Internet Decline… How It Affects You

What Happens If You’re Disconnected?

untitled3Well that is a very interesting question about one coping without social media, instant news, or even having access to the net doing a simple task of online banking.

At this point of the game, the internet has established itself as the “medium” to this day in time. What we didn’t have 30, 40, 50 years ago (basically this goes on further back LOL), we have now as an everyday luxury we come to know as a convenient tool that simplifies your life, leverages time, and cut your stress down to a manageable level.

But it’s come to my attention as of late about the current situation in France involving ISIS, the horrific terror plot implicated by the malicious terrorist group left 130 casualties occurring on Nov 13 in Paris, France.

I keep France in prayer and I say to everyone else to do the same, what happened there was very tragic and senseless killing of innocent people who were just living there lives as everybody has the right to do.

untitled 5ISIS is fully aligned with their sick twisted murderous interior motives, that get off on torturing their own citizens, attacking countries because they do not share their point of view of how the world should be in their eyesight, they want to control everything, money hungry bastards to boot, and even turning to game platforms such as the PlayStation 4 / Xbox One using its text system to communicate to easy manipulated teens to join up with them becoming a member for the purpose of promoting terrorists acts against humanity.

This has sparked such controversy among governments over the world (namely our own), and now we have a greater concern that will affect many in the “psychological aspect” in which many might not have taken time to fully analyze from a standpoint.

You see we already have a serious problem with our — so called — trustworthy government.

untitled9Over the course of a decade, we have experienced house foreclosures, companies continuously downsizing, American jobs continue to disappear off the market appear suddenly overseas in another country, high unemployment rates, college students in a crap load of debt, “promised” bail out money which seem to just disappear into thin air like a dark-humored magic trick followed by a big fat HARTY-HAR-HAR type laughter identical to the blasted Sea Captain (McCallister) on the Simpsons show, and we’re told it will be used for the rebuilding process of this once great country.


I’m sorry, but I just had to let off a bullsh*t sneeze that came out of nowhere after that previous paragraph typed out.

If you ask an American citizen (I’d say 75 – 80%) do they trust the governing powers of this particular country, I’d bet the Ronald McDonald Mansion (as a wedger if they owned it) they would say HELL NO!

untitled2The Constitution as many may know, is design to “supposedly” protect us from wrongful prosecution done against us, it grants a native born American citizen the right to run for the highest seat in office like the one that Barack Obama is in at the moment, it even serves as a protector of rights when one is unlawfully discriminated against.

Seeing how all of this has been trucking along over the years, it has shown me one thing that I know that some are waking up to now.images1

The constitution has failed us, Obama has failed us, the government has always been failing us as soon as it was established from day one LOL, and ever since we had the one thing come into our lives changing the game of corruption done behind our backs shown to us in plain detail and sight is being voted to be put to rest by our precious government because they feel we are learning too much hidden info not intended for our eyes to see.untitled

They want to shut down the net.

Now why in the H double hockey sticks, would they want to go and do something like that for? Well let’s dig a little deeper to reach the bottom where the “Y” is buried under the bulls**t shall we. *FREE THE Y!”, “FREE THE Y!”

Internet Decline: Coded-Encryption Viral Like The Plague

untitledSo what do most people do when they leave a Facebook chatroom, or jumping off of Twitter after throwing out a few friendly tweets to family or friends, simple… They log off.

In order to get back on later, they will have to login (via) by typing in their username & password.

You have paid close attention as to what I just said right?

That is a ‘key’ part of the equation to every single website, email account, facebook / twitter account you have the option to provide yourself some line of protection. Encryption codes are designed to keep unwanted intruders from “hacking” into areas you don’t want them to be. That’s the intended use of both the username and password, now this sounds good on paper but it’s causing a problem for our beloved government it seems.

Why you say?

Well for one I’m going to point a finger at ISIS, the “so called” government has all the answers to taking them down employs various agencies, code buster experts, they even have people surfing the net long hours of the day just to track the activity of ISIS operatives only to come up with basically nothing (sometimes they manage to find one or a few of their operating sites and shut it down) there’s a few reasons why that is.

Hard to Infiltrate Their Whereabouts / ISIS recruitment tactics:

  • They have hundreds upon hundreds of operating sites
  • Their intention of operating them is for the purpose of recruiting others, they target weak-minded teens even adults often suffering from chronic depression, and those who have low-self esteem feeling worthless to the rest of society around them
  • Xbox One, PlayStation 4 are targeted gaming platforms that ISIS operatives use to flush out potential candidates to join their cause (via) through messaging systems
  • ISIS affiliate websites use high-encryption technology against various agencies such as the FBI, CIA, NSA, keeping them off the radar (they use “dummy IP addresses” that shift from their signal transmissions to innocent parties hacked by the terrorist group throwing law officials off their trail

untitled4Anonymous recently took up the challenge to disrupt ISIS’s operation, they have aimed at their “medium base” or infiltrating their websites posted all over the net targeting individuals who wish to join.

ISIS struck back at their efforts to shut down their operation telling Anonymous to back off, and if Anonymous obeys that request, things will continue to escalate out of control on the part of ISIS who will no doubt cause further destruction and discord upon the masses of the world.

I highly doubt Anonymous to just run away with their tail between their legs from these guys LOL. NO SIRE!!

Where the government comes into play will have a devastating effect on you, me, and every other individual on the planet that relies on the internet to some degree. The reason I say this, is because of the government’s power play to wipe out ISIS (even though they had a hand in establishing them in the first place) will involve the internet we sift through practically everyday of our lives.

What Issues Come From A Downed-Easily Compromised Internet?:

  • Online Banking (disruption of operation among the user – exposed information lay open to criminal hackers)
  • Credit Card Purchases (convenient buying power gone – exposed information lay open to criminal hackers)
  • Tax Information (exposed information lay open to criminal hackers)
  • Addresses, Social Security Information or (other types of personal info are just thrown on the table up for grabs for cyber-thieves to take)

You see what the government wants to really do is weaken the infrastructure of the net, the reason for this is to basically weaken the effort done by ISIS when they target anyone through messaging to join them.

images 9Algorithms as many know are like frequency waves that pertain to arch engine optimization (SEO), algorithms such as the ones used on Google’s browser (analytics) monitors various fractions from usernames, to passwords, to keyword phrase findings, domain names you name it.

The reason algorithms are so important is for exposure and visibility (this applies to anything your selling, eBooks, notability for a website, or starting up an online business endeavor, whatever the case maybe).

Well ISIS invested into some pretty hi-tech equipment as well, not to mention the computer guru buffs they have in their employ working for them to do their evil deeds.

They have denied the government of various countries who are trying to track these murderous madmen down and bring them to justice, so the government decided on weakening the security levels of the net itself to track these idiots down at our expense.

Internet Decline: So What’s The Risk?

Weakening the infrastructure purposely is criminal for the government to do to its own citizens of any country, at best guess they will take steps to revert security parameters of God knows how many websites, social media platforms, this includes the previous mentioned sites that involve our personal information of any kind imaginable.

So basically it’s like they have a way to inject a virtual virus into the net (because they do have they’re own brand of hi-tech hackers working for them to do just that), this is where more complex strategies take place when cracking password codes to gain entry in a tightly locked database.

untitled61.1Wargames is the perfect example here, it was a movie starring Matthew Broderick as he portrays a high school student on the genius level of computer smarts. He receives a failing grade in one of his classes and using his hacking skills to break the school districts main computer database. He uses what is widely known today as “backdoor password inflitration” meaning simply finding a way to access the secreted password code illegally (hack) thus gaining unauthorized entry.

Wargames was just a movie, but in today’s world backdoor password infiltration is a very real thing. This is ISIS’s bread and butter to infiltrate sites, leaking their message for people to join their coalition, but the government of this country is plotting to use not only the same tactic ISIS has adapted for quite some time now.

This is why they want the internet’s security protocol weakened, and doing that will unknowningly expose American citizens to various security breaches giving the already too noisy government easier access into our personal information.

This is what brings stress, fear & anxiety, and oh yea let’s not forget your privacy being totally validated, but they don’t care about your well-being in the first place right?

All they care about is treated you like a 2nd class citizen, so this should make you wonder what’s the point of paying taxes if we can’t even maintain the right and security to our own privacy when we’re establishing ourselves on Facebook, or Twitter, doing online banking, logging off from your email page such as yahoo, google, etc.

untitled 1LOL I thought to paying taxes was to use some of that money toward the improvement of this country, especially in the areas security that organizations such as TSA & the NSA keep harping every single dam day supposedly done to “better protect us”.

untitled71.1LOL such spoiled boloney that is, h**l can someone pass along the 735 day old mustard while we’re at it to enhance the added bullshit flavor. Haha.  😀

Trashing the internet will only do one thing, it will leave a broken system after its sabotage from an virtual virus encounter. Or worse yet losing the net all together would be just detrimental to millions upon millions of people tied into it in some way or another.

One last point to touch on is this…

The government wants it that way, and believe when I say this.



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