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“Get The Tea”

get the tea 0ma



‘Simple Ideologies of Health: A 26 Dietary Supplement Fact Depiction’


Synopsis Short:


“Simple Ideologies of Health” (eBook series) focuses on the one thing that plagues in the world today starting with this country, if you guessed health issues then you guessed right my friend.

jaye irons pic

  -Jaye Irons


NOTE: Click the “READ LATEST UPDATE BUTTON” on my Go Fund Page to read the entire story!


Simple Ideologies of Health (A 26 Dietary Supplement Fact Depiction) html snippet

PDF / References (health)

Health Care (section)

Attacking Those Abs (section)

  1. The 3 Best 6 Pack Ab Exercise
  10. !            6 Pack Abs (how to get a 6 pack fast!)

    Lower Body Workout (section)


    5. ! For Very EXTENSE butt & thigh workout routines > Click Here <

      Upper Body Workout (section)



        Back Exercises (section)



Cancer Diagnosis / Prognosis

Breast Cancer (section)







 Bone Cancer (section)

  9. !

 Lung Cancer (section)


Health Product Reviews

 Anti-Age Creams (Section)


*Some Genucel reviews reported side effects that include redness, peeling, and other types of mild to moderate irritation. Since the side effects of any skin care product may be more severe for those with

sensitive skin, it is important to consider your own individual skin type before using Genucel and examine its complete ingredient list upon receiving your first shipment.*


3. Deep Wrinkle Night Cream



















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11. ! (it’s an oldie, but a goody social media advice column)

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13. !–finance.html?ref=gs (oldie but goody column)

14. ! (oldie but goody column

15. ! (oldie but goody column)


A Fitter Twitter (section)

veggie bacon alternatives (leadpages)_j

Yea, but does it serve as the best substitute?

WELL… That is the question many would ask about “Veggie Bacon”, and to be frank many tend to harshly judge it as a “authentic replacement” for one of the most popular breakfast side dish which often is accompanied by eggs.

Believe it or not, many food advocates have been taking various angles into the creation of this new alternative to actual bacon products rather seriously as of late.

It hasn’t been an easy journey to push this healthier version in front of God only knows how many individuals who hold high-standards, for the type of breakfast foods they would consider to be “on the level”.

So maybe it’s time they take a closer look at possibilities with Veggie Bacon, after all they do say the famous old saying…


veggie bacon 1

ion charged battery pic




Playing your favorite game on your phone until it suddenly dies out on you…

No cell phone should ever have to rely on weak low-brand batteries.  🙁

What you need are a healthy brand to get the job done!

NOTE: The site I looked through have a HUGE selection of battery types for phones, laptops, and hundreds of brand types for various devices!





th (1)

    “Click Image”

Leadpages Script

Having trouble getting traffic?

Attracting leads becoming ever so problematic for you these days?

You’re building good content.

Your intention is to post it to various social media platforms, such as the ones you see above in this section.

HOWEVER… Despite Your Efforts!

You’re still faced with the problem of expanding your brand, not to mention that it’s literally killing your chances of becoming successful.

It’s ok to fail, but at a certain point you want to learn from the failures, and turn them into huge success.

Depression & anxiety will eventually reap their ugly heads, causing you to worry about accomplishing your goals.

You worry so much at night to the point where you lose sleep, you become rather cranky, and you start to resent those who are having ‘actual’ success.

There is a way to turn the odds in your favor…

You’re asking how I’m sure, so check out the video below then click the cool button below.

leadpages script

dingy water script

Your drinking water tastes like crap, and you haven’t the slightest idea as to why that is.

This isn’t anything new of course, drinking water plays an important part as it helps to regulate our body’s functioning systems, it helps to energize our “electrolytes” within our bodies, helps your kidneys filter out waste material left behind from the food we digest, and most importantly it helps to stabilize our overall well-being both mentally and physically.

Now what most people don’t realize, are the harmful pollutants within our water supply.

They are accumulating every single day.

They literally damaging your body’s functioning systems, and in some cases certain regions in the body — mainly the organs!

We’re not surprised to learn that bacteria is thriving in your drinking water, not all bacteria is harmful internally within the body. In fact, the body needs the healthy bacteria which exists inside of each and everyone of us.

There are particular germs however that can degress the body’s health, Helicobacter pylori is a spiral-shaped bacterium that infects well over 30% of the population. It’s an infectious bacteria to be a “Class 1” carcinogen, it damages the digestion system, and can cause 90% of duodenal ulcers and up to 80% of gastric ulcers.


Water Filtration is the key to eliminating unwanted filth in your drinking water.

I’m sure many have heard about the process of filtering the water they drink, thus making it safer to digest into the body, and will help to deter illness and disease.

The only remaining problem, is finding the right type of  “filter”. 

Well, just don’t sit here and listen to me gabble on about this great product. LOL.


water filter script

7 modules of traffic script

This section is a very “special” one, if you’re asking why that’s so, I will start off by telling you that this can very well make a huge difference when building a healthy business brand model.

Now right off I’m going to be blunt with you.

If you’re the type disregard the given information

here in this section, then I can only say to you…


You see there’s — one key factor — you have to always remember when you’re establishing your business model.

Build it strong, maintain its health, and utilize the right tools to keep it moving like an unstoppable locomotive”. 

Those are rather simple, but very important rules to go by, and your business will thank you for it as it continues to grow and prosper.

But first things first…

You need a major part of the equation to get the ball rolling.

And that would be getting healthy…


Many big-time marketers like to keep this a secret, so I’m cutting through all of the “bull” instead of sending you on a mindless quest running yourself ragged trying to understand the missing factors needed to accomplish such a feat.

To pull large amounts of traffic, you’ll need a key exponent to teach you how to pull in a large-base audience that’s interested in what you have to offer them.

You see content writing maybe dying out slowly, but content with the right types of “resources”, NEVER GETS OLD!   😀

So take the time to check out this particular 7 module course layout, which can help put your brand “visually” out there on the market in front of hordes of business men and women alike who are building a healthy business for the long haul.


eCommerce brand_j

got what it takes script

looking to start a business image

You’ve been on the side of the fence of the working economy which never seems to recognize you for your hard work.

Yes, there is the occasional “special” company outing, you know the annual one where you take your family & friends to, eat food, they might have a car show in the course of the gathering to bring employees, and the important figureheads of a company closer together.

LOL, now I have a problem with that scenario.

If you’re the type of person who feels that your self worth is greater than the parts of its total sum, then you probably know what I’m going to say next.

Yea it’s nice for them to give you a little meal and all, and maybe the CEO might even show up and talk with employees, (even though they rather be somewhere else spinning their wheels trying to find a way to get their HUGE annual bonus with the company).

For you the average employee, you can attend the outing, eat the food, and drink a cold brew, however you’ll be right back the next day doing what you probably hate the most which is…

Working a damn to 5… And honestly for many that

Look, let’s be really honest here.

          1. Companies & corporations you punch a clock for day in, and day out, don’t have your best interest in mind.
          2. You can work for an establishment for 15 years or more, and if you’re lucky, you might get the top salary raise for an employee — but why stop there, oh yea that’s right there are limitations in place so eventually you’re at a stalemate so no room for further advancement.   🙁
          3. Yea they have union meetings for employees to attend, but do the majority of unions really have your back when it comes to key negotiations that fully benefit you?
          4. You could be VERY sick on a particular day, and you want to take off the day to recover. Most bosses do NOT care about your well-being, they just want you at work doing you’re job no matter how you feel.

In today’s world, the work force has really taken a HUGE turn for the worse in most cases.

Jobs are becoming scarce, forcing many blue collar workers to go through temp agencies for work. The annoying thing about temp agencies are the length of time you will be assigned a job with a particular company, and if you’re the type of person who is depending on a long-term position, temp agencies usually fail to fit the bill to provide it for you.

Many hard workers are tired of the rat race, don’t get me wrong when I tell you that some people like the job they’re performing for a company or corporate outfit, and that’s fine it’s nothing wrong with that.

Others on the other hand are looking for further advancement in their working career, and how much are you willing to bet they would love to have the opportunity to run their own business.

Everyone has that dream, but many sleep on it simply because they believe it just isn’t possible for them to accomplish it.

The reason many people think this way is simple, they feel that no one will listen to them, or acknowledge them for information which they’ve learned (which should be the #1 thing for a niche marketer to do is research their target audience and niche market especially from people who understand it well and can share ideas with them).

So maybe it’s time they’re introduced to an opportunity they are probably searching for, maybe it’s time to climb that fence and see what the other side has to offer them as an “entrepreneur” in charge of their own business model and brand.

The first thing they will need is know how information (such as building a healthy business, attracting leads, and spotting lucrative opportunities), this type of information involves reading because after all it’s a valuable tool we use effectively to learn about the things that interest us most.

The time for change is just a click away!

let's go click image

onnit health store online script

Onnit superfoods could very well be the alternative food supplement provider to the already established GNC superfood online store brand.

Both advertise and sell a variety of health food products, some of the products range from vitamin supplements, to organic foods, health drinks, protein bars, and other beneficial  health goodies to keep you in good health.

Well this is the case when you visit Onnit’s online store, it has products of it’s own healthy brand, and they look very enticing to say the least.

But first we’re going to focus on GNC for a fast moment.

At GNC’s online health store, you can browse around the site (or the physical store if you have one nearby you in town) to find items such as, herbal teas, sport energy drinks, diet supplement pills, vitamin products for digestion troubles, even supplements for poor blood circulation causing erection issues in men with erectile dysfunction syndrome.

Onnit strives to provide options for the ever growing population of health fanatics.

The superfood products they provide are mind-blowing, and range of choices are equally great!

Products such as Hemp FORCE Active”, is a powerful plant protein supplement loaded with earth grown nutrients which helps to jumpstart your metabolism (Hemp FORCE Active products come in “coco-mocha” & “vanill-acai” varieties).

EGN (“Earth Grown Nutrients”) is a nutrient-dense combination of some of the world’s most renowned natural ingredients.

Individuals who are looking for an ideal diet regime consisting of earth grown foods, will benefit greatly as it helps to optimize the body’s health levels and boost energy performance levels.

Onnit’s prize health beverage product “Onnit Whole Spice Matcha Chai Latte Tea” helps to provide a great antioxidant source intake, and helps to balance the nervous system (neurological system) and the body’s physiologic functions, beneficial for brain’s neuro operating systems. The tea itself is a very delicious creamy latte beverage brand.

onnit unbreakable script

If you’re a big time coffee lover, then you might become a new fan of this different brand by Onnit.

Onnit’s believes in quality over everything else.

This applies specifically to their coffee bean roasted brand, a style of it own to give the millions of coffee lovers something to talk about after they try a cup.

The itself is very “special” to the makers at Onnit, a recipe brew passed down through family generations.

The coffee bean vendor derives from a farm out in Antigua, Guatemala, and was “dubbed” the name Kuxtal Coffee and Tea. The farm has been in the family since the late 1800’s, and co-Founded by family members of the owners of Finca San Miguel Urias.

It was 1 out of 34 farms that is certified as true Antigua coffee by the ACAP (Antigua Coffee Producers Association).

Kuxtal Coffee & Tea imports the beans directly and oversees the roasting process right here in Austin, TX before being driven across town to their home at Onnit headquarters.

land it’s grown on and the people who take care of it. Onnit’s coffee brand is considered the best throughout various regions in the world, is due to their valiant efforts to deliver its customers the best dark roast coffee out there. 

Take some time to learn more about their vast selection of coffee products today!



onnit coffee script 1



cooking tips by onnit

ab mulfuction script

  • big joe music health script

       They say that music is good for the soul.

    And this particular claim is very true.

    For thousands of years people have enjoyed the sound of music, it was a way to ease stress and tension, relax the mind, nurture the inner conscious, ultimately clearing clouded thoughts which keep you from peaceful tranquility.

    Television would come along at a certain point in time thousands of years later.

    But music was already here, already making its presence known at any given time or place.

    Music plays a key part in people’s lives, as well as helping to stimulate people’s health.

    How it’s works is rather simple.

    The human ear will act as a transducer, which sole purpose is to convert sound energy into mechanical energy.

    this energy is transferred to nerve impulses, and the impulses are sent to the brain itself.

    People tune-in to the pitch of sounds by detection of the wave’s frequencies, the loudness of sound by detection of the wave’s amplitude and the timbre of the sound by the detection of the various frequencies that make up a complex sound wave.

    Three parts of the ear are responsible for carrying sound waves which are the outer ear, the middle ear, and the inner ear.

    The outer ear collects and transfer sound to the middle ear. The middle ear transforms the sound wave energy into the internal vibrations of the bone structure of the middle ear, the vibrations are transformed into a compressed wave within the inner ear. Finally the energy of the compressed wave is converted when it passes through the ear fluid (within the inner ear), and is passed along through nerve impulses which can be transmitted to the brain.

    The end process will allow us to hear various types of sounds that we either like or dislike, and this includes the sound of music.

    Speaking of which, there are a few sites that you might enjoy.

    You can check out the following link below in the description, because after all…

    Music can help to deter Stress, and lowers the risk for strokes Folks!

    th (3a) - Copy

    1.      R & B for the body and mind (Modern R&B)
    2.   R & B that eases the mind (Classic R & B)
    3.          R & B telling you a compelling story (Very Old School R& B)

    prevent diabetes from killing

    Shakes, burgers, and sometimes EXTRA greasy fries, oh my…

    This is the typical daily regime a large portion of the population live by, given enough time they eventually gain a host of health issues to deal with, only wishing they had changed their eating habits sooner.

    One of the most common health conditions many face today, is so dramatic to the point where young children are often diagnosed from it.

    Yes, I’m talking about…

    Everyone should know by now what an unhealthy diet brings you other than killer diseases such as this, it brings you total GRIEF and certain DEATH!

    You see there are particular ingredients found in trans-fatty foods that most of the mass public may not realize.

    The foods that fast food chain restaurants have items such as burgers which seemingly lasts forever almost void of decomposition, it was reported by BuzzFeed ( who bought a burger from seven different fast-food restaurants and placed them in a glass jar for 30 days. The results were NOT good ones, because the burgers barely decomposed.

    Now some people many believe that sounds like a good thing (due to the quality of shelf life), but you have to remember this, if the burgers DID NOT break down at all within the allotted time from the “jar experiment” results, imagine what happens if non-biodegradable food like that sits inside of your tummy for days on end, and becomes highly toxic (toxic sludge) overtime inside of you… Umm, yea that’s NOT A GOOD THING AT ALL!

    That alone is the main reason why fast food is deadly, and can compromise your health.

    Hydrogenated Oil is your body’s common enemy, this is one of the major players found in trans-fat foods.

    Hydrogenated oil helps to preserve both flavor and the food product itself, however the main health problem is that it’s responsible for causing is diabetes and cancer.

    Two other types of fats are Polyunsaturated and Monounsaturated Fats, which can cause potential health issues only — if your unsaturated fat intake levels are too high.

    Polyunsaturated and Monounsaturated fats are needed in your diet, the body does not have the ability to produce these particular types of fat substances (you can find these sources in fish *Omega 3, plus other Omega 3 & 6 products). Two servings per week is the recommended amount for the consumption of fish.

    Consuming too much total fat means you’re consuming too many calories, this increases your cholesterol levels, puts you at risk for diabetes, and will elevate the risk for heart disease (too much Omega 6 intake can cause health issues / conditions such as asthma, cancer, heart disease and rheumatoid arthritis).

    People only need to consume 35% of their daily calorie intake, the recommendation comes from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

    Of this, no more than 10% each should come from saturated and polyunsaturated fats, the rest will come from monounsaturated fats.

    There are lots of downsides to the food we know and love to eat everyday,diabetes and other killer diseases can manifest due to the result poor dieting, and choosing to eat the wrong type of foods.

    But if you’re looking for a solution to turn a bad diet regime around to a healthier one, then you need to take the next step in the right direction which starts below the end of this section.

    diabetes script (clickbank offer)



3 steps to get super traffic (MOBE script) 2

It’s not magic that brings you traffic, though many will beg to differ with that statement.

There are a few things to consider when pulling traffic to your site,  understanding how to gain more of it, where you’re getting it from, and how the traffic sources “trend” within a given amount of time.

Then you have to understand the purpose of your content you’re trying to share with the correct audience type, as long as your audience is “engaged” in what you have to offer. Then it’s a win-win situation where you gain a new relationship which you can add to a list. 

Oh yeah speaking of lists, you will need to rely on an “auto-responder” type of technology that many should definitely take advantage of.

You had to have guessed it was eMails I was talking about.

If you didn’t then I have to say you’re from another planet LOL.

The point is to stay engaged with valuable traffic (customers) you’re receiving, even using social media can keep you closely engaged with those who follow you and may share the similar interests.

Aligning just a few methods toward your online endeavor from pulling leads, traffic, or establishing yourself and brand on the internet is powerful.

This is just a taste of what goes on when building a strong vibrant business model, scale it up as it grows, then expand it out which makes it stronger!


3 steps to get super traffic (MOBE script) 3

air weaver mattress pic

air weaver mattress pic

So you find yourself right back in the same situation you was in the previous night.

You couldn’t go to sleep if you’re life depended on it.

To be honest, it does.

Lack of sleep is definitely NOT normal, most people tend to write this off as part of their “biological clock” set on its on time span internally.

However the case may be, they are sadly mistaken to believe that is just the only primal factor.

You see there is more than meets the eye with this particular condition people are suffering sleep loss from.

See it’s a disorder known as chronic sleep deprivation, and despite the fact people aren’t concerned about this disorder they REALLY should be! Reason why they should care, is because of their decline in health, daily performance, and health condition that arise could land them in the doctor’s office for an unexpected costly visit.

There are many causes of sleep deprivation. Stress is a major culprit when it starts to intrude upon our ability to sleep well, or perhaps we trade sleep for more work or play.

This of course will affect you the next morning, however you may not notice the difference. may not feel restored and refreshed and be sleepy during the day, but be totally unaware that you are sleep-deprived or have a sleep disorder.

This will cause you to ask why are you feeling so “jet-lagged” all of the time. Another thing that tends to go with a person’s attitude when lacking the proper amount of sleep, and that’s called grouchiness.

Yea negativity usually rears its ugly head when a person loses so much sleep over an extended period of time — in most cases every single night.

One of the major culprits in this caper will lead you to your own mattress.

Yes, your mattress supposedly your best friend, could very well be your worst enemy and issue.

You saying to yourself how this could be a possible issue, and the answer is found in the way you sleep.

That’s right. If you’re sleeping on a hard mattress, then expect to be very tired and weary the following morning.

Sometimes you might feel like a freight train ran you over dozens of times, after waking up from a rough night of sleep.

Again, this is the result from what “literally” feels like a ton of bricks had dropped on you zapping away your energy. But in fact this is your beloved mattress taking it to your back.

That means it’s time for you to change, or better yet switch out the main variable of the issue.

In other words get rid of the rock-hard mattress, and treat yourself to a super soft brand mattress.


This lessens the chance of manifesting health conditions, which may lead to more serious health issues.

Plus, your back will thank-you for it!

Machine generated alternative text: CLICK HERE IF YOU WANT To- SLEEP LIKE A BABY AGAIN!

air weaver mattress image

Machine generated alternative text: CLICK HERE IF YOU WANT To- SLEEP LIKE A BABY AGAIN!

Machine generated alternative text: CLICK HERE IF YOU WANT To- SLEEP LIKE A BABY AGAIN!

MOBE TV script 1_j

MOBE TV script 2a_j

rebranding your business

Click on “Down File” to view video!

yoga burn click bank script 3

presentation MOBE script 3

sumo me script1

big bill marketing script 5

You’re so EXCITED!


Well… That’s rather simple to explain.

See you’re starting a business venture online!

Now what won’t be more exciting than that?

However there’s only one issue bothering you.

You have awesome content on your website that NEEDS TO BE SEEN!

Today the majority of businesses depend on immediate exposure, it will take strategic resources to make that happen.

Now don’t go and freak out, this just the normal flow of  entrepreneurship. So expect various challenges that will come your way from time to time.

It’s not enough to already have pressure beating down upon you, but you don’t have to bury yourself any further stressing out over the situation.

There is a way to even the odds into your favor.

See what you need is a “solution”, a great one to help get your online endeavor off to an excellent start.

This is where you want to check out a site called (or Bill Granzig M.B.A. on line soultions), that will help you utilize key resources which will help grow your business strong from the start.

Nothing like building a healthy business brand from scratch, so it wouldn’t hurt to have excellent resources such as this to help crave a smoother path!

Check out Bill’s site right away! You’d be doing your business HUGE justice!


alcohol kick scriptkick that bottle off of the table 4a