Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer: How It Strikes

How many people do you think wonder whether or not if they are a target for Pancreatic Cancer?

The idea amount is very shocking, as a matter of fact, it can be downright scary.

The reason I say that is because of this type of disease which seems to strike people out of the blue, the warning signs are hard to detect right away.

So you’re probably thinking…

“If that’s the case, how could you have any remote possible chance to tell if you’re a prime candidate for this illness?”

thQuestion such as this will pop up, and it’s only to be expected because we live in a world today which is centered in the middle of environmental hazards, or the water we drink, if you really want to get on a personal level about it, the food eat consume every day as play a major role in our internal health.

So to pinpoint this particular illness which strike the pancreas, we will need indicators (a.k.a “Symptoms” which eventually start to make it’s presence known).

thPancreatic cancer when the glandular organ behind the stomach begins to multiply out of control and form a mass (lumpy mass formation), this is classified as a “viral cancer”.  Jaundice (is yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes), pain is experienced in the upper or middle abdomen and back are associated with this condition.

They are also various types of Pancreatic Cancer, pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (NETs) are often different, so they are described separately. Another scary fact about this disease, are the manifestation of symptoms in which the individual starts to notice. Pancreatic (NETs) can vary, signs may or may not


Talk about your silent killer, it’s diseases such as these which attacks the body in random fashion making the individual feel extremely vulnerable to it.

However the case may be about the disease’s relentlessness, there are many that have a chink in their armor (meaning they can be dealt with through medical, and other conventional means to eradicate it inside of the body). 

First we have to understand the tumor types which fuels the cancer itself.

Benign, Malignant, Exocrine tumors, Are The Main Factors. 

Tumors are the main focus in many cancers which effect us, benign types, are less threatening because they are stationary (depending if they growth near an organ and press against them), malignant tumors are more dangerous because they “migrate” throughout the body (this is classified as a viral infection cancer).

Adenocarcinomas are identified as exocrine tumors,they are responsible for over 90% of related cases.

th (1)Adenocarcinomas often manifest within the ducts, (or hollow passageways) which connects the pancreas to the duodenum which is located in the upper part of the small intestine (ductal adenocarcinomas).

Adenocarcinomas which originate in the cells may sometimes produce pancreatic enzymes, they are known as acinar cell carcinomas.

Treatment and prognosis of exocrine tumors gravitate toward the amount of time they have spread within the body (this greatly depends on the “cancer stage”, instead of the exact kind of cancer affecting the host).

The earliest detection of an invading tumor is always the best case scenario, if the disease is caught before it spreads erratically throughout the body, the prognosis outcome is generally better. These tumors are often removed surgically using either the Whipple procedure, distal pancreatectomy or, rarely, total pancreatectomy.

Unfortunately, cancers of the exocrine pancreas do not typically manifests symptoms until they have spread to other parts of the body, and they cannot be easily detected by a doctor during a physical exam.

A key exception is that of obstructive jaundice (yellowing of the eyes & skin), in which the tumor grows in the region of the pancreatic head and blocks the flow of bile from the liver into the duodenum.

Obstructive jaundice is a very serious condition which threatens the individual’s well-being, seek immediate medical attention as soon as possible. It is deemed incurable” especially when cancer of the exocrine pancreas continuously spreads, treatment options may still be an option however through a combination of methods such as surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy (it does however depends on the stage progression of the cancer, which will determine the overall outcome when treatment methods are applied).

Pancreatic Cancer Locating / Treatment Options:

th (1)Pancreatic cancer treatment depends on what stage (how far it has progressed within a region of the body) the disease is in. For pancreatic cancer, it is one of the most important factors which can ultimately determine the treatment option (unless it has spread far beyond possible treatment options).

Your doctor may use several tools to determine whether or not the cancer growth extends beyond the pancreas. Examination equipment will help them to examine the progression of the disease within the body.

Doctor may decide on performing additional tests, (laparoscopy, chest X-ray or bone scan are various procedures taken to pinpoint the cancer infection). 

  1. Laparoscopy – A small incision is made (small ‘slit’ opening made with a surgical knife) in the abdomen to closely explore the normality of the area.
  2. Chest X-Ray – Is another method which can be used to examine in chest region — via through the use of a high-powered imaging machine. Using the machine can help the health-care examiner locate various infectious diseases inside of our bodies.
  3. Bone Cancer Scan – this particular machine will scan areas with

Causes of Pancreatic Cancer include:

  • Cigarette smoking.
  • Chronic pancreatitis.
  • A family history of pancreatic cancer.
  • Obesity.

Depending on various tumor mass development, surgical approaches are utilized for the purpose of cancer eradication which may be located in the head, body, tail, or uncinate process of the pancreas.

Pancreatic cancer symptoms depend on the site of the tumor within the pancreas and the degree of tumor involvement.

In the early stages of pancreatic cancer there are not many noticeable symptoms. As the cancer grows, symptoms may include the following:

  • Jaundice.
  • Light-colored stools or dark urine.
  • Pain in the upper or middle abdomen and back.
  • Weight loss for no known reason.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Fatigue.

thPancreatic Cancer is difficult to prognosis this disease, as well as to detect it right away due to the following scenarios:

  • There are no noticeable signs or symptoms in the early stages of pancreatic cancer.
  • The signs of pancreatic cancer, when present, are like the signs of many other illnesses, such as pancreatitis or an ulcer.
  • The pancreas is obscured by other organs in the abdomen and is difficult to visualize clearly on imaging tests.

Imaging technology is an important resource to consider as a key diagnosis option for detecting pancreatic cancer. Identifying patients who are living with the disease, not amenable to resection. Imaging tests that may be used include the following

  • Helical computed tomographic (scan).
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (scan).
  • Endoscopic ultrasound.
  • Laparoscopy & laparoscopic ultrasound may be used to decrease the use of laparotomy.

-The primary factors that influence prognosis are:

  • Whether the tumor is localized and can be completely resected.
  • Whether the tumor has spread to lymph nodes or elsewhere.

Exocrine pancreatic cancer is rarely curable and has an overall survival (OS) rate of less than 6%.[10]

The highest cure rate occurs if the tumor is truly localized to the pancreas; however, this stage of disease accounts for less than 20% of cases. For patients with localized disease and small cancers (<2 cm) with no lymph node metastases and no extension beyond the capsule of the pancreas, complete surgical resection is associated with an actuarial 5-year survival rate of 18% to 24%.[11][Level of evidence: 3iA]

Surgical resection is the mainstay of curative treatment and provides a survival benefit in patients with small, localized pancreatic tumors. Patients with unresectable, metastatic, or recurrent disease are unlikely to benefit from surgical resection.

Pancreatic tumors are resistant to treatment with chemotherapy and radiation.

Patients with any stage of pancreatic cancer can appropriately be considered candidates for clinical trials because of the poor response to chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery as conventionally used.

Palliative Therapy

Palliation of symptoms may be achieved with conventional treatment.

Palliative measures that may improve quality of life while not affecting OS include the following:[12,13]

  • Surgical or radiologic biliary decompression.
  • Relief of gastric outlet obstruction.
  • Pain control.
  • Psychological care to address the potentially disabling psychological events associated with the diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic cancer.



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The Three Stooges: Laughing Therapy

Years of Laughing Therapy From The Stooges


Whether it’s a nyuk, nyuk, nyuk, by Curly, or the famous catch phrase from Moe… “A wise guy eh?” This is usually followed by a poke to the eyes, or a smack upside the head, was a classic a trademark from the “Three Stooges”, that rallied millions of fans over the past decades.


But in retrospect, the stooges were quite the usual trio put together to form this comical venture that took the world by storm.

And question might surface such as…


“How did they get started?”




“Who brought the comedic trio together in the first place?”


Valid questions indeed which need answering, the biggest one of course is their source material to make people laugh until literal tears would run down their faces.


So let’s jump into the actor’s seat of the cast, that will help to give you a little backstory details of the most famous comical trio of the 20th century.


The Guys Behind The Madness


So we start with the comedy icons that would make a huge name for themselves, in a very short amount of time.


th (1)We will take a look at the leader of the group, and basically was portrayed as the enforcer as well who is called Moe.


Moe Howard was the central nucleus of the group, he would be the guy to keep Larry, Curly, (Sometimes Shemp or Joe), in line when he felt they were either trying to outshine him, or even if he gets hit accidentally by one of his colleagues, he would ultimately make them pay for it through physical harm (in the most comical sense).


Keep in mind that this is your basic “Slap-Stick” comedy, which often went viral depending upon the screwed-up situations the stooges would create for themselves.


Moe was the one who really brought the formation of the group together (also with the help of Ted Heasley known for his involvement as well A.K.A “Ted Heasley & His Stooges”), he did this through brain storming out ideals he felt would work with their comedy act (and often did work for them).


Another key aspect about Moe in which many probably didn’t know, was his famous bowl cut hair style. He use to have long curly hair, and going to school with the other kids serve to be the motivating factor for him to change his appearance from that point throughout his entire career (they teased him for his curly hair locks LOL).


Moe was also an avid reader of text books, this is probably where he gather a lot of his source material no doubt. He would share his ideas with his older brother Shemp, and his younger brother Curly. 

His real name was Moses Harry Horwitz (June 19, 1897 – May 4. 1975).


The other two stooges (included are Shemp & Joe at alternate times) would play their parallel roles to set the “tone” of the classic shorts (the skits written for them in which they would act out in front of the camera).


th (1)For Larry Finehe was what you would call the indoctrine stooge”, and for notable reason. Fine was multi-talented, and known for various skills he portrayed such as playing the violin in a particular stooge episode, to lending boxing training tips to Curly (Prior before the episode was filmed), in an episode where Curly was a bogus skilled boxer (Fine was a trained boxer as well), who could only win when he would hear the particular music song play in the background called Pop Goes the Weasel” (a famous children’s song most kids would hear when growing up).


Larry would play the tune using a violin, which in turn would incite motivation in Curly, and give him the will to “beat down” an opponent in a matter of seconds.


Moe would exploit the opportunity (he played a desperate boxing manager looking for a break), by putting the two elements together to further his managing career in the boxing world.

th (1)


The only problem was Curly. Because the longer the song continues to play, he cannot control his urge to pulverize anyone who crosses his path (that was comical punch line to the episode Punch Drunks when both Moe & Larry lose control of the raging lunatic).

There was an interesting story about Fine when he was growing up as a kid, his Father often tested various gold items (using acid to flush it out if it was a fake), until one day young Fine almost killed himself after believing that the concoction was a beverage (drink). His Father basically saved his life by knocking the cup out of his hands, unfortunately the liquid contents was the acid his using to test out on the gold.


th (1)


Fine’s forearm was splashed with the dangerous acid, and it caused damage to the muscles in that area of his arm. He regained strength to his arm later on, as he possessed the talent to play the violin which made him not only talented in playing the instrument, but also saving his arm in the process by working the muscles back to decent functionability.


th (1)As a matter of fact, there was a particular episode where the Stooges put on a show where each are playing fiddles (except for Moe & Curly, Larry was the only one actually jamming away on the fiddle *fiddles are small violins. Moe & Curly were just pretending to play.)


Fine also went on a short run billed as a “bonafide in ring boxer”, he figured this would be the best way to really strengthen his arm, but his Father totally opposed his decision to box thus ending his son’s boxing career.


Fine seemed to always be the “Man in the Middle”, during most of the Stooges shenanigans. Larry Fine (October 5, 1902 – January 24, 1975).


th (1)

Spilling over into Curly Joe’s character who portrayed the biggest goofball of the trio bunch, he basically was George & Kramer from the Seinfeld show rolled into one.


Curly could make anybody laugh to the point where they would find themselves stepping outside for a breath of fresh air (Yea, I have seen people laugh that hard because of the “super-insane” funny stuff he would do in a Stooges film short.)


I remember when my cousin would come over to spend the night, we would always watch the Stooges shorts every Saturday night.


It was an episode where Curly just kept pissing Moe off to the point where he unleashed a series of slaps upside Curly Joe’s head to the point where he (Curly) goes off into an uncontrollable comedic fit of rage.


It was one of the rare moments where Moe actually back down from Curly, my cousin laughed so hard to the point where she spills lemonade on her pants, and slipped half way out of her chair in the process.


My Mom made her clean up the spill off of her carpeted floor (and yea I had to help her *NO FAIR I TELL YOU), LOL that was priceless.


Curly’s start with the Stooges was unbelievably by chance fate, Shemp was actually in place for the role, but temporarily went off to pursue other opportunities of his own.


This left Curly in position for an golden opportunity, Ted Healy however demanded a few changes to his appearance before letting him perform with Moe & Larry.


Healy had a problem with Curly’s mustache and


th (1)Curly basically was the pivotal character of the Stooge franchise, there could be no other Stooge to replace him (not even his older brother Shemp, or the most horrid — Curly Substitute of the century — impersonated by Joe Besser). 


th (1)As for Joe DeRitaI didn’t really remember him which is due to the fact of not watching the later episodes of the Stooge films when the series was at the downward stroke of its TV run as it was coming to an end.



th (1)Shemp Howard was the next best “Pseudo-Curly”, after the original Curly passed away (Curly Howard;  1903 – 1952).

And in case you’re were wondering, they each a whopping $2,500 per episode!

They were pretty much rich (well come on do the math, that’s a boat load of money back in the 1930’s, 40’s, 50s’, even the 60’s, from 70 – 75 was probably where inflation started set in LOL).


He was ok, and would show some creative spark in his ability to have Moe go ape-shit all over him after pissing him off in some way shape or form.


He could pull some laughs out of the audience. However, you’re still left with that wishful feeling to relive the “Classic Curly” moments where he would say the infamous… Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk, somewhere in an episode run.


th (1)Ted Healy was childhood friends with Moe Shemp, and help them to put together the trio (after discovering Larry in 1928). He was the “basic motivating factor”, and mastermind behind the stooges’ success.


But as far as I’m concerned, it was Moe, Larry, and the original Curly that I recognized as the best act for the slap-stick genre.


And the reason why I wrote about them in the first place was rather simple to say.


They were funny as h**l! Besides… Didn’t you know that,


“Laughter Is Literally Good For The Soul!”


And they definitely provided that for over the last 80 years.

COPD: When It Strikes You

COPD Will Give You Something To Think About

tha (1)COPD can cause serious issues with one’s ability to breathe, it results from polluted environments which affect the one most important thing we do everyday to survive.

Are ability to breathe is a major lifeline which should be cherished, I wanted to share a story which will probably make you think twice when you pull out your lighter to light up a fresh cigarette stick.

Listen to my sister’s story… 

My sister wasn’t feeling throughout the memorial day weekend, she had to go in to see her doctor after she was telling me how she felt light-headed to the point where she said it felt as if she was about to pass out.

This is nothing new to her, she has been going through this for a while.

She went in a few weeks before after having a few tests ran on her (after the test came back the doctor told her the prognosis which I will discuss very shortly), and she was even prescribed medication which was recommended by her doctor.

But she kept experiencing the light-headedness, and a slight problem with her breathing, so naturally anybody who is demonstrating these particular symptoms would in no doubt be concerned about their immediate condition.  

This is my big sister, the one who always took me everywhere, took me to the arcade, took me out to eat, you name it, those were the days of fun I have to admit 100%. 

Times have changed after 20+ years, she’s older, I’m older, and with that comes the health factors of aging, not to mention how the body will change as well as the state of one’s health.

After her health analysis was completed, the doctor came up with final thoughts about the “light-headed” symptoms she was experiencing for the last few weeks.

He said she has damage to her lungs (nothing serious in which he concluded which was big time relief), which was a result from years of smoking.

She wasn’t surprised to hear this.

thb (1)When she smoked during her late teen years, all the way up into her 30’s. 

She stopped before giving birth to her two children, and never picked up the habit again.

Now fast forward to now, and she sitting in the hospital bed as the doctor is giving her details about her’s lungs health.

He told her even though she broke the habit of smoking, there was still irreversible damage done to her lungs.

th (1)The reason for her breathing difficulties, were believed to be a result of a respiratory disease called bronchitis  (this is a long-term illness) which is a symptom of (COPD)  or “Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease”, and can negatively affect the functioning capabilities of the respiratory system over-time. 

Long-term exposure to other lung irritants such as air pollution, chemical fumes, or dust also may contribute to COPD. 

th (1)

Bad work environments is another factor that can lead to COPD, especially areas which are asbestos inhabited, or dirty areas such as machinery caped in dust, if someone were to take a huge breath and blows the dust into the air (it now becomes a harmful pollutant), and someone unknowingly walks by, breathes it in will not be enough to cause COPD, but on a grand scale (from long-term constant exposure) it would be a much different outcome as it raises their changes significantly.

These are all harmful agents which can cause the disease, most people don’t even realize that symptoms in which they develop could take years before they manifest. So basically, it could be classified as a “silent illness” the individual is not even aware of until they already have it, plus the symptoms that are associated with the disease.  

COPD: What Happens As It Progresses

The disease itself may worsen overtime, this is what my sister was going through from the start of this year.

She complained about the light-headedness a few times, and had to stay a day or two overnight at the hospital until they ran tests on her to come up with a hypothesis to map out what stage she was in with her condition.

She was lucky that her doctor was able to catch her symptoms in the early stages of COPD, so all that is needed for her to do is follow the doctor’s orders until she is better.

There where a few things the doctor told her however, and she said “tell me the tale doc, it’s just best to get it out in the open.” 

He told her that the disease will be ever-present, it’s just something smokers ex-smokers,  will have to deal with for the rest of their natural lives.

th (1)He said also this is exactly why he would urge anybody not to smoke (especially for young people who have started or are thinking about starting). 

Another disturbing fact is that the disease may strike even if the individual is NOT an avid smoker.

If her situation was left unchecked, and it had worsened from where it was she would fall into the ‘severe’ category of people who suffer from COPD. 

So for her here on out, performing simple house chores such as washing clothes, or mopping the bathroom floor, will become difficult, and as she ages the condition may worsen which could place her into the advanced stages of the disease (this means that her respiratory systems may barely function if it’s gets to that point.)

The average person after their diagnosis, who had serious lung damage after years of smoking may be left with 10 -20 years of their life expectancy left. What’s even worse is when a person is diagnosed with COPD, every time the disease progress to the next stage(s) it will reduce anywhere from to years off of their life expectancy.

COPD: Substantiating Factors

COPD – can disrupt the airflow which passes into your lungs, damage to the lungs will reduce the amount of air needed to keep functioning systems (such as the brain) from performing efficiently.

Chronic bronchitis – excessive coughing (symptom), and an over-abundance of “mucus production” (manifests from excessive coughing) are caused by inflammation of the airways. This particular chronic illness is long-term, and can plague the individual from months to years at a time.

th (1)

Emphysema – is damage to the air sacs, and the small airways in the lungs itself, (also see Interstitial Lung Disease).

Wheezing, excessive coughing, tightness of the chest, shortness of breath, are symptoms related to COPD. People who deal with it on a daily basis vary within their condition, certain days may be better or worse than others.

COPD: Medications / Solutions

th (1)

STIOLTO® RESPIMAT® (tiotropium bromide and olodaterol) – Inhalation Spray is a prescription medicine used long term, two puffs once each day, in controlling symptoms in adults with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). COPD is a chronic lung disease that includes chronic bronchitis, emphysema, or both.

STIOLTO contains the anticholinergic, tiotropium, and the long-acting beta2-adrenergic agonist (LABA), olodaterol. STIOLTO works by helping the muscles around the airways in your lungs stay relaxed to prevent symptoms, such as wheezing, cough, chest tightness, and shortness of breath.

STIOLTO is not for treating sudden symptoms of COPD. Always have a rescue medicine with you to treat sudden symptoms. If you do not have a rescue inhaler, contact your healthcare provider to have one prescribed for you.

(NOTE: Do not use STIOLTO if you have asthma. STIOLTO is approved to treat COPD only.)

th (1)

ANORO – is a prescription medicine used to treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in adults.

COPD is a chronic lung disease that includes chronic bronchitis, emphysema, or both. ANORO is used long-term as 1 inhalation, 1 time each day, to improve symptoms of COPD for better breathing. ANORO is not used to treat sudden symptoms of COPD and won’t replace a rescue inhaler. ANORO is not for the treatment of asthma.

ANORO ELLIPTA is the first FDA-approved product that contains 2 long-acting bronchodilators in 1 inhaler.

In clinical trials, ANORO ELLIPTA significantly improved lung function more than SPIRIVA® HandiHaler® in people with COPD.

Results shown in 2 of 3 clinical trials. Individual results may vary. SPIRIVA contains 1 long-acting bronchodilator and is used to treat COPD and reduce COPD flare-ups. ANORO is not approved to reduce COPD flare-ups. Each product has its own risks and benefits.

If you have COPD, talk to your doctor to see if ANORO is right for you. ANORO is only approved for use in COPD. ANORO is NOT approved for use in asthma.

People with asthma who take long-acting beta2adrenergic agonist (LABA) medicines, such as vilanterol (one of the medicines in ANORO), have an increased risk of death from asthma problems. It is not known if LABA medicines increase the risk of death in people with COPD. Call your healthcare provider if breathing problems worsen over time while using ANORO.

Get emergency medical care if your breathing problems worsen quickly or if you use your rescue inhaler but it does not relieve your breathing problems.

Do not use ANORO to treat sudden breathing problems. Always have a rescue inhaler with you to treat sudden symptoms.

ANORO is not for the treatment of asthma. It is not known if ANORO is safe, and effective in people with asthma.

  • Do not use ANORO if you have a severe allergy to milk proteins or any of the ingredients in ANORO. Ask your healthcare provider if you are not sure.

  • Do not use ANORO more often than prescribed.

  • Do not take ANORO with other medicines that contain a LABA or an anticholinergic for any reason. Tell your healthcare provider about all the medicines you take and about all of your health conditions. Especially tell your healthcare provider if you take anticholinergics, including tiotropium, ipratropium, aclidinium, or atropine.

ANORO can cause serious side effects, including:

  • Rash
  • Hives
  • Swelling of your face, mouth, and tongue
  • Breathing problems
  • Increased blood pressure
  • A fast or irregular heartbeat, awareness of heartbeat
  • Chest pain
  • Tremor
  • Nervousness
  • Eye pain or discomfort
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Blurred vision
  • Seeing halos or bright colors around lights
  • Red eyes

If you have sudden breathing problems immediately after inhaling your medicine, stop using ANORO and call your healthcare provider right away.

Serious allergic reactions – Call your healthcare provider or get emergency medical care if you get any of the following symptoms of a serious allergic reaction:

  • Effects on heart 
  • Effects on nervous system
  • New or worsened eye problems, including acute narrow-angle glaucoma – An acute narrow-angle glaucoma (disease) can cause permanent loss of vision if not treated. 

If you have these symptoms, call your healthcare provider right away before taking another dose.


  • Urinary retention – People who take ANORO may develop new or worse urinary retention.

Symptoms of urinary retention may include:

  • difficulty urinating
  • painful urination
  • urinating frequently
  • urination in a weak stream or drips

If you have these symptoms of urinary retention, stop taking ANORO and call your healthcare provider right away before taking another dose.

Changes in laboratory blood levels – including high levels of blood sugar (hyperglycemia), and low levels of potassium (hypokalemia).


Common side effects of ANORO include:

  • sore throat
  • sinus infection
  • lower respiratory infection
  • common cold symptoms
  • constipation
  • diarrhea
  • pain in your arms or legs
  • muscle spasms

Interstitial lung disease (ILD) –or pulmonary fibrosis– refers to more than 200 chronic lung disorders. With ILD, the tissue between the air sacs of the lungs (the interstitium) is affected by inflammation or scarring (fibrosis).

List of disorders from (ILD) are:

  • Chronic
  • Non-malignant (not directly cancerous)
  • Non-infectious (you can’t pass the disease to another person)

Fibrosis causes lung tissue to permanently lose the ability to breathe and carry oxygen. Air sacs, as well as the lung tissue between and surrounding the air sacs, and the lung capillaries, are destroyed by the formation of scar tissue.

To learn more visit the following link(s) in the description below at:


Vitamin B12: Why You Need It

Vitamin B12: What’s The Big Deal?

Depositphotos_48718083_xsaVitamin B12 is a very important mineral everyone needs to have in their body on a daily basis, if you’re vitamin B deficient, you will eventually start having issues with your health.

Many people in this country today, may not realize why vitamin B12 supplementation is so important, to get the message across better, we need to map out a few examples of how it can come back to haunt them in the long-run.

Vitamin B12: Why It Gets Blocked:

thaThere are a few reasons why most people don’t get enough B12 in their diet. It can range from a multitude of issues such as the person’s state of health, are they diabetic, do they have a history of health problems such as heart disease, or for females who take birth control pills may not be aware of the fact that vitamin B12 can be blocked (lack of absorption in the body) when taking birth control products.

The sad truth is that B12 can easily get blocked (especially if you’re eating harmful non-nutritious foods, junk foods, even Trans fatty foods) depriving our bodies from getting the recommended amounts of it.

Another secret that many of you probably didn’t know, is that many cereal types are sprayed with chemicals containing B12, yea I figured that one would blow your mind wide open right? LOL.

Vegetarians are believed to be B12 deficient, however this may not be the case what-so-ever. It still depends on their dietary habits, and it also depends on where they are turning to receive a good amount of B12 supplementation toward their diet.

This is why animals’ diets are widely overlooked by the average everyday individual, people should take the time to notice how animals are receiving a high amount of B12 in their diet everyday. This obvious solution sits right in front of your face each day of your life, yet it goes unnoticed.

thaThe trick is this for certain animals, they get their fiber from the grass they digest.

Sounds nuts but if you ever seen how a cow devours pay loads of grass when it’s outside on a farm plantation, then you basically get what I’m saying.

That’s rich B12 folks, and many people don’t notice that (well unless you’re a farmer, but that’s part of their job description to pay attention to the animal’s needs).

We’re no different from animals when it comes to getting an abundant source of it. Without vitamin B12, your body will literally starve from high levels of deficiency.

B12 deficienCY LIST BELOW

  • B12 deficiency may eventually develop pernicious anemia, a type of blood disorder
  • Nerve damage, which may eventually become irreversible
  • Brain damage, which may eventually become irreversible
  • Sluggishness
  • Low energy (lethargic) 
  • When B12 levels are deficient, it can result in anemia as the red blood cell count drops to low
  • Headaches
  • Skin rashes & swelling of skin
  • Fatigue (tiredness) *Anemia
  • Panting (shortness of breath)
  •  (Strange, irregular or heavy beating of the heart) *Palpitations
  • Digestion Issues, system cannot absorb B12 properly

Vitamin B12: A Notable Solution:

Since we hashed out the bad news about the problems that B12 deficiency may bring you, we now will focus on a way to boost your daily level of this important nutrient.

I remember hearing a long time ago, that one way to integrate it into your system fast is by injection. However, let’s be honest… That sounds not only painful, but a serious killjoy when trying to find an effective way to boost your metabolism, and providing stability to the functioning system inside of your body.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that the basic way you get it is through food, but again the question comes down to this… Are you getting enough of it? And are you eating the right types of foods which possess the B12 nutrient.

List of Foods with the b12 nutrient

  1. Mackerel one fillet (a serving size that measures 88 grams) provides 16.72 micrograms of Vitamin B12.
  2. Swiss cheese is a great source of calcium and Vitamin D, and has a good source of Vitamin B12.
  3. Feta Cheese – 1 cup of crumbled feta provides 42% of the daily recommended value of Vitamin B12.
  4. Goose liver pate – is rich in several vitamins, especially Vitamin B12. 1 tablespoon of goose liver pate contains an impressive 20% of the daily recommended value.
  5. Lean cured ham – will provide your body with just over a half of 1 microgram of Vitamin B12, or about 9% of the daily recommended (for adults *amount).
  6. Sardines packed in oil (totaling 3.75 ounces) contains 8.22 micrograms of Vitamin B12.
  7. Emu steaks are lean steak meat, a 3 oz (ounce) portion of emu steak will give you almost eight micrograms of Vitamin B12. You can get a full abundance of B12 from them.
  8. Clams – are filled with chromium (essential in regulating cholesterol levels), iron (a mineral that lets your body produce hemoglobin), and B vitamins.
  9. Mozzarella Cheese to your sandwich or salad, will give you quite a bit of protein, calcium, and Vitamins A, D, E, not to mention B12 to your diet. 1 slice of mozzarella cheese, or a serving size of 1 oz (ounce), contributes 0.65 micrograms of Vitamin B12.
  10. Eggs provide your body with riboflavin, folate, Vitamin D, protein, and Vitamin B12.
  11. Liver did you know that 100-grams of liver will provide 800% of vitamin B12 nutritional value, you can also include 1000% of the recommended daily value of Vitamin A with that as well.
  12. Fortified Soymilk 1 serving (100 grams) of fortified soymilk brings 19% of the daily recommended amount of B12, it also possesses high nutritional value of both vitamins A and D.
  13. Gjetost cheese which comes from Norway and is made using goat milk, goes by many names. However you refer to it, it’ll always be an excellent source of Vitamin B12. 1 package of gjetost cheese (or about eight ounces).
  14. Oysters (not to be confused with clams) possess a strong source of Vitamin B12, 1 serving size of 3 ounces provides 29.77 micrograms.
  15. Mussels -are a type of shellfish. To some, mussels are an acquired taste, but if you are able to eat them regularly, you’ll find that they’re rich with nutrients and vitamins, including B12. (3 ounces), 20.4 micrograms of Vitamin B12 is an ideal amount for optimal B12 absorption.
  16. Caviar – is good for the immune system as it’s rich in Vitamins A, C, and E, and it’s also packed with zinc, iron, and Vitamin B12.
  17. Parmesan cheese – is widely used as a final touch in dishes such as pasta, salads, pizza, and soups. Many people who use it, uses it for adding flavor to meals, but what they may not realize is that it’s loaded with B12 nutrition.
  18. Poultry – (A.K.A Chicken) is a healthier choice that people may go with instead of red meat consumption. Chicken provides a variety of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, and lacks much of the fat and calories that is found in red meat. 100-gram serving of it will give the body the 7% of the daily recommended amount of B12 nutrition.
  19. Whole grain cereals – (fortified nutrition cereal) is a great way to supplement vitamin B12 into your everyday diet regime. Three-quarters of a cup of fortified cereal, equal to about 30 grams, contains up to six micrograms of Vitamin B12.
  20. Whole Milk Most people who drink it, seek it’s properties of calcium and vitamin D in which it possesses. What they don’t realize is that whole milk is also a good source of other vitamins and minerals, this includes B vitamins as well. One cup of whole milk contains over one microgram of the vitamin B12 nutrient.

Vitamin B-12 Super Nutrient: “Secret 12

“Secret 12” (Vitamin B12 supplement) gives the most important resource that many seek everyday, that valuable resource is known as energy production. This particular product is merged with a group of vitamin class known as cobalamins. “VeganSafe B12″ is a vegan friendly formula that contains methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalmin, the two most bioactive forms of B12.

The reason why this product is referred to as “vegan safe”, is because of the situations most vegetarians face which is “B12 deficiency”. Now this is NOT to cite vegetarians as being the only ones who are B12 deficient, anyone can be deficient with this nutrient source.

Another thing to point out, is the origin of the vitamin B12 nutrient. If you ask random people a question such as this, the majority might automatically say it comes from the food we eat.

Well technically, yes and no.

It actually comes from the soil from which our foods are grown from, the key ingredient are the probiotics which exists in it.

In our world today, pesticides are yet another problem, they are used on the soil (sprayed on it) which causes its rich nutrients to deplete. This literally in turn makes the soil deficient, malnourished, and in turn the same thing results from the very same foods you have been consuming for some time now.

Yea… Mind-blowing indeed!

“See What You Can Find, When You Take The Time To Journey Down Deep Into The Rabbit Hole. LOL”

This is an alternative for those who suffer from B12  deficiency, giving them access to an impressive product that many are now talking about more and more.

Oh yea, “Spoiler Alert”. There are other foods you like that block B12 absorption, so just preparing for it before you watch the video. Alright, talk to you guys later.

Global Healing Dr Group |

Liver Shield

Liver Cleanser That Changes The Way You Feel


th5aLiver Shield is said to be one of the most revolutionary changing health products of all time, and rightly so thanks to its effectiveness in cleansing the liver of killer toxins that build up over time inside the liver.


So what exactly is Liver Shield?


Is it just some type of hype health product thrown out into the market to gather quick sales?


Or is it the real deal in living up to its name, and can literally provide a way to filter out trapped waste that gets stored there as a result of eating the wrong types of foods?


Both are valid questions indeed, so from here we have to transition through the necessary steps to learn more about this wonder product people are buying left and right.


So what does your liver do?


Believe it or not, you have some people who don’t know exactly what their liver’s daily tasks are to be done.


Your liver has a very important job to do every day of your life, its primary mission is to ensure that your body breaks down old and damaged blood cells, maintains good function of the metabolic processes, the fat metabolism found in liver cells are broken down to produce energy for the body (fuel for the body).


Liver Shield: First Target Is Your Gallbladder


th1aBefore you start thinking of ways this product can cleanse your liver effectively, you might want to turn your attention to another part of the body that is equally important. The Gallbladder.


Many people don’t realize that the Gallbladder is an important organ in the body which is just important as your liver, both helps to flush out various types of waste. In the long-run keeping it at optimal health, can help to prevent incurable diseases that can strike an individual due to eating toxic foods better known as junk foods.


The primary task for your gallbladder is to help digest the fats from the foods you eat, this organ is located just under your liver, and located on the right side of your abdomen region.


The gallbladder is also responsible for producing “bile”, the bile is greenish-brown in appearance (alkaline fluid) which helps in the digestion process, which is secreted by the liver, and stored in the gallbladder.


What Pollutants Need To Be Flushed Out?


It’s very important for both the liver and gallbladder to be flushed free of waste elements that can cause potential illness, and disease, this is the necessary process that can keep both working efficiently inside of the body (prevention).


What are some of the waste, pollutants, and disease, which compromises their proper function.


Read the list below…


  • Problems with eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Cystic Acne
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Peeling lips
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Fatty liver
  • Seborrheic Dermatitis
  • Gallstones attack
  • Candida fungal infection
  • Clinical depression
  • Schisophrenia
  • ME
  • CFS
  • MS
  • PMS
  • PCOS


These are the various issues which many people face today linked to liver problems.

And again, to prevent these issues you need to keep both cleansed, free of harmful waste elements.


If you’re having problems finding a solution, then you might want to look around for a notable alternative.

Liver Shield On The Scene 

So what if there was a product which can give both your liver and gallbladder a major overhaul.

The product itself is void of alcohol, it’s vegan friendly (it doesn’t interfere with diet), there are NO GMO supplementation, it’s made with organic and wild cultivated herbs, it’s made in the United States & Eco-friendly, best part is that it’s never tested on animals.

Liver Shield will provide the liver and gallbladder the key essential nutrients to keep them operating at top peak levels, it’s much-needed internal therapy for those who are experiencing issues symptoms which can have perverse effects on one’s health.

Statics on chronic liver diseases are noted as the most common causes of death in the U.S., an estimated 26,000 individuals die annually from chronic liver disease (cirrhosis of the liver).

A quarter of the nation deal with gall and liver stones, choosing the wrong foods to consume plays a major factor in bad liver health, not to mention a buildup of toxicity in the liver.

People usually turn to prescription drugs hoping to solve the problem of a bad liver, will in fact only increase the chance for liver failure in the long run. Not all prescription drugs work for helping to cleanse the liver, there are hundreds of various types of prescription drugs that can cause damage to the liver.

There are 29,000,000 people who are suffering from nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, 90% of excessive alcohol drinkers develop and suffer from fatty liver disease.

6 – 10 thousand liver transplants, are performed annually in the U.S.

Taking the product is simple.

To get optimal results, you should mix full droppers with ounces of purified water, and drink before breakfast to times every week.

Also keep in mind about your diet when going through the “liver cleanse” process. Observe the list of healthy foods items to include in the cleansing process. (click the title links below to see more… Starting with “Garlic (detox)”.

Food Item List For Detox

1. Garlic (detox)


2. Grapefruit (detox)


3. Beets (detox)


4. Green Tea (detox)


5. Leafy Green Vegetables (Detox)


6. Avocados (Detox)


7. Apples (detox)



8. Olive Oil (detox)


9. Alternative Grains (detox)



10. Cruciferous Vegetables (detox)


11. Lemons & Limes (detox)


12. Black Walnuts (detox)


13. Cabbage (detox)


14. Turmeric (detox)




Flint’s Water Contamination: Behind The Madness

Foul play on the water front?

th1I’ve been monitoring any changes about the situation which lead to water contamination issues in Flint, Michigan and I remember hearing about the contaminated waters that still have residents seeing red when they learned that they were drinking tainted water.

th9Governor Rick Synder was asked about the reasons why the water reservoir was not thoroughly checked to make sure residents were in fact drinking safe water, if they were able to bathe in it, and cook with it as well.

He claimed that the water was never contaminated despite the fact that the story blew up all over the news and social media that it was indeed NOT safe for consumption as well as cooking, and to bathe in it.

He stood behind his faith assuring that the water was ok, he then stated that he himself would take a 30-day water supplementation (drinking the very same water that was deemed deadly and toxic), to prove that the water is fine.

Now anybody in their right mind, would sit back and say that, unless they were completely delusional.

When reports about the water crisis hit the news and the internet airwaves, many people were outraged that residents as well as children were either consuming the lead based water, bathing in it, and using it for various purposes of that nature.

The end result was loss of hair, people feeling sick and ill, and many sick riddled with fear that they might die of thirst, if they could not receive any type of water supply needed for basic survival.

th8But that wasn’t the only thing that brought huge attention to this situation like it does now, there were rumors which states that the contaminated drinking water in Flint, was already known early on before the story broke out.

So this is where the grey area comes into focus between white & black lines, and when you find out why this operation was set into effect, it will have you wondering whether or not if residents were merely test subjects of some grand twisted crisis experiment.

Why the buffoonery tactics?

Why would this “crisis test” be allowed to take place in the first place? Was this some type of sick testing ground aimed at individuals to incite strife and total chaos within a community?

That’s a dam good question, that deserves a dam good answer I say.

th3Well there are water tests ran to check the pH levels to determine whether or not it is safe for consumption, and other uses that it is needed for.

There was one story told about a situation out in Sacramento, California, where the water tested at a facility plant found high levels of the chemical known as aluminum chlorohydrate which is considered to be a Carcinogen  chemical, was present in the residential water supply. 

Politics play it’s hand into the matter to find a notable “solution”, to save the city money, but no solution to keep residents from harm as they digest tainted water into their bodies unknowingly.

Carcinogen is a cancer causing element (it could be a substance, or even exposure to harmful radiation) it damages the tissues in the body (particularly the respiratory system) items such as asbestosand tobacco smoke, possess carcinogenic substances (in their makeup visible fiber composed of millions of microscopic “fibrils” that can be released by abrasion.)


“Yea, even this favorite pastime beverage Has it” 

Junk foods such as potato chips, the use of cosmetic beauty products, the gas you pump at the service station (that might accidentally get on your hand), toothpaste products, certain “so-called” healthy foods we eat, it’s even present in the air you breath.

Asbestos is a widely used to provide manufactured products “fire-proof” protection, however it can also be extremely harmful to humans if it is inhaled into the lungs, and can cause lung cancer, and carcinogens are present within its contents as well.

This is what many smokers / former smokers face after years of taking up the habit, the damage done to the lungs from smoking not irreversible, however just because the smoker gives up the habit doesn’t mean they will ever be ‘completely’ out of the woods in regards to their health.

So given the valid points stated, we skip back to horrific diseases, ailments, and even deaths resulting from the deadly drinking waters of Flint, and just exactly what was to be gained from poisoning thousands of residents who live in the city?


There were some really ugly political backlash that surrounded not only the accusation of neglect, irresponsibility, and mismanagement of the Flint water cleansing protocols, but the spotlight also focused on Rick Snyder the resounding governor of Michigan.

th1As for the city of Flint, racial tension seems to be the angle played (to a degree), many people including the residents of the city had this viewpoint burned into their minds as the incident was finally revealed.

There was a term that defines the situation all together, that term is called environmental racism.

A term I know many might not be aware of, but there are so many terms in the encyclopedia unknown to man who exist which perfectly masks specific scenarios.

This particular situation involves urban pollution in an inner city (or this can happen in suburban community as well),  which are focused in areas where the majority of minority residents reside.

Another aspect to bring into the picture, is dirty politics.


Dirty politics (A.K.A. “Dirty Poli”) will always be there to bring the corruption, favoritism, and yes exist particularly in areas that are “deemed” low in property value, areas riddled with high-rates of crime are blacklisted like a plague that grips a community, and treated like it should be quarantined from the rest of the world’s eyes.

Doesn’t seem fair I know, but whoever said dirty politics ever gave a dam about the everyday citizen…

With that said… Dirty politics run on a hidden agenda, this plan as many may suspect does NOT involve the general public at large (that goes double for the residents who are the intended targets of such “buffoonery”).

Buffoonery is the perfect way I see to explain how the political opposition which likes to clown the general public, so I’m using the term in a metaphoric sense in case anyone was wondering (the court “jester” aligns with the term 100%).

th9The residents of Flint I have to say were being “clowned”, Snyder knows this is true by playing dumb to the fact that the water was contaminated in the first place. The matter could have also been resolved by our Government, but for whatever reason the Government didn’t focus entirely on extending any true support.

They gave little support, but the difference makers were Hollywood Celebs such as Cher, Matt Damon, Big Sean, Pearl Jam, Meek Mill, Jack White, Eminem, Wiz Khalifa, Sean “Diddy” CombsMark Wahlberg, and other support organizations.

th4aThe financial aspect is another element that always remains constant, money runs the world, the communities, the politicians, and the way I see it, it’s definitely a numbers game apart of the agenda which drives the motivations of the greedy, and power-hungry elitists.

Let’s face it folks, the city of Flint is in a serious financial struggle, it doesn’t take a child to see it especially when they ask their parents for something they really want, but their parents constantly tell them…

“Sorry we just can’t afford to get it for you right now. Maybe next time okay?”

But since when has it ever been okay to be in a dire situation when you barely have any income to survive.

Since when has it been ok to tell your kids that taking a bath is not an option because of the high levels of contamination is lurking within the city’s water supply, and who knows what residents of Flint were exposed to before learning about the toxicity elements (the biggest concern was the “Legionnaires bacteria” contamination in the water) within the water supply which can lead to a number of immune issues, and other symptoms from long-term exposure.

toxic juice 1

The biggest deception lies within the community’s trusted water supply facility, who let them down for an entire year telling them that the water was fine and safe for everyday use.

Makes one wonder… Just who was really behind this scheme, how much money was stolen (because the way it looks seems like a huge payday for a few extended hands), and who can detest the fact that the residents were viewed as expendable” in the entire matter.

It wouldn’t be any different if they were just lab rats put in place to truly test one’s ability to survive within a “crisis setting”.

Many angles can be thought up here, but one thing is for sure…

The tainted water wasn’t a secret to those who knew, the ones put on a “need to know basis”, are also the ones who are stuck paying for crappy water services both financially and with their mortality.

th8There’s huge skepticism toward a Governor who said over the radio airwaves, that he would voluntarily drink the infamous “killer H20 cocktail” for an entire month.

th3LOL, one has to wonder if he is REALLY going to hold up his end of the bargain on that sour deal (after all, there are sewer reservoirs under the common “Sump Pump” in homes… You don’t think he would, well maybe he would).

Hopefully, things will turn around for the residents of Flint. 

It’s time for Flint residents to go through a long healing process, this would be the first step to take followed by the rebuilding process of a community.

To learn more visit the following link(s) in the description below at:

Men Steal Chicken Wings?

Criminal Intentions to Heist Chicken Wings?

That is the $65,000 dollar question…

Well, LOL at least that what I believe.

I heard this story about these guys who decided to steal chicken wings from a freezer in a cold storage facility out in Doraville, Georgia.

I was curious about this when I heard it over the radio, and the first thing that came to my mind was what in the world were these guys on?

An obvious question when hearing about someone stealing chicken wings inside of a fast food establishment, is why in the world would they do that?

A better question to that one is, why would they steal that much chicken from their place of work.

The two men Dewayne Patterson, 35, and Renaldo Jackson, 26, worked at the establishment (at the Nordic Cold Storagein Pleasantdale Road in Doraville, Ga.


Ah, yea. These guys worked there, which blows a person’s mind trying to figure out the reasons why they would steal that much frozen poultry.

Now keep in mind about this next part, because it really gets crazy from there.

The two men devised a plan first by using a fork truck which Patterson did to load the pallets onto the truck, while Jackson served as the lookout man. The vehicle of choice was a rental truck from Enterprise rental, which they used as the getaway vehicle.

th (1)

They committed the crime while parking the rental truck at the bay door area of the company.

The estimated amount came out to be 10 pallets, which was an equivalent of $60,000 in net worth (some reports say $65,000). 

The question however still remains, why were they stealing that much chicken?

Well I had a theory as to why, and it might sound a bit off the mark however bare with me.

ty-cobb-slidingNow after they went through all the trouble getting the rental truck, them going into the workplace to commit the most ridiculous theft act that would have baseball’s legendary home plate stealer

 Ty Cobbcracking up with hysterical laughter at these two all day long.

ty-cobb-steals a

 “LAMO, these guys are 100% bullshit artists, haha.”


A few days later, the authorities caught up with the chicken bandits.

The men were arrested and charged with one count of felony theft for stealing the merchandise, they were released later that day on a $2,950 bond.

For the stolen chicken wings… Well, finding them may be a feat which Sherlock Holmes probably wouldn’t be able to figure out himself.

So my theory is that they sold the wings for a much cheaper  price, instead of what they’re worth at the local supermarket.

LOL, I told you that was my take on the whole matter, because why else would they take a chance going through all of what they did, unless they were not going to get paid some good money for their troubles.

As to what they were thinking when going through all of this, now that’s an enigma in itself.

The criminal mind is a very confusing place for a law abiding citizen to be at, the “psychosis factor” is the only way to rate and remotely understand why people do stupid things such as stealing a truck load of chicken wings, maybe to resell them at a lower price to a food market shop, or sell them on the street to the homeless at a cheap price.

Only God Knows….


You see in the mind you have an area of the brain called the Amygdala“, it’s a brain structure responsible for autonomic responses associated with fear, and fear conditioning.

Other factor come into play as well, aggression, violent tendencies outbursts, the biggest is “anti-socialism”, there is a bit more to it of course for these are just the emotional factors that are associated with this particular structuring of the amygdala itself.

It mainly focuses on the size of the amygdala, if a person has a normal size amygdala, then the likelihood for the individual to commit a crime or showing the intentions to do so is low.

However, a person with a smaller sized amygdala, is more likely to commit a crime, and depending on the severity of their condition, it could be worse than anyone could imagine.

A study done of the amygdala function not only determines the attitude an individual will take, but it also depends on the level of aggressiveness the person will actually demonstrate once placed into a situation, or a situation they create themselves and act out.

Adrian Raine, DPhil researched this field extensively in the department of criminology at the Universtiy of Pennsylvania,  and led the study with fellow anticipent Yu Gao, PhD, at CUNY-Brooklyn which focused on fear conditioning.

The study was conducted on a group of 3-year-olds, during the conducted study electrodes were placed on the children’s fingers while “duo tones” were played to determine the level of response from the children.

The first sound played was a loud tone followed by an unpleasant sound, the second was just the unpleasant sound played by itself.

The each tone played were used to measure sweat responses” in the children, the purpose for this was to measure each child’s fear conditioning level.

Twenty years after the conditioning fear exercise, led to violent crimes, and offenses done by the same children (now adults) who were apart of the conditioning process years prior before the criminal conduct were committed.

The list of characteristics associated with criminal behavior are:

  • Antisocial (withdrawn from others)
  • Aggressive behaviors
  • Violent tendencies
  • Feeling of entitlement
  • Irrational 

Criminal acts whether if it’s stealing, battery, assault, or even murder are demonstrated from various behaviors.

Psychological evaluation is an option to help identify issues of an individual, anger management classes, and medication are other options for individuals who struggle to control violent urges and tendencies.


Prince & Chyna Celebrity Recognition

Who Were Prince & Chyna?

This is going to be a hard topic to discuss, but two performers that many know including myself have just passed away.

As of late it seems a few celebrities have passed on, just weeks ago Garry Shandling former comedian who had his show on FOX TV back in the late 80’s was among a few others including Frank Sinatra Jr.

But the focus is on two performers that I like to see doing their favorite thing and that was entertaining the masses.

For the WWE and the Music Industry, it is a huge loss because never again will these two perform again.

At the same time, they will always be remembered thanks to the years of footage in front of the camera, this I believe is called a “legacy” which is left behind when we lose someone in our lives.

So it’s only fitting to elaborate on these special entertainer’s lives that touched us for a long time, so we’ll start with these two iconic performers Prince – A musical genius and legend / and Chyna – The most dominate female wrestler ever to grace a staged squared arena.

Where can you start but with this infamous performer, he started a long time ago becoming a “music artist icon”, and would leave a huge legacy behind for everyone who grew up with and knew the man called the artist.

“Prince The Artist Who Spanned Decades of Spectacular Music”


Prince falls into the category of all-time greatest musical performing artists along with Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Michael Jacksonthe list well you know just rolls on.

Most people may not realize that Prince has been around for a long time, (I could be wrong but I think his first song was For You” back in 78′, even though claims say he started in the industry in 1976).

I would always get his first song mixed up with I Wanna Be Your Lover” only because I would hear people play it to death LOL, you have to remember in that time my sisters were teenagers, and I was only 6.

He kicked his career into high gear in the early 80’s, he attracted so much attention from the music he was producing to the point which caught the attention of another prominent superstar by the name of  Michael Jackson.

Jackson was casting performers for one of his most famous songs Bad” in 87′, he wanted Prince to play the antagonist rival gang leader in the video but Prince declined the offer.

Prince didn’t feel comfortable with the beginning lines stated at the start of the song where Jackson starts off by saying…


“You’re But Is Mines!”

Yea, not actually the thing you probably don’t wanna say just before a fight LOL. And that would be the reason why Prince backed out of the chance to appear and perform in the video, so the part went to Wesley Snipes.

Either way it really didn’t matter to Prince, you have to remember that he really displayed his ability to act from his performance in Purple Rain

Other stars surfaced after this movie which was branded one of his most unforgettable films, besides his captivating music videos.

th (1)

Apollonia Kotero was one of the stars made from Purple Rain, the group “Apollonia 6” which was changed from “Vanity 6”, due to the fact that Vanity dropped out of the female lead for Purple Rain.

(The two girls would often confuse me, due to the fact that Apollonia was casted for the part in the movie instead of Vanity. Plus the similarity of the girl group band ending with the number – 6 -).

Vanity Prince’s protege, was another raising star in the early 80’s who helped to form the band Vanity 6 and she went on to star in the popular action flicks such as The Last Dragon“, Action Jackson“, “Tanya’s Island“, Pick Up 52“.

th (1)The weird thing about her death, it was just a few months before Prince’s (her real name was Denise Katrina Matthews). 

You can’t help but to find that quite odd how she died shortly before him, however we’re not here to stay forever because we’re only here on borrowed time.

Prince’s Revolution Band referred to as The Revolution Band” was the backbone of the entire group which provided unique sounds, creative tones, and a variety of sound stage equipment, amps, guitars, you name it, was the firepower needed to fuel their music bringing it to life, and ahh-stunned fans who attended their concerts.


“The Revolution”

The revolution was a different type of band, unique in their own right, and innovative to the very core, they even outmatched Prince’s cousin (rumor has it is that Day was actually Prince’s nephew), Morris Day’s rival group The Time” in Purple Rain.


In the movie Morris Day basically tries to railroad Prince from the get go, as the two compete against each other’s band at a nightclub out in Minneapolis, Minnesota (Prince’s hometown).

In the course of Day’s scheme, he targets two of Prince’s band members Wendy a badass guitarist, and Lisa a well known electronic keyboardist player.

Day tries to drive a wedge between Prince (A.K.A “The Kid”), and his talented girl backup crew to go turn against him for ignoring their overall musical expertise.

Apollonia eventually arrives on the scene, and plays Kid’s girlfriend in the film. Day orchestres a plan to persuade her (she plays a talented singer), to join his group to rival against Prince’s.

While all this transpires, Kid is also facing problems at home with his parents who are argumentative, irrational, and abusive in nature toward him as well as each other.

It plays out well, from Kid retaliating against Apollonia for joining Day’s group with the track he plays called “Darling Nikki”.

Apollonia realizes that he’s addressing her, and embarrasses her in front of a large crowd, she takes off in crying, and this angers both Day and one of his crew members named Billy.

Billy tells Kid that his father was a failure for trying his hand at music, he also tells Kid that he could lose his guaranteed spot for his band at the First Avenue Club“.

Things gets even darker from there for Kid as he returns home to discover his father holding a handgun in the basement, decides to shoot himself out of regret for failing to become a credible musician.

Kid flies into a blind rage tearing up the basement, daytime comes and he searches through the debris only to find a cassette type which belongs to both Wendy Lisa.

He plays the type and realizes that his two members have an eye for great music, he then sets out to devise a plan to integrate the track into his musical arsenal, same time give the proper recognition to his both members of his group.

This fixes everything between him and his members of the group, he then sets his sites to take down Morris’ group by introducing the “Purple Rain” track, and his wins back his girlfriend, plus his parents are still alive, so all in one swoop it’s basically like playing a chess match where you beat your opponent with “checkmate” rush tactics in just eight straight motions LOL.

The movie was a major hit, and pulled in $68.4 million in total revenue.

Some people believed that Prince directed the film, however that’s not the case. He only starred in the feature flick, but in 1990 he did direct a short sequence to it called Graffiti Bridge  which depicts Kid Morris each running nightclubs of their own in competition against one another.

After his short stint in film, he went on to create other popular hits which are listed below plus the ones already mentioned:

  • $
  • 1999
  • Act of God
  • Baltimore
  • Bambi
  • Batdance
  • Better with Time
  • Billy Jack Bitch
  • Black Sweat
  • Breakdown
  • Breakfast Can Wait
  • Cinnamon Girl
  • Clouds
  • Controversy
  • Cream
  • Darling Nikki
  • Days of Wild
  • Dirty Mind
  • Fallinlove2nite
  • For You
  • God
  • I Wanna Be Your Lover
  • Kiss
  • La, La, La, He, He, Hee
  • Let’s Go Crazy
  • Little Red Corvette
  • Live 4 Love
  • Partyman
  • Pop Life
  • PretzelBodyLogic
  • Purple Rain
  • Raspberry Beret
  • Rock & Roll Love Affair
  • Screwdriver
  • Sex in the Summer
  • Sign O’ the Times
  • Soft and Wet
  • The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
  • Thieves In The Temple
  • This Could Be Us
  • U Got the Look
  • U Know
  • Uptown
  • Valentina
  • Wall of Berlin
  • What If
  • When Doves Cry
  • WOW

I didn’t even realize he made that many songs LOL, this guy was really busy creating music. That’s probably why you didn’t really see him that much on talk shows, just every once in a blue moon.

My favorite song that he performed was “Partyman”, that was the best to me.

The cause of Prince’s death will be revealed to the public soon, I feel that 57 was too soon for him to depart from us but again, we’re here on borrowed time.

So live your life the best way you know how for tomorrow is not promised to us!


“Chynna Doll 9th Wonder of the World”

download4aChyna was a very interesting young lady, I remember her when she first showed up on WWF (at the time before the logo was changed to “WWE”) back in the early 2000’s.

She came out in full force walking down the entrance ramp to the ring with Triple H D-Generation X, she was the enforcer of the group who did back down from any opposing nemesis wrestling groups who tried to raise again them.

Fans went nuts over her because of boldness, integrity, and strength she displayed at times to get her point across (especially the time she brought out that badass “rocket launcher” which fired confetti into the air).

She was also quite the looker at her first WWF debut appearance, she turned a lot of heads that night no doubt about it.

She was referred to as the “9th” wonder of the world (after Andre “The Giant” who was in 8th place), before her were famous female wrestlers such as The Fabulous Moola, Mae Youngand a host of other WWF female superstars.

While she was part of D-Generation’s group, she went on to defend the intercontinental Championship twice after winning it, and the Women’s Championship once.

She was the only female wrestler to win the WWF intercontinental title Men’s title.


(Chyna & Mick Foley at TNA)

Chyna was the exception to the rule to wrestle and defeat male wrestlers, she grappled against some of the best WWF male superstars such as Kurt Angle, Jeff Jarrett, Chris Jerichoand even Triple H (former leader of D-Generation X).

She eventually moved on from the WWF in 2001, and started wrestling for New Japan Pro Wrestling the following year in 02′, in between intervals she would wrestle, she even landed on the roster at TNA Wrestling in 2011.

images5Killer Kowalski’s Professional Wrestling School is where Chyna was trained as a professional wrestler, the school is known for churning out very successful wrestlers such as Perry Saturn (one my favorites from the ECW & WCW wrestling organizations).

images3When she did arrive at the WWF they wanted to use her as a bodyguard (which I don’t know why), but the reason apparently was a decision made by who else but Vince McMahon himself, who felt that WWF fans would not take to the idea of a woman being able to beat up male wrestlers.

Eventually she would prove him wrong, when she started going up against male wrestlers.

Even “The Fabulous Moolah” wouldn’t care to compete for the Men’s title outright, so it goes to show that Chyna was a true hardcore competitor in the sport itself.

images2The only other female wrestler I could see pulling such a feat would be Nicole Bass from ECW, like Chyna she was very dominating due to her stature in size, height, and wrestling ability.

Bass was very intimidating to all the female competitors at ECW, there weren’t many takers to challenge her to say the least LOL.

Chyna played various roles, from the antagonist, to the protagonist, which mean she was not always aligned with “D-Generation”, there was even a time when she broke form Triple H’s camp switching over to McMahon’s regime playing the villainess henchwoman against H.

So she was multi-talented when playing character roles, and not just a flip / flop female wrestler that converts to go along with whatever team because she believes needs security (or the stronger team gets the girl because she relies heavily on them to ‘back her up’ when needed).

Nope, she could handle most situations herself without the “back up”, that’s what made her such a phenomenal female wrestler.

images1She left the WWF due to the situation of the affair which formed between both Triple H Stephanie McMahon, Vince probably didn’t want any major “bad blood” to become the constant scenario, so he basically fired Chyna after she received the letter from the organization of being — let go –.

Things really got bad for her during the relationship she and Sean Waltman (A.K.A “X-Pac”), had together. She made an adult film type with Waltman, and after copies of the production film was sold, she claimed that she did not receive any of commissions from the film’s sold copies.

She was charged for domestic assault against Waltman back in January of 05′, and went into a nightclub out in New York where it was reported that she stripped down naked jumping into a fish tank. It was believed that she had anxiety issues from the problematic relationship between her and Waltman, which lead to the episode at the club.

Toward the end of the month, she went on the Howard Stern Show“, which lead to the situation of her ranting about depression and her cocaine usage. She entered herself into a clinic for people dealing with depression and alcohol abuse, and even stated that if she saw just one line of cocaine (she worked very hard to stop the habit) that she would probably wind up doing it.

Chyna was dealing with anxiety and insomnia issuesand was taking medication to help relieve the symptoms. In a few weeks her toxicology report will be complete to confirm the cause of death (I will give an update on both Prince and Chyna’s toxicology reports), she was young and still had a lot to see and do, it’s a shame she’s gone and she will be missed!


Robot Waitress Services Customers

Robotic Takeover In The Food Franchise?

download9Seems to be catching on rather quick I would have to say.

These “robot waitresses” are already making quite the stir, 18 are online working at a downtown restaurants at various province areas in China. 

I have to say that this will definitely raise millions of heads no time fast.

You have to admit that we basically saw this next step of techno-evolution coming like the 7 o’clock scheduled freight train doing its routine pass by, as it heads off into the sunset staying on its route due south.

It seems tradition is really starting to take a backseat to new customs with technology that’s flooding the markets slowly but surely.

images9It started with industrial jobs, taking away position from human workers who basically get the boot as they are replaced with these mechanical / robot entities.

This will bring up many questions I’m sure, people are now going to start panicking about their jobs being snatched by robot workers.

For the franchises it could be a better solution on both ends, one they don’t have to pay a robot wages because it doesn’t know what to do with money but get it to their employers anyway (robot waitress takes the tip, but goes to the back office and tells her boss… Here you go boss, that’s $137 for the day all yours!).

image8sSo you see, the average human waitress does pretty pulling tips like that every other night plus the weekly take home pay.

But now the human counterpart of this equation, is being swept off of the table.

The only one that really wins, is the franchise and the boss, plus his boss, all the way up to the owner.

So what about the waitress (No not the robot LOL), a human waitress.

download8A  robot only needs maintenance every so often to survive, but for a flesh & bone waitress what in the h**l is she going to do to supplement currency for a living?

This same problem has left many humans jobless over the past few years, and this new venture with the waitress robot is placed into the equation.

images7I know one thing I wouldn’t want to be the one running any of the those food chain establishments, this waitresses who are getting put out of the picture (and who knows when it will hit the U.S.)  I’m sure are feeling pretty dam bitter about it. Oh yea by the way, they also have robot waiters such as the one above, so same deal for the traditional waiter.

So what do you suppose would happen if someone were to find a way to hack into one of these “robos”, to see if they can control them by I don’t know say with the help of  “bluetooth”. 

I mean you have to figure, the auto industry (including Google’s greedy ass), are going for the “smart car technology”. 

Cyber-crime is growing like a viral infection on hyper-drive. But these contraptions are new on the scene so that will be a later topic once one of these things somehow goes apeshit on a customer, due to the intervention of a “malware viral infection attack” LOL.

But iimages6aIt is very hard finding jobs in this country as well as other countries that face the same situation, people are sick and tired of going broke especially if they need a source of income to live and take care of their family.

This includes working for a living (hence the term), in the age of “automation” human beings are now slowly but surely finding themselves becoming “absolute” through the advancement of time.

So what will happen in the near future?

Will the work force be completely dominated by machines? What downfalls will this cause in this already wrecked society of those just trying to stay in the infamous “rat race”, to bring home a weekly paycheck.

images2Even Pitfall Harry couldn’t swing far enough over that crocodile pit to avoid becoming din-din, that means it’s really unfair to expect a human to have a fighting chance against a dam machine for their job.

images9Was Skynet  just a part of the “Terminator” series for laughs? Or was it always the envisioned reality to ultimately knock us off the board of reality slash the science fiction part?

It seems like we’re losing very quickly, and companies would love for the opportunity to adopt an all robot crew in the workplace.

They wouldn’t have to give 15 minute breaks, or excuse a worker that has to take a trip to the restroom, or find another worker to cover for them if they decide to take a sick day, and best of all they wouldn’t have to pay them like a human each week!

And let’s not forget the biggest ongoing battle wages increase that fast food workers are asking (which is $15 an hour), I already knew that they would probably find a way around that. I mean these companies are not stupid, they just don’t hold 7 or 8’o clock meetings for the purpose of improving their health LOL.

download5It would be a literal gold mine for them with all of that extra money just lying around for them to do God knows what with.

So on a psychological level, one could only imagine how this would affect the average human being.

LOL, yea… It would so piss them off! You could say that this could incite plots of revenge from workers in the food industry, best scenario yet would be a worker who gets canned because of this new attempt to replace them with the robot counterpart.

Say if they’re good with hacking into software applications, or can find “backdoors” into various programs. You see cyber revenge is on the rise in this country especially, and the basic means to hack into devices or even larger machinery products such as the “Google Self-Drive Car” is through the use of bluetooth. 

Bluetooth is the safest and one of the most easiest methods to hack a device or other techno inventions, Google is breaking its neck to make sure that their smart car vehicle is “hack proof”. 

So what about these restaurant serving robots?

Yes I would say they definitely fall into this category, and a angry worker who hacks online as a past-time which is the worst kind of troll type evermight be inclined to dish out their twisted brand of justice against their former employers.

Technology is advancing every day so fast it’s literally starting to govern our lives, even a kid realizes the various types of resources online available at their fingertips. Scary indeed, and as time moves along, so will the basic thing that identifies us all which is our humanity going digital.

Then this will surely become our next destination to get side-lined, while robots and other automation technology will become the standard advanced race taking away your basic means of survival.


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