About This Site


Confusing Health Enigmas is just what it is, a huge article base of enigmatic health issues dealing with your basic health topics, to the complete 180 º spin “off the wall”  health entries which at times seem too “surreal”for most to handle.

Haha…The unorthodox is always the most interesting yes?

Here topics are taken and analyzed to the greatest degree, from there they are shared with anyone who takes interest in learning, harboring knowledge, understanding you, others around you, even various factors of the nature itself better through key information.

That’s the purpose of this site, bringing people together through observation and enlightenment.

What could be better I say to you?

No, I’m not giving you the answer so easily.

For the mean time, browse around taking in all the healthy info lying in wait at you’re disposal.

Time is not going to wait on you, there’s reading to be done so hop to it

Notebook and pencil