Men Steal Chicken Wings?

Criminal Intentions to Heist Chicken Wings?

That is the $65,000 dollar question…

Well, LOL at least that what I believe.

I heard this story about these guys who decided to steal chicken wings from a freezer in a cold storage facility out in Doraville, Georgia.

I was curious about this when I heard it over the radio, and the first thing that came to my mind was what in the world were these guys on?

An obvious question when hearing about someone stealing chicken wings inside of a fast food establishment, is why in the world would they do that?

A better question to that one is, why would they steal that much chicken from their place of work.

The two men Dewayne Patterson, 35, and Renaldo Jackson, 26, worked at the establishment (at the Nordic Cold Storagein Pleasantdale Road in Doraville, Ga.


Ah, yea. These guys worked there, which blows a person’s mind trying to figure out the reasons why they would steal that much frozen poultry.

Now keep in mind about this next part, because it really gets crazy from there.

The two men devised a plan first by using a fork truck which Patterson did to load the pallets onto the truck, while Jackson served as the lookout man. The vehicle of choice was a rental truck from Enterprise rental, which they used as the getaway vehicle.

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They committed the crime while parking the rental truck at the bay door area of the company.

The estimated amount came out to be 10 pallets, which was an equivalent of $60,000 in net worth (some reports say $65,000). 

The question however still remains, why were they stealing that much chicken?

Well I had a theory as to why, and it might sound a bit off the mark however bare with me.

ty-cobb-slidingNow after they went through all the trouble getting the rental truck, them going into the workplace to commit the most ridiculous theft act that would have baseball’s legendary home plate stealer

 Ty Cobbcracking up with hysterical laughter at these two all day long.

ty-cobb-steals a

 “LAMO, these guys are 100% bullshit artists, haha.”


A few days later, the authorities caught up with the chicken bandits.

The men were arrested and charged with one count of felony theft for stealing the merchandise, they were released later that day on a $2,950 bond.

For the stolen chicken wings… Well, finding them may be a feat which Sherlock Holmes probably wouldn’t be able to figure out himself.

So my theory is that they sold the wings for a much cheaper  price, instead of what they’re worth at the local supermarket.

LOL, I told you that was my take on the whole matter, because why else would they take a chance going through all of what they did, unless they were not going to get paid some good money for their troubles.

As to what they were thinking when going through all of this, now that’s an enigma in itself.

The criminal mind is a very confusing place for a law abiding citizen to be at, the “psychosis factor” is the only way to rate and remotely understand why people do stupid things such as stealing a truck load of chicken wings, maybe to resell them at a lower price to a food market shop, or sell them on the street to the homeless at a cheap price.

Only God Knows….


You see in the mind you have an area of the brain called the Amygdala“, it’s a brain structure responsible for autonomic responses associated with fear, and fear conditioning.

Other factor come into play as well, aggression, violent tendencies outbursts, the biggest is “anti-socialism”, there is a bit more to it of course for these are just the emotional factors that are associated with this particular structuring of the amygdala itself.

It mainly focuses on the size of the amygdala, if a person has a normal size amygdala, then the likelihood for the individual to commit a crime or showing the intentions to do so is low.

However, a person with a smaller sized amygdala, is more likely to commit a crime, and depending on the severity of their condition, it could be worse than anyone could imagine.

A study done of the amygdala function not only determines the attitude an individual will take, but it also depends on the level of aggressiveness the person will actually demonstrate once placed into a situation, or a situation they create themselves and act out.

Adrian Raine, DPhil researched this field extensively in the department of criminology at the Universtiy of Pennsylvania,  and led the study with fellow anticipent Yu Gao, PhD, at CUNY-Brooklyn which focused on fear conditioning.

The study was conducted on a group of 3-year-olds, during the conducted study electrodes were placed on the children’s fingers while “duo tones” were played to determine the level of response from the children.

The first sound played was a loud tone followed by an unpleasant sound, the second was just the unpleasant sound played by itself.

The each tone played were used to measure sweat responses” in the children, the purpose for this was to measure each child’s fear conditioning level.

Twenty years after the conditioning fear exercise, led to violent crimes, and offenses done by the same children (now adults) who were apart of the conditioning process years prior before the criminal conduct were committed.

The list of characteristics associated with criminal behavior are:

  • Antisocial (withdrawn from others)
  • Aggressive behaviors
  • Violent tendencies
  • Feeling of entitlement
  • Irrational 

Criminal acts whether if it’s stealing, battery, assault, or even murder are demonstrated from various behaviors.

Psychological evaluation is an option to help identify issues of an individual, anger management classes, and medication are other options for individuals who struggle to control violent urges and tendencies.


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