The Three Stooges: Laughing Therapy

Years of Laughing Therapy From The Stooges


Whether it’s a nyuk, nyuk, nyuk, by Curly, or the famous catch phrase from Moe… “A wise guy eh?” This is usually followed by a poke to the eyes, or a smack upside the head, was a classic a trademark from the “Three Stooges”, that rallied millions of fans over the past decades.


But in retrospect, the stooges were quite the usual trio put together to form this comical venture that took the world by storm.

And question might surface such as…


“How did they get started?”




“Who brought the comedic trio together in the first place?”


Valid questions indeed which need answering, the biggest one of course is their source material to make people laugh until literal tears would run down their faces.


So let’s jump into the actor’s seat of the cast, that will help to give you a little backstory details of the most famous comical trio of the 20th century.


The Guys Behind The Madness


So we start with the comedy icons that would make a huge name for themselves, in a very short amount of time.


th (1)We will take a look at the leader of the group, and basically was portrayed as the enforcer as well who is called Moe.


Moe Howard was the central nucleus of the group, he would be the guy to keep Larry, Curly, (Sometimes Shemp or Joe), in line when he felt they were either trying to outshine him, or even if he gets hit accidentally by one of his colleagues, he would ultimately make them pay for it through physical harm (in the most comical sense).


Keep in mind that this is your basic “Slap-Stick” comedy, which often went viral depending upon the screwed-up situations the stooges would create for themselves.


Moe was the one who really brought the formation of the group together (also with the help of Ted Heasley known for his involvement as well A.K.A “Ted Heasley & His Stooges”), he did this through brain storming out ideals he felt would work with their comedy act (and often did work for them).


Another key aspect about Moe in which many probably didn’t know, was his famous bowl cut hair style. He use to have long curly hair, and going to school with the other kids serve to be the motivating factor for him to change his appearance from that point throughout his entire career (they teased him for his curly hair locks LOL).


Moe was also an avid reader of text books, this is probably where he gather a lot of his source material no doubt. He would share his ideas with his older brother Shemp, and his younger brother Curly. 

His real name was Moses Harry Horwitz (June 19, 1897 – May 4. 1975).


The other two stooges (included are Shemp & Joe at alternate times) would play their parallel roles to set the “tone” of the classic shorts (the skits written for them in which they would act out in front of the camera).


th (1)For Larry Finehe was what you would call the indoctrine stooge”, and for notable reason. Fine was multi-talented, and known for various skills he portrayed such as playing the violin in a particular stooge episode, to lending boxing training tips to Curly (Prior before the episode was filmed), in an episode where Curly was a bogus skilled boxer (Fine was a trained boxer as well), who could only win when he would hear the particular music song play in the background called Pop Goes the Weasel” (a famous children’s song most kids would hear when growing up).


Larry would play the tune using a violin, which in turn would incite motivation in Curly, and give him the will to “beat down” an opponent in a matter of seconds.


Moe would exploit the opportunity (he played a desperate boxing manager looking for a break), by putting the two elements together to further his managing career in the boxing world.

th (1)


The only problem was Curly. Because the longer the song continues to play, he cannot control his urge to pulverize anyone who crosses his path (that was comical punch line to the episode Punch Drunks when both Moe & Larry lose control of the raging lunatic).

There was an interesting story about Fine when he was growing up as a kid, his Father often tested various gold items (using acid to flush it out if it was a fake), until one day young Fine almost killed himself after believing that the concoction was a beverage (drink). His Father basically saved his life by knocking the cup out of his hands, unfortunately the liquid contents was the acid his using to test out on the gold.


th (1)


Fine’s forearm was splashed with the dangerous acid, and it caused damage to the muscles in that area of his arm. He regained strength to his arm later on, as he possessed the talent to play the violin which made him not only talented in playing the instrument, but also saving his arm in the process by working the muscles back to decent functionability.


th (1)As a matter of fact, there was a particular episode where the Stooges put on a show where each are playing fiddles (except for Moe & Curly, Larry was the only one actually jamming away on the fiddle *fiddles are small violins. Moe & Curly were just pretending to play.)


Fine also went on a short run billed as a “bonafide in ring boxer”, he figured this would be the best way to really strengthen his arm, but his Father totally opposed his decision to box thus ending his son’s boxing career.


Fine seemed to always be the “Man in the Middle”, during most of the Stooges shenanigans. Larry Fine (October 5, 1902 – January 24, 1975).


th (1)

Spilling over into Curly Joe’s character who portrayed the biggest goofball of the trio bunch, he basically was George & Kramer from the Seinfeld show rolled into one.


Curly could make anybody laugh to the point where they would find themselves stepping outside for a breath of fresh air (Yea, I have seen people laugh that hard because of the “super-insane” funny stuff he would do in a Stooges film short.)


I remember when my cousin would come over to spend the night, we would always watch the Stooges shorts every Saturday night.


It was an episode where Curly just kept pissing Moe off to the point where he unleashed a series of slaps upside Curly Joe’s head to the point where he (Curly) goes off into an uncontrollable comedic fit of rage.


It was one of the rare moments where Moe actually back down from Curly, my cousin laughed so hard to the point where she spills lemonade on her pants, and slipped half way out of her chair in the process.


My Mom made her clean up the spill off of her carpeted floor (and yea I had to help her *NO FAIR I TELL YOU), LOL that was priceless.


Curly’s start with the Stooges was unbelievably by chance fate, Shemp was actually in place for the role, but temporarily went off to pursue other opportunities of his own.


This left Curly in position for an golden opportunity, Ted Healy however demanded a few changes to his appearance before letting him perform with Moe & Larry.


Healy had a problem with Curly’s mustache and


th (1)Curly basically was the pivotal character of the Stooge franchise, there could be no other Stooge to replace him (not even his older brother Shemp, or the most horrid — Curly Substitute of the century — impersonated by Joe Besser). 


th (1)As for Joe DeRitaI didn’t really remember him which is due to the fact of not watching the later episodes of the Stooge films when the series was at the downward stroke of its TV run as it was coming to an end.



th (1)Shemp Howard was the next best “Pseudo-Curly”, after the original Curly passed away (Curly Howard;  1903 – 1952).

And in case you’re were wondering, they each a whopping $2,500 per episode!

They were pretty much rich (well come on do the math, that’s a boat load of money back in the 1930’s, 40’s, 50s’, even the 60’s, from 70 – 75 was probably where inflation started set in LOL).


He was ok, and would show some creative spark in his ability to have Moe go ape-shit all over him after pissing him off in some way shape or form.


He could pull some laughs out of the audience. However, you’re still left with that wishful feeling to relive the “Classic Curly” moments where he would say the infamous… Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk, somewhere in an episode run.


th (1)Ted Healy was childhood friends with Moe Shemp, and help them to put together the trio (after discovering Larry in 1928). He was the “basic motivating factor”, and mastermind behind the stooges’ success.


But as far as I’m concerned, it was Moe, Larry, and the original Curly that I recognized as the best act for the slap-stick genre.


And the reason why I wrote about them in the first place was rather simple to say.


They were funny as h**l! Besides… Didn’t you know that,


“Laughter Is Literally Good For The Soul!”


And they definitely provided that for over the last 80 years.

Men Steal Chicken Wings?

Criminal Intentions to Heist Chicken Wings?

That is the $65,000 dollar question…

Well, LOL at least that what I believe.

I heard this story about these guys who decided to steal chicken wings from a freezer in a cold storage facility out in Doraville, Georgia.

I was curious about this when I heard it over the radio, and the first thing that came to my mind was what in the world were these guys on?

An obvious question when hearing about someone stealing chicken wings inside of a fast food establishment, is why in the world would they do that?

A better question to that one is, why would they steal that much chicken from their place of work.

The two men Dewayne Patterson, 35, and Renaldo Jackson, 26, worked at the establishment (at the Nordic Cold Storagein Pleasantdale Road in Doraville, Ga.


Ah, yea. These guys worked there, which blows a person’s mind trying to figure out the reasons why they would steal that much frozen poultry.

Now keep in mind about this next part, because it really gets crazy from there.

The two men devised a plan first by using a fork truck which Patterson did to load the pallets onto the truck, while Jackson served as the lookout man. The vehicle of choice was a rental truck from Enterprise rental, which they used as the getaway vehicle.

th (1)

They committed the crime while parking the rental truck at the bay door area of the company.

The estimated amount came out to be 10 pallets, which was an equivalent of $60,000 in net worth (some reports say $65,000). 

The question however still remains, why were they stealing that much chicken?

Well I had a theory as to why, and it might sound a bit off the mark however bare with me.

ty-cobb-slidingNow after they went through all the trouble getting the rental truck, them going into the workplace to commit the most ridiculous theft act that would have baseball’s legendary home plate stealer

 Ty Cobbcracking up with hysterical laughter at these two all day long.

ty-cobb-steals a

 “LAMO, these guys are 100% bullshit artists, haha.”


A few days later, the authorities caught up with the chicken bandits.

The men were arrested and charged with one count of felony theft for stealing the merchandise, they were released later that day on a $2,950 bond.

For the stolen chicken wings… Well, finding them may be a feat which Sherlock Holmes probably wouldn’t be able to figure out himself.

So my theory is that they sold the wings for a much cheaper  price, instead of what they’re worth at the local supermarket.

LOL, I told you that was my take on the whole matter, because why else would they take a chance going through all of what they did, unless they were not going to get paid some good money for their troubles.

As to what they were thinking when going through all of this, now that’s an enigma in itself.

The criminal mind is a very confusing place for a law abiding citizen to be at, the “psychosis factor” is the only way to rate and remotely understand why people do stupid things such as stealing a truck load of chicken wings, maybe to resell them at a lower price to a food market shop, or sell them on the street to the homeless at a cheap price.

Only God Knows….


You see in the mind you have an area of the brain called the Amygdala“, it’s a brain structure responsible for autonomic responses associated with fear, and fear conditioning.

Other factor come into play as well, aggression, violent tendencies outbursts, the biggest is “anti-socialism”, there is a bit more to it of course for these are just the emotional factors that are associated with this particular structuring of the amygdala itself.

It mainly focuses on the size of the amygdala, if a person has a normal size amygdala, then the likelihood for the individual to commit a crime or showing the intentions to do so is low.

However, a person with a smaller sized amygdala, is more likely to commit a crime, and depending on the severity of their condition, it could be worse than anyone could imagine.

A study done of the amygdala function not only determines the attitude an individual will take, but it also depends on the level of aggressiveness the person will actually demonstrate once placed into a situation, or a situation they create themselves and act out.

Adrian Raine, DPhil researched this field extensively in the department of criminology at the Universtiy of Pennsylvania,  and led the study with fellow anticipent Yu Gao, PhD, at CUNY-Brooklyn which focused on fear conditioning.

The study was conducted on a group of 3-year-olds, during the conducted study electrodes were placed on the children’s fingers while “duo tones” were played to determine the level of response from the children.

The first sound played was a loud tone followed by an unpleasant sound, the second was just the unpleasant sound played by itself.

The each tone played were used to measure sweat responses” in the children, the purpose for this was to measure each child’s fear conditioning level.

Twenty years after the conditioning fear exercise, led to violent crimes, and offenses done by the same children (now adults) who were apart of the conditioning process years prior before the criminal conduct were committed.

The list of characteristics associated with criminal behavior are:

  • Antisocial (withdrawn from others)
  • Aggressive behaviors
  • Violent tendencies
  • Feeling of entitlement
  • Irrational 

Criminal acts whether if it’s stealing, battery, assault, or even murder are demonstrated from various behaviors.

Psychological evaluation is an option to help identify issues of an individual, anger management classes, and medication are other options for individuals who struggle to control violent urges and tendencies.


Prince & Chyna Celebrity Recognition

Who Were Prince & Chyna?

This is going to be a hard topic to discuss, but two performers that many know including myself have just passed away.

As of late it seems a few celebrities have passed on, just weeks ago Garry Shandling former comedian who had his show on FOX TV back in the late 80’s was among a few others including Frank Sinatra Jr.

But the focus is on two performers that I like to see doing their favorite thing and that was entertaining the masses.

For the WWE and the Music Industry, it is a huge loss because never again will these two perform again.

At the same time, they will always be remembered thanks to the years of footage in front of the camera, this I believe is called a “legacy” which is left behind when we lose someone in our lives.

So it’s only fitting to elaborate on these special entertainer’s lives that touched us for a long time, so we’ll start with these two iconic performers Prince – A musical genius and legend / and Chyna – The most dominate female wrestler ever to grace a staged squared arena.

Where can you start but with this infamous performer, he started a long time ago becoming a “music artist icon”, and would leave a huge legacy behind for everyone who grew up with and knew the man called the artist.

“Prince The Artist Who Spanned Decades of Spectacular Music”


Prince falls into the category of all-time greatest musical performing artists along with Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Michael Jacksonthe list well you know just rolls on.

Most people may not realize that Prince has been around for a long time, (I could be wrong but I think his first song was For You” back in 78′, even though claims say he started in the industry in 1976).

I would always get his first song mixed up with I Wanna Be Your Lover” only because I would hear people play it to death LOL, you have to remember in that time my sisters were teenagers, and I was only 6.

He kicked his career into high gear in the early 80’s, he attracted so much attention from the music he was producing to the point which caught the attention of another prominent superstar by the name of  Michael Jackson.

Jackson was casting performers for one of his most famous songs Bad” in 87′, he wanted Prince to play the antagonist rival gang leader in the video but Prince declined the offer.

Prince didn’t feel comfortable with the beginning lines stated at the start of the song where Jackson starts off by saying…


“You’re But Is Mines!”

Yea, not actually the thing you probably don’t wanna say just before a fight LOL. And that would be the reason why Prince backed out of the chance to appear and perform in the video, so the part went to Wesley Snipes.

Either way it really didn’t matter to Prince, you have to remember that he really displayed his ability to act from his performance in Purple Rain

Other stars surfaced after this movie which was branded one of his most unforgettable films, besides his captivating music videos.

th (1)

Apollonia Kotero was one of the stars made from Purple Rain, the group “Apollonia 6” which was changed from “Vanity 6”, due to the fact that Vanity dropped out of the female lead for Purple Rain.

(The two girls would often confuse me, due to the fact that Apollonia was casted for the part in the movie instead of Vanity. Plus the similarity of the girl group band ending with the number – 6 -).

Vanity Prince’s protege, was another raising star in the early 80’s who helped to form the band Vanity 6 and she went on to star in the popular action flicks such as The Last Dragon“, Action Jackson“, “Tanya’s Island“, Pick Up 52“.

th (1)The weird thing about her death, it was just a few months before Prince’s (her real name was Denise Katrina Matthews). 

You can’t help but to find that quite odd how she died shortly before him, however we’re not here to stay forever because we’re only here on borrowed time.

Prince’s Revolution Band referred to as The Revolution Band” was the backbone of the entire group which provided unique sounds, creative tones, and a variety of sound stage equipment, amps, guitars, you name it, was the firepower needed to fuel their music bringing it to life, and ahh-stunned fans who attended their concerts.


“The Revolution”

The revolution was a different type of band, unique in their own right, and innovative to the very core, they even outmatched Prince’s cousin (rumor has it is that Day was actually Prince’s nephew), Morris Day’s rival group The Time” in Purple Rain.


In the movie Morris Day basically tries to railroad Prince from the get go, as the two compete against each other’s band at a nightclub out in Minneapolis, Minnesota (Prince’s hometown).

In the course of Day’s scheme, he targets two of Prince’s band members Wendy a badass guitarist, and Lisa a well known electronic keyboardist player.

Day tries to drive a wedge between Prince (A.K.A “The Kid”), and his talented girl backup crew to go turn against him for ignoring their overall musical expertise.

Apollonia eventually arrives on the scene, and plays Kid’s girlfriend in the film. Day orchestres a plan to persuade her (she plays a talented singer), to join his group to rival against Prince’s.

While all this transpires, Kid is also facing problems at home with his parents who are argumentative, irrational, and abusive in nature toward him as well as each other.

It plays out well, from Kid retaliating against Apollonia for joining Day’s group with the track he plays called “Darling Nikki”.

Apollonia realizes that he’s addressing her, and embarrasses her in front of a large crowd, she takes off in crying, and this angers both Day and one of his crew members named Billy.

Billy tells Kid that his father was a failure for trying his hand at music, he also tells Kid that he could lose his guaranteed spot for his band at the First Avenue Club“.

Things gets even darker from there for Kid as he returns home to discover his father holding a handgun in the basement, decides to shoot himself out of regret for failing to become a credible musician.

Kid flies into a blind rage tearing up the basement, daytime comes and he searches through the debris only to find a cassette type which belongs to both Wendy Lisa.

He plays the type and realizes that his two members have an eye for great music, he then sets out to devise a plan to integrate the track into his musical arsenal, same time give the proper recognition to his both members of his group.

This fixes everything between him and his members of the group, he then sets his sites to take down Morris’ group by introducing the “Purple Rain” track, and his wins back his girlfriend, plus his parents are still alive, so all in one swoop it’s basically like playing a chess match where you beat your opponent with “checkmate” rush tactics in just eight straight motions LOL.

The movie was a major hit, and pulled in $68.4 million in total revenue.

Some people believed that Prince directed the film, however that’s not the case. He only starred in the feature flick, but in 1990 he did direct a short sequence to it called Graffiti Bridge  which depicts Kid Morris each running nightclubs of their own in competition against one another.

After his short stint in film, he went on to create other popular hits which are listed below plus the ones already mentioned:

  • $
  • 1999
  • Act of God
  • Baltimore
  • Bambi
  • Batdance
  • Better with Time
  • Billy Jack Bitch
  • Black Sweat
  • Breakdown
  • Breakfast Can Wait
  • Cinnamon Girl
  • Clouds
  • Controversy
  • Cream
  • Darling Nikki
  • Days of Wild
  • Dirty Mind
  • Fallinlove2nite
  • For You
  • God
  • I Wanna Be Your Lover
  • Kiss
  • La, La, La, He, He, Hee
  • Let’s Go Crazy
  • Little Red Corvette
  • Live 4 Love
  • Partyman
  • Pop Life
  • PretzelBodyLogic
  • Purple Rain
  • Raspberry Beret
  • Rock & Roll Love Affair
  • Screwdriver
  • Sex in the Summer
  • Sign O’ the Times
  • Soft and Wet
  • The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
  • Thieves In The Temple
  • This Could Be Us
  • U Got the Look
  • U Know
  • Uptown
  • Valentina
  • Wall of Berlin
  • What If
  • When Doves Cry
  • WOW

I didn’t even realize he made that many songs LOL, this guy was really busy creating music. That’s probably why you didn’t really see him that much on talk shows, just every once in a blue moon.

My favorite song that he performed was “Partyman”, that was the best to me.

The cause of Prince’s death will be revealed to the public soon, I feel that 57 was too soon for him to depart from us but again, we’re here on borrowed time.

So live your life the best way you know how for tomorrow is not promised to us!


“Chynna Doll 9th Wonder of the World”

download4aChyna was a very interesting young lady, I remember her when she first showed up on WWF (at the time before the logo was changed to “WWE”) back in the early 2000’s.

She came out in full force walking down the entrance ramp to the ring with Triple H D-Generation X, she was the enforcer of the group who did back down from any opposing nemesis wrestling groups who tried to raise again them.

Fans went nuts over her because of boldness, integrity, and strength she displayed at times to get her point across (especially the time she brought out that badass “rocket launcher” which fired confetti into the air).

She was also quite the looker at her first WWF debut appearance, she turned a lot of heads that night no doubt about it.

She was referred to as the “9th” wonder of the world (after Andre “The Giant” who was in 8th place), before her were famous female wrestlers such as The Fabulous Moola, Mae Youngand a host of other WWF female superstars.

While she was part of D-Generation’s group, she went on to defend the intercontinental Championship twice after winning it, and the Women’s Championship once.

She was the only female wrestler to win the WWF intercontinental title Men’s title.


(Chyna & Mick Foley at TNA)

Chyna was the exception to the rule to wrestle and defeat male wrestlers, she grappled against some of the best WWF male superstars such as Kurt Angle, Jeff Jarrett, Chris Jerichoand even Triple H (former leader of D-Generation X).

She eventually moved on from the WWF in 2001, and started wrestling for New Japan Pro Wrestling the following year in 02′, in between intervals she would wrestle, she even landed on the roster at TNA Wrestling in 2011.

images5Killer Kowalski’s Professional Wrestling School is where Chyna was trained as a professional wrestler, the school is known for churning out very successful wrestlers such as Perry Saturn (one my favorites from the ECW & WCW wrestling organizations).

images3When she did arrive at the WWF they wanted to use her as a bodyguard (which I don’t know why), but the reason apparently was a decision made by who else but Vince McMahon himself, who felt that WWF fans would not take to the idea of a woman being able to beat up male wrestlers.

Eventually she would prove him wrong, when she started going up against male wrestlers.

Even “The Fabulous Moolah” wouldn’t care to compete for the Men’s title outright, so it goes to show that Chyna was a true hardcore competitor in the sport itself.

images2The only other female wrestler I could see pulling such a feat would be Nicole Bass from ECW, like Chyna she was very dominating due to her stature in size, height, and wrestling ability.

Bass was very intimidating to all the female competitors at ECW, there weren’t many takers to challenge her to say the least LOL.

Chyna played various roles, from the antagonist, to the protagonist, which mean she was not always aligned with “D-Generation”, there was even a time when she broke form Triple H’s camp switching over to McMahon’s regime playing the villainess henchwoman against H.

So she was multi-talented when playing character roles, and not just a flip / flop female wrestler that converts to go along with whatever team because she believes needs security (or the stronger team gets the girl because she relies heavily on them to ‘back her up’ when needed).

Nope, she could handle most situations herself without the “back up”, that’s what made her such a phenomenal female wrestler.

images1She left the WWF due to the situation of the affair which formed between both Triple H Stephanie McMahon, Vince probably didn’t want any major “bad blood” to become the constant scenario, so he basically fired Chyna after she received the letter from the organization of being — let go –.

Things really got bad for her during the relationship she and Sean Waltman (A.K.A “X-Pac”), had together. She made an adult film type with Waltman, and after copies of the production film was sold, she claimed that she did not receive any of commissions from the film’s sold copies.

She was charged for domestic assault against Waltman back in January of 05′, and went into a nightclub out in New York where it was reported that she stripped down naked jumping into a fish tank. It was believed that she had anxiety issues from the problematic relationship between her and Waltman, which lead to the episode at the club.

Toward the end of the month, she went on the Howard Stern Show“, which lead to the situation of her ranting about depression and her cocaine usage. She entered herself into a clinic for people dealing with depression and alcohol abuse, and even stated that if she saw just one line of cocaine (she worked very hard to stop the habit) that she would probably wind up doing it.

Chyna was dealing with anxiety and insomnia issuesand was taking medication to help relieve the symptoms. In a few weeks her toxicology report will be complete to confirm the cause of death (I will give an update on both Prince and Chyna’s toxicology reports), she was young and still had a lot to see and do, it’s a shame she’s gone and she will be missed!


Robot Waitress Services Customers

Robotic Takeover In The Food Franchise?

download9Seems to be catching on rather quick I would have to say.

These “robot waitresses” are already making quite the stir, 18 are online working at a downtown restaurants at various province areas in China. 

I have to say that this will definitely raise millions of heads no time fast.

You have to admit that we basically saw this next step of techno-evolution coming like the 7 o’clock scheduled freight train doing its routine pass by, as it heads off into the sunset staying on its route due south.

It seems tradition is really starting to take a backseat to new customs with technology that’s flooding the markets slowly but surely.

images9It started with industrial jobs, taking away position from human workers who basically get the boot as they are replaced with these mechanical / robot entities.

This will bring up many questions I’m sure, people are now going to start panicking about their jobs being snatched by robot workers.

For the franchises it could be a better solution on both ends, one they don’t have to pay a robot wages because it doesn’t know what to do with money but get it to their employers anyway (robot waitress takes the tip, but goes to the back office and tells her boss… Here you go boss, that’s $137 for the day all yours!).

image8sSo you see, the average human waitress does pretty pulling tips like that every other night plus the weekly take home pay.

But now the human counterpart of this equation, is being swept off of the table.

The only one that really wins, is the franchise and the boss, plus his boss, all the way up to the owner.

So what about the waitress (No not the robot LOL), a human waitress.

download8A  robot only needs maintenance every so often to survive, but for a flesh & bone waitress what in the h**l is she going to do to supplement currency for a living?

This same problem has left many humans jobless over the past few years, and this new venture with the waitress robot is placed into the equation.

images7I know one thing I wouldn’t want to be the one running any of the those food chain establishments, this waitresses who are getting put out of the picture (and who knows when it will hit the U.S.)  I’m sure are feeling pretty dam bitter about it. Oh yea by the way, they also have robot waiters such as the one above, so same deal for the traditional waiter.

So what do you suppose would happen if someone were to find a way to hack into one of these “robos”, to see if they can control them by I don’t know say with the help of  “bluetooth”. 

I mean you have to figure, the auto industry (including Google’s greedy ass), are going for the “smart car technology”. 

Cyber-crime is growing like a viral infection on hyper-drive. But these contraptions are new on the scene so that will be a later topic once one of these things somehow goes apeshit on a customer, due to the intervention of a “malware viral infection attack” LOL.

But iimages6aIt is very hard finding jobs in this country as well as other countries that face the same situation, people are sick and tired of going broke especially if they need a source of income to live and take care of their family.

This includes working for a living (hence the term), in the age of “automation” human beings are now slowly but surely finding themselves becoming “absolute” through the advancement of time.

So what will happen in the near future?

Will the work force be completely dominated by machines? What downfalls will this cause in this already wrecked society of those just trying to stay in the infamous “rat race”, to bring home a weekly paycheck.

images2Even Pitfall Harry couldn’t swing far enough over that crocodile pit to avoid becoming din-din, that means it’s really unfair to expect a human to have a fighting chance against a dam machine for their job.

images9Was Skynet  just a part of the “Terminator” series for laughs? Or was it always the envisioned reality to ultimately knock us off the board of reality slash the science fiction part?

It seems like we’re losing very quickly, and companies would love for the opportunity to adopt an all robot crew in the workplace.

They wouldn’t have to give 15 minute breaks, or excuse a worker that has to take a trip to the restroom, or find another worker to cover for them if they decide to take a sick day, and best of all they wouldn’t have to pay them like a human each week!

And let’s not forget the biggest ongoing battle wages increase that fast food workers are asking (which is $15 an hour), I already knew that they would probably find a way around that. I mean these companies are not stupid, they just don’t hold 7 or 8’o clock meetings for the purpose of improving their health LOL.

download5It would be a literal gold mine for them with all of that extra money just lying around for them to do God knows what with.

So on a psychological level, one could only imagine how this would affect the average human being.

LOL, yea… It would so piss them off! You could say that this could incite plots of revenge from workers in the food industry, best scenario yet would be a worker who gets canned because of this new attempt to replace them with the robot counterpart.

Say if they’re good with hacking into software applications, or can find “backdoors” into various programs. You see cyber revenge is on the rise in this country especially, and the basic means to hack into devices or even larger machinery products such as the “Google Self-Drive Car” is through the use of bluetooth. 

Bluetooth is the safest and one of the most easiest methods to hack a device or other techno inventions, Google is breaking its neck to make sure that their smart car vehicle is “hack proof”. 

So what about these restaurant serving robots?

Yes I would say they definitely fall into this category, and a angry worker who hacks online as a past-time which is the worst kind of troll type evermight be inclined to dish out their twisted brand of justice against their former employers.

Technology is advancing every day so fast it’s literally starting to govern our lives, even a kid realizes the various types of resources online available at their fingertips. Scary indeed, and as time moves along, so will the basic thing that identifies us all which is our humanity going digital.

Then this will surely become our next destination to get side-lined, while robots and other automation technology will become the standard advanced race taking away your basic means of survival.


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Stanley Kubrick: The Mind Blogging Specialist

“A Kubrick Perception Odyssey “

You may not have known this, but one of my favorite directors that truly inspired me ever since I was a kid was Stanley Kubrick.


Kubrick had a lot going for himself, being one of the most controversial directors of all time, many people couldn’t quite figure out the angles that he chose to take in his movies.

As a result, many would just accept the fact that he was taking a specific angle when directing his movies, and on one end of the spectrum you may feel a bit lost, but at the same time you understand the character plot in fine detail.

But what if I were to tell you, that Kubrick had a few tricks up his sleeve when telling you a story?

This in no doubt would explain certain parts of his films that leave most people going… Huh? I don’t get it, what was the purpose of that part?

Well when it comes to a Kubrick film TRUST ME, there’s always something that he can easily input into a movie flick without anybody catching on when they see the movie.


(“A Clockwork Orange” has a very noted iconic symbol — the long dark eyelash — which the lead character ‘Alex’ dons on his right eyelash, and from Alex’s twisted perceptive thoughts this is deemed as normal)

I’m not going to go into deep details, but some of his movies dealt with the concept of “perception”.

I’ve talked about perception in some of my articles recently, and I felt that all individuals perceive things differently from others.

It’s just like someone who claims to see a floating red balloon, but another person comes along spotting the balloon as it floats away says…

“Wow, some little boy is going to be very upset that his red balloon floated away.”

The first person will automatically becomes adjective (when another person steps in to tell them they’re wrong) the balloon this person see is colored red, a second individual disagrees with their opinion as they believe it is a pink balloon.

We can assume that this is a sunny day in the summertime, so right away one would think the second person sees a pink balloon as it floats away up towards the sun giving the red color a pinkish radiance.

Before the balloon escaped into the air, the first person did see a kid holding the red balloon, and the kid was a boy.

Even though the first person saw a boy with a red balloon, chances are they didn’t pay it much attention so they just denounce it from their thoughts.

So two separate scenarios, that cause minor conflict in who’s right, and who’s wrong.

The same can be said when you’re watching a Kubrick film.

People will wind up debating various parts of the movie to prove that they are right, and you are wrong. In truth it goes both ways, because you will rebut against the person’s opinions which differs from your own. So basically there are no two same aspects of perceptive patterns involving groups of people who completely matches.

This goes double for movie critiques, they may come to the same conclusion, and yet they methods were completely different to come to a final analysis.

So we need an example or two to confirm the situations that Kubrick placed into particular movies to “shift” the perception of others.

“2001: A Space ODYSSEY”

download (1)Was one of the most misread movies that Kubrick directed, for countless years people kept missing the meaning of what he was trying to get across to them.

The basic factor in the movie that lays out the entire plot revolves largely around the mystical and mysterious “black monolith”, the rectangle mystique truly represents.

People would think that it had something to do with alien intelligence.

This was NOT so, because in the film you never see any tangible proof of alien life-form of any kind and the “Star Child” to me was just an ordinary baby embryo. (In 2010 the sequel to this film, it hinted more towards alien intelligence inhabiting one of Jupiter’s moons “Europa”).

Later in the film, you see a pivotal point with Commander Bowman watching a video feed (which briefly states about alien intelligence discovered 18 months prior probably before or in the duration of their traverse to the massive gas planet) after he has just disconnected “HAL-9000”. 


He shut down HAL after the 9000 unit launched its plot to kill off all of the crew aboard the Discovery Vessel, and take over the mission when it arrives in Jupiter space.

The reason for the mission to Jupiter was a simple one, a black monolith was discovered there in that region of space.

This caused for the journey to learn more about the black rectangle there.

Kubrick integrates various sequences to trick the audience into seeing what he wants (“he or she”) to see.

The viewer watching will become distracted to some degree, (there are the exceptions where few people actually stay focus throughout the entire 3-hour flick).

So people are watching and wondering in this particular flick to see what the message was all about besides what they have seen so far, what they have seen up to that point are:

  • The dawn of man (where a black monolith appears toward the beginning of the film.)
  • The moon mission with Dr. Floyd & a few of his colleagues (a black monolith stands there at the moon base.)
  • The last one appears when the Discovery vessel reaches Jupiter space, Commander Bowman goes out in one of the ship’s mini-pod shuttles to investigate it thus entering the mysterious “Stargate Portal”.

So as you see you’re left confused out of your mind without a doubt LOL, but I’ll split out two means that you think you remember for those who seen the movie, but yet you still missed through the entire film hidden right in front of your very eyes.

Give up?


Okay, the answer is the “Black Monolith” LOL.

Through the entire film the viewer’s perception is focused on what is immediately recognizable, that’s if you’re paying attention not just watching the movie, but actually thinking about the constructed form of the rectangle skinny cube itself as being the ‘plateau’ screen format projected canvas.

People were watching the movie screen just like any other movie they have seen at the theatre, but Kubrick added the “full-screen” projected layout instead of the basic “wide-screen” layout.

This was a new type of format in movie screen projection, and to mask it even better, he purposely placed the monolith in place of the screen fully projected right in front of the viewer’s face.

So basically, the Black Monolith was the iconic piece in question not only in the movie, but it was serving as the window of the movie screen itself under Kubrick’s perception to trick the viewer into believing they were watching a regular movie screen.

This has fooled fans of the film for nearly 50 years!! And it’s still going strong fooling a lot of fans even today! LOL.

My father even missed it, he just thought it was one of the best space frontier flicks to ever grace the silver screen, I felt the same way ever since I was young.

But I wanted to understand more about the movie because it messed with my mind, it threw my sense of perception way off it’s mark.

Until a few years ago, when I did some deep investigating into the monolith’s meaning, and the crumbs Kubrick sprinkled into the film.

Kubrick was a trickster indeed, because not only did he fool the fans watching the film.

images5But he also pulled the wool over Arthur C. Clarke’s eyes as well, Clarke was the creator / writer of the novel.

However, Kubrick worked his own movie magic into the mix converting Clarke’s original ideas around to serve it’s purpose in telling the story from Clarke’s perspective, shifting it into Kubrick’s perspective for the majority of the film until the end.

images4This is not the first time Kubrick has pulled this stunt, he REALLY p’ed off Stephen King when king agreed to let him make his masterpiece classic The Shining” into a cinematic production.

King would later regret this decision, his perspective thoughts like C. Clarke for 2001, were altered in “The Shining”.

King realized the changes to the film, and questioned Kubrick’s motives for going against the grain completely, putting in modified scripted scenes NOT presented in the novel syndication.

download1(It had King’s blood pressure level reaching over 100X’s past the boiling point limit, and he never would considered Kubrick again for any future film projects EVER AGAIN LOL.

(YEA he still looks pissed off about it in that photo above LOL)

Kubrick applied particular methods to his madness in cinematic production, he was always finding innovative ways to throw off the viewer’s perspective thinking habits, this sometimes would aggravate the viewer who believed they had figured out what tactics he was trying to go by to dilute them from what seems real and logical.

These tactics applied were referred to as… “Kubrick’s Style Sets” he used in film making. The risks, the innovative flare, and the way he manipulated scenes in front of the camera, were outstanding.

So you’re thinking what are the methods he depended upon to sway and manipulate perceptive thinking? We’ll check them out below right now.

• Slow Scenes – He seemed to lean toward majority of the time.

Various Camera Lenses & Strange Angle Positions – He was excellent at this particular tactic, he found that shifting lens angles around putting them into awkward positions for unimaginable scene sequences was one of his most noted signature trademark in his cinema work.


He loved to”roll” scenes out for weeks –  He did this until he, and the actors casted into the movie were satisfied about how a scene would carried out after it was shot in front of the camera. He would use tape recorders in the shootings, this helped actors to “hone in” on character voices, actions, and this also helps them to personify their performance as well which was something Kubrick definitely expected of his performers. 

• Having the characters walk toward the camera in scenes – This is known as the “pulling effect”, which is where the focus was placed on character(s) in the movie that were instructed to face the camera walking, while the camera is simultaneously pulled away from them.

• Having the characters walk away from the camera in scenes – Was known as the “pushing effect”, which depicts the character(s) walking away from the camera while the camera follows them.

PseudoAbstract “Warmth” from the character’s tender side – Kubrick played hardball with his characters, he always directed scenes to test the limits of the performer, and helped them to break free from their “constraints” in order to give solid convincing performances. Scenarios would include very harsh scenes made out for the character(s), this applied especially to sinister type characters in his films.


• Slightly Rigid Angles (Positioning the Character) – The most effective tactic Kubrick would exploit, is the positioning on characters once they’re acting in front of the camera, he would have the character don a sinister smile of his her face, or a projecting look of terror upon their faces, the whole intention is to find the most effective way to sell the performance to the crowd, and further ensnare them into the character’s role from the character’s perspective.


So what have we learned about Kubrick’s mind tactics approach to shaping your perspective thoughts when watch one of his films.



Is To Seriously Pay Extra Close Attention When You Do Decide To Check Them Out Or You’ll Wind Giving Your Brain A Charlie Horse Cramp!   🙁

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Disobedient Kids Get Their Electronics Destroyed

“Disobedience Doesn’t Sit Well With This Mother!”

download6Just when you thought it was okay to be a bad kid, think again because this one lady REALLY, and I mean really push the envelope so far on the table until it went sailing off over the edge.

So how did it come to this?

Why did she feel the need to go for the Smithen-Western to make her point heard and seen not only by her three kids, but the entire world of social media and even got covered on prime-time news stations around the globe.

Well for one, we know about the disrespect that does go hand-in-hand with kids these days, you see it’s not 1970 or 80 anymore.

Those days are done…

Kids today just don’t have a clue how their parents grew up back in those days.

There was no –talking back–.

There was no –I don’t have to do it right now–.

And there sure in hell was no –telling your parents to mind their own dam business, because I can do what I want, when I want, and yelling at them when you tell them so–.

LOL, talking like that to your parents back then would not only get you knocked the sh*t out of, but they would basically whoop you with let’s say a hickory stick, or an extension cord, and don’t let your Father go and bring down one of those thick leather belts straps (yea they REALLY, REALLY hurt like h**l) you know the ones that feel like they weight almost a pound in actual weight and didn’t buckle one bit when he would take it to your bottom until he got tired of swinging.

YEA… Not a fun-time situation on all accounts.

But let’s be honest, kids get away with murder to the max.

DCFS has been around for a long-time, and since it came around kids have come to understand the things they can get away with to some degree.

Parents today know this, and it puts a huge curve on their ability to “govern the child’s upbringing” to the point where little or no parental guidance is becoming more accepted rather than questioned.

Strange it seems that this is the standard “norm” today, adults like myself at one time would NEVER have thought it would get this bad trying to raise a kid in the 2000’s, however it has happened and it’s here in the worse way.

From a standpoint, I can see the woman’s obvious frustration trying to set her kids straight.

I can even understand how she might go somewhat beyond the point to get the message across to her kids to straighten up and follow the rules.

download2But the fact of the matter is that this woman was actually going apeshit on a Charles Bronson  ‘type level’ (one of my favorite actors by the way) , that’s just the mildest way I can possibly put it.


(Yea she basically pulled a “Bronson” giving her kids iPhones a certain Death Wish no doubt about it!)

I feel that it was definitely overkill on her part, and since it was posted on the internet (no doubt by one of her kids), I’m sure she might be getting unwanted attention from you know who… Yea, the Department of Children Financial Services.

This the end result after something like this takes place, and again I know it’s coming to the point parents are about to pull their hair from the roots of their skulls because kids today just don’t give a dam.

Now I have to say DCFS has played a part in a child’s life when abuse was evident from a parent(s), but what about families that were one time great, destroyed by the very same entity when it could have been completely avoided.


Now it’s not to say that DCFS has not made a difference in a child’s life, but laws given to children as we have seen in some cases are abused.

Examples of this are sometimes played out by the child, and this reflects upon their behavior when they don’t get what they feel they are entitled to.

This could a number of things such as the child wanting more allowance money, yet they refuse to perform their daily house chores, or too lazy to take out the garbage, or even situations where they feel should NOT apply to them so they suggest that the younger brother of sister should pick up the tab when told to do your chores.

Attitudes are another issue that will piss a parent off in a hurry, the child recognizes the irritation so they play upon it. Parents back then would discipline the child immediately for demonstrating ‘resistance’ after being told what to do, parents today however have to tippy-toe lightly before reacting with any type of disciplinary action.

So the parent is forced to “think before reacting”, due to fear that the child will report them to their teacher, or neighbor, even a police officer, blatantly lying on the parent as an act of revenge because they can’t get their way.

Sounds ludicrous?

It’s definitely does to me.

So for the parent(s) effort, they can be possibly taken to jail for simply doing their job as the child’s biological guardian trying to protect and steer them in the right direction.

This brings up the big question to all of the confusing with the parents role.

  1. What is the true purpose of the parent today in our society?
  2. The government help to establish DCFS, however given all of the situation arising over the last 20 years over 50% of kids take advantage of the fact that the parent’s ability to discipline them is limited to a degree.
  3. More family structures are incomplete (fewer male role models in the household), mom’s role is very important as well as the father’s. Children need both attributes from both parents to become well-rounded individuals when they become adults themselves, and can pass the same positive values to their offspring just like their parents did to them.
  4. Distractions are the biggest enemy when trying to keep the family structure stable, traditional households did NOT allow distractions at the dinner table. Kids were to sit and eat their meals only speaking when their parents have spoken to them (goes back to the “old adage” children are to be seen and not heard.)
  5. Neighbors also played a small role in helping to raise a kid in their neighborhood, if the kid was doing something they have should NOT have done in the first place. Neighbors of the kid’s parents had to the right tell the “mischief” a kid have caused to their parents. In some cases if a kid did something REALLY, REALLY bad, they could face disciplinary action by their neighbor, and also receive disciplinary action from their parents when they got home as well.
  6. At school it was more of the same (especially if you were in Catholic School), the teachers have the right to discipline a kid that is acting completely “out-of-line”. Punishment can range from a kid getting remove from class, and sent to the dean’s office, to getting paddled by the teacher with a stack of typed rulers (that hurt like CRAP by the way!) And again will face disciplinary action by their parents when they got home, and the teacher would inform the parents about the situation ahead of time.

So you see time has changed vastly ever since the 90’s, and things seem to have went south after that so 25 years later we now have situations where a large number of kids are openly disobeying their parents like it’s going-out-of-style.

A good portion of the blame falls upon the government’s shoulder for giving children too many rights, they do need rights to protect them from obvious abuse if it can be proven in a court of law.

But when you have shows like Maury Povich broadcasting episodes about disobedient children, who went over the brink taking orders from their parents, and doing things that only an ADULT should do (such as smoking / drinking.)

You have to ask yourself… How did it get to that level LOL.

Well you know of course because I just pointed that out, and kids know it because it gives them a huge title of empowerment over their own parents.

Some parents felt that they DO NOT have the right to discipline their kids, and that scary because when they reach a certain age society are going to treat them like criminals for their outlandish behavior.

I do not agree with the methods that this lady had taken, however it does take more extreme steps to get through to kids in this time and day (except for those who are good kids).

DCFS itself has a hidden agenda.

It is a government created entity, and what fuels this organization is ever so obvious which is money.

People often look at them as “monsters”, the reason for this are the families that have gotten lost in the system.

Emotional, physical, and financial aspects all come to a head eventually, and the end result leads to a broken family losing all of it’s cohesive continuity.

The kids are most affected, and often get tossed into the middle of a destructive disposition. The family’s total wealth may be squandered away completely paying the legal fees to keep the services ongoing to help fix the family’s problems.


The darkest point will have the parents going through complete turmoil and insanity, driving them over the edge, in some cases feeling helpless going through the process, and even possibly winding up in the hospital as traumatic situations destroys their mental stability.

So like the woman who went ballistic on her kids cell phones, it may seem humorous to some people, but in reality it’s a crying shame that it comes down to threatening a kid to get your point across about them getting their act together.

Whatever happened to respect from children?

When you teach them well, and they carrying that type of positive mentality throughout their life?

It’s seems to be just fading away everyday, little by little, and social media devices do play a huge part in this.

So what happens 10 years from now?

The family structure might be completely non-existent, if it keeps rolling in the wrong direction…


Death of Elisa Lam at the Cecil Hotel

The Strangest of Strange Cases Known To Man: Elisa Lam

download (1)Is all that can be said about a young woman named Elisa Lamand what would be a most baffling unexplainable death that has many scratching their heads for an answer even today.

The story starts off Lam a college student of the University of British Columbiawho was staying at the infamous Cecil Hotel which stands today as a reminder of one infamous killer known back in the 1980’s as the Night Stalker (a.k.a. Richard Ramirez).

downloadBack in that time Ramirez was rumored to have killed over 20 victims, including the murders he took part in at the Cecil Hotel back then.

He was known as a rapist, satanist, and burglar, who stayed on the Cecil’s top floor in a $14-a-night room as he slaughtered his victims.

He also went on a murderous rampage throughout the Los Angeles area, putting the town into a tailspin of confusion and fear due to his murder spree.

Following a four-year trial, in 1989, Ramirez was convicted of 13 killings. He received the death penalty and was sent to San Quentin Prison in California. He died on June 7, 2013, at age 53.

downloadBut this is not the only situations associated with previous attendants who checked into the motel over the past 7 decades, Elizabeth Short  was another highly known name (a.k.a. “The Black Dahlia”) who also checked in for a brief stay at the Cecil Motel years before Ramirez did.



downloadShe was brutally murdered in 1947 by a well-known doctor named Dr. George Hill HodelHodel’s son Steve Hodel (Author) worked alongside with retired police sergeant Paul Dostie and a canine named “Buster” to uncover her murder in 2013.

(Yep you heard correct, a dog uncovered her murder thanks to their super-sensitive nose which can pick up a person’s scent even after 70 years!!)


One rumor surrounding this infamous killing was that the Hotel Cecil was the last place anyone ever saw Short just before her death, but don’t get it confused because she didn’t die there.

She was found in an open field by a local resident who discovered the badly severed and mutilated body today which is known as “The Black Dahlia Murder”.

Then you have to account for the murders / suicides that took place there as well, in the 60’s the hotel was pegged as a “suicide spot” due to the horrific incidents stemming from tenants who chose to stay there.

So this brings us back to the case of Eliza Lam.

Lam’s disappearance had been widely reported, and five days prior to her body’s discovery when the Los Angeles Police Department released video of the last time she was known to have been seen.

On the video shown (was the last time she was seen before her death) by an elevator security camera. During the video footage, Lam is seen exiting and re-entering the elevator, talking and gesturing in the hallway outside, and sometimes seeming to hide within the elevator, which itself appears to be malfunctioning.

People who saw the video were debating whether or not Lam was engaged in some type of awkward conversation with someone else, the problem however was that she was talking with no one present.

Now she was also reported to be taking medication for her condition (she was suffering from bipolar illness), but after an autopsy was conducted prove to be false that she was taking any type of medication at the time which supports the urge for her to commit suicide.

download (2)

So you see it gets very complicated from there, not to mention how she winds up at her last destination on the roof found in the Hotel’s water supply reservoir tank, completely naked, with her clothes found floating next to her.

The video feed from the camera in the elevator, just baffles anyone who watches it including crime-scene specialists.

Theories were drawn up to find out what could have possibly lead up to this young lady’s demise.

Even though the suggest theory involving hauntings that took place after time, and even visual videos of “aspirations” one situation where one appeared might have played a possible factor in her death.

Sounds far-fetched yea one would agree, but how else could anyone sum it all up?

Again after her autopsy was done, she wasn’t taking any type of medication for her illness dealing with bipolar symptoms.

So the leads just stop there at that conclusion.

But the mind can play tricks on people, not to mention if the mind enters into a digression state”.

Maybe her mind was attuned to some type of psychedelic frequency” which she unknowingly was subjected to, and just so happened to be played out in front of a surveillance camera thus giving people a window into the “hysteria” Lam was experiencing.

I also thought about another situation which involved the “Navy Yard Shooter” Aaron Alexis, remember before Alexis went on his murder spree at the Navy Yard base out in Washington D.C., he complained about being targeted by people who were using some type of technology to how you say — f**k with him while he was sleeping in his hotel room.

A video done on his “supposed” problem with people disturbing him while trying to sleep, feelings he reported to police about tingling sensations he felt on his skin (vibrations), and voices giving him suggestive thoughts all came to head on Sept. 16, 2013 around 8:16 am. Alexis’s killing rampage lasted slightly over an hour, and he would end it all by taking his own life.

Alexis tried to warn the local police about what he was experiencing, and of course they just laughed it off thinking he was a serious nut job just looking for attention.



So Lam and Alexis had one thing in common if you think about it, both were staying in hotels when they experienced these strange phenomenons.

The elevator going bonkers my lead one to believe that maybe Lam was actually communicating with some type of spirit entity.

But again it still sounds quite far-fetched…

Alexis also stated the words — better off this way — the “ELF” weapon carved into his shotgun (ELF which is known as “Extreme Low Frequency”), if anyone knows about this particular frequency range it was a part of Nikola Tesla’s famous inventions (one of which involved “mind control” suggestions).

tesla-Ivo Affonso

Powerful electromagnetic waves combined with other experimental devices emitting who knows what type of mindset this could be used to put a person into.

In Lam’s case, you have to wonder exactly what this girl was experiencing moments before she died, now again the Cecil Hotel is already a place filled with bad memories of murders that were committed there during the past decades.

Lam was known to have had issues with the bipolar illness, she was prescribed medication to help her condition and was NOT on any type of medication when all of this took place at the hotel that fateful day.

So who was Lam talking to?

Why the strange hand gestures?

And the best question of all, the camera was the only thing present recording this unforgettable footage from the elevator, she was all alone except for the voice(s) she was hearing and maybe someone she might have seen communicating with her by force.

Did she experience the same thing like Aaron Alexis did?

images (2)

Could she have been a victim of “ELF” transmissions?

images (1)

Honestly, who knows.

You have to come up with your own suggestions for the conclusion, because all of mines are just opinions.


To learn more visit the following link(s) in the description below at:

Is Your Cell Phone Getting Too Deadly?

First Killer Electro Radio Waves, To Nasty Viral Germs On Your Phone?


download-1aJust when you thought you’ve heard it all, more information about your cell phone just keeps pouring in non-stop.

The focus of today’s topic will be about your phone’s cleanliness, and to go in-depth details it will be focusing on the amount of germs living on your phone, everywhere you take it, not to mention the countless hours living bacteria thrives on your phone more so than the average doorknob hanging from the door waiting for someone to touch it.

The bacteria on your phone theory, is not a new one by the way.

Studies were conducted to find out exact how much the average person’s phone harbors bacteria such as…

  • E.Coli
  • Staph
  • MRSA

These are well-known bacteria that causes anybody who comes in contact with it internally to get really sick,  Salmonella Poisoning is the most common type of food poison that contaminates the foods we eat if the food is not properly contained for refrigerator strange.

A team of designers have devised a cell phone charger that can clean up all the bacteria on said disgusting cell phone and make it sanitary for you to handle again.

A team of four designers heard a report that…

images (2a)

“Phones have 18 times more harmful bacteria than the handle on a male public toilet… We saw reports saying that besides the flu, researchers have found staph, E. Coli, and MRSA living on our cell phones! In fact, people are using their phones even before they leave the stall, which led researchers to find that 1 in 6 phones have fecal matter on them.”

So yes people, even the crap “literally” can get on your phone one way or another, and I’m sure a lot of people didn’t realize this because they feel that it’s just a phone they use, but you can’t rule out reality and filthiness when you’re dealing with bacteria.

Now what makes Phone Soap so unique, is the device itself that uses hi UV-C light (electromagnetic radiation) that’s used in hospitals and clean rooms around the world.

download 1

(Hand Soap Cell Phone Case / Charger)

The best way to kill any bacteria is to interfere with its cellular functionality, this is done from the use of wavelength-light transmissions which penetrates the cell wall of the bacteria and disrupts its DNA, so basically exposing it to this type of light is like giving it “photosynthetic cancer” set on full-blast.

So you’re basically giving bacteria a taste of its own medicine actually.

The previous worry about cell phones before was about close-range exposure using the device close to your face or head as you talk for hours on it.

People thought it was ridiculous thinking that it was impossible for your phone to give you cancer, and later on what did people start to hear about using their phones at close range.

They were told that it raises the risk of cancer from long-time exposure, how this happens is harmful radiation which affects healthy cell activity.

Cell phones are too weak to have a huge effect on body tissue directly, however the radioactive wave transmission is NOT ruled out as a potential threat.

The radio frequency energy cell phones can generate is a form of electromagnetic radiation.

Electromagnetic radiation can be categorized into two types which are:

  • ionizing – (e.g., x-rays, radon, and cosmic rays) and non-ionizing (e.g., radio frequency and extremely low-frequency, or power frequency). Electromagnetic radiation is defined according to its wavelength and frequency, which is the number of cycles of a wave that pass a reference point per second. Electromagnetic frequencies are described in units called hertz (Hz).
  • non-ionizing – (e.g., radio frequency and extremely low-frequency, or power frequency). Electromagnetic radiation is defined according to its wavelength and frequency, which is the number of cycles of a wave that pass a reference point per second. Electromagnetic frequencies are described in units called hertz (Hz).

The human body absorbs energy from devices that emit radio frequency electromagnetic radiation.

The dose of the absorbed energy is estimated using a measure called the specific absorption rate (SAR), which is expressed in watts per kilogram of body weight.

It gets worse when you’re overweight simply because the more body mass present, will result in greater amounts of radio-frequency electromagnetic activity it will absorb.

download aThe overall radiation level from cell phones is too weak to heat biological tissue or break chemical bonds in cells, but the radio waves they emit may still influence change in cell functionality.

So there you have it.

You’re cell phone is basically a “basket case” when its deadly radio wave frequencies it can generate electromagnetic radiation which damages your cells on the inside, as opposed to the killer germs running rampant on your phone on the outside.

Fortunately you have the a few options to combat either issue, the first I already mentioned in the beginning part of the post which talks about the UV-C light case device which cleanses the phone itself, and the second is protection from the harmful electromagnetic waves omitting from the device itself.

Here are a few tips to consider when using your cell phone:


  1. Use the speaker phone for long-range use instead of holding it close to your head when talking on it
  2. If you do use the phone (holding it close to your ear when in use), only use it for short timed calls *keep calls under 2 minutes
  3. Children should not be allowed to use cell phones, EXCEPT for emergencies / dire situations (their brains are still in the developmental stages too much radiation can done unnecessary damage)
  4. Use Air Tube Headsets as an alternative (vs) holding the phone close to your head, and stay away from wired headset brands (they can transmit radiation through the ear canal leading to the brain 
  5. For Men NEVER put a cell phone in your pants pocket because constant radiation at waist level (near the scrotum can lower the sperm count up to 30%)
  6. If you’re waiting for a call and you’re not using a air tube headset, hold the phone away from your head until the next call comes through (this limits radiation exposure)
  7. Do not use cell phones in your vehicle or when riding up an elevator (enclosed areas actually traps radiation *enclosed metal spaces is the danger* and reflects it back at the occupant in the vehicle / elevator)
  8. Avoid making calls when your network signal falls to 1 bar, the phone will need to use more power (thus omitting more radiation) for incoming / outgoing calls
  9. Buy cell phones that have a low-level of radiation output (SAR), the “Specific Absorption Rate” should be listed in the phone’s manual (settings lower than 1.6 W / kg are highly recommended)
  10. Use scientifically proven protection devices (such as cell phone cover cases)

To learn more visit the following link(s) in the description below at:

Criminal Court Chaos: When A Judge Flips Out

“What Could Possibly Cause A Judge To Flip Out”



There was a video that I was checking out yesterday which made me want understand exactly what a Judge goes through in a trying day of court. Well, this was an understatement as to what I saw in this video when a woman who was on trial for the brutal murder of her boyfriend.

images7The young lady who goes by the name Camia Gamet that was convicted of first degree murder, the judge scalded Gamet as she dons a sinister smirk on her face showing absolutely no remorse for the murder of her boyfriend.

The judge looked at the young woman with disgust and disbelief, shaking his head as he continually lashes out at Gamet for taking her boyfriend’s life like it was no big deal to worry about.

imagesAt one point the woman becomes very disruptive during the case proceeding, the judge had to keep stopping telling the woman to be quiet.

She does the complete opposite continuing on, and on, disrupting the court’s proceeding session.

Eventually, the judge fires back at Gamet, reminding her of what she did that day.

The judge keeps warning her to stop the disruption of court affairs, but she persists by taunting the judge relentlessly.

Onlookers in court are drawn into the woman’s act which pissed the judge off when he, and it’s to the point that the judge has had enough.

He read her statements telling her…


download5She just sat in her seat staring off into space with that — “I don’t give a rat’s a*s”  nonchalant look on her face.

This of course will only infuriate the judge further, it seemed like Gamet was literally trying to give the Judge a heart attack because his blood-pressure was spiking through the roof.

There was one part of the whole court proceeding that made me wonder.

Why was the Judge even going through the whole process with the young woman, if she clearly doesn’t give a dam about her own case, then why not just skip the court session and just lock her up and toss the key down the sewer drain.

Not to sound cold, but let’s be honest.

She REALLY doesn’t give a rat’s a*s LOL.

The killing was one of the worst “cold-blooded murders” McBain said he has seen in a long time.

download5Gamet used a fillet knife to gut Marcel Hill like a fish, the judge said.

A jury in March convicted Camia Gamet, 31, of the state’s most serious crime for stabbing and beating to death Hill, 38, on May 18 in the apartment they were sharing on Lansing Avenue.

She claimed self-defense after  she woke to glass shattering over her head and she kept hitting until the assailant stopped. The supposed attacker turn out to be her boyfriend, Gamet claims she acted in self-defense, attacking her attacker in a dark room.

Chief Assistant Prosecutor Kati Rezmierski argued Gamet acted with premeditation and deliberation. She stabbed Hill 11 times, according to trial testimony, and had hurt him in the past.

Before his murder, Hill told police in March 2013 that she had hit him in the head with a hammer.

I’m thinking at that point… Why in the f*** did he just leave?

Maybe he figured that he couldn’t get anyone else, or maybe he actually loved this monster of a lady LOL.

But Gamit argued the Judge so much, that he wind-up telling her…

“I Hope You Die In Prison!”


Like I said, she really made him go over the deep end which is rarely seen by a Judge on TV.

But check out the clip for yourself, and see what a Judge might go through on an unexpected day, and this will have you thinking to yourself.

Screw becoming a Judge, It’s Just Too Much Stress!

LOL, just joking of course but it is a very trying profession you have to admit.

Would Dire Situations Call For Martial Law Enforcement?

Which City Would Potentially Fall to Martial Law?

You may have heard about Martial Law, and then again maybe you haven’t. One thing for sure is that it plays a huge part in politics, and in order to understand exactly why it does take a little analyzing by putting the pieces together to finish a rather complicated puzzle.

Finding the missing pieces to better understand the way America functions today is nearly impossible, everything starts with the good old Constitution of America.

You know the one that makes our “Laws” in which is suppose to protect us from wrong-doing in the legal sense, to enforce judicial laws when people break the law, how Congress pass their legislative laws to make laws official, or how the President uses executive laws to make laws official, etc, etc. And how it plays a crucial part in the three branches of the government which are.

  1. Judicial Branch
  2. Executive Branch
  3. Legislative Branch

In 1787 leaders of the states gathered to write the Constitution which is a set of principles that told how the new nation would be governed.

The leaders of the states wanted a strong and fair national government.

But they also wanted to protect individual freedoms and prevent the government from abusing its power (despite the fact that it already has been doing over the last few hundred years, however let’s continue on).

They believed they could do this by having three separate branches of government: the executive, the legislative and the judicial. This separation is described in the first three articles, or sections, of the Constitution.

And if you’re really good being able to recite a few lines of it, then you my friend are badass LOL.

It’s no secret that politics have gotten in the way American viewpoints, censoring citizens from making statements addressing tax hikes, or jobs being shipped out overseas to countries such as China, Mexico, even parts of Europe.

Decisions such as these have to be established and enforced, this is the work of governing laws therefore the Government plays an intrical part in this area. (In case you’re wondering the word “intrical” will be available in the online dictionary soon

In America today, turmoil is brewing everywhere you turn, from the breakdown of neighborhoods and communities, homeless people who once were a working part of the work force, jobs are scarce, more crimes are being committed more than ever.

As all of this unfolds in this country, there are various factions involving certain areas of Government, Congress, all the way down to the Governors of states, Mayors of cities, Authority figures in communities of inner cities such as Chicago, Flint, Los Angeles, or New York City.

Cities are the main target points, and judging from what we have been witnessing in the news as of late, no one can’t deny the fact that America’s infra-structure crumbling fast due to mass corruption and cover-ups that plague us at every turn.

A few examples will need to be given for those who don’t understand the severity of this often neglected problem, or to put it bluntly people who just believe it will all just go away and everything will turn out alright.


So we start here, and it’s nothing new for people who know the problems that persist in this city.

downloadWe have a Mayor in question about the way he has involved himself in the city affairs ever since he took office after former Mayor Richard Daley, and ever since Rham Emmanuel has taken up oath to help this city flourish and thrive in prosperity, it’s been the opposite to a degree. 

Although he has helped Chicago in certain parts of the city, other parts have been left in the same state since the first day he took office after Daley.

The crime has risen considerably high in the West, South, and East side of the city, this leaves the North Side as a “stand-alone island”, everything that has improved in the Chicago dictates to the Northern region of the city of the famous windy city.

download (2)On the South Side you still have rampant crime, schools at one point (and as of late) are facing shut-down issues which was largely pointed out in 2015 and who knows what will happen in the latter part of 16′ if situations continue along the same path.

REDLIGHTTRIALBILLSAnother key aspect that draws unwanted attention to Emmanuel, are the unethical uses of the city’s infamous red light program. The program many should know (because I’m very sure there are other intersecting system across America), was the recent scandal involving a long-time city worker who retired in 2011, is on trial for fraud, extortion, bribery, conspiracy to commit bribery and filing false tax returns. The feds said that John Bills siphoned $131 million in city contracts to Redflex between 2002 and 2011.

And who were one of the major backers of the red light program?

You guessed it Emmanuel.

What about the shooting incident of Laquan McDonald?

images (1)More than 3,000 detailed pages of emails Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration released Thursday in response to open records requests about how it handled the high-profile police shooting of Laquan McDonald.

The documents, distributed as the public’s attention was focused on celebrating New Year’s, illustrate that the mayor’s aides knew early on that the shooting could present a problem and show their full-on scramble to handle the issue once it became a major crisis for their boss.

imagesAs is typical for emails released by the Emanuel administration, many were heavily redacted, including a handful from the mayor himself in the days after City Hall publicly released a police dashboard camera video that showed Officer Jason Van Dyke shooting McDonald, an African-American teenager, in October 2014.

220px-Anita_Alvarez_2008The delay to push the case forward also falls on Anita Alverezwho falls under the Emmanuel regime in Chicago who was cited for letting the McDonald shooting incident sit for over a year’s time (13 months).

From there a host of others issues mainly involving unnecessary crimes acted out by citizens of the city itself, the police and locals are clearly NOT on the same page.

And further incidents and run-ins between Chicago’s finest and residents, will more likely persist in the near future.

All of these situations fall under the Emmanuel regime.

Oh yea the water system is great.

  1. Water from Lake Michigan enters the intake crib at depths of 20 to 30 feet
  2. Water enters the purification plant’s intake basin through a tunnel beneath the lake bed
  3. Water is filtered through eight traveling screens to catch debris
  4. Water is pumped by low lift pumps up to 25 feet for the first chemical treatment
  5. Water flows from the chemical application channels
  6. Water flows through mixing basins to begin the flocculation process
  7. Flocculated water passes into settling basins to sit for hours allowing floc to settle
  8. Water is filtered through precisely graded sand and gravel performing a “natural polishing”
  9. Filtered water flows into clearwells for its final chemical application
  10. From finished water reservoirs water flows to the distribution system



Well where can we start is the question for Flint, Michigan, with the current problems that have plagued this city, it’s no wonder why some residents decided to pack their bags and hit the dusty trial.


Many should know why people would leave this once great city, Flint was once a city filled with promise and hope. Nowadays it’s a city filled with constant turmoil, discord, and despair.

So let’s point out a few reason why people are sick with grief to their stomachs, due to the mind-blowing scandals being carried out behind their backs.

Ice cold glass of water anyone?…

NOT in Flint you don’t.


“It’s A Dam Shame!!”

That’s one major issue that has recently drawn so much national attention that celebrities such as Cher, Justin Timberlake, Mark Wahlberg, Puff Daddy, Eminem, Wiz Khalifa, Madonna, (I don’t know if I missed any other celebs that participated in the donation) donated million bottles of water to Flint residents.

This issue involved the city’s water refinery system were contaminated with lead and other harmful elements found in the resident’s water supply.

220px-RickSnyderGovernor Rick Synder has been catching hell after the water crisis situation out in Flint, Michigan, residents were calling him out to help with the situation of contaminated water coursing through residential water pipes.

Residents were basically given the round around due to the fact that Governor Synder went — MIA — on them (Missing In Action ‘in a sense’), but after numerous complaints resident filed against the contaminated water reservoir, not to mention all of the “shut-off” notices they received telling them to pay they’re late water bills.

imagesResidents refuse to pay for highly contaminated water consisting of elements such as lead, and other potentially dangerous pollutants from eroded pipes that were using harmful side-effects such as loss of hair, lead poisoning, cancer manifestations in people who were subjected to deadly drinking water for long periods of time.

downloadFlint Mayor Karen Weaver on Tuesday outlined an estimated $55 million for the public works project expected to begin within a month to remove Flint’s lead-contaminated pipes from the water distribution system.

First priority will be given to high-risk households with pregnant women and children, Weaver said at a news conference at City Hall.

“In order for Flint residents to once again have confidence and trust in the water coming from their faucets, all lead pipes in the city of Flint need to be replaced,” she said. “The success of the Fast Start plan will require coordination between the city, state and federal officials as well as funding from the Michigan Legislature, Congress or both. I’m asking Gov. Snyder and the state to partner on this effort.

“We’ll let the investigations determine who’s to blame for Flint’s water crisis, but I’m focused on solving it. It’s going to take time to get this done, but we’re going to move quickly to get this done.”   –  Mayor Karen Weaver

download (3)Last week, Weaver called for the immediate removal of the city’s lead-contaminated pipes and announced a plan that included help from Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero, who has offered technical assistance from the Lansing Board of Water and Light.

Lansing has removed about 13,500 lead pipes in the city.

The Fast Start plan will require extensive coordination between city, state and federal officials,  Weaver said. She was joined Tuesday by retired National Guard Brig. Gen. Michael McDaniel, who said he thinks the project can be done within a year by 32 crews.

Many of the residents wanted Rick Synder’s head on the chopping block, they believe that he was aware of the tainted Flint water reservoir from the beginning, yet he chose to do nothing about it.


Los Angeles

downloadSurreal as real could possibly be, Los Angeles seems to be having multiple issues with their entire environment.

It has been reported that the environment rating for individuals living in this city have plummeted badly.

The famous beach state next to Florida, has other factors to effect the areas of residents (2) 

So the water system is tainted to degree, although it’s not facing a dire issue like Flint.

Its overall water contamination rating was branded a or “average” in terms for resident there who are drinking the water that use to pump it to residents from the eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains, Northern California, and the Colorado River via hundreds of miles of pipes and reservoirs to boot.

But the city now depends on deportation of drinking water that travels into the city, (about 85% is brought in). 

Many residents would sometimes worry about running out of water, but this is hardly the case today. Written plans put into effect by county officials to rewrite a plan for water to brought in there to ensure a continual source of drinking water.

The air quality in L.A. is considered at the borderline rating level.

download4Air pollution, both ozone and particulate, contributes to lower life expectancy.

In particular, polluted air poses significant health risks to individuals who already have certain respiratory conditions.

While there is no evidence that proves that air pollution is the reason that asthma has increased in prevalence in the last 40 years,  air pollution exacerbates the effects of asthma and can be the cause of an asthma attack.

In Los Angeles, one of the cities with the worst air pollution in the country, more than 1.6 million residents are living with asthma.

Their ecosysytem has improved, the clean-up of contaminating products such as plastic bottles, wrappers from packages, and further steps have been taken to help relieve the problem as of late.

images1The media has widely reported on the 20,000 black plastic balls tumbling down the slopes of the Los Angeles Reservoir last week.

Covering a body of water with black plastic balls (they’re referred to as “Shade Balls”) when people have been warned against throwing plastic into waterways has sparked a number of questions.

Even though there are metal covers for standing water, the city opted for much cheaper plastic.

What are the ramifications of this choice for ecological and human health?

A plastics expert Dr. Max Liboiron has been studying marine plastics and their chemicals for 8 years.

Most of what we know about how plastics behave in water are from studying marine plastic pollution, Liboiron states that the “shade ball” concept reacts the same like a plastic bottles floating around in the a body of water.

Plastic that gets around water eventually integrates to other areas & marine life:

  1. Plastics leach chemicals into water
  2. Plastics fragments found in the environment
  3. Plastic fragments are ingested by marine life
  4. Plastics will absorb various harmful chemicals
  5. Plastics provide habitat for microbes and other forms of life (bacteria)
  6. Plastics escape infrastructures (or they can possibly wind-up in locations they weren’t to go)
  7. The scale of the problem and the scale of the solution to contain plastic waste products are escalating

California still faces problems particularly with is health ecosystem.

Again water seems to be the greater concern, and water resources is running low on a daily basis in a populous state. This problem is not going away anytime soon, solutions need to be put into effect fast.

L.A. like other cities of the state are faced with this reality, that could potentially destroy their ecosystem. Will the shade balls keep 300 million gallons of water from evaporating?

images4However, is the short term gain worth the long term costs?

This is the question that comes up for debate eventually.

Grand technological gestures in the face of massive systemic problems like perpetual drought makes it feel as though action is possible.

It’s doing something

But short term technological fixes for long term systemic problems usually lead to their own problematic ripple effects.

Waste disposal services in L.A. seem to be in check.


In the Five-Year Review Report, as approved by CalRecycle in December 2014, County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works is currently revising the Siting Element and anticipates releasing it to the public for review and comment around mid-2016.

On June 16, 2014, an Initial Study and Notice of Preparation for the Siting Element Revision were released to all responsible agencies and interested parties for review and comment.

Additionally, detailed analyses will be included in the 2014 Annual Report of the Los Angeles County Countywide Integrated Waste Management Plan, which will be submitted to CalRecycle separately.

The Annual Report will describe L.A. County’s strategy to meet the future disposal demand.

downloadLos Angeles, among other California cities have done well contributing to the stabilization of both energy & greenhouse gas resources.

California state overall is leading the nation in greenhouse gas reduction and renewable portfolio standards (RPS) efforts due to AB 32 requirements, the California Air Resources Board’s enforceable cap and trade program, and the state’s requirement to reach 33% RPS by 2030.

Edmund_G_Brown_JrRecently, Governor Jerry Brown called for a further increase of RPS to 50% by 2030, as well as 50% increases in existing building energy efficiency and a 50% reduction in petroleum use in cars and trucks.

AB 32 requires California to reduce GHG emission levels to 1990 levels (a 25% reduction) by 2020. Large industrial sources are required to report their emissions annually.

California’s building energy efficiency standards (Title 24) are the toughest in the nation, and the state’s Energy Commission has mandated all new residential buildings need to be Zero Net Energy by 2020 and all new commercial buildings to be so by 2030.

With all of these relatively new legal requirements, the Los Angeles region has demonstrated leadership in a number of GHG and energy efficiency areas; however, Los Angeles, Pasadena, Glendale, Burbank, Azusa, and others still rely on coal as a major energy source and energy retrofits have proven to be a challenge, so we still have a long way to go in these two areas.

After more than a decade of decline, violent crime in Los Angeles rose more than 20% during the first half of 2015, with felony assaults up 26% and robberies up 19%. Why, no one yet definitively knows. But there’s plenty of speculation.

Straight off, most criminologists will tell you that crime goes up, crime goes down, and sometimes it’s a trend, or just a blip, apart from anything the police are doing.

Others will point out that violent crime in cities like Los Angeles may have plunged so deeply in recent years — to historic modern lows — that it simply bottomed out.

Here in Los Angeles, the rise might also be attributable in part to the Los Angeles Police Department crime stats simply being reported more honestly.

An irrefutable Los Angeles Times investigation of the department’s crime numbers for the first half of 2014, for example, discovered the misclassification of 1,200 violent felony assaults as misdemeanors, thus making it appear that serious violent crime was going down when in fact it went up by 14%.

There are also broader national trends that might be affecting L.A.’s crime rate. According to Ron Noblet, the dean of gang interventionists at the Los Angeles Urban Peace Institute, the heroin epidemic plaguing the Northeast has finally started to hit Los Angeles.

The overall Los Angeles quality of life was rated  just above average, so Los Angeles seems to be a pretty well-managed city where “dire” situations have not placed residents in desperate situations.


New York City

When the state Legislature returns to the Capitol on Monday, it will have just seven days of session remaining and a host of issues still on its plate that could impact New Yorkers lives.

Property taxes, minimum wage, education policy, rent control, gun laws and sexual-assault policies on college campuses were among the unresolved matters for the “Big Apple” city back in 2015.

Most of the issues here mirror the same problems in Chicago, but Chicago is on the brink of total in Chaos especially when the subject of gun laws and control pop-up in a conversation.

download (2)The plan is part of the Governor Andrew Cuomo’s proposed state budget.

More than 1 million households that own real estate as well as 1 million renters would benefit from the tax relief.

The tax break applies to homeowners who earn less than $250,000 per year and pay property taxes that comprise more than 6 percent of their income.

It looks like the Governor’s proposal was a success, it was approved on Dec. 9, 2015.


New is noted for having high rent expenses in the past, this should be a huge relief to individuals who rent or own a house.

Unaffordable rent can serve as a major factor which could drive a rift between hard-working residents and the police who work to maintain order in the community.

This would prove a serious testing point for one Mayor Bill de Blasio was subjected to problems generating from Cuomo’s proposal offer.

Blasio traveled to Albany to talk about the potential cuts in Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposed budget that would impact the Medicaid program and the City University of New York.

Instead, the mayor was grilled in a five-hour session by more than a half dozen state lawmakers on placing a property tax cap on New York City.

download“The middle class is leaving in leaps and bounds”.

A statement released by Republican Sen. Andrew Lanza of Staten Island

“I see that on Staten Island. This is going on long before you became mayor.”                                                                                                          – Rep Sen.  Andrew Lanza

9570121-standardThat statement was told to De Blasio some time ago, the current Rep. Senator now is Louis Tabacco.



Researchers at NYU’s medical school said that merely inhaling New York’s air can increase your risk of stroke by contributing to a deadly artery constriction.

And indoor and outdoor air pollution is linked to about 8 million premature deaths from respiratory and other diseases each year worldwide, according to the World Health Organization.

The NYU findings also point to air pollution as a potential factor in some people, particularly those who are living with diabetes, are potentially more susceptible to cardiovascular problems than others.

 “Our study adds to the growing body of evidence that air pollution is a significant risk factor for cardiovascular disease,” said Jonathan Newman, a cardiologist at NYU’s Langone Medical Center.

“It shows that a person’s cardiovascular risk is not only associated with their genes, health behaviors and lifestyle choices — it also depends, to some extent, on the world we live in and the air we breathe.”  – Jonathan Newman

usa_-15Again New York City has yet another common bond with the Chicago,  which is polluted air issues.

How about the job market?

Yea. That was bound to be next, and New York City is no stranger to it.

As of now the job market is 50 / 50 for NYC.

 The statewide unemployment rate remained unchanged at 4.8%, its lowest level since November 2007.

In addition, New York State’s unemployment rate remained below the national unemployment rate of 5.0%.

Job wise things are slowly picking up for residents in NYC. 

The federal government calculates New York State’s unemployment rate based partly upon the results of the Current Population Survey, which contacts approximately 3,100 households in New York State each month.

o-STATS-570While many New Yorkers believe that the city is becoming more dangerous, statistics released this weekend once again show that the crime rate is actually down.

According to the NYPD, 2015 saw an overall 2 percent decrease in murder, rape, robbery, serious assault, burglary, grand larceny, and car theft compared to 2014, which itself was a record-low year for violent crime.

“As we end this year, the City of New York will record the safest year in its history, its modern history, as it relates to crime,” said police chief Bill Bratton earlier this month.

The stats were compared to the ending of May 2015.

cq5dam.web.1280.1280In December 2015, New York State’s private sector job count increased by 13,200, or 0.2%, to 7,880,000, a new record high, according to preliminary figures released today by the New York State Department of Labor.

Since the beginning of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s administration, New York State’s economy has added 769,700 private sector jobs and experienced employment growth in 52 of the past 60 months.

You assume New York City water is bad, but in fact, it’s quite good!

The NYC Department of Environmental Protection (NYCDEP) rigorously tests the city’s tap water and reports their findings to the public annually.

By most counts, the quality of NYC’s tap water may surprise you.

There are three culprits for drinking water contamination are lead, bacteria, and disinfectants or disinfectant byproducts.

feature_wsstate15_smNew York City stacks up pretty well in terms of each of them.

the past 60 months.

New York City’s water supplies are virtually lead-free.

There is the possibility that lead can leach into water from old plumbing, but sampling indicates that the vast majority of NYC taps produce water containing only minute, insignificant quantities of lead.

All NYC drinking water is treated with chlorine (to kill harmful bacteria and viruses), as well as fluoride (to help prevent tooth decay) and orthophosphate (to help prevent metals, including lead, from being released from plumbing).

NYC doesn’t face hazardous water issues, which means that the city’s water supply is ideal for drinking consumption.

Overall NYC under 35 – year age range should make New York a high pick for places to live and work, according to a study of youth-friendly cities on Tuesday.

Which City Would Most Likely Trigger The State of Emergency & Spike Martial Law Enforcement?


chicago image

The high crime rates alone would give notice to a “state of emergency” situation if things continue to get worse, not to mention people who are getting desperate finding work, or major riots breaking out of total control (such as a uncontrollable race war). Even a scenario were citizens completely turning against the local authorities (police) over a heated issue, which could lead to militant intervention confining residents to their homes, and strict curfew enforcement.

It’s definite Chicago that would be targeted for Martial Law.


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