Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer: How It Strikes

How many people do you think wonder whether or not if they are a target for Pancreatic Cancer?

The idea amount is very shocking, as a matter of fact, it can be downright scary.

The reason I say that is because of this type of disease which seems to strike people out of the blue, the warning signs are hard to detect right away.

So you’re probably thinking…

“If that’s the case, how could you have any remote possible chance to tell if you’re a prime candidate for this illness?”

thQuestion such as this will pop up, and it’s only to be expected because we live in a world today which is centered in the middle of environmental hazards, or the water we drink, if you really want to get on a personal level about it, the food eat consume every day as play a major role in our internal health.

So to pinpoint this particular illness which strike the pancreas, we will need indicators (a.k.a “Symptoms” which eventually start to make it’s presence known).

thPancreatic cancer when the glandular organ behind the stomach begins to multiply out of control and form a mass (lumpy mass formation), this is classified as a “viral cancer”.  Jaundice (is yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes), pain is experienced in the upper or middle abdomen and back are associated with this condition.

They are also various types of Pancreatic Cancer, pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (NETs) are often different, so they are described separately. Another scary fact about this disease, are the manifestation of symptoms in which the individual starts to notice. Pancreatic (NETs) can vary, signs may or may not


Talk about your silent killer, it’s diseases such as these which attacks the body in random fashion making the individual feel extremely vulnerable to it.

However the case may be about the disease’s relentlessness, there are many that have a chink in their armor (meaning they can be dealt with through medical, and other conventional means to eradicate it inside of the body). 

First we have to understand the tumor types which fuels the cancer itself.

Benign, Malignant, Exocrine tumors, Are The Main Factors. 

Tumors are the main focus in many cancers which effect us, benign types, are less threatening because they are stationary (depending if they growth near an organ and press against them), malignant tumors are more dangerous because they “migrate” throughout the body (this is classified as a viral infection cancer).

Adenocarcinomas are identified as exocrine tumors,they are responsible for over 90% of related cases.

th (1)Adenocarcinomas often manifest within the ducts, (or hollow passageways) which connects the pancreas to the duodenum which is located in the upper part of the small intestine (ductal adenocarcinomas).

Adenocarcinomas which originate in the cells may sometimes produce pancreatic enzymes, they are known as acinar cell carcinomas.

Treatment and prognosis of exocrine tumors gravitate toward the amount of time they have spread within the body (this greatly depends on the “cancer stage”, instead of the exact kind of cancer affecting the host).

The earliest detection of an invading tumor is always the best case scenario, if the disease is caught before it spreads erratically throughout the body, the prognosis outcome is generally better. These tumors are often removed surgically using either the Whipple procedure, distal pancreatectomy or, rarely, total pancreatectomy.

Unfortunately, cancers of the exocrine pancreas do not typically manifests symptoms until they have spread to other parts of the body, and they cannot be easily detected by a doctor during a physical exam.

A key exception is that of obstructive jaundice (yellowing of the eyes & skin), in which the tumor grows in the region of the pancreatic head and blocks the flow of bile from the liver into the duodenum.

Obstructive jaundice is a very serious condition which threatens the individual’s well-being, seek immediate medical attention as soon as possible. It is deemed incurable” especially when cancer of the exocrine pancreas continuously spreads, treatment options may still be an option however through a combination of methods such as surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy (it does however depends on the stage progression of the cancer, which will determine the overall outcome when treatment methods are applied).

Pancreatic Cancer Locating / Treatment Options:

th (1)Pancreatic cancer treatment depends on what stage (how far it has progressed within a region of the body) the disease is in. For pancreatic cancer, it is one of the most important factors which can ultimately determine the treatment option (unless it has spread far beyond possible treatment options).

Your doctor may use several tools to determine whether or not the cancer growth extends beyond the pancreas. Examination equipment will help them to examine the progression of the disease within the body.

Doctor may decide on performing additional tests, (laparoscopy, chest X-ray or bone scan are various procedures taken to pinpoint the cancer infection). 

  1. Laparoscopy – A small incision is made (small ‘slit’ opening made with a surgical knife) in the abdomen to closely explore the normality of the area.
  2. Chest X-Ray – Is another method which can be used to examine in chest region — via through the use of a high-powered imaging machine. Using the machine can help the health-care examiner locate various infectious diseases inside of our bodies.
  3. Bone Cancer Scan – this particular machine will scan areas with

Causes of Pancreatic Cancer include:

  • Cigarette smoking.
  • Chronic pancreatitis.
  • A family history of pancreatic cancer.
  • Obesity.

Depending on various tumor mass development, surgical approaches are utilized for the purpose of cancer eradication which may be located in the head, body, tail, or uncinate process of the pancreas.

Pancreatic cancer symptoms depend on the site of the tumor within the pancreas and the degree of tumor involvement.

In the early stages of pancreatic cancer there are not many noticeable symptoms. As the cancer grows, symptoms may include the following:

  • Jaundice.
  • Light-colored stools or dark urine.
  • Pain in the upper or middle abdomen and back.
  • Weight loss for no known reason.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Fatigue.

thPancreatic Cancer is difficult to prognosis this disease, as well as to detect it right away due to the following scenarios:

  • There are no noticeable signs or symptoms in the early stages of pancreatic cancer.
  • The signs of pancreatic cancer, when present, are like the signs of many other illnesses, such as pancreatitis or an ulcer.
  • The pancreas is obscured by other organs in the abdomen and is difficult to visualize clearly on imaging tests.

Imaging technology is an important resource to consider as a key diagnosis option for detecting pancreatic cancer. Identifying patients who are living with the disease, not amenable to resection. Imaging tests that may be used include the following

  • Helical computed tomographic (scan).
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (scan).
  • Endoscopic ultrasound.
  • Laparoscopy & laparoscopic ultrasound may be used to decrease the use of laparotomy.

-The primary factors that influence prognosis are:

  • Whether the tumor is localized and can be completely resected.
  • Whether the tumor has spread to lymph nodes or elsewhere.

Exocrine pancreatic cancer is rarely curable and has an overall survival (OS) rate of less than 6%.[10]

The highest cure rate occurs if the tumor is truly localized to the pancreas; however, this stage of disease accounts for less than 20% of cases. For patients with localized disease and small cancers (<2 cm) with no lymph node metastases and no extension beyond the capsule of the pancreas, complete surgical resection is associated with an actuarial 5-year survival rate of 18% to 24%.[11][Level of evidence: 3iA]

Surgical resection is the mainstay of curative treatment and provides a survival benefit in patients with small, localized pancreatic tumors. Patients with unresectable, metastatic, or recurrent disease are unlikely to benefit from surgical resection.

Pancreatic tumors are resistant to treatment with chemotherapy and radiation.

Patients with any stage of pancreatic cancer can appropriately be considered candidates for clinical trials because of the poor response to chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery as conventionally used.

Palliative Therapy

Palliation of symptoms may be achieved with conventional treatment.

Palliative measures that may improve quality of life while not affecting OS include the following:[12,13]

  • Surgical or radiologic biliary decompression.
  • Relief of gastric outlet obstruction.
  • Pain control.
  • Psychological care to address the potentially disabling psychological events associated with the diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic cancer.



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Cancer’s Worst Enemy: The Red Hot Peppers

Too Hot For Cancer Cells To Handle?

download-3And with all the techniques used through today’s technology we have advanced very far indeed.

But what about a more unconventional way of battling cancer cells in the body?

What if someone told you about eating a substantial amount Habanero  Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Scientists and medical experts wanted to figure out how to process capsaicin into a cancer-fighting medication that could be used practically, since the number of chili peppers a human would need to eat in order to reach the therapeutic level would be unrealistic to achieve through diet.

A 200-pound man would have had to eat 10 completely whole fresh Habanero per week, to attain the levels of capsaicin given to the lab mice.

These particular type of peppers are extremely hot, yes they will burn your tongue, but the plus side to eating them is the damage they can do to cancer cells.

You’re probably wondering why chili peppers?

Well it’s not just chili peppers that can battle cancer alone, this is where capsaicin is needed to fill in the blanks of the equation.

Well of course you are, and you’re doing right to be more inquisitive.

Cancer’s Worst Enemy: The Capsaicin Factor

Capsaicin alone can disrupt the growth of cancer cells, this plays a key factor in the battle against cancer. And if you don’t know about it, don’t worry because I will gladly lay out the terms for you starting below this short paragraph.

You see capsaicin is not produced synthetically but only biologically. It is believed to be synthesized in chili peppers by addition of a branched-chain fatty acid to vanillylamine.

Vanillylamine is known as an “alkaloid” which derives from vanillin, and is produced from vanillin by the enzyme vanillin aminotransferase.

The biggest aspect that caught many scientists’ attention, was Capsaicin found in chili peppers which has a significant effect over tumor growth. The effect basically slowed the size of tumors from expanding, or to put it bluntly, it’s capsaicin properties are found in particular types such as chili and Habanero peppers.

Cancer’s Worst Enemy: Chili or Habanero peppers Which is better?

So the obvious question you probably want to know is how potent are chili and Habanero Peppers are fighting against cancer, a better question would be the effectiveness between chili and Habanero Peppers.

Well in order to find that out, we will have to do a little research on both types.

So first up are…

Chili Peppers

images 4The plus side when eating them will definite help the body in the most important way you haven’t thought about, and that’s managing problems of inflammation in the body.

Swelling of joints, and other osteo “ailments” can be put to rest if you have a delight for eating these particular spicy delicacies.

An active ingredient found in red-hot chili peppers may produce lasting pain relief in people with knee osteoarthritis, ease the pain of botox injections, and other osteo issues individuals deal with on a daily basis.

Habanero peppers

download aHabanero peppers are undoubtedly one of the top hottest types of peppers around in the chili peppers family.


(‘Komodo Dragon Peppers’ are even hotter than Habaneros)

Again the active agent found in red-hot chili peppers, are also found in Habanero Peppers is the chemical capsaicin.

Did you know there is a unit of measure which rates the potency level of capsaicin? This is how both chili and Habanero peppers spicy juices are measured, the hotter the juices, the more effect it may have on deterring cancer cell growth, and osteoarthritis issues.

The proper unit of measure to maximize the peppers effectiveness is known as Scoville unitsdetermining the spice / hot factor of peppers apply to the use of the Scoville formula

Well, the higher the number of Scoville units, the greater the concentration of capsaicin.

  Scoville Peppers’ Hot Chart Rating

 Scoville          Heat           Units              Name of Pepper


       855,000  to   2,200,000

• Komodo Dragon Chili Pepper 

• Trinidad Moruga Scorpion 

• Naga Viper pepper 

• Infinity Chilli

• Naga Morich

• Bhut Jolokia (ghost pepper)

• Trinidad Scorpion Butch T pepper

Bedfordshire Super Naga

• Spanish Naga Chili

• Carolina Reaper


      350,000  to  580,000


• Red Savina habanero



       100,000  to  350,000

• Habanero chili

 Scotch bonnet pepper

 Datil pepper


 Madame Jeanette

 Peruvian White


 Jamaican hot pepper

 Fatalii Wiri Wiri

 Bird’s eye chili



         50,000  to  100,000

• Byadgi chilli

• Malagueta pepper

• Chiltepin pepper

• Piri piri

• Pequin pepper

• Siling Labuyo

• Capsicum Apache


         30,000  to  50,000

• Guntur chilli

• Cayenne pepper

• Ají pepper

• Tabasco pepper

• Capsicum Chinese


          10,000  to  30,000

Serrano pepper

• Peter pepper

• Chile de árbol

• Aleppo pepper

• Chungyang Red Pepper

• Peperoncino


            3,500  to  10,000

• Guajillo pepper

 Fresno pepper


 Wax  (e.g. Hungarian wax pepper)



            1,000  to  3,500


Pasilla pepper


poblano (or ancho)

• Poblano verde, Rocotillo pepper, Espelette pepper

                100  to  1,000 • Banana pepper, Cubanelle, paprika, Pimento
                       0 • Bell pepper

The habanero pepper measures from 100,000 to 500,000 Scoville units compared to jalapeno peppers, which measures at 5,000 to 15,000 Scoville units.

downloadCapsaicin can be used as a treatment for a variety of medical disorders, this was stated by the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Because of the high concentration of capsaicin, consumption of habanero peppers can promote several health benefits.


Benefits Hot Peppers & The Active Ingredient Capsaicin Can Provide / Cautions:

  • Habanero Peppers can offer protection against prostate cancer prevention, Red Chili Peppers provide the same benefits however not as effective as Habanero.
  • Capsaicin a direct intake of it would prove most effective in the battle against spreading cancer, the only problem is the dangerous level of the substance given to the individual can cause severe stomach irritations, and can cause damage to the stomach lining.
  • NEVER apply capsaicin cream to cracked skin or open wounds.
  • Digestion of toxic waste into your stomach can disrupt the protective barrier (lining) within it.
  • Digestion of hot peppers improves the flow of blood as it rushes through the body,

Scientific studies have shown that consumption of Habanero Peppers offer benefits in fighting prostate cancer.

Due to the fact that capsaicin is the active ingredient found in hot peppers, researchers believe that injecting the chemical directly into the arthritic joint, it may better numb the pain.

It is important to remember NOT to consume large quantities of red-hot peppers, the potency levels are detrimental to the inner lining of the stomach, over consumption may lead to ulcers (holes in the stomach).

Ultimately, cancer cells exposed to the chemical element (capsaicin) will trigger self-suicide within the abnormal cells.


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Cell Phone Batteries Jump Starting Health Issues?

Cell Phone Batteries Targeting You?

IMG_0006[2]So it was bound to happen right?

Some one has finally come out and done the impossible that many probably didn’t expect to see in another 10 – 15 years about a cell phone’s battery charging capability (cutting the charge time down significantly), cell phones themselves have been on the horizon for nearly a 20 year lapse. You do know that I’m talking about the commercial type Cell P’s I’m sure, the first generation ones were around since the 80’s (basically government issued). 

IMG_0012[1]The cell phones in that era where bulky, large, and heavy, they operated on a short-wave frequency or “short-wave band” if you want to be more precise. Now you have to understand that wireless phones like those back then, and the ones you see everyone including myself use today are based on frequency band waves like the two I previously mentioned.

(Martin Cooper inventor of the 80’s format cell phone)

The beautiful thing about short wave carrier bands is that they can travel and carry signals very far away, so if you’re making a call from let’s say Newark, New Jersey to Davenport, Iowa it’s not a problem. Even if you’re placing a call from Bombay, India all the way to Tibet, China again not a problem because these band-wave transmissions will rely on Big Brother” to get the job done.

Big Brother has been around much longer than most people realize…

Try the 60’s, so yea like I said a long way it has come playing the role of wi-fi major service provider, but understand that big brother is not in your corner 100 %. People are talking about their privacy been hashed out to the public against their “free will” (not to mention Target, because cyber thieves have had a fields day hacking the s^^t out of them every other three weeks out of a month).

The one major thing that helps to make all of this possible tends to get overlooked quite often, batteries are the driving force behind the madness and they power cell phones all over the world including the big brother satellite which I believe uses solar battery panels out in space.

The annoying factor about battery cell units in the phone is charging them up after using the phone for a period of time, charging the battery in your phone at one point could take up to an hour for a decent charge (for smart phones that require more energy) but in 2015 huge improvements now exist to curve the issue big time.

The only trade-off however is your health…

So don’t worry I will explain about that in a moment.

Cell Phone Batteries A Silent Killer?

For a long-time scientists have stated that radio frequencies can omit harmful radio waves that can affect your mind and body, devices such as cell phones (including the handset wireless phones people have in their house) are putting out a level of RF or “radio frequency” which is based on the level of electromagnetic wave activity that takes place between wavelength transmissions when you make a call on the phone.

You have to understand this next part of the equation very carefully, electromagnetic wavelengths, not to mention radio frequency transmission can be linked to other types of devices that are used in you basic hospital facilities in cities across the country.

What are the name of these devices?

Check out the list below, and then take a step back to see the bigger picture…

List of “RF” & Electromagnetic transferring devices / equipment:

That’s just to give you a basic idea on a grand scale of radio frequency and electromagnetic transferring devices that produce either low or high radiation levels, the scary part to it all are the cell phones that can transfer the same types of activity and can potentially expose you to a higher level of it.

IMG_0012[1]Even from the batteries inside that powers your phone are not to be overlooked, the biggest thing that was a concern back in the day was if a child was licking batteries. The lead in the batteries was the target of concern, the reason why was because of the harmful effects that lead can have on the body (it can affect the child’s growth hormones). Another concern was the digestion of lead and cadmium (nickel-cadmium batteries), that can lead to a direct effect on the body’s functioning systems which can lead to lead poisoning and death.

IMG_0007[1]Lead also can cause brain damage and memory loss in adults, it was believed that the great music composer Ludwig Van Beethoven fell victim to lead poisoning (among other illnesses). So no matter who you are, lead is just a very dangerous element when it interacts with the body’s function systems.

Lithium ion batteries first hit the scene back in 1991, they are standard power source for cell phones back then and are still used in them to this day. Lithium batteries can put out far greater energy then your basic lead / cadmium battery can, and that’s what make them so deadly in their own right.

IMG_0011[1]Recently, a young woman has found a way to charge a cell phone battery in a time-span of 20 minutes.

(Eesha Khare 19 pictured left, has created the world’s fastest lithium battery charger)

That’s right, you saw what Was typed in front of your eyes so don’t blink because you might miss that important bit of information. That girl is a genius without a shadow of a doubt, but the problem is not her discovery find.

The problem lies within the dangers of lithium-ion based batteries, the proximity factor is the greatest concern meaning that a person at constant close range (especially when holding the phone to your head for hours on end during a call) can be put at risk for a number of health issues that can manifest over long-term usage.

List of health symptoms & hidden dangers from Lithium ion batteries in C. Phones:

  • Constant exposure may cause brain cancer
  • Can cause disruption of brain wave activity
  • Nausea and headaches may result from electromagnetic and microwave radiation from the phone during it’s operation, lithium batteries inside the phone can add-on more health factors then many may truly realize
  • blood-brain barrier (damage)
  • Brain tissue damage
  • Damage to DNA
  • Sleep Issues (insomnia)
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Alzheimer’s 
  • Slight improvements from the older based lithium batteries that would produce harmful hot gases from the battery pack (a recent incident involved a man getting his face burned from the battery’s hot gases when it overheated and exploded as he tried to retrieve it)  read more by click here
  • At 302 °F or (150 °C) can cause the battery to become a literal “time-bomb” in the flesh, lithium batteries are capable of generating that type of combustible energy. More sanctions are being applied by the manufactures to make sure that the safety of consumers who buy and use the phone product are met to standards
  • Take extra care when handling your cell phone, DO NOT form the habit of constantly dropping the phone because it may cause damage to the battery inside. This is another reason why the battery in these devices might detonate and explode out of nowhere because it was damaged consistently

Using your cell phone on a constant basis (close range held to your head) will cause damage to the brain whether you’re aware of it or not, people have to understand that long-time exposure like that can cause not only headaches and nausea symptoms to occur but also the high-risk chance of cancer developing and the formation of tumors in the brain as a result.

The target area that the signal waves from the phone will affect the left side of the brain (see Cortical area of the brain), during a study this area of the brain showed that activity was presented not only when the phone was in use turned on but also continual activity stimulating the area of the brain when turned off (for up to 1 hour).

I bet many people didn’t know that 40 % of radiation is absorbed (when a cell phone is up to your ear in use) into the head!

The comes from usage of the phone for extended periods of time, and the long-term effects can be devastating and the damage done to the brain is irreversible.

Reduce Harmful Radiation From The Phone

IMG_0008[1]You should invest in a few accessories to cut down the radiation from the phone, the first piece of equipment to get would be the Air-Tube Headset  which can help to reduce annoying headaches and harmful radiation which is firmly aimed at the head.



IMG_0009[1]The second is to buy a RF Safe Flip Casethese cases are designed to shield and protect the user of phone from harmful radiation waves while same time maintaining signal stability when the phone is in use.




IMG_0010[1]Another option is the usage of the Ferrite Beadthis serves as the best choice for cutting down the level of radiation exposure from your cell phone. The device is relatively cheap to buy, and will definitely serve as a valuable piece of technology that can save many lives from deadly radiation.

The Ferrite Bead is even a better protection choice against radiation bombardment then your basic headset, and the reason that it is safer is because of it’s design which is so basic and simple. The device itself is hollow ( a hollow cylinder made of Ferrite — seen in picture above –), and it is made of a semi-magnetic material that comes from iron oxide which can be found in cosmetic products.

The Ferrite Beads are used for computer cables, the cursor mobile mouse (mouse roller device), the intended purpose of the beads is to cut down the level of RFI or “Radio Frequency Interference” carrying information through the cables into the computer unit itself and NOT disrupting other FCC regulated transmissions.

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