Flint’s Water Contamination: Behind The Madness

Foul play on the water front?

th1I’ve been monitoring any changes about the situation which lead to water contamination issues in Flint, Michigan and I remember hearing about the contaminated waters that still have residents seeing red when they learned that they were drinking tainted water.

th9Governor Rick Synder was asked about the reasons why the water reservoir was not thoroughly checked to make sure residents were in fact drinking safe water, if they were able to bathe in it, and cook with it as well.

He claimed that the water was never contaminated despite the fact that the story blew up all over the news and social media that it was indeed NOT safe for consumption as well as cooking, and to bathe in it.

He stood behind his faith assuring that the water was ok, he then stated that he himself would take a 30-day water supplementation (drinking the very same water that was deemed deadly and toxic), to prove that the water is fine.

Now anybody in their right mind, would sit back and say that, unless they were completely delusional.

When reports about the water crisis hit the news and the internet airwaves, many people were outraged that residents as well as children were either consuming the lead based water, bathing in it, and using it for various purposes of that nature.

The end result was loss of hair, people feeling sick and ill, and many sick riddled with fear that they might die of thirst, if they could not receive any type of water supply needed for basic survival.

th8But that wasn’t the only thing that brought huge attention to this situation like it does now, there were rumors which states that the contaminated drinking water in Flint, was already known early on before the story broke out.

So this is where the grey area comes into focus between white & black lines, and when you find out why this operation was set into effect, it will have you wondering whether or not if residents were merely test subjects of some grand twisted crisis experiment.

Why the buffoonery tactics?

Why would this “crisis test” be allowed to take place in the first place? Was this some type of sick testing ground aimed at individuals to incite strife and total chaos within a community?

That’s a dam good question, that deserves a dam good answer I say.

th3Well there are water tests ran to check the pH levels to determine whether or not it is safe for consumption, and other uses that it is needed for.

There was one story told about a situation out in Sacramento, California, where the water tested at a facility plant found high levels of the chemical known as aluminum chlorohydrate which is considered to be a Carcinogen  chemical, was present in the residential water supply. 

Politics play it’s hand into the matter to find a notable “solution”, to save the city money, but no solution to keep residents from harm as they digest tainted water into their bodies unknowingly.

Carcinogen is a cancer causing element (it could be a substance, or even exposure to harmful radiation) it damages the tissues in the body (particularly the respiratory system) items such as asbestosand tobacco smoke, possess carcinogenic substances (in their makeup visible fiber composed of millions of microscopic “fibrils” that can be released by abrasion.)


“Yea, even this favorite pastime beverage Has it” 

Junk foods such as potato chips, the use of cosmetic beauty products, the gas you pump at the service station (that might accidentally get on your hand), toothpaste products, certain “so-called” healthy foods we eat, it’s even present in the air you breath.

Asbestos is a widely used to provide manufactured products “fire-proof” protection, however it can also be extremely harmful to humans if it is inhaled into the lungs, and can cause lung cancer, and carcinogens are present within its contents as well.

This is what many smokers / former smokers face after years of taking up the habit, the damage done to the lungs from smoking not irreversible, however just because the smoker gives up the habit doesn’t mean they will ever be ‘completely’ out of the woods in regards to their health.

So given the valid points stated, we skip back to horrific diseases, ailments, and even deaths resulting from the deadly drinking waters of Flint, and just exactly what was to be gained from poisoning thousands of residents who live in the city?


There were some really ugly political backlash that surrounded not only the accusation of neglect, irresponsibility, and mismanagement of the Flint water cleansing protocols, but the spotlight also focused on Rick Snyder the resounding governor of Michigan.

th1As for the city of Flint, racial tension seems to be the angle played (to a degree), many people including the residents of the city had this viewpoint burned into their minds as the incident was finally revealed.

There was a term that defines the situation all together, that term is called environmental racism.

A term I know many might not be aware of, but there are so many terms in the encyclopedia unknown to man who exist which perfectly masks specific scenarios.

This particular situation involves urban pollution in an inner city (or this can happen in suburban community as well),  which are focused in areas where the majority of minority residents reside.

Another aspect to bring into the picture, is dirty politics.


Dirty politics (A.K.A. “Dirty Poli”) will always be there to bring the corruption, favoritism, and yes exist particularly in areas that are “deemed” low in property value, areas riddled with high-rates of crime are blacklisted like a plague that grips a community, and treated like it should be quarantined from the rest of the world’s eyes.

Doesn’t seem fair I know, but whoever said dirty politics ever gave a dam about the everyday citizen…

With that said… Dirty politics run on a hidden agenda, this plan as many may suspect does NOT involve the general public at large (that goes double for the residents who are the intended targets of such “buffoonery”).

Buffoonery is the perfect way I see to explain how the political opposition which likes to clown the general public, so I’m using the term in a metaphoric sense in case anyone was wondering (the court “jester” aligns with the term 100%).

th9The residents of Flint I have to say were being “clowned”, Snyder knows this is true by playing dumb to the fact that the water was contaminated in the first place. The matter could have also been resolved by our Government, but for whatever reason the Government didn’t focus entirely on extending any true support.

They gave little support, but the difference makers were Hollywood Celebs such as Cher, Matt Damon, Big Sean, Pearl Jam, Meek Mill, Jack White, Eminem, Wiz Khalifa, Sean “Diddy” CombsMark Wahlberg, and other support organizations.

th4aThe financial aspect is another element that always remains constant, money runs the world, the communities, the politicians, and the way I see it, it’s definitely a numbers game apart of the agenda which drives the motivations of the greedy, and power-hungry elitists.

Let’s face it folks, the city of Flint is in a serious financial struggle, it doesn’t take a child to see it especially when they ask their parents for something they really want, but their parents constantly tell them…

“Sorry we just can’t afford to get it for you right now. Maybe next time okay?”

But since when has it ever been okay to be in a dire situation when you barely have any income to survive.

Since when has it been ok to tell your kids that taking a bath is not an option because of the high levels of contamination is lurking within the city’s water supply, and who knows what residents of Flint were exposed to before learning about the toxicity elements (the biggest concern was the “Legionnaires bacteria” contamination in the water) within the water supply which can lead to a number of immune issues, and other symptoms from long-term exposure.

toxic juice 1

The biggest deception lies within the community’s trusted water supply facility, who let them down for an entire year telling them that the water was fine and safe for everyday use.

Makes one wonder… Just who was really behind this scheme, how much money was stolen (because the way it looks seems like a huge payday for a few extended hands), and who can detest the fact that the residents were viewed as expendable” in the entire matter.

It wouldn’t be any different if they were just lab rats put in place to truly test one’s ability to survive within a “crisis setting”.

Many angles can be thought up here, but one thing is for sure…

The tainted water wasn’t a secret to those who knew, the ones put on a “need to know basis”, are also the ones who are stuck paying for crappy water services both financially and with their mortality.

th8There’s huge skepticism toward a Governor who said over the radio airwaves, that he would voluntarily drink the infamous “killer H20 cocktail” for an entire month.

th3LOL, one has to wonder if he is REALLY going to hold up his end of the bargain on that sour deal (after all, there are sewer reservoirs under the common “Sump Pump” in homes… You don’t think he would, well maybe he would).

Hopefully, things will turn around for the residents of Flint. 

It’s time for Flint residents to go through a long healing process, this would be the first step to take followed by the rebuilding process of a community.

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