Flouride Flavored Frenzy

Flouride The New Kool-Aid In Your Water?

IMG_0005Many will laugh when you talk about the chemical poisoning of our drinking water, even if you have all of your facts in check they will still deny it only to associate it with something that they have seen in a movie plot  as fiction.

The typical response for any who fear what might be true, but tonight I want to touch up on some information that will raddle their bird cages. For those who are keen to the production of GMF’s (Genetically Modify Foods), this is a major concern to Americans today because they fear that enhanced foods are a toxicity to their well-being.

IMG_0001“Golden Rice toxicity in a jar!”

And guess what?…

They are walking on the knowledge path coming to the intersection between conspiracy avenue and theory boulevard (haha it’s a busy intersection these days no doubt).

the friggin curb

One example of that is depicted of Golden Rice that has it’s good side & bad side.

It was genetically modified to help beta-carotene deficient people, sounds innocent enough however the process of creating it will make you think twice before converting from natural vitamin A based foods.

thGolden Rice consists of daffodil genes combined with Erwinia uredovora, you need two plant DNA genes from the daffodil fused with the bacterium of Erwinia uredova that is inserted into the rice genome.

(Erwinia uredovora bacterium pictured right)

This is known as “splicing of genes”, and combined with foreign genes of another species to form a hybrid species.

imagesJ0JJPYKEBasically you’re dealing with a wild card in you’re deck because you really don’t know what this new food product can do to the body in the long run, another added piece of info that will boggle your mind is the origin of this hybrid rice product which is created through first generation technology.

So experimental rice, plus unknown consequences regarding your health, and this one will blow your socks off when your learn that this product was not even properly tested before it hit the market, so basically we’re looked upon as guinea pigs trapped in a gigantic imaginary laboratory as “test subjects” sampling food that can be potentially hazardous to our health.

I will touch up more on Golden rice in a later article, but I just wanted to put you in the mood to learn more about experimental foods that are entering the food market at an accelerated rate.

From experimental foods distribution to tampered drinking water (tapped or bottled), will put a frown on your face in a hurry.

We start with fluoride…

For those who don’t know about it contents should read up on it A.S.A.P, fluoride is a varnish used to prevent tooth decay and help to maintain healthy teeth.

IMG_0002Fluoride is a powerful chemical, when it’s added to drinking water it can have dire consequences with a person’s health.

Now I just told you the primary purpose of fluoride which is to protect your teeth (this comes from the use of toothpaste), however updated studies show different when it comes to fluoride keeping your teeth strong and healthy.

The “Journal of the American Dental Association” conducted a study which confirmed that fluoride is classified as a toxicity, and can actually destroy your teeth over long-term usage.

IMG_0003It’s even worse for fluoride found in drinking water, high intake of fluoride can lead to a disease known as dental flourosis.

[How Dental Flourosis Manifests In the Body]

  • swallowing toothpaste
  • excessive levels of fluoride found in foods
  • excessive levels of fluoride found in drinking water (tap & bottled)
  • damaged tooth enamel (can lead to tooth decay)

What Other Damage Can fluoride Do To You?

  • It can cause kidney, brain, and organ damage, perverse damage to bodily tissues.
  • Causes brain & nervous system disorder
  • Can cause brain defects in babies (6 months & younger)

Children face high-risk factors from fluoride found in toothpaste,  the same goes for adults who use oral hygiene products with fluoride content. It is still recommended by dentist to drink floridated water, and for the parents to use a water droplet device to apply the correct amount of fluoride in a newborn’s drinking water.

The recommended amount of fluoride allowed In drinking water today is set at 0.7 milligrams per liter of water, in the early 60’s it was set at 1.2 milligrams per liter. It was first added to drinking water back in the 40’s, and the obvious reason of course was to help deter tooth decay and disease among children.

Adolescents face a greater-risk of dental flourosis, the reason for this is due to the fact that high amounts of fluoride is added to mouth rinse, and prescribed supplements.

People who bear symptoms of dental flouorosis can be seen on the tooth enamel in the color of “lacy white markings” on their teeth (almost invisible), or spot formations on the enamel.

**Reducing The fluoride Content / Flouridated Brands (options)**

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