, let alone how much it would cost a “broken city” to fund it…

Nicely said I’d say.

Fight residents of Flint! You deserve better then what you’re getting!


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So What Is Cher’s Secret?

She Still Looks Amazing… But How?

o-CHER-facebookFor years you come to know her from the songs she sang with the late Sonny Bono, Cher and Bono were known best for the famous song “I got you babe” which they performed almost 51 years ago.

After Bono’s death in 1998, Cher would go on to perform a variety of hit songs on her own. She became one of the top divas among other noted singers such as, Tina TurnerDiana Ross,  and my personal favorite performer the late Janice Joplin.

untitled4She even starred in dramatic roles in movies, one I remembered seeing that starred her and Eric Sholtz named “Mask” was about her son who was deformed at birth (he had an enlarged head) protected her son at all costs as he faced much adversity growing up.

But this isn’t about the movies and songs she starred in or made not what-so-ever, instead the focus is on Cher herself in terms of how she looks today.

And I have to say the girl looks fantastic LOL, she still got it.

Cher is basically in her 70’s, and some are starting to wonder just how is she managing to keep her youthful looks alive?

We all know about the magic of that, how celebrities usually go under the knife, or get a tuck here or there to tidy up the wrinkles. But you might be rather shocked about Cher’s method, or rather the type of crème she uses to keep that rejuvenated look very alive and kicking.

So what is it?

What is this wonder crème, that has everybody buzzing like a flock of wild bees fighting over that rich-tasting sweet nectar?

Now I’ve heard about this one stem gel face crème that is making waves on social media, not to mention the likes of celebrities that should know this product.

immediate-effects2The name of it is Genucel by Shamaneek, this particular skin-care product has made people’s dreams come true for those who have a problem with unwanted wrinkles (particularly bags under the eyes), WGN 720 Radio mentions this evolutionary product every single day of the week LOL.

Even some of the staff reviewed it after trying it, they had to confess that it is amazing and shows much promise bringing more confidence to anyone who tries it for the purpose of look enhancement and youthful skin features.

This brings us back to Cher for a moment, you have to wonder what is she doing or taking to keep her looks in check shedding signs of facial ware and tear.

Well to point out the obvious Cher indeed endorses the product after trying it, she saw what it can do for not only herself, but for anyone who wants to look their best especially if you’re in the social media realm public eye.

To quote her this is what she said about using Genucel.

“People ask if I changed makeup. No, I haven’t changed my makeup. Thanks, for thinking that, but it’s got to be Genucel. Incredible product! Fine lines are fading away and the puffiness dissipating quickly. It really works.” – Cher

That was Cher’s take on using the product, the was however an unsatisfied customer that shared a different opinion about the product’s. performance.

Not only does the eye cream not work, it makes the bags and puffiness more noticeable. Also, you pay shipping both ways plus a return fee of 9%. Don’t order it. They must make their money on over-charging for shipping and return fees! I would not recommend this to a friend. – Karin

That being said brings us to Genucel’s active ingredients that gives the product its spark, and driving force to do what many have claimed it can do.

Which is to make wrinkles and crow’s feet disappear.

Genucel’s key ingredients:

  • Powerful antioxidants which deters the adverse effects of free radicals (skin aging & damage reduced)
  • It uses Green tea leaf extract antioxidant base, which helps to protect the skin from harmful free radical damage. This will lead to symptoms of aging.
  • Eyeseryl – is known as a Tetrapeptide (which is regarded as a “peptide”), tetrapeptide is a simulator attuned to a variety of receptors improving their stimulation and rejuvenating abilities
  • Algae Extract – possess trace elements and key vitamin nutrients that help to keep your skin healthy and strong
  • Goji berries extract – goji berries are known to help to maintain healthy blood circulation (particularly the heart), this explains why the product can help to deter “puffy bags under the eyes” as well as slowing aging skin
  • PhytoCellTec Malus Doemestica Plant stem cells – comes from the “Apple Tree” otherwise known as Malus Doemestica, the stem cells properties it possess is the prime ingredient found in Genucel
  • Hydrolysed marine collagen – also known as collagen hydrolysate & hydrolyzed gelatin, the particular element helps to strengthen the skin’s elasticity which makes the skin appear fresh and youthful.

Genucel is not for everybody, some users of the product claim that it caused skin irritation, the majority of users claim the product vastly improved their skin’s rejuvenating properties.

The product is not 100% proving or tested for adverse side-effects, this basically puts the product into the “unknown” category so extreme caution should be taken when using the product over a long-term time period.

It’s highly suggested to speak with a dermatologist before trying this product (especially if you’re prone to skin irritations from skin care products such as lotions or sprays), it’s better to be safe then sorry!


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