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Robotic Takeover In The Food Franchise?

download9Seems to be catching on rather quick I would have to say.

These “robot waitresses” are already making quite the stir, 18 are online working at a downtown restaurants at various province areas in China. 

I have to say that this will definitely raise millions of heads no time fast.

You have to admit that we basically saw this next step of techno-evolution coming like the 7 o’clock scheduled freight train doing its routine pass by, as it heads off into the sunset staying on its route due south.

It seems tradition is really starting to take a backseat to new customs with technology that’s flooding the markets slowly but surely.

images9It started with industrial jobs, taking away position from human workers who basically get the boot as they are replaced with these mechanical / robot entities.

This will bring up many questions I’m sure, people are now going to start panicking about their jobs being snatched by robot workers.

For the franchises it could be a better solution on both ends, one they don’t have to pay a robot wages because it doesn’t know what to do with money but get it to their employers anyway (robot waitress takes the tip, but goes to the back office and tells her boss… Here you go boss, that’s $137 for the day all yours!).

image8sSo you see, the average human waitress does pretty pulling tips like that every other night plus the weekly take home pay.

But now the human counterpart of this equation, is being swept off of the table.

The only one that really wins, is the franchise and the boss, plus his boss, all the way up to the owner.

So what about the waitress (No not the robot LOL), a human waitress.

download8A  robot only needs maintenance every so often to survive, but for a flesh & bone waitress what in the h**l is she going to do to supplement currency for a living?

This same problem has left many humans jobless over the past few years, and this new venture with the waitress robot is placed into the equation.

images7I know one thing I wouldn’t want to be the one running any of the those food chain establishments, this waitresses who are getting put out of the picture (and who knows when it will hit the U.S.)  I’m sure are feeling pretty dam bitter about it. Oh yea by the way, they also have robot waiters such as the one above, so same deal for the traditional waiter.

So what do you suppose would happen if someone were to find a way to hack into one of these “robos”, to see if they can control them by I don’t know say with the help of  “bluetooth”. 

I mean you have to figure, the auto industry (including Google’s greedy ass), are going for the “smart car technology”. 

Cyber-crime is growing like a viral infection on hyper-drive. But these contraptions are new on the scene so that will be a later topic once one of these things somehow goes apeshit on a customer, due to the intervention of a “malware viral infection attack” LOL.

But iimages6aIt is very hard finding jobs in this country as well as other countries that face the same situation, people are sick and tired of going broke especially if they need a source of income to live and take care of their family.

This includes working for a living (hence the term), in the age of “automation” human beings are now slowly but surely finding themselves becoming “absolute” through the advancement of time.

So what will happen in the near future?

Will the work force be completely dominated by machines? What downfalls will this cause in this already wrecked society of those just trying to stay in the infamous “rat race”, to bring home a weekly paycheck.

images2Even Pitfall Harry couldn’t swing far enough over that crocodile pit to avoid becoming din-din, that means it’s really unfair to expect a human to have a fighting chance against a dam machine for their job.

images9Was Skynet  just a part of the “Terminator” series for laughs? Or was it always the envisioned reality to ultimately knock us off the board of reality slash the science fiction part?

It seems like we’re losing very quickly, and companies would love for the opportunity to adopt an all robot crew in the workplace.

They wouldn’t have to give 15 minute breaks, or excuse a worker that has to take a trip to the restroom, or find another worker to cover for them if they decide to take a sick day, and best of all they wouldn’t have to pay them like a human each week!

And let’s not forget the biggest ongoing battle wages increase that fast food workers are asking (which is $15 an hour), I already knew that they would probably find a way around that. I mean these companies are not stupid, they just don’t hold 7 or 8’o clock meetings for the purpose of improving their health LOL.

download5It would be a literal gold mine for them with all of that extra money just lying around for them to do God knows what with.

So on a psychological level, one could only imagine how this would affect the average human being.

LOL, yea… It would so piss them off! You could say that this could incite plots of revenge from workers in the food industry, best scenario yet would be a worker who gets canned because of this new attempt to replace them with the robot counterpart.

Say if they’re good with hacking into software applications, or can find “backdoors” into various programs. You see cyber revenge is on the rise in this country especially, and the basic means to hack into devices or even larger machinery products such as the “Google Self-Drive Car” is through the use of bluetooth. 

Bluetooth is the safest and one of the most easiest methods to hack a device or other techno inventions, Google is breaking its neck to make sure that their smart car vehicle is “hack proof”. 

So what about these restaurant serving robots?

Yes I would say they definitely fall into this category, and a angry worker who hacks online as a past-time which is the worst kind of troll type evermight be inclined to dish out their twisted brand of justice against their former employers.

Technology is advancing every day so fast it’s literally starting to govern our lives, even a kid realizes the various types of resources online available at their fingertips. Scary indeed, and as time moves along, so will the basic thing that identifies us all which is our humanity going digital.

Then this will surely become our next destination to get side-lined, while robots and other automation technology will become the standard advanced race taking away your basic means of survival.


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